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In Praise of Paula

Posted by Joanna Weiss  April 7, 2009 09:24 AM

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Yeah, I said it. Kara makes Paula look smarter.

Tell me you agree. Knock down my theory. And in advance of tonight's "sing from the year you were born" show, advise the contestants on song choices. Here are suggestions from one group of bloggers.

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12 comments so far...
  1. It's not that Paula looks smarter, she's just more enjoyable overall. Kara comes off as smug and arrogant, and has done nothing to endear herself to audiences. And her constant harping on "artistry" has become tired. All one has to do is listen to David Cook's post-Idol music to know that artistry has nothing to do with it.

    What KAra has done is disrupt the dynamic of the group. Four is too many. Randy often seems isolated now and his comments are often quite brief. though the rumors were that Paula was being replaced, it seems more like Randy's the one on the outside now.

    Posted by Andrew April 7, 09 11:37 AM
  1. Hmmmm......I'm not so sure about that. I think Paula comes off as a bit of an airhead.

    Posted by Pam April 7, 09 11:49 AM
  1. Definitely. While Paula may sometimes be in a substance-induced coma, Kara clearly is not - which leads me the conclusion that she is just dumb.

    The addition of Kara to the show has made me realize that I like Paula, which I'm embarassed to admit. Kara is THAT bad.

    Posted by magoo April 7, 09 01:11 PM
  1. That woman "Kara" is straight up unlikable.

    Posted by Biff April 7, 09 01:18 PM
  1. Paula is one hot old lady---especially when she appears drunk or high. Yum, yum, yum. I love a sloppy drunk like her

    Posted by thetruthteller April 7, 09 03:04 PM
  1. They should change the name of this blog to IDOL TALK and occasional other stuff on TV

    Posted by Thanos73 April 7, 09 03:23 PM
  1. It's a draw........ they both lose! If a man or woman on the street behaved the way Paula does on the program, they'd be institutionalized and assessed for head problems - the woman is either high as a kite or drunk as a skunk ALL THE TIME. As for Kara - she's just a bit dull really. I really don't get why anyone would care what either one of these individuals think about anything...

    Posted by Gizzlefo April 7, 09 04:08 PM
  1. I wouldn't say she has gotten smarter - I'd say maybe she's gotten sober and therefore less incoherent.

    Posted by stacey in boston April 7, 09 04:20 PM
  1. She's on drugs ...... No doubt. Last couple of weeks, she's toned it down a bit, but she's on drugs

    Posted by Kevin O'Rourke April 8, 09 05:35 AM
  1. What I don't get is that Kara acts like shes on a congressional panel, discussing weighty world issues rather than commenting on what is true (enjoyable) fluff--- I'm wondering why paula has to hit the crack pipe before going on the show - she's clearly out of her head every time-- anyone can make her look smarter!!!

    Posted by lemonsqueezy April 8, 09 07:06 AM
  1. I just fast forward to Simon. The rest is drivel, he's the only one that tells it like it is.

    Posted by K April 8, 09 07:37 AM
  1. Question If you met one of these four judges in person at an airport who would be the most friendly and who would be an asshole ?

    Posted by Ryan Seacrest April 8, 09 10:49 AM

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