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VMAs: Kanye's moment

Posted by Joanna Weiss  September 13, 2009 10:11 PM

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It's always something at the VMAs, isn't it? Tonight, it was Kanye West, crashing Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to protest her award for Best Female Video. He thought Beyonce should have won:

So is rudeness having a moment? (See: Joe Wilson, joint session of Congress.) Or will decorum take the day? Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with anger within moments of West's outburst, including some funny and profane tweets from the likes of Katy Perry and Pink. The crowd inside Radio City Music Hall howled in protest every time West's name was mentioned. And in a gracious move, Beyonce, who ended up winning Video of the Year for "Single Ladies," after all, used her acceptance-speech platform to invite Swift "to come out and have her moment." Swift emerged quickly (almost too quickly, as if this were all orchestrated well beforehand) and got enormous applause, but she looked shaken. The VMAs are not for the faint of heart. But they are sometimes, surprisingly, about manners.

Edited to add: As Sarah Rodman notes over on our sister blog, Sound Effects, West issued an all-caps apology on his blog last night, and acknowledged that he got a dressing-down from Swift's mother. Tonight, West is a guest on the first episode of the "Jay Leno Show." Does Jay get the gift of another Hugh Grant moment? (And is this all some elaborate hoax orchestrated by Hennessy and NBC? Nah.)

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181 comments so far...
  1. I am not surprised of that idiot no talent Kayne West's stupid outburst.
    It is not the first time he has made a fool of himself. And his apology
    means nothing. Beyonce showed class by inviting Taylor back on stage.

    Posted by Flo Campbell September 14, 09 12:35 AM
  1. What a classless L-O-S-E-R!! ...."Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'M let you finish"..... his mother, the ENGLISH PROFESSOR, must be SO proud....

    Posted by Todd September 14, 09 01:00 AM
  1. Can we say "Poor impulse control?" Kanye is a loose cannon!

    Posted by Stephanie September 14, 09 01:24 AM
  1. Shame on West who just want the spotlight on himself. Thank you Beyonce for being a classy lady. Taylor, you rock!

    Posted by Westnot September 14, 09 01:39 AM
  1. why cant you keep politics out of this?

    The Joe Wilson comment was totally Un-called for.

    Stupid liberal rag.

    Posted by Country of entitlement September 14, 09 01:45 AM
  1. You stay classy Kanye.

    Posted by George Bush hates Kanye West September 14, 09 01:52 AM
  1. Kanye West does not care about white people.

    Posted by YourWorkingBoy September 14, 09 01:56 AM
  1. Kanye is such a lamer. He should be banned from all future VMA's for that little performance tonight.

    What a total nerd.

    Posted by g30rg3 September 14, 09 02:10 AM
  1. Kanye West hates white people.

    Posted by Reginald Thornton September 14, 09 04:44 AM
  1. What a butt head.

    Posted by Ralph September 14, 09 04:46 AM
  1. Yo Kanye tone it down my brother. Your giving us brothers a bad name. Everytime you open yo mouth blacks lose respect from the rest of the population. Chill out Kanye Beyonce got her props.

    Posted by Devon September 14, 09 04:49 AM
  1. Give a break, who listens to this crap?

    Posted by Roland September 14, 09 05:01 AM
  1. Taylor Swift never should have crossed over to the pop music scene. She is a talented country singer and songwriter--a true musician. The industry has watered down music in a disgusting way and dressed it up in a sequined leotard. And as I'm sure Taylor knows, shaking your butt in front of a camera might win you a VMA, but it does not make you a good musician.

    Posted by DanielleAW September 14, 09 05:23 AM
  1. I wish MTV security had tackled and tazed him when he improperly went on stage...

    Posted by squelch September 14, 09 05:34 AM
  1. he is an idiot , and his music is dull, and rips off other riffs and lyrics constantly. Last year he labeled himself as the new Led Zeppelin or Beatles. Now he proves he is rude, selfish and thinks the universe revolves around him. Sorry dude, but you are a flash in the pan. A disgrace to music.

    Posted by joeybagz September 14, 09 05:34 AM
  1. The new "Michael Richards"

    Posted by Cuttah September 14, 09 05:40 AM
  1. it was all orchestrated. That's part of the "Kanye" persona and you better believe it was planned in advance. In addition to the apology, the Beyonce/Taylor Swift "moment," etc. These things are like professional wrestling: you need to have "bad" characters (Kanye) to have good characters and this is just another cog in the storyline.

    Posted by Kurt September 14, 09 05:44 AM
  1. Typical bad behavior from a self-obsessed minor celebrity -- no one cares who Kanye thinks should have won. Cheers to Beyonce for later sharing her spotlight moment with Taylor Swift, but boo to Kanye for robbing her of it in the first place. What an a$$. I hope they ban him from future shows ... not that I think his "star" is going to hang around all that much longer anyway.

    Posted by Inf September 14, 09 05:47 AM
  1. who is this jerkwad Canye?

    Posted by suburban dad September 14, 09 06:10 AM
  1. Wow, it takes a really big "man" to humiliate one young woman and embarrass another, doesn't it? I don't care how much fame and money West has, he's just a punk bad guy wanna-be. Ms. Swift and Ms. Knowles didn't deserve what he did; they are BOTH winners but West is a complete loser and I don't mean just for music awards.

    Posted by PachaPig September 14, 09 06:11 AM
  1. Between Joe Wilson, Serena Williams and Kanye West, it was National Outburst Week.

    Posted by @$# September 14, 09 06:16 AM
  1. The VMA's are like pro wrestling - everything is scripted.

    Posted by Leonidas September 14, 09 06:24 AM
  1. "I'm gonna let you finish" Why thanks Kayne, I didn't know you controlled the stage. Poor Kayne lost his Mom, because she was as stupid as he is...and he paid for it. BRAVO! You killed your Mom! Live with that.

    Posted by Kingvolcano September 14, 09 06:27 AM
  1. Obviously, Taylor hates black people too, just like G. Bush! I can only imagine the uproar there would be if a white artist took the mike away from a black artist and made comments similar to West. Funny (not) how reverse racism is not viewed as being just as ugly it's white counterpart. But then again, the chances of the Globe leading the way on that front is just about as probable as their honest reporting on the Health Care debate.

    Posted by kuditbe September 14, 09 06:28 AM
  1. Anytime you buy one of his songs or go to one of his concerts you helo Kanye. If he is going to be an entertainer he really should have big red floppy shoes, a red ball on his nose and arrive in a little tiny car, he is a no talent clown.

    Posted by 57-states September 14, 09 06:32 AM
  1. Remember the old MTV videos were they put up the little bubbles like cartoon characters talking? They should have done that with Kanye. My suggestions
    "This is what happens when you smoke crack"
    " I may look like a grown man, but I'm inellectually and emotionally five years old"
    " I'm so glad I'm from the MTV generation were looks are more important than talent"

    Posted by 57-states September 14, 09 06:36 AM
  1. People really shouldn't talk about him

    Posted by Ryan September 14, 09 06:38 AM
  1. I wonder if outbursts like this help him escape the crushing, desperate loneliness that comes with being a falsehood through and through.

    Posted by maelduin September 14, 09 06:40 AM
  1. He would have never played on one of my teams.

    Posted by Marge Schott September 14, 09 06:44 AM
  1. Kanye leaves the impression of a bitter, low class individual who draws attention to himself in any way possible, maybe because his talent doesn't draw attention for him, bad manners !!

    Posted by bill September 14, 09 06:48 AM
  1. Hey Devon,

    good choice on using 'yo' the second time around, since your 1st 'your' should have been 'you're.'

    Posted by Horz September 14, 09 06:49 AM
  1. Thank God for Kayne! In a world of music that is controlled by corporate America it is nice to see one rebel among all the Disney employees in the crowd. Too bad I think the whole thing was staged but, wouldn't it be wonderful if it wasn't?

    Posted by John September 14, 09 06:50 AM
  1. Joe WIllson gets $200,000 in donations and Kayne West's albums will fly off the shelf today. Ridiculous acts of rudeness and arrogance are rewarded. MTV is great at sending the wrong message to all of those impressionable teenagers who still think it is the center of all trends (I guess this is nothing new...). MTV should be ashamed and embarrassed and should ban Kayne West and force him into obscurity. But that will never happen unless his albums stop selling....

    Posted by TCSHREWS September 14, 09 06:51 AM
  1. why cant you keep politics out of this?

    The Joe Wilson comment was totally Un-called for.

    Stupid liberal rag.

    Posted by Country of entitlement September 14, 09 06:52 AM
  1. Looks like you aren't Elvis afterall, Kanye Pest. When losers become stars bad things happen.

    Posted by Crapye West September 14, 09 06:53 AM
  1. The Video Music Awards was last night? What network showed them. I know M-TV used to back when they showed videos. Wow, that's cool.

    Posted by tcoogan7 September 14, 09 06:55 AM
  1. Got the attention he wanted, though. Didn't he?

    Posted by PowerCord September 14, 09 06:57 AM
  1. Can someone say double standard? If a white performer ever interrupted Beyonce or another African-American performer during his or her acceptance speech, he would have been labeled a racist and the NAACP would have demanded an apology and called for the protesting of his music. Where are these groups now?
    Again, double standards apply when it comes to African-Americans.

    Posted by MAinVA September 14, 09 07:02 AM
  1. This isn't the first time he's done somethingl ike this. He's an attention whore. Notice he never gets up and bothers big black african american artist? Why? because they would kick his teeth in, thats why. But a skinny teenaged girl- sure, what a big man.

    He is an embarrassment and should have to be left out of other live events. He's proven he can't, or won't, be respectful of the other performers.

    LIke Beyonce eneeds he to stick up for her. He just embarressed himself and her.

    PS- his Girlfriend looks like a dude.

    Posted by aquanet September 14, 09 07:04 AM
  1. OK, so after viewing the video a couple of times, it's very obvious that this was scripted.
    Kudos, MTV. You know how to work viral marketing. Clap. Clap.
    I will continue to have nothing to do with either you or Kanye West.

    Posted by PowerCord September 14, 09 07:05 AM
  1. omg i cant believe kayne west did that. it was first award, and kills her moment. kayne giving black people a bad name opening his mouth, i hope this comes back to hunted him...

    Posted by Octavio September 14, 09 07:05 AM
  1. Boycott Kanye - seriously - this guy is a complete and total JERK

    Posted by josh September 14, 09 07:08 AM
  1. He should be banished from these awards.

    Posted by Nick September 14, 09 07:10 AM
  1. If this were a white guy doing the same thing people would be screaming he is a racest. OHHH my

    Posted by INDEED September 14, 09 07:10 AM
  1. Does anybody even watch the VMAs anymore? I didn't know they still had music videos - maybe they should be You Tube awards. How do you amp up ratings for a has-been show?

    Posted by Monique VanDeSoaker September 14, 09 07:14 AM
  1. Kanye has to be the most RACIST jerk in the business!! If a white performer did what he did to beyonce he would already have jesse jackson and al sharpton at his front door!

    Posted by justin Cathcart September 14, 09 07:16 AM
  1. al sharpton thank the lord this wasnt a white guy you would be all over the television crying racism

    Posted by robert agrippino September 14, 09 07:17 AM
  1. Country of entitlement...we heard you the first time, and just don't care. The Kanye West moment was similiar to the "Lie" chant, in the sense that they are both current, both incredibly rude and uncalled for, and will hurt both careers. Sorry if you don't like anyone complaining at all about right winged politics, but there is a reason they republicans almost got completely swept.

    Posted by Mike September 14, 09 07:17 AM
  1. Boycott Kanye West

    Posted by ko September 14, 09 07:18 AM
  1. GOD, I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC! I don't like this West guy at all, but I love HIP-HOP and R&B.

    Someone needs to tell Kanye that while he was cementing his 8th grade educated-donkey reputation, he missed 2 phone calls. The first was from the police station. They said that they STILL can not find his missing talent. The second was from Kool Moe D. He said that he wants his image back.

    HEY WEST! You are not bigger than the industry. Can't wait to see you on a reality show in 2-years after you flush out.

    Posted by Bizzy B September 14, 09 07:19 AM
  1. It's a bad behavior month for people with W starting their names; West, Wilson and Williams. What ever happened to manners and civility? At least the US Open has already fined Ms. Williams for her outburst and after the investigation, she may loose all the money she would have made from the Open. Wilson should be sanctioned by the House. What he did was in violation of the House rules and whether President Obama accepted his apology makes no difference. If Wilson has made a similar outburst during a speech by one of his colleagues on the House floor, he would have been sanctioned. Mr. West should have his invitation to the VMA suspended for a few years.

    Posted by EML September 14, 09 07:21 AM
  1. Kanye is a perfect LOSER...he has achieved the pinnacle of being a LOSER....I wonder how he would react if the tables were turned and say Toby Keith came up on stage and took the mic from him during a speech? Kanye would be a total gentleman right? Bull! This guy is a wanna be Jay Z....he has no talent worthy of spending your $$ on...he is a cartoon charachter, a cry baby who needs to work on his talent...he is a sad little boy.

    Posted by bobby peru September 14, 09 07:21 AM
  1. Kayne should probably go back and finish the 5th grade. It reminds me when Prince got inducted into the Music Hall of Fame and the inductee (ludicris of something) was telling people to give a standing ovation. You don't tell people to stand up, that's not the point.

    Posted by ed September 14, 09 07:23 AM

  1. You can take the clown from the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto from the clown... It is only a matter of time before his clock is set to "Hammer Time" and his creditors own everything.

    Posted by Kanye is a Punk September 14, 09 07:23 AM
  1. Kanye is a perfect LOSER...he has achieved the pinnacle of being a LOSER....I wonder how he would react if the tables were turned and say Toby Keith came up on stage and took the mic from him during a speech? Kanye would be a total gentleman right? Bull! This guy is a wanna be Jay Z....he has no talent worthy of spending your $$ on...he is a cartoon charachter, a cry baby who needs to work on his talent...he is a sad little boy.

    Posted by bobby peru September 14, 09 07:23 AM
  1. No, this is where if it was a white person that did what Kanye did, we would be hearing from Sharpton and Jackson well into the New Year!!!

    He is a no talent peice of garbage riding who knows who's coat tails!

    Posted by Paul September 14, 09 07:28 AM
  1. as I read this, the first thing was, "oh my, if this had been a white man/woman doing this, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all the other losers who don't work, would have been all over this. But, did anyone even attempt to get him off the stage, NO. As others have posted definitely two standards. He should be banned and not allowed at any more award shows. Another prime example of an idiot who just because he thinks he is famous he can behave like this.

    Kudos to Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

    Posted by differentrules September 14, 09 07:30 AM
  1. I'm with Kanye on this one. How does Taylor Swift win Best Female Video and then Beyonce win Video of the Year? VMA's are a joke.

    Posted by YOYOMA September 14, 09 07:30 AM
  1. Kanye is a genuine Axis II sociopath. He can't help himself-he has narcissistic personality disorder and will always act this way.

    Posted by Mike September 14, 09 07:32 AM
  1. I want to see some SNL skits where she battles for mic or hits him with the award when he turns around. To bad it wasn't Reba McEntire, Parton,Twain or even Miley Cyrus would give him a " Oh no you didn't just take my spotlight". Kanye knows how to pick his battles though, 100 pound girls. he'll be "sampling" her talent by the end of the year, maybe they'll do a Christmas album together.

    Posted by pmacglobe September 14, 09 07:33 AM
  1. Kanye is an IDIOT.....he had a "Prof Louis Gates" moment and showed his true self... He don't care for WHITE folks...

    Posted by jack September 14, 09 07:34 AM
  1. On the upside, I do want to mention that both Ms. Swift and Ms. Knowels were incrediably classy. So, their behavior should recieve as much notice. They were both gracious and diginified. Ms. Swift could have slapped Mr. West, but instead she let him make a fool of himself without sinking to his level. Ms. Knowels behaved with utter graciousness to Ms. Swift when she had the opportunity. I like her music, but I like her much better now. Both women should be commended for their grace and talent.

    Posted by Ellen September 14, 09 07:34 AM
  1. What Kanye did was beyond disrespectful and rude. While I believe Kanye is a brilliant musican and also believe that Beyonce's video should've won given the enormous viral interest in that video (spawning thousands of wanna-be videos from children to adults), what he did was so wrong. You don't spoil someone's rightful moment of accepting an award to spew your own personal outrage. I'm all for freedom of speech, but not at the detriment of someone else's moment. MTV should take a stand at his blatant disrespect of a fellow artist and ban him from next year's awards ceremony. If he happens to win an award, they can mail it to him. Can you imagine how HE'D react if someone did that to him while he was accepting an award? Note to're a talented musician, but the world doesn't revolve around you....get a grip, get some anger management counseling and relax!

    Posted by bklynmom September 14, 09 07:35 AM
  1. Kanye West hates white people.

    Posted by Aislyn September 14, 09 07:39 AM
  1. Its not a black-white thing its an idiot thing. Joe Wilson / Kanye West, Serena / Cheney - you can't fix stupid and you certainly can't fix stupid, arrogrant and mean.

    Posted by Chris FitzGerald September 14, 09 07:39 AM
  1. Kanye is obviously a man in pain, like many of the folks posting here. I will pray for all of you.

    Posted by Alyoshak September 14, 09 07:42 AM
  1. MTV is still on the air?

    Posted by sf781 September 14, 09 07:44 AM
  1. I don't pay too much attention to this stuff, but when my son mentioned to me, after the show, what this fool had done, my first reaction was such an idiot! What a FOOL! I am baffled as to why he continues to be in the public eye. Will someone do us all a HUGE favor ship this low life to the south pole or some place similar - please?

    Posted by T Barros September 14, 09 07:44 AM
  1. UNFreakinbelieveable! The complete ignorant arrogance is seriously mind-blowing. Can't imagine what he would have done if his precious Obama didn't win... seriously people - wake up and listen and see what is happening before your eyes. Rude and obnoxious - obviously. RACIST most definitely. Who's calling him out on that this morning? Certainly not ABC,CBS or NBC.

    Taylor - rise above this BS. Be you - CLASS ACT. Congratulations!

    Posted by Jean September 14, 09 07:45 AM
  1. Kanye looking to sneak in on that Jay-Z love train? KW too light for urban youth. Little bad boy bring him back to hood. Reinventing himself for the label.


    Posted by Q Jones September 14, 09 07:45 AM
  1. Stupid is, as stupid does

    Posted by Linda September 14, 09 07:47 AM
  1. I won't watch Jay Leno tonight because of Kanye. Why give him another platform to shoot his bigotted mouth off.

    Posted by jb September 14, 09 07:50 AM
  1. I won't watch Jay Leno tonight because of Kanye. Why give him another platform to shoot his bigotted mouth off.

    Posted by jb September 14, 09 07:50 AM
  1. I can't tell you how much Kanye ruined the Mtv Music Awards for me. I look forward to these important awards every year - and this act just ruined the important work done by these performers.

    I know it wasn't his fault though, had to have been a voicebox malfunction. Perhaps his blood sugar was low. Or better yet, the stage lights were obviously too bright (based on Kanye's sunglasses), so that must have been the problem.

    Who gives a rat's ass about this thug? Waste of oxygen, and waste of newsprint. Sure with I had that 30 seconds back.......

    Posted by Heywood September 14, 09 07:51 AM
  1. Shame he has to be a jerk. He is the only artist in the hip/hop genre I can listen to.

    Posted by Andy September 14, 09 07:53 AM
  1. Racist!~~~~~~~

    Posted by Mikeeeee2004 September 14, 09 07:54 AM
  1. Wow I thought people stopped watching the VMAs after they graduated High school...

    Posted by TMGG September 14, 09 07:54 AM
  1. can someone explain to me how Beyonce wins best video but loses best female video? if its the best video of the year overall, shouldn't it also be the best female video?

    Posted by jigga September 14, 09 07:56 AM
  1. True to his nature, he had to pick on a women. He should of had his a_s kicked off the stage!!

    Posted by Bringit ON September 14, 09 07:58 AM
  1. The Michael Richards comment was totally Un-called for.

    Stupid liberal rag.

    Posted by Jerry Seinfeld September 14, 09 07:58 AM
  1. The muisc industry is giving these jerks to long of a leash...If it was any NORMAL American our butts would of been in jail or fined and we surely wouldnt of been able to see the rest of the show...Wake up Celeb's...your days are numbered and we (your fans) are getting sick of watching you get away with what we could never get away with...

    Posted by Michelle New Orleans September 14, 09 07:58 AM
  1. The race ticket only gets you so far. Manners, compassion, and common decency are required to get you further. Looks like that boy has a very long journey ahead of him. Congratulations to Taylor and Beyonce.

    Posted by Owiella September 14, 09 07:59 AM
  1. Thank you Kanye. I appreciate changing this event from the typical 'tongue & cheek; it had become.' Thank you for standing up for the 'grounded' people of our communities.

    Posted by Billybeantown September 14, 09 08:01 AM
  1. So much for seeing the Jay Leno show tonight. Having a bigot as a guest ( Kanye West ), I can't see giving him any air time to promote his bigotry. Now, what Beyonce was classy

    Posted by jwb September 14, 09 08:02 AM
  1. Too bad Taylor didn't give him a Swift kick in behind right off the stage - now that's would've been my interpretation of affirmative action.

    Posted by Chuck from Reading September 14, 09 08:04 AM
  1. I"m so sick of all the rudeness which seems to get more exposure than those who act respectfully. From now on the public should protest those who are so rude and disrespectful and penalize them where it counts - in their pocketbooks. Wilson should have never raised $1M after his outburst aimed at the President, and Kayne's music sales should plumet now. Stand up people and help America get back on the right track. Make your voices count towards what's right.

    Posted by AMH September 14, 09 08:04 AM
  1. I don't follow country music so I can't say that I know who Taylor Swift is, but
    I can say that Kanye West is an ass to embarrass this young lady.

    Beyonce has a publicist if she had a comment I'm sure she would not have picked Kanye to deliver it. On another note this fool cant even sing I saw him sing live and he sucked without all the blending and adding that goes into a record this man is just a joke.

    Did I mention I was a black woman!

    Posted by meme September 14, 09 08:07 AM
  1. kayne IS rock and roll

    Posted by SpeakYourMind September 14, 09 08:10 AM
  1. Kanye West after Hurricane Katrina hits the gulf; "George Bush hates black people." The guy is an idiot.

    Posted by Second Ammendment September 14, 09 08:10 AM
  1. Go Kanye freedom of speech...

    Posted by haha September 14, 09 08:12 AM
  1. What has that rude, ugly, no talent, racist bum West have to do with Congessman Wilson' comment ("See: Joe Wilson, joint session of Congress".)? You should have asked a common sense questions such as; would this punk have done the same thing if a black woman had won the award?

    Posted by Bill Donovan September 14, 09 08:13 AM
  1. LOVE IT... God save us all from the cookie cutter madness.......

    Posted by Mike September 14, 09 08:15 AM
  1. In a few years, Kanye will be reduced to appearances on those reality shows featuring celebrity has-been's... Celebrity Rehab, etc...

    Posted by MC Hammer September 14, 09 08:16 AM
  1. All orchestrated dramatic moments. Have people forgoten the stunt
    they pulled last year with Bruno and M&M ??
    Why does everyone fall for it every time, wake up folks!

    Posted by Chucky September 14, 09 08:20 AM
  1. INDEED wrote: "If this were a white guy doing the same thing people would be screaming he is a racest."

    Plus, people would even spell it right!

    The Wilson thing was much worse than this, just due to the fact that he is a congressman, not a bad musician. We should expect more in that case, right?

    Then again, any idiot can be elected in a conservative state.

    Posted by Delphi September 14, 09 08:21 AM
  1. Yeah Kanye was rude and racist, but the non-reaction is not a liberal media conspiracy nor political correctness. The reason it doesn't warrant a reaction is that whites carry none of the baggage which makes people sensitve to these silly outbursts. Most simply don't care. People that have the baggage and/or feel marginalized are far more sensitive to slights

    It's sociologically predictable and does not fit into the worldview of white oppression imagined by the New Right Loons of 2009.

    Posted by Mike September 14, 09 08:21 AM
  1. Kanye u r a very inmature ignorant person unbelievable:( AND Taylor u go girl!

    Posted by Big Diggity September 14, 09 08:25 AM
  1. Show Kanye just what you think and DON'T BUY ANY MORE OF HIS MUSIC. He continues to be a selfish egomaniac with his philosophy of "it has to be MY WAY". I'm sick of this sycophant. Delete his songs from your playlists, toss your CDs, don't promote his music. Make him as irrelevant as he acts.

    Congratulations to Taylor. You are a sweetheart, and may you continue to soar above Kanye's level.

    Congratulations to Beyonce. You are a classy lady the way you gave Taylor her moment while so nicely dissing Kanye. Distance yourself from this tasteless and thoughtless idiot.

    Posted by dontwannascreenname September 14, 09 08:30 AM
  1. He would not have up staged an African american singer. He chose to assault and upstage a young white girl. He has chosen the wrong girl. Country music is huge in the US and now he has declared war on it. He only does this to keep his name out there. The best way to handle him is to ignore him and his racist ways and music.

    Posted by Mitch Rapp September 14, 09 08:30 AM

    Posted by VINNIE September 14, 09 08:31 AM
  1. where is Obama now to comment on how STUPID that stunt was? Silent huh? not surprised.

    Posted by Me September 14, 09 08:31 AM
  1. I totally agree with Kurt and PowerCord. This clearly was all a staged gimmick to grab headlines. It's all rather lame...

    Posted by c September 14, 09 08:36 AM
  1. Show Kanye just what you think and DON'T BUY ANY MORE OF HIS MUSIC. He continues to be a selfish egomaniac with his philosophy of "it has to be MY WAY". I'm sick of this sycophant. Delete his songs from your playlists, toss your CDs, don't promote his music. Make him as irrelevant as he acts.

    Congratulations to Taylor. You are a sweetheart, and may you continue to soar above Kanye's level.

    Congratulations to Beyonce. You are a classy lady the way you gave Taylor her moment while so nicely dissing Kanye. Distance yourself from this tasteless and thoughtless idiot.

    Posted by dontwannascreenname September 14, 09 08:37 AM
  1. That’s what happens when you give a highly uneducated fool a microphone. I don’t care what color he is, it doesn’t matter.

    He has no class nor any class.

    Posted by Jonas Links September 14, 09 08:37 AM
  1. The next time he does something so rude at such an event, I really hope someone calls him on it. Maybe a little public humiliation woud teach him a lesson.

    Posted by qb qt September 14, 09 08:43 AM
  1. pathetic. this is what passes for controversy in rock n' roll today? keef, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

    Posted by j-sto September 14, 09 08:43 AM
  1. As horrified as I am by this complete loser's actions, I am equally horrified by 1. the fact that you would call this article (his) moment; and 2. the fact that nowhere on the web can you find, on MTV's site or any other, any video except the one that promotes the kind of person who would purposely humiliate a young girl in front of the world at one of the most memorable moments in her life. Like it or not, our children look up to these people as role models in one way or another, and nowhere can I find the video that shows Beyonce acting like a decent human being and giving Taylor Swift the moment on stage that was stolen from her. By only focusing on the actions of a gigantic arse, we are saying to the young people of the world, go ahead, act however you like and completely disregard the feelings and dignities of everyone else to further and promote your own stupidity at all costs. It's ok, people will pay attention to you then. I think this is a terribly sad commentary on the state of pop culture today and MTV should be as ashamed of it's executive decisions as this jerk should be of his behavior.

    Posted by mrssb September 14, 09 08:47 AM
  1. What is it with lack of decorum this week? Great, just what we need. The rest of the world thinks US citizens are boors - these three jackasses (Serena, Kanye and Joe Wilson) just added more credibility to that sentiment. I guarantee you that somewhere in the world, Bin Laden is having a good laugh at us!!!

    Posted by chuleta September 14, 09 08:50 AM

    Posted by JR September 14, 09 08:51 AM
  1. What an incredibly rude thing to do! I'm not a fan of country music, but I certainly can appreciate this young woman's talent. And for crying out loud, she's only 19! How horrible could he be to Taylor? She's a lovely young woman from everything I've seen and deserved her moment in the spotlight. Kanye West, you are such a jerk! (although you were right about George Bush!)

    Posted by Beenie September 14, 09 08:54 AM
  1. #5: "why cant you keep politics out of this?

    The Joe Wilson comment was totally Un-called for.

    Stupid liberal rag."

    That's pretty funny when you consider that every thread for every article on this website ends up being politicized by right wingers who have gone way off the deep end with their hatred for people who don't agree with them. Just last week, an article about sharks (sharks!) became a big right wing hate-fest.

    And, of course, they're all over this thread, too.

    Posted by bizona September 14, 09 08:57 AM
  1. I can't believe this many people a) watch the VMAs; b) care about the VMAs or anything that happens at them.

    Posted by blown away September 14, 09 08:58 AM
  1. Poor Taylor looked like she wanted to cry. This is typical - I mean he wasn't in the spotlight so he needed to some how direct it from the 17 yr old girl and right back to him. I guess he got what he wanted. But at what expense?

    Posted by Nicole Marie September 14, 09 08:58 AM
  1. What West did was stupid, immature and embarassing to everyone. But look, everyone who is outraged by the double standard because of the lack of outrage because a black performer interrupted a white performer, yeah, there's a double standard. There's been a double standard for two hundred years. When's the last time a white guy got hung because he tried to vote, or couldn't buy a house becuase he was white, or had to stay in a flea bag hotel because the good hotels served only blacks? Does it go the other way now a little bit? Sure, so what. The guy interrupted a meaningless awards ceremony. Give it a rest.

    Posted by white guy September 14, 09 08:59 AM
  1. He just proved what everyone has been thinking about him for years. He is nothing but a no talent Ass. He should be banned from any further awards shows and omitted from winning in any way. He is such a classless act and for people to tolerate his behavior is just as bad as he is. Poor Beyonce must be beside herself for his behavior. She handled it like the class act that she is. I applaud her for calling Taylor up with her.

    Posted by Cheryl September 14, 09 08:59 AM
  1. Kanye RULES! That was hilarious hahahahaha

    Posted by Alex September 14, 09 09:01 AM
  1. Kanye is a universal jerk, black people want nothing to do with him either. He can have his opinion, but he has no right to force it on everyone during Taylor Swift's acceptance. I don't get why security didn't get him off the stage the second they saw him going up the steps. He was a guest of the show -- not even a presenter -- and had no call to ambush anyone like that.

    Posted by jackie September 14, 09 09:02 AM
  1. I can't wait for the inevitable Kanye west/Taylor Swift collaboration for the hit song, "Please, Excuse This Interruption."

    Posted by Ryan G September 14, 09 09:04 AM
  1. The reason people are comparing this to Joe Wilson isn't because people are being 'political'. Its because in both situations someone had an uncalled for (and unasked for) outburst during someone elses time to speak and made themselves look like a jerk.

    And for all the "REVERSE RACISM" people, Joe Wilson a white man took the floor from Barack Obama who is half-black and as far as I know, the NAACP has not gotten involved.

    Posted by Dave September 14, 09 09:07 AM
  1. I agree that he gained publicity over his disgusting behavior but certainly not good publicity. I've read several other comments and blogs and a good 97% are not in support of his behavior. What he did last night was career suicide. Even other entertainers think he is a complete jacka$$. I'll be happy to see his popularity and profit decline!

    Posted by MrsS08 September 14, 09 09:09 AM
  1. I still can't pronounce this dude's name.

    Is it Can-Yee, as in "can ye" leave the poor girl alone please?

    Just wondering what Oprah will have to say about all this nonsense? At least he didn't punch and bite her. Maybe that will happen on the next show?

    Posted by JackieJ September 14, 09 09:13 AM
  1. Kanye west is pouting little baby. He always been a narcissist but when combined with his utter lack of civility and manners you get moments like these,or his "Bush hates black people" moment, or his other controversies when his itty bitty feelings have been hurt. Aren't his fifteen minutes up yet?

    Posted by John Diamond September 14, 09 09:14 AM
  1. Kanye should be banned from all public award ceremonies and stripped of any award he may have been given. He really showed that he has no class and should be ashamed of himself. I bet his late mother is turning in her grave. What a disappointment you are Kanye. Your music is now banned from my house because I don’t want my kids thinking your behavior is OK just because you have money. Please just fade into obscurity you fool!

    Posted by jjp September 14, 09 09:17 AM
  1. How terribly rude & distasteful.
    And......#44, exactly!

    Posted by UnfortunatelyThisIsNotAsurprise September 14, 09 09:17 AM
  1. Obvious, this idiot Kanye West has absolutely NO RESPECT for white people.

    Boycott this idiot and don't buy his music! Let him learn a lesson

    Posted by Jim Dubois September 14, 09 09:18 AM
  1. Inexcusable rudeness. That man, whoever he is, should never (NEVER) be invited or allowed to attend any of these events ever, ever again. Lifetime banishment from the pop music scene. It truly amazes me how such behavior is considered "cool" by so many. I'm glad I'm no longer a young man. Today's pop culture is just disgusting. You ignorant bums deserve what you get.

    Posted by Chazroma September 14, 09 09:19 AM
  1. why cant you keep politics out of this? The Joe Wilson comment was totally Un-called for. Stupid liberal rag.

    -- Did you ever think the point is not one of politics, but one of civility? Too many times, we see sports figures, entertainers, and, yes, politicians lack a sense of decorum. These public figures are the role models for our youth! If these boobs represent the best we have to offer, it's no wonder manners, respect, and fairness are absent from our society.

    Posted by catchesupwithyou September 14, 09 09:24 AM
  1. He was right to protest. George Bush and Dick Cheney used the Haliburton "Tallymaster Delux" vote tallying machine to rig the votes for white people. He was on to them after they used the Haliburton "WeaterMax" machine to aim huricane Katrina at Afican-Americans in New Orleans.

    Posted by Albert Coholic September 14, 09 09:27 AM
  1. Kanye, put the bottle down!

    Posted by M September 14, 09 09:27 AM
  1. Kanye...I guess he won his own award...The Biggest Idiot Of All Time Award

    Posted by chutzpah1 September 14, 09 09:28 AM
  1. This video makes me very upset.
    It was Taylor Swift's moment to shine and this f'n jerk who can't control himself like a toddler stole that precious moment for her.

    I would recommend all white people boycott his music.
    Let this idiot understand white people will not stand to be treated with disrespect like this.

    Posted by Jim Dubois September 14, 09 09:28 AM
  1. 100% staged. can you say" Leno put him up to it"

    Posted by jim September 14, 09 09:32 AM
  1. You people need to quit with the whining and racist double-standard assertions. All this is another publicity stunt by an oddly insecure artist who has an obvious thing for Beyonce. Sure, Kanye is probably partially racist -- as are (whether or not you like to admit it) the majority of Americans -- but I doubt that was the driving force behind Kanye's outburst. He's just a self-obsessed, arrogant punk who craves the spotlight. However, you obviously either a) hate hip-hop or b) refuse to listen to Kanye if you think he has no talent.

    Also, to poster Country of entitlement -- get your head out of your ass. The Joe Wilson comment was as equally rude and uncalled for, and a perfectly fair comparison to this incident. Whether or not your agree with Obama and his policies, he is still our President and deserves respect. Joe Wilson is a despicable, self-serving GOP attention seeker and right-wing nut. Ostensibly, even when in the minority, Republicans want to do everything in their power to bring this Country down. Stay classy Party of No.

    Posted by Not a fan September 14, 09 09:33 AM
  1. Kayne is the Serena Wilson of the VMA.

    Posted by King Billy September 14, 09 09:34 AM
  1. An utter and complete boor -- he should be white-listed out of the industry.

    Posted by frankjcapp September 14, 09 09:35 AM
  1. This is from the same man who said George Bush doesnt like black people. I guess its hard to take a liberal idiot seriously. I believe we have found the least eloquent person in show buisness. Have fun defending your crown, I hear Charley Sheene wants another shot at the title.

    PS. Thats a terrific haircut.

    Posted by James September 14, 09 09:35 AM
  1. I'm in complete agreement on several topics here:
    1) It was scripted (although I'm not completely sure Taylor knew that)
    2) Kanye is a talentless idiot
    3) Beyonce is a classy lady and talented artist
    4) Taylor is a talented musician
    5) Shame on MTV (scripted or not. If not scripted, where was security?)
    6) MTV is trash but its the idiots of this country that keep them going

    I'm not sure how any videos won since MTV hasn't really played a video in years.

    Posted by Rick September 14, 09 09:38 AM
  1. What does Joe Wilson have to do with Kanye West and the VMAs? Another Liberal clown who wrote this piece.

    Posted by realist September 14, 09 09:43 AM
  1. Rudeness isn't having a moment. It's having a decade.

    Posted by baroque September 14, 09 09:45 AM
  1. Where is Pete Townshend when you need him?

    Posted by joemac22 September 14, 09 09:48 AM
  1. They still have the MTV Music Awards? Hmmm

    Posted by Dsolomon September 14, 09 09:55 AM
  1. i dont know why people feel the need to interject politics and race into every possible situation. bottom line, this is a grown man stealing the microphone and spotlight from an 18 year old girl at a very big moment for her. it was classless and tacky. kanye should be ashamed of himself.

    Posted by Terrence September 14, 09 09:56 AM
  1. Kanye was drunk,,,end of story. Nothing to do with race or anything else. He had too much to drink and probably has one hell of a hangover this morning.

    Posted by September 14, 09 10:02 AM
  1. GOOD FOR KW He had the b%lls to get up there and tell the truth. That Swift can't sing a lick. He is right Beyonce should have won hands down . I am a hudge country fan and she does not belong in country she belongs in that subway in NY singing

    Posted by DUCE September 14, 09 10:09 AM
  1. What a douche. I don't like Taylor Swift, I enjoyed Kanye's first 2 albums, but he is a disgrace. Even when he first came out, he was 3 hour late for a show at the PALLADIUM! You'd figure he'd be grateful that he's alive after his car accident that made him a star. Nope, just rude as usual. And auto tune means loss of talent

    Posted by Chuck September 14, 09 10:16 AM
  1. Kanye needs to know when to filter himself

    Posted by Tubescreamer September 14, 09 10:20 AM
  1. Really? None of you see that this is an MTV ratings booster? That this was planned and scripted? Come on, people. This is corporate America. Welcome to the age of shock. Kanye did what he was paid to do.

    Posted by funkifized September 14, 09 10:21 AM
  1. #142 - finally someone with some sense! This has nothing to do with race or politics and everything to do with ONE person's immature behavior which he chose to put on display in front of a somewhat large live and televised audience (though that might be being generous). If this was planned then it goes to show just how far MTV is removed from it's original concept. It's OK to change it up to keep up with the times, but there's a point where it all just seems a little sad.

    Posted by Annie September 14, 09 10:21 AM
  1. It would be easier for me to take something like that if it weren't something affiliated with MTV...its all just a joke. I wouldn't be surprised if it were scripted.

    Posted by Kevin September 14, 09 10:32 AM
  1. To the person who said Taylor should not have crossed over to "pop" music. That was not HER decision, radio stations take care of that on their informed please.

    As for Kanye - he is showing his true colors, literally. People are entitled to their opinions, but when you do it at the expense of others in a public forum such as the VMA's you take it to a different place. I had no respect for Kanye after his last public outburst but that was political I he has humiliated a 19 year old girl who acted beyond her years last night....he ought to be banned from radio and tv for a while, that ought to really make him think before he speaks.

    HUGE respect for Beyonce however, she really showed true class!

    Posted by Music Fan September 14, 09 10:37 AM
  1. The good news is punks like west never change, but musical tastes will. Eventually people will stop buying his music and he will be broke. People like him never save. The good news is he will look good in prison orange.

    Posted by 57-states September 14, 09 10:54 AM
  1. I think it was all staged. Good publicity for MTV and everyone involved, even Kanye. There's no such thing as bad publicity.

    Posted by ApostropheCatastrophes September 14, 09 10:55 AM
  1. I believe he did the same thing at the Brit's Mercury Awards, jumping on stage when he believed he should of won instead of Phoenix or Justice League (I forget who).

    Posted by liljonmaldvies September 14, 09 11:03 AM
  1. interesting that the only "political" comment objected to was the Joe Wilson comment, but not the "Kanye hates white people" a direct reference to his comment about Bush after Katrina. Seems like you only object to the politics being interjected because they are not your politics.

    Posted by Diane McIsaac September 14, 09 11:34 AM
  1. Kan't ye...

    He's not even a musician, he's just a glorified DJ.

    get him off the stage

    Posted by JulieD September 14, 09 11:51 AM
  1. i don't understand why some people think this moment was staged. kanye has made unfounded comments like this in the past, both live and on his blog. what artist would agree to look like the bad guy? no no, this was not a scripted moment. just an idiot, ego-centric r&b artist who is not grounded in reality.

    Posted by mth September 14, 09 11:58 AM
  1. This guy is a racist, but the press lets him get away with it because he is black. It is time for America to start going after black racists the way they go after white racists. Kayne hates white people. His actions at the VMA scream this white chick does not deserve to live. RACIST, RACIST, RACIST. Compete ban of all things kayne!!

    Posted by 2xy4k9 September 14, 09 12:01 PM
  1. Kanye is an ignorant, inappropriate person who should just shut up and go away.

    Posted by K September 14, 09 12:09 PM
  1. I really thought Kane west was a nice person but he sucks, sucks, could you ever try to steal the spotlight you are so unprofessional what a looser!!!!

    Posted by Tawana September 14, 09 12:31 PM
  1. Ye'all is dumb! Kayne is a smart business man and his outbursts are an act. He hasn't been front page news for a while, thus he pre-planned this event to get headlines. What happens? Front page national news! His popularity now is skyrocketing. If you just ignore him (like don't comment on this dumb article) he'll go away. Just keep posting, because your lining his pockets with money; he doesn't care about your opinion because his music doesn't target you anyways.

    Posted by White people are dummmb September 14, 09 12:39 PM
  1. You're all naive if you think for a second this wasn't staged. Nice little media boost for Kanye, Taylor, Beyonce and most of all MTV. Heck, I didn't even know the VMAs were still in existence until this happened.

    Posted by Stan September 14, 09 01:24 PM
  1. Where's Danny Bonaduce when you need him?

    Posted by JJ September 14, 09 01:30 PM
  1. I honestly believe this was about as spontaneous as an episode of The Hills. Come on, folks, this is the age of viral videos and "reality TV." Anything to create a controversy. This was totally scripted, down to Beyonce's moment to make world peace, and so many people are falling for it, hook, line and sinker. This is MTV. They don't do anything by accident.

    Posted by coll September 14, 09 01:38 PM
  1. Kanye is not a musician. Also, he just wants headlines because he realizes that he is a complete joke. His last album was a disappointment and was burned by Jay-Z when DOA came out. See ya in the clearance bin Kanye.

    Posted by bertha September 14, 09 01:48 PM
  1. I hope and pray that Taylor wins next year in both categories for Best Female Video and Video of the Year!!! Take that and shove it up your A$$ Kanye!!! She has more class and talent than any of the performers last night except for MJ maybe. (RIP Michael). Kanye, YOU are a dispicable little man-child and you obvioulsy need a handler to help keep you in your place!!! Which is obviously in a little childs playpen!!!! Do us all a favor and just go away!!!! You are a disgrace not to the black race BUT to the HUMAN RACE!!! Take a lesson from a young 19 year star like Taylor Swift because you will never have her talent, grace or class. Oh and thank you because You made her an even bigger star last night than all those there combined. Your tiny little star just got blown out punk!!!

    Posted by Cathy September 14, 09 02:15 PM
  1. West should have been immediately interrupted and removed from the stage for the event everyone is talking about. I waisted my time by reading an account of West's behavior. And here I am. Its interesting to read all of the comments with racial comments. We are still a racially sensitive country!)

    West is ignorant, self-agrandized, and rude. (I have a few other descriptions in my vocabulary) ---This from an African-American woman!!

    Posted by D.T. September 14, 09 02:22 PM
  1. Kanye is soo funny. Cant believe he did that. What he did was WRONG...but he was keepin it real !!

    Posted by Stephanie September 14, 09 02:22 PM
  1. Taylor should have taken a dump right there on the stage.

    Posted by Atticus Black September 14, 09 02:45 PM
  1. Who are the losers that post on this message board?

    Posted by YOYOMAMA September 14, 09 03:30 PM
  1. Where was the director of the show? He should have cut to commercial. After reading all the comments, I'm really worried about our future as a people. So many bad messages were presented here - even if was staged. I can't think at any level what the benefit is here. It's just another display of the deterioration of our moral fiber. Shame on anyone who supports this garbage

    Posted by A Parent September 14, 09 03:31 PM
  1. Kanye is a moron. That having been said, calling him a racist for this is completely nonsensical.

    Posted by NP September 14, 09 03:34 PM
  1. I think Toby Keith aughta put a big can of whuup ass on his butt.

    Posted by ace1957 September 14, 09 03:54 PM
  1. This is what happens when entertainment corporations use viral marketing tactics to manufacture "spontaneous" publicity. Don't know who was in on it and who wasn't; don't really care. When the "day after" entertainment value trumps the supposed "real" event that spawned it, it's a sad commentary on what pop culture has become.

    Posted by is this the best we have to offer September 14, 09 05:49 PM
  1. Kayne is a RACIST, plain and simple. I am sure his Mama must be real proud!!!

    Posted by FedUp September 14, 09 06:53 PM
  1. Kanye is soo funny. Cant believe he did that. What he did was WRONG...but he was keepin it real !!
    Posted by Stephanie

    "Keepin' it real"??? Why don't you go back to cartoon land where you came from . . . us humans are becoming bored with your moronic grunts and groans!

    Posted by mikeyyy September 14, 09 10:21 PM
  1. Too bad for Jay. I was kinda looking forward to his first show, but when I heard about who would be one of his guests, well, who would bother. What an awful thing to do to a young artist in her special moment. Let's hope wherever he shows up, someone has the good sense to say, "Hey, get him outa here."

    Posted by WhosKiddingWhom September 14, 09 10:30 PM
  1. Mr West Showed a great deal of disrespect and there is NO excuse. As a Black Man I do not excuse or condone his actions. His being stupid, does not make him a racist. Clearly from some of the post here, we need a real discussion on racism. Not the same tired crap that a number of folks like to post over and over and over,

    Posted by 1quaker September 15, 09 07:57 AM
  1. Kanye's West should be banned from ever entering an event like this. He has no respect for others. Allowing him to be in events like this is just allowing tragedy waiting to happen. People look at the sighns look at the warnings this guy does not have a heart. He caused so much contraversy. What will he do next? Lets not wait to find out. West you are banned form any other public event!!!

    Posted by tina September 15, 09 08:42 AM
  1. "where is Obama now to comment on how STUPID that stunt was? Silent huh? not surprised".

    Actually, I did hear something this morning on Jamin 94.5 in an "off the record comment" Obama referred to Kanye as a "jackass" for what he did.

    Posted by ShleeMcgee17 September 15, 09 10:40 AM
  1. This is not a black or a white thing. Kanye has gotten to the point that he feels that he is bigger than life therefore he is able to do and say anything that he wants to and it would be acceptable because of his status.
    When he selected Amber Rose as a girlfriend who has publicly stated that she likes p_ _sy as much as a man, I knew that something was wrong with him.
    Being an great entertainer goes beyond putting out great hits. It additionally includes integrity. You go Beyonce for being that type of an entertainer.
    P.S.: Based on Taylor's interview, this was not staged and totally caught her off guard. No apology will be enough for someone to take her limelight. This was a once in a lifetime moment that can't be redone.

    Posted by Patricia Oakes September 15, 09 10:59 AM
  1. The guy who keeps chirping up with "why can't you keep politics out of this.. why bring up Joe Wilson?" and then offers the erroneous, "liberal rag..." is obviously not paying attention to the numerous interjections of implicit racism in the above posts: "If she were black and Kanye were white..." "reverse racism!" etc. It's all of a piece and it's all about incivility and ignorance. Basic problem in this country: intelligence and civility are denigrated, anti-intellectualism and goonism are promoted and rewarded.

    Last word to ignorant racist right wingers who are screaming about "taking back the country." Hello! We had an election! You lost! We took back the country (from the wing nuts who ran it four 8 years.) You want it back? Try a little something called democracy in 2012.

    Posted by whatcape September 15, 09 11:08 AM

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