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'Idol:' The bonus chat

Posted by Joanna Weiss  May 20, 2009 02:03 PM

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Because there's no way we could go without gabbing about the finale, or looking back at the season as a whole, or speculating about what mountains and boundaries lie ahead for Kara DioGuardi. Come join us here Thursday morning at 10!

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33 comments so far...
  1. YES, KRIS WON!!!!

    Posted by shelly May 20, 09 09:18 PM
  1. Although I'm disappointed that Adam didn't win I can certainly see the appeal of Kris Allen. I thought both performed really well last evening. Someone had mentioned yesterday that if Adam didn't take the title the would be freed from the confines of the American Idol contract and could make the music that suits his style. There is no question that Adam will be a huge star and deserves to be so. I think that Kris's journey to stardom will be more difficult as he will have to fight to stand out from the likes of John Meyer and all the crooners/balladeers who flood the music market today. Having said that, congrats to Kris and Adam both -- I am looking forward to listening to their music in the future.

    the future.

    Posted by Ruth May 21, 09 06:57 AM
  1. At least Adam can get his "real" career going quicker now. Kris is cute, but he's not a superstar and will probably fade pretty quickly. Happy for him anyway. Adam has a gift and will be just fine.

    Posted by boots May 21, 09 09:14 AM
  1. At least Adam can get his "real" career going quicker now. Kris is cute, but he's not a superstar and will probably fade pretty quickly. Happy for him anyway. Adam has a gift and will be just fine.

    Posted by boots May 21, 09 09:15 AM
  1. What a joke, It was the anti-gay vote from all the homophobes in this country.

    Posted by Jay May 21, 09 09:20 AM
  1. Homophobia. We're still squeamish as a nation about somebody so openly gay as Adam, even with all his blinding talent. Up against a less remarkably talented but adorable young married straight boy, the outcome was easily predicted.

    Posted by bosfiddle May 21, 09 09:28 AM
  1. Adam was so much more talented. It was a shock and ridiculous. Adam may be better off in the long run anyway and he will be very successful. His voice is a gift that is rare. Good luck to them both.

    Posted by stevet May 21, 09 10:09 AM
  1. We're supposed to care, right? And a Boston Globe reporter is designated to take time to write this story, right? And the Globe is in a crisis, (could it possibly be because it chooses to emphasize pedestrian drivel instead continuing to develop enterprise reporting?) Sad day in the morning, fellow readers.

    Posted by Bob Moss May 21, 09 10:19 AM
  1. I would agree that Adam had the better voice, but I think that Kris was the more talented musician. Not only can he sing, but he can play the guitar and piano. I think that went a long way with those who did the voting

    Newsweek wrote a piece listing 7 reasons why Kris won over Adam, ranging from Adam being "oversold" by the judges leading up to the finale, to the gay factor. While I agree with all of the points that they made, one that was missing, I believe, was the fact that Kris has a broader range of musical talent. This compensated (and then some) for the fact his voice was not as good as Adams. I don't think that fact was lost on the voters and I think it went a long way to putting him over the top

    Posted by Mark May 21, 09 10:25 AM
  1. Get out of bed on the wrong side today, Bob?
    Sheesh. Lighten up. Go read read the obits.

    Go Kris!

    Posted by DrK May 21, 09 10:35 AM
  1. Bob Moss;
    Don't like it, don't read it. News doesn't always have to be bad. We watch fluff TV to escape and have fun. Lighten up or stay away from these blogs but don't come to message boards and criticize the Globe - that's getting old. Go to journalism school, write something significant, timely and "substantial" and then start your own GD newspaper.

    Posted by A Dingo Ate My Baby May 21, 09 10:37 AM
  1. This was the best season yet. So many this year that could sing and I particularly liked the last five. While I'm happy for Kris, I do believe that Adam should have won. Based on his performance thru the whole season it should have been a no-brainer. Maybe he can't play an instrument but his interpretation of songs and how he changed them impressed me. But all in all you can't be sorry or mad. Both of them are winners! I hope next season is just as good.

    Posted by eeg May 21, 09 11:34 AM
  1. #8 Posted by Bob Moss May 21, 09 10:19 AM

    Funny how you found this article and had the time to comment. Have a nice day!

    Posted by Sam May 21, 09 11:37 AM
  1. I'm glad others are picking up on the anti-gay issue. It happened with Clay Aiken, also, who has a magnificent voice. Someone said there is a difference between preference and prejudice. Really? A very fine line, blurry to say the least. How can one be separated from the other? A damn shame, a shameful shame, and a dangerous shame. It's about talent, people. Talent. Judge on anything else and your vote DOES NOT count no matter what you may think! Adam is a superstar. It is so obvious. Kris, nice kid, but a lightweight compared to Adam. How disappointing on so many levels.

    Posted by jsong May 21, 09 12:30 PM
  1. Listen to all the Gay and Lesbian supporters come out and make this a discrimination issue. This country is becoming a joke!

    Posted by Matt May 21, 09 12:35 PM
  1. Homophobia? Always an excuse..always a victim!!
    If Kris lost, would we be blaming the anti-christian vote? No!
    Maybe people just voted for the person they liked the best. Simple as that!

    Posted by GaryIdol May 21, 09 12:40 PM
  1. All I can say is that my wife and kids really enjoy listening to 6 or 7 of Kris Allen's song cuts in the car, on a regular basis.

    This doesn't take away from Adam Lambert's extremely talented abilities and superior on stage presence.

    They're two different performers. Two different audiences. Kris' audience just happened to be larger and he's more mainstream. Will that translate to higher marketability? Probably, but it doesn't mean he's a better singer, just > popular


    Posted by Bubba May 21, 09 12:50 PM
  1. I don't care about their sexual orientation, are you kidding me?

    Both have talent, but I think that Chris appealed to a wider audience than Adam. There is only so much of the long, sometimes screamy notes that I can take. Just not my type of music.

    Posted by rambamrmm May 21, 09 01:41 PM
  1. ohh my god i can't believe it's not butter!!!!!!!!! DUDE

    Posted by JO JO BOOK May 21, 09 01:53 PM
  1. Kris won...all is well in the world. I have liked Kris all along but with all of the criticism of him, i tried to be impartial and listen to him sing objectively......and I came to the same conclusion....he's awesome!

    Posted by Wichita May 21, 09 01:57 PM
  1. The tragedy of this outcome lies in the fact that on Tuesday night the phone lines were so jammed and had busy signals with fans trying to vote for Adam. Over 50% of my thousands of votes with five phones did not go through because of that fact. I voted nonstop all 4 hours, had 2 land lines, 2 cells, and 1 cell for texting - no confirmation on 19,900 texts sent either. How many millions of votes didn't get counted because of this faulty voting system? You can rationalize about homophobes, looks, Mid-America,etc.. The truth is Adam's talent so far surpasses Kris's that it's not even a contest!! Adam will be a SUPERSTAR worldwide - he should have won!!!

    Posted by Carolyn May 21, 09 02:08 PM
  1. People need to shut up and be nice.. Accusations, negative feed back, personal attacks etc. What the hell is your problem? This is an amazingly entertaining competition we get to watch and the performers need to be appreciated not attacked. A fantastic show, Great talent, and well done!!!!!

    Posted by john hancock May 21, 09 02:15 PM
  1. To Carolyn, I totally agree with you. To John Hancock (really?), it is not a fantastic show or well done when votes aren't counted and talent isn't counted. There is definitely something wrong with this whole scenario. Whether you like Kris or Adam is your choice but the fact is that Adam really IS a superstar and Kris really IS a lightweight and he should not have won this contest if it REALLY IS ABOUT TALENT. PERIOD! That is why Simon did not stand up. He was dismayed, as am I.

    Posted by jsong May 21, 09 03:03 PM
  1. Bob-- this is under A&E (that would be ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT. Scroll your little mouse to the left and choose another area of your liking....Duh!

    Posted by KK66 May 21, 09 03:13 PM
  1. The voting system needs to change. Who knows what is really going on behind the scenes? It's ridiculous that peopel get to vote unlimited times. Perhaps it should be one vote per caller. Or a combo of judges and voters. That would make it more fair and balanced . Adam is a superior talent compared to Kis. Adam will be big!!! Out of the words of Kris, " Adam deserves this not me"

    Posted by marc May 21, 09 03:20 PM
  1. Hey Bob Moss - it's the Arts & Entertainment section - Joanna is an Arts & Entertainment REPORTER. Get it?

    Don't like it - don't read it. The fact that you spent time b*tching about an article you profess to care nothing about says volumes about you, doesn't it?

    Posted by Linda May 21, 09 03:46 PM
  1. jsong - sorry to see you're still harping on the anti-gay theme here, even after it was more than hashed out in Joanna's live chat.

    How about the fact that people just didn't like Adam's style of music as to the reason he lost? That was my reason for voting for Kris, PURE AND SIMPLE. I don't like screeching, I don't like the tongue hanging out all the time, I don't like the over-acting.

    OK? Get OVER the anti-gay phobia!

    Posted by Linda May 21, 09 03:49 PM
  1. Carolyn (#21) says "The tragedy of this outcome..."
    You've GOT to be kidding me. A tragedy? A TRAGEDY? No - that's 9/11. THAT'S a tragedy. The tsunami in the Pacific several years ago the day after Christmas. THAT'S a tragedy.

    You claim to have used 5 phones to vote and tried 19,900 texts - yeah, RIGHT. But to call it a "tragedy" is just astounding.

    Guess what? I'll repeat it yet again. Adam AND Kris are both going to do well. Both will do well in their OWN genre - superstars or not. They're both talented (that to jsong) - the fact that Kris plays piano, guitar, and sings shows more talent than screeching (as I call it). But they're BOTH talented and will do well. Just take a DEEP breath, go watch them during the tour and buy whichever album you want.

    But Adam losing is NOT a tragedy. And if you think it is, you have a LOT of growing up to do, Carolyn!

    Posted by Linda May 21, 09 03:59 PM
  1. As a gay, American, Christian male ... I have to say that charging America with homophobia because Adam Lambert came in SECOND is off the mark. He was only in the bottom ONCE.

    Also, as diehard regulars of the show, we know the 'American Idol' voting system isn't flawless. Clay Aiken clearly went on to more success than Ruben Studdard. Chris Daughtry is another example.

    When you have a voting system where any of us can vote as many times as we like for a certain amount of time, some of us (teen girls?) are going to vote the whole two hours. Others, may vote once or ten times. It's not a scientific system. It was designed to keep the hysteria going.

    Sure, the homophobes who want a wholesome Christian boy from my state of Arkansas may have tilted the scale Kris's way. But Adam had a very successful run and just watch, he'll have an even more successful career -- not to take anything from Kris whatsoever.

    AND, if Kris and Adam can be friends and respect each other ... we might ALL follow their lead and at least give it a shot.

    Posted by Michael Self May 22, 09 04:39 AM
  1. To Linda: I wouldn't call making a thoughtful suggestion once "harping" and I don't care AT ALL what ANYONE'S sexual orientation is. What I DO believe is that Adam is a superstar compared to Kris and he SHOULD have won, if the show is based on TALENT. Kris even said that. Something is wrong with the needs to be fixed. That is all I am saying. Don't be so sensitive!

    Posted by jsong May 22, 09 09:53 AM
  1. You worry about Chris' marriage, Ms Weiss? I'm sure he and his wife appreciate the concern of someone who has never met either of them and knows nothing of their relationship.

    But, yeah, worry a bit. Instant fame is tough to handle on a lot of folks. Of course you know nothing about fame, never mind instant fame. There has never been a more seemingly grounded contestant on this game show. Worry about your own relationships, Ms. Weiss.

    Posted by not dr. phil May 22, 09 10:10 AM
  1. You would have to deaf and dumb to not realize that Adam is the most talented of
    all this years contenders, however, I do agree that he is probably better off on his
    on , so he can get on with his career and I have no doubt that he is going to be a
    superstar ! He fit in with Kiss just beautifully and with Queen as well ! I see him
    the lead singer of a super group like the ones mentioned above ! There will be
    another great group that will last a long time, and the lead singer will be Adam
    Lambert. Good luck to Kris. He seems nice enough, but nice is not going to make
    him a star ! Sorry, Kris, but I think he knew he was in the wrong spot ! I did !!

    Posted by Terrie May 23, 09 12:00 AM
  1. I think both Kris and Adam did a wonderful job, I have to admit I was all for Kris until I saw and heard Adam with Kiss and Queen and he just blew my mind.

    This is from an old lady of 71 who thinks Adam will be a super star some day.

    Posted by Annie May 24,09 3:43PM

    Posted by Annie Richardson May 24, 09 02:49 PM

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