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'True Blood:' Goodbye for now

Posted by Matthew Gilbert  September 14, 2009 05:35 AM

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It's always a drag when a show you're addicted to ends for the season. Cold turkey and all. But it helps that, in the case of "True Blood," they left us with a strong sense of closure. I thought last night's finale satisfyingly tied up the season-long plots in the demented first half, and then suggested new mysteries for next season in the quieter second half. It wasn't a full-on amazing hour, but it did the trick for me.

--- Saying goodbye to Maryann, with her black heart and white wedding gown, was hard, but necessary. Along with Eric, Godric, and the Fellowship of the Sun, the Maryann character made this season thrilling; but she had served her demon-of-the-year purpose. If Alan Ball, aware that Michelle Forbes was making Maryann into a camp classic, found a way to keep her around for another season, the result would have been forced and disappointing. Maryann left us wanting more, always the better choice.

Did anyone else think Maryann seemed almost touchingly pathetic as she stood expectantly waiting for her god, ready with her egg and her meat statue, deluded into thinking she was about to wed? A little supernatural Miss Havisham, with her "old, borrowed, and blue" zombie bridesmaids?!

--- A few forthcoming storylines were set up, including Jessica as a truckstop bloodsucker, the death of Eggs, and the blood cartel (!) of Eric and Sophie-Anne. As Sophie-Anne, Evan Rachel Wood seemed to be struggling to find the right amount of humor and brattiness again last night; I'm hoping she'll be more natural next season, assuming she'll be back. She's not quite believable as a vampire who can actually make Eric submissive. Her obsession with Yahtzee, though, is ironic and amusing, and I love the decadence of her poolside perch.

--- I was glad Sam was finally recognized as a hero. I've grown fond of him, and was relieved that he lived. His search for his parents is a promising new twist for next season, as is the question of who has taken Bill. He was removed, after he and Sookie had their whimsical little dance at the restaurant, while Sookie was in the ladies room deciding to marry him (in Vermont!!). At first I was convinced it was Eric. But of course, it will be more complicated (for instance, Lorena, Bill's embittered maker, left him on very bad terms this season).

What do you think? Did you like the finale? Do you love the smell of nail polish in the morning...!?

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50 comments so far...
  1. however took Bill had to be vampire....why else would they have worn gloves with the silver in hand???

    great ending! can't wait till next season

    Posted by ms codpiece September 14, 09 07:38 AM
  1. I thought the finale was excellent. I was shocked to see who actually killed Marianne and found it ironic and fulfillling. I didn't see that coming at all! Yes, the second half of the episode was slower and calmer, but in a good way; we needed to catch our breath and set up for next season. BTW ~ I love the Jessica character and hope she doesn't stray too far to the dark side!! Hoyt....go get your girl!!!

    Posted by Pat Cicalese September 14, 09 07:50 AM
  1. So when is the series back? June?

    Posted by TBFan September 14, 09 08:00 AM
  1. Loved the finale! Found some of this season a bit disappointing but the finale more than made up for it. Last night was the FIRST time Evan Rachel Wood worked for me - so I'm also hopeful for better next season - thought her session with Eric delightful. In fact, I probably laughed more during last night's finale that I ever have at a True Blood episode. Thought Anna Paquin did a great job with her character's tumultuous thoughts in the restaurant bathroom - her joy made Bill's dramatic and forced exit even sadder. Can't wait for next season!

    Posted by Mandy September 14, 09 08:01 AM
  1. I'm going to miss Maryann. I loved how all of the crazy, decadent, and lusterous acts were simply the norm for her.

    She'd make an interesting neighbor. Think she'll let me drive her Jag?

    The picked the perfect actress too. She definitly someone you've seen before but I just can't place it. Cougarific for sure.

    Posted by Andy September 14, 09 08:01 AM
  1. loved claudine clark's "party lights" playing over the hoyt/mother scene in the fortenberry house -- very clever

    Posted by Mike September 14, 09 08:03 AM
  1. Great episode. I guess I'm one of the few who couldn't stand the character of Maryann. Very happy to see her destroyed. Eric needs a bigger role next season. That dude's too good an actor to just appear for a few scenes.

    Posted by Dulany September 14, 09 08:23 AM
  1. Thank you for pointing out Jason's "nail polish" comment. It's those quick little jokes in the True Blood script that keep me bound to the show. Frankly, this season's overly supernatural plot lines were starting to push me away, but I agree that the setup for next season has enough mystery to make me want to come back.

    Posted by K2 September 14, 09 08:25 AM
  1. "while Sookie was in the ladies room deciding to marry him (in Vermont!!). "

    But of course- TB has always been a thinly veiled allegory for the struggle of gay rights -- even the arguments against the vamps came straight out of the "Family-Focus-demonize-a-gay" book.

    I was a little worried that the show jumped the shark with the entire town turning all black eyed, but as you said, they tied it up nicely at the end.

    I actually love the way they're giving Sam's character some ... character. He's one of the more lovable guys in the town. I'm also still not to sure about giving Andy is badge and gun back- he's still not the most stable isotope in the lab.

    Posted by frankjcapp September 14, 09 08:30 AM
  1. Shows great

    Posted by Joe September 14, 09 08:39 AM
  1. I loved it when Maryann asked Sookie "What are you?" and Sookie replied "A waitress! - what the (F-Bomb) are you??!!!".

    Can wait for next season.

    Posted by bp September 14, 09 08:50 AM
  1. Oddly enough, the weakest link for me in this entire show is Sookie. She is almost a parody of a damsel in distress. Her lines are poorly written and always delivered in such a cheesy, exasperated way - I can't help but groan aloud. I find myself despising almost every scene she's in.

    I was hugely disappointed to see Godrick go, as he was one of the more fascinating characters.

    The Queen is in the same category as Sookie, almost worse. Looks like a high school theater girl who's in way over her head. Every line is sarcastic (even when it shouldn't be). Awful casting job on that one, as, like Matt Gilbert said, she isn't believable as a superior to Eric.

    I hope Eric gets more air time, as he's the coolest character right now.

    Posted by timmy September 14, 09 09:08 AM
  1. I loved the finale. It was a great ending to a season long suspenseful mysetery. I am excited to see what is about to happen with Bill. and Maybe a interetsing little plot twist with Sophie-Ann's female partner at Yahtzee- seemingly as it's Jason and Sookie's cousin. I wonder what might happen between Eric and Sookie know that Bill will be gone. Not saying Bill will be gone for a very long time. =] Dies anyone know when "True Blood" will be coming back?

    Posted by Nicole Marie September 14, 09 09:16 AM
  1. Beyond Here Lies Nothin ----yep nothin but HBO cancellations. Mr Ball has jumped the shark just like they did with Lost. If Ball continues to make Eric the villian and Bill the saint he will lose 70% of his viewers (Polls indicate 73% of viewers prefer Eric over Bill) Alan Ball is BillStruck and needs to wake up and smell the TrueBlood.

    Posted by Jenna September 14, 09 09:36 AM
  1. I love how the powerful, machiavellan and loveably ruthless Eric is forced to the ridiculous whimsy of the Queen. Eric found the whole situation (Yahtzee) ludicrous and Skarsgard played it with appropriate subtlety. Eric is a serious player and like many of us on the job, finds himself under the management of a less capable and spoiled brat. I felt so sorry for the Eggs-Tara situation. Mechad did such a great job and it'll be sad to see him go as with Michelle Forbes as well but the story has to move on. Overall, a great season finale. Too bad we have to wait so long for season 3.

    SPOILERS - Those who've read the books know that Lorena is the vamp-napper (sort of) and the queen of Louisiana is regal and level headed and not the brat she's portrayed as in the show. Readers also know that it's always Eric who has gifts for Sookie as Bill NEVER buys Sookie much of anything let alone an engagement ring. I'm looking forward to the introduction of the Wolf pack and if and who'll be picked to play Alcide Herveaux & Debbie Pelt. Should be a great season 3!

    Posted by Lilith September 14, 09 10:16 AM
  1. Can't wait for season three! A little too much of the maenad story line for this book reader. I love that Sam finally got to do some good, but in the books Eric goes with Sookie to save her friends (in spandex no less) and I was sort of disappointed this was missing. Can't wait for the Weres, Eric and Sookie teaming up, and less Bill. Oh and Debbie Pelt! They really need to cast this role well to make her work.

    Posted by J September 14, 09 10:31 AM
  1. I was expecting some huge climax, so since last night I've been reshifting my gears and thoughts on the finale. Overall, I liked it. Michelle Forbes will definitely be missed, but that storyline needed resolution. I've always liked Sam, but last night was truly touched by the man he is. Not just because of what he would do to save Sookie (which we already knew), but what he would do for his beloved town. Here is a man that has felt displaced his entire life, yet he's finally found a home. Last night we saw that he's willing to protect it at any cost.
    More Eric would've been great and, although I love Evan Rachel Wood, I do agree that she is struggling just a bit while trying to strike a balance in the role. Having done my fair share of acting, I can easily attest that comedy is so much more difficult than drama. Here's hoping she'll sink more comfortably into the role in the next season.
    The second act was a nice reprieve, and the proposal scene between Bill and Sookie was probably their best yet, but I did feel that the cliffhangers were visible from a mile away and felt trite. I thought the most satisfying twist that I didn't quite expect was Jessica shedding the last of her humanity and truly embracing her murderous, vampiric nature. (In a truck stop, no less!)
    I think I can see the rhythm that the creative team was trying to create with last night's finale, even if all the notes weren't quite right. It's still a great show that really started to come into its own with the second season. Here's hoping the third gets even better.

    Posted by Michael Costine September 14, 09 10:37 AM
  1. I loved the season but sadly i missed the finale...

    Posted by Gessi September 14, 09 11:03 AM
  1. Spoilers! As someone who read the books first, I feel that the TV show is completely Fing up the love triangle between Sookie, Eric and Bill. In the books Bill is not romantic he's just a steady guy, the reliable type. Eric is the one always tring to win Sookie over with gifts. Eric is actually in love with Sookie while Bill was ordered to seducer her by the queen. I was so mad when they changed the bomb scene. Bill isn't outside talking with Lorena he's inside at the party. He doesn't think to cover Sookie and if Eric hadn't been there she would have died. Eric desperate to win her for himself uses the situation to his advantage but had he not taken a bulet for her he couldn't have. Where's Bill durring all this? Off attacking humans, and no one ordered him to. This leads to another fight like the one with the poliece officer pulling them over. Bill cant controal his reactions the way Eric can. This plays as a constant struggle in their relationships. I'm really tired of the perfect, infallable Bill that the TV show has going.

    Posted by Debra Mansor September 14, 09 11:10 AM
  1. OF corse it was a vamp that took him but one strong enough to erace Erics memory (????) . Or is he faking so he can drink her blood .. LOVED how they killed Maryann (she was in Kalifornia ,Brad Pitt, Doucovney?)

    Posted by Amyt1620 September 14, 09 11:18 AM
  1. That was the WORST final episode i have ever seen. Sookie annoyed the hell out of me and nothing really happened. To be honest what was the point in the entire season now?. For me the plot was disaapointing, nothing special happened. Yet again we don't find out what Sookies power is and she is so dumb that who cares?!?!?! When Sam is stabbed she just stands there and she does exactly as everyone tells her, i hate her character with a passion i wish she could have been a main character killed off. I also read that main characters would die in this episode but it was only the ones introduced in the new season. I have waited two weeks eagerly anticipating the last episode and i feel the series did not live up to expectations.

    Posted by Mike September 14, 09 11:18 AM
  1. totally awesome story line i love that bill asked sookie to marry him amazing i just hope that he doesn't get to hurt in the next season and as for godrick he was the hottest vampire of all and for being the oldest vampire he looked the youngest! can't wait for next season!

    Posted by rebecca September 14, 09 11:22 AM
  1. I was disappointed. I have really started liking the Sookie/Eric interaction, and for him to not even be in the show other than the 1 part with the Queen was not very satisfying, I kept expecting him to pop up in the bathroom when she was debating her decision. I haven't read the books, but, now that I know through the series that a main reason for Sookie's feelings for Bill is that she drank his blood that 1st night they met, I am really not all that set on them as a couple, I really really like Eric more and more now, and his feelings for Sookie that have started seem more genuine.

    Posted by kristi September 14, 09 11:37 AM
  1. I think there are some people forgetting this is a book series and, Mr. Ball is following a loose outline of it. So all the Alan ball needs to do this and Alan Ball shouldnt do that comments are pointless. Hes not going to make a character completely diff. from how Charlaine wrote them. And if you read the series, Sophi Annes actress is perfect. I think this season focused too much on the maenad. I love that Lafayette is still around, and I look forward to seeing how they write him into all this. Can't wait to see what they do with next season and how they transition into the new book! So excited!

    Posted by nik September 14, 09 11:43 AM
  1. i was not to pleased with the finale. i honestly expected a little more. marryanne was missing her confidence and cinicle attitude in this episode and i think they killed her off to easily. i would have liked to see somewhat of the ritual actually working. but to an extent. i think eggs death was necessary, i mean lets face it terra isnt any fun unless shes miserable and bitchy. next season better have some shocking twists

    Posted by anthony September 14, 09 11:56 AM

  1. Although it may not have been Eric's hand that vamp-knapped Bill, he must have something to do with it. I think Maryann will be back, but using another as her vessel next season. But for Sam to come face to face with his peanut brained adpoted parents was courageous! I feel that next season will give us more of suspensful episodes!!

    Posted by sareen anand September 14, 09 11:59 AM
  1. I am dying to know what happened to bill. And i was so happy that bill asked sookie to marry him. He did everything perfect, very sweet. I love sam, i believe he is a very good man. I feel bad for Tara she was torn when eggs died. Maryanne, good riddens, awesome character. I was a little down when sookie didn't answer bill right away, but she was so sure after getting herself ready. I think she just got scared.

    Posted by Kristy Fagundes September 14, 09 12:02 PM
  1. Lets not forget Tara and Lafayette. Season One would have been a bore without them and Season Two seemed to miss some of the their raw spunk.

    Posted by ikeerumba September 14, 09 12:06 PM
  1. I to thought the finale was bad. It needed more then a hour to wrap up all the stuff. A few episodes back the show was cut short by 15 minutes. I thought...maybe they are going to make the finale longer..but no it wasn't. I love this show and will still watch it, but Allan finished this season off very badly.

    Posted by Shawn September 14, 09 12:09 PM
  1. I thought that whoever too Bill had to be vampire because they were sneaking up behind him very fact and then they wore gloves with the silver.

    I think that if you have not read Charlaine Harris' Books that are based on this Sookie Stackhouse series you should. You will be surprised the differences in the two but they are great and you learn a lot of things that make you understand why it is happening in the show.

    I think that even though we are dead set on Bill and Sookie being together, i think that there might be someone else better for him. I did not like the way Bill was with the Queen....something there is hidden!

    I'm already missing the season......I think that I'm gonna have a "True Blood" gathering with my friends and watch 1st season......get more people involved........

    Posted by Lo September 14, 09 12:11 PM
  1. Why didn't Sam kill Maryanne a long time ago if all he had to do was turn into an ox and gore her to death? I must have missed something.

    Posted by kim September 14, 09 12:17 PM
  1. I just read somewhere else that we will have to wait nine months (!!!) for season 3. That's not until next June! Oh well.....On another note, I would like to share my thoughts on Godric. WHAT A P***Y! Here I thought that when he made his first appearance ("making" Eric), he was going to be some high-powered mean-ass vampire. But all he did was make nice to everyone; he may as well have run around with a flower behind each ear, I swear! Good riddance!

    Posted by DJ September 14, 09 12:19 PM
  1. I really enjoyed the finale, and I think they tried to make you think it was Eric that abducted Bill, so it probably isn't (just like last season's finale. Who else thought it was Lafayette dead in the car?). I love the Bill Compton character and would be very sad to see Sookie start up with Eric. I like the Eric character, but I hope the series does not follow the book plot too closely. I want Sookie and Bill to stay together. The threesome's dynamic is perfect and would be spoiled if Sookie and Bill broke up. I would like to see more of the Pam and Lafayette characters. They are hilarious and need more air time.

    When did Sam 'imprint' on the bull? I thought that was the only way he could shift into an animal. I thought the Maryanne plot was overplayed and tiresome. They could have killed her off anytime after her 3rd of 4th appearance. I like the actress (she was Gabrielle Byrne's wife on 'In Treatment') but the orgy and mob scenes got real old real fast in my opinion.

    Posted by DMac in Columbus September 14, 09 12:28 PM
  1. First the Kudos, great lead into Sam's past life, Sookie and Bill's new endeavor and lastly the witty one liners " Love the smell of nail polish" Not many realize what movie they were attempting to deliver that from.
    Now, has anyone from the show heard of the 2 hour episode? Like many of the sentiments already read. I took was disappointed with the season finale. Is there a writers strike? So much creativity went into the 1st season and way off the deep end in season 2- too much gore and sex. The creativity in today writers leaves anything for the imagination.
    Who took Bill? Initially I thought it could be Eric but then Bill's Ex was a better conclusion as she is obsessed with Bill.
    Good luck next season: Grade for Season 2 B-

    Posted by Eric in NORCAL September 14, 09 12:38 PM
  1. While I did enjoy most of the finale, I believed that Eric should have made a bigger presence. The actress that played Marianne did a wonderful job... however, the story line became too much and I'm glad that it came to an end. I enjoyed these past two seasons so much that I went out and bought the entire Sookie Stackhouse collection and read them all in 2 weeks. The books were incredible...Great job on the first two seasons...looking forward to many more to come!

    Posted by Chris September 14, 09 12:42 PM
  1. I thought the second season was weak overall. There was no need to spend an entire season on the Marianne story line. If I saw one more orgy scene, I was going to sign off for good (not that I don't mind watching a good orgy now and then -- but they became filler after a while). Marianne could've been knocked off in three or four episodes, Dionysius be damned. I thought the last episode was lame beyond belief. This season, True Blood jumped the shark. I'll definitely watch the first show next season, but if it's still more empy calories, I'm outta there.

    Posted by Barbara September 14, 09 01:25 PM
  1. I loved this season they will just keep getting better. I am glad that maryanna is dead, and I am not sure who took Bill but everyone is saying it has to be a vampire because of the gloves but I dont thank it is any one can where gloves and they might have done that to make you thank it was a vampire. as for it being Lorean she is his maker if she wanted him all she has to do is order him to come. its like they can here it when they say I order you as your maker no matter where they are at. I have read the books but I started on the 3rd one so I dont know exectally what happens.

    Posted by valerie September 14, 09 02:08 PM
  1. I don't like the finale. It's too different from the book. Bill wants married to Sookie??? This goes against the sense of the 9 books written so far.

    Posted by Marian September 14, 09 03:31 PM
  1. I thought the season finale was great! Especially the part about Vermont, considering my husband and I travelled there from Tennessee to get married near Burlington, VT!

    Posted by Mal September 14, 09 03:37 PM
  1. MORE ERIC PLEASE!! He is the most captivating character in the show (and not just because he is very, very gorgeous). Skarsgard's potrayal of Eric is understated in way that Evan Rachel Wood might want to take note of. Definitely waiting to see more of the Eric/Sookie relationship that appears in the book and especially for (SPOILER ALERT) when he shows up naked on Sookie's road with his memmory gone. . .now that is gonna be a great episode!

    Posted by Katherine September 14, 09 03:50 PM
  1. I love the HBO series and I appreciate what Alan Ball has done with the original book series. That being said, the finale was a little bit of a disappointment. Whereas the actress who played Maryanne was brilliant, the character Maryanne stayed on the stage too long! The black eyes, and orgy scenes took too much screen time and were overblown. It's like...ok we get it..the town is possessed! They should have wrapped up the storyline weeks ago.

    And, I didn't believe Evan Rachel Wood for a second! Eric completely overshadowed her in their scenes. She looks like a bratty teenager opposite a grown man. Her accent is off, her mannerisms are off, and she hasn't found the center of the character. Bottom line...she isn't believeable.! I was very dissappointed that Eric didn't get more screen time. He makes the show!

    Next season, along with developing the Sam storyline, let's have some meaningful on-air for Pam... (she's a hoot!), and please bring back Lafayette's swagger. Anytime he's in a scene he steals it! But, still I have love for the show and can't wait until June!

    Posted by Cynthia September 14, 09 04:01 PM
  1. The final show was disappointing..... My husband and I are watching the show since I have read all the books, and wondering how the writers are going to put more of the book back into the show, even though I have enjoyed seeing the different sides of Tara, Bill, and Eric that we normally wouldn't have known. I don't like the actress that plays Sookie, even though she's adorable and all, but never pictured Sookie looking like that. Bill never gets Sookie any kind of gifts but the topaz earrings later on in the book series, it's Eric that's always getting stuff for Sookie. Perhaps in the next season, there will less of Bill and More of Eric, (not that Bill isn't a hunk) but it was the book that made me fall in love with the characters and not HBO, but that's just my opinion.........

    Posted by heather September 14, 09 05:47 PM
  1. Did anyone think the shout outs to Mountain Dew and Diet Coke were subtle product placement ads?? But since Mountain Dew is a Pepsi product...probably not.

    Posted by Tracy September 14, 09 06:21 PM
  1. i love true blood like u cant imagine i buy everything true blood rocks its the best series ever i love Eric but i loved it when Bill asked Sookie to marry her and she said yes but then it shucks that Bill was getting strabgled..... i think it was Eric cause he was wearing gloves anyway shout out to all of the casted and chareter members I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Cheyane Cahill September 14, 09 06:34 PM
  1. It was a great finale. I can't wait for Season 3. Its going to be a long 9 months :(

    Posted by Jaimie September 14, 09 09:26 PM
  1. I think the Mountain Dew scene was a satire in itself. It was showing how the country bumpkins were trying to make sense of the happenings at Maryann's party with thoughts of conspiracy theories.

    Then when Sam comes over to add/plug the idea of a bad batch of alchohol being the problem they agree to sticking with Mountain Dew as a safer choice.

    There's nothing wrong with the Dew but it's problably one of the worse soft drink on the market with some of the highest sugar content. It is also believed it is the preffered drink of rednecks.

    As for the person who took Bill, I'm sure we will all be surprised as to who it will be. Gloves mean nothing when all bad guys wear them to mask their fingerprints. To get into the French restaurant they had to turn the doorknob, right. I see this mystery person may be as surprising as Rene' from the first season.

    Please no more spoilers from the readers. I really like the show and enjoy the plot twists.

    Posted by Andy September 15, 09 07:48 AM
  1. I havent read the books but I am going to get them soon but I understand the plots from wiki and other sources that Eric & Sookie's relationship is the bulk of the books.
    I understand in the book that Eric is really the one coming to her rescue his character on the show made more sense and Bill who wants her doesnt really know the heart of the Sookie and what she really requires. But this is very typical in any love triangle. Think Rhett-Scarlet-Ashley in Gone with the Wind. Once a man is vulnerable to passionate love, he knows a woman has him by the b*lls. Once a woman realizes a man has her number , it's kind of all she wrote for us. Thats why we rarely marry the people we ruly love.

    Posted by I also liked Spike on Buffy September 15, 09 09:23 AM
  1. I really enjoyed the "True Blood" season 2 finale. I found the solution to a problem like Maryann ballsy (no, that was not meant as a pun) and nicely surprising. I agree with killing off the Eggs character. Great to look at, but he was getting redundant (little yawn). Shooting him also reinforces Jason's thickheadedness even after he enjoys a bit of clarity (post-heroism talk with Andy) and gives Tara a chance to get tumultuously involved with someone else with a hopefully--supernatural--secret. Finally, I loved the Bill and Sookie end scene. In their kooky and dangerous southern gothic world these two have The Real Thing. I'm looking forward to what happens next!

    Posted by Cinnie September 15, 09 01:51 PM
  1. Loved the final ep!!! I live in Australia and we haven't gotten TB downhere yet so we all have to download it a few days after ya'll see it... but it was worth waiting for!!!!

    Glad to see the rear of Maryann and Eggs (he was irritating in my opinon).The Bacchanalian orgies were great for the plotline, but were starting to wear thin. I also found the way Sam killed Maryann a bit predicatable.. saw it coming a mile off...

    I get what a lot of people are saying about seeing more of eric (his character and portrayl is excellent) and I have a feeling that is going to happen in season 3, but i think that making him too much of a focus (or too much of a good guy) would kill the general appeal of his character. Being the resourceful, underhanded guy is what makes him so awesome (!)... if he ever got the girl, he wouldn't be the same character and i think his popularity would drop off.

    Sam's search for his parents seems to be a plotline that could go either way - making him a stronger,more endearing character or just more wussy. In the end it will all just be about introducing new supernatural beings into the mix.

    Looking foward to see who nabbed Bill and how Sookie gets him back... I'm also curious what they are going to do with Sookie's supernatural side. I think development of her history and even her abilities would be fantastic next season... CAN'T WAIT!!

    Posted by Ab September 15, 09 06:45 PM
  1. It was really good, I like how they have strayed away from the books.

    My one complaint is Eric. (and by the way, the fact that he wouldn't be able to over take her, believable or not, is THE point)

    My problem with him is that he seems to be getting less and less attractive as the episodes go on, making him less and less human. I think they just need to have a little less eye makeup on the set for him. He's too beautiful to have eyelids that red.

    Posted by Paige September 16, 09 05:42 PM

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