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'Idol:' Mad World

Posted by Joanna Weiss  April 7, 2009 09:48 PM

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Dude, do you know who was the most useful judge on "American Idol" tonight? Dude, I think it was Randy, dude. More than once, he made interesting, meaningful points that had nothing to do with keeping it real or singing the phone book -- as when he pinpointed Kris Allen's uncharacteristic mistake, an arrangement of "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" that empahsized the horns over the singer. Or when he told Scott that the trouble with his song was that everything was just OK. (Actually, everything was less than OK, but Randy still did the best job of summing Scott up: he's so screamingly mediocre that he just has no place on that stage.)

Dude, do you know what I thought of this week's songs-from-the-year-you-were born showcase? Dude, it was mostly underwhelming -- even when the singing was decent. Anoop sounded nice on "True Colors," but he has yet to wow me, and the stylists clearly don't know what to do with him; he's gone from Star Trek to Revenge of the Nerds. Danny was competent, but dull and kind of lounge-y, and I don't understand why the judges showered him with praise. Lil was working far too hard to do a spot-on impression of Tina Turner, and failing on all fronts. Matt also turned in a good vocal performance, but I can't shake the notion that he was doing Justin Timberlake doing Stevie Wonder -- and as Timberlake, he's second-rate. Allison was good, though. And I like her much more than Simon does.

And dude, do you know what makes me angry tonight, dude? Dude, it's that the live show ran seven minutes late, and my DVR was only programmed to record an extra four minutes, so I MISSED ALMOST ALL OF ADAM LAMBERT'S TAKE ON TEARS FOR FEARS, WHICH APPARENTLY DREW A STANDING OVATION FROM SIMON. Caught the beginning, which was lovely and falsetto. Will download from iTunes. Am sending angry telepathic vibes to Fox. Maybe if we hadn't had to watch so many dull video packages about how the contestants liked to sing when they were toddlers...or if Ryan had made one fewer joke about Simon's hotness...or if we still had three judges instead of four...

Edited to add:
I've seen it now. And I'm not at all surprised to be saying that Simon was right. It was haunting and mesmerizing and, as usual, made everybody else look like an amateur.

So who's in trouble? I'd say Lil, Scott, and Matt (despite the judges' love). But I could be wrong. Tell me your thoughts in the comments, gush about Adam on my behalf, and then join me here tomorrow at 10 a.m. for our weekly "Idol" chat!

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68 comments so far...
  1. I managed to find a link of Adam's performance tonight, but I know many others will not go to the trouble. But not to worry...if he is voted off because no one saw him, the judge's will save him.

    Still, seeing he and the others perform is the reason I watch, so i feel cheated that I had to find a low res version to watch after the fact.

    Posted by Patricia M. Rich April 7, 09 11:14 PM
  1. I think Scott, Anoop, and Chris.

    Posted by Jayne April 7, 09 11:15 PM
  1. Adam was freaking amazing!!!! You can always watch the video on photobucket - the show hasnt aired here in asia, but ive been following the reviews. watched the video, and he was truly something else. no one else in this compettion even comes close (and i loved his look!! sooo casual, and hott)

    Posted by Mridula April 7, 09 11:21 PM
  1. I really don't get all the Adam love. He's sang the same song for three weeks in a row. ZZZZzzzzzz.........

    Allison won the night.

    Posted by Bob April 7, 09 11:32 PM
  1. Oh, my God, it's Adam, Adam and Adam again. This guy is phenomenal, great voice, fabulous look, very humble, not as ridicuously conceited as David Cook from the previous IDOL and consistently delivers unbelievable songs with an ever astonishing range of voice. I don't care, if he is gay, bi or tri, he is MY IDOL.... and if he DOES NOT WIN, I should personally fly out to California and shoot Simon Cowell because I know he has the last say and all this "B.S." about "America votes" is Hokus-Pokus. It's all set up. Don't we all know that???

    Posted by mary April 7, 09 11:47 PM
  1. ********** ADAM LAMBERT AMERICAN IDOL VIDEO **********

    For everyone whose DVR cut off the end of the show because it ran late, and they missed Adam's performance, it is posted on Its the first item on the left side of the page under Latest Postings. Enjoy

    Posted by Brett April 7, 09 11:54 PM
  1. The extra judge comments and endless ovations overstuff this turkey and make it run overtime . Joanna, you gotta DVR "Fringe" as well and then you can watch the overlapping show. Also, set "Fringe" to end ten minutes late. I don't think Fox really minds this inadvertent time shifting.

    Posted by Ric April 8, 09 12:43 AM
  1. And Kris had an electric guitar why again?

    Posted by John Keith April 8, 09 12:48 AM
  1. Kris Allen has always been one of the best contestants on the show. Last week his rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine", plus his other performances have always been great. He plays the guitar and piano.

    Kris ia also a musician and songwriter. So I would be surprised if Kris Allen goes home.

    Posted by Kong April 8, 09 01:49 AM
  1. *Actually, Adam's version of "Mad World" was the Gary Jules and Michael Andrew's version, not the Tears for Fears version. He sang it very close to that version, but did change it up a little bit. He has emerged as the one whose performance most of us all await, ala Chris Daughtry and David Cook.

    *Allison sang very well, but my wife pointed out that she heard a mispronunciation of the word "make" as "pake"............Oh well, she's only 16.

    *One final critique from my wife was about Matt. She said he sounded pretty good, but seemed too much like a Timberlake wannabe, and looked like he had a "third eye" (mark on his forehead)..........Oh well, I guess it's not half as bad as Bucky Covington's teeth.

    Posted by JTR April 8, 09 02:53 AM
  1. Um . . . part of your job entails watching this show and commenting on it, and yet you had to Tivo it and missed the best performance of the night?

    Posted by Brodymon April 8, 09 04:36 AM
  1. Adam's performance was moving, amazing, flawless, polished to a fine sheen and so far beyond what every one else did or has done on the show, it illustrates the point that there is something very wrong about how the Idol contestants are chosen. Didn't we used to call someone a "ringer," that is a professional at something disguised as an amatuer. Like a pool hustler. Adam is so good, his experience so far beyond the others it's rather unfair.
    As was Simon's advice to Allison, which all the other judges jumped on as well. What is she suppossed to do? hijack the show and juggle or tell jokes to show some personality? It's another flaw in the way the show is structured that she is in danger of being voted off every week because she doesn't appeal to the demographic that stays up dialing for the "hot" Kris types for two hours and can't distinguish real, once in a blue moon talent. So Simon blames her. Unfair.
    Kris (LIGHT WEIGHT, one trick pony), Anoop (Snooze), Scott (Please Just Go) and unfortunately Lil (Where am I , Who am I) showed big weaknesses last night. Bottom tier in my book. Matt (good one, MG doing JT doing SW!) and Danny (getting tired of) somewhere in the middle. Can't touch Adam and Allison. So much better than the rest it's scary. Like Kara said, say whatever, let's just go make a record.
    After 8 seasons they don't have their act together to be on time? Detention!

    Posted by Glory Bee April 8, 09 04:45 AM
  1. It al makes sense now. Sing a British song get a standing O from Simon

    Posted by timothyjok April 8, 09 04:57 AM
  1. Mary, I don't believe it is "all set up"..i.e. Taylor Hicks. I also think Adam might be better off not winning. That way, he can be himself and not be in a contract to sing what is chosen for him. I think there are phenomenal singers this season but Allison and Adam blow me away.

    Posted by Maureen April 8, 09 05:46 AM
  1. A standing ovation from Simon is a HUGE compliment for Adam. The scarry thing may be that Simon will use it against Adam next week. Even if Adam's song is good, next week, Simon may tell him "it is not worthy of the standing ovation I gave you last week." Now, that could cause some internal issues for Adam. This is only a prediction because this is how Simon operates. My advice to Adam is not take the ovation to heart. KEEP DOING YOUR THING and stay true to yourself. DO NOT EXPECT ANOTHER OVATION FROM SIMON.

    Posted by Smith April 8, 09 05:46 AM
  1. Is it too much to ask people in a singing competition to hit the notes accurately? At least half of them were sharp or flat most of the time. It's one thing to change up an arrangement or add runs, another to make people wince as you miss note after note.

    Posted by kiki322 April 8, 09 05:55 AM
  1. I've been an Adam fan from the start so can't believe I'm making this comment. I didn't like his interpretation of that song. It could be that (IMHO) only Gary Jules singing it makes it the haunting soul grabbing song it is. I just didn't think Adam was that fantastic, good, yes, but not fantastic. I also have to admit I'm slowly shifting towards Allison, that girl can sing. In all fairness, it should come down between Adam and Allison. I do agree that it is Adam whose performance I can't wait for week after week and I'm adding Allison to that "must see" performance. And, David Cook was NEVER conceited and always very humble in his performances last season. What show were you watching??????

    Posted by causewaychaos April 8, 09 06:08 AM
  1. How can you say DC is conceited?? I don't see that at all. He is confident, and he's allowed to display that. He's freakin' good. I thought he was actually pretty humble for how good he was.

    My front runner at this point is Adam, but I'm scared. He's such a unique performer that Idol will just shackle him with their stupid pop songs if he wins and that would be tragic. I almost hope he comes in second.

    Posted by Bluidshay April 8, 09 06:21 AM
  1. If Adam goes any higher with his notes, his b@11s will explode. Go Danny!

    Posted by rorysal April 8, 09 06:28 AM
  1. As JTR pointed out, Adam's song was the Gary Jules version of "Mad World" from the movie Donnie Darko and the "Gears of War" X-BOX commercial a few years ago. It was a nice performance, but let's not give him all the credit. It sounded very similar to something already done.

    Posted by BD April 8, 09 06:35 AM
  1. Thank you for the link! WOW!Tears before coffee. Adam was amazing. He should not have been cut-off. If Scott or Lil are here next week, I hope FOX will put them in the last spot so they can get cut off. Afterall, their performance is the same week after week, after week. Lil should be a politician! She makes the same promises each week.... and then does what she wants to do.

    Posted by milkweed April 8, 09 06:36 AM
  1. I wouldn't open a window to hear Adam sing. If I wanted to listen to a female's voice I would listen to a woman sing. He has the highest voice of any contestant on the show.

    I understand he takes chances and he is creative with his songs, but I can't tollerate listening to any of them.

    Posted by Idol Fan April 8, 09 07:02 AM
  1. I can't check the link posted by Brett at work, but wondering if it also includes the judges' critiques? I was so infuriated by the show running so far over, that I actually joined the Idol community on their website to complain. Not only am I infuriated that show is consistently running late (much of which I attribute to the fact that adding a 4th - and argumentative - judge has made the critiques a never-ending free-for-all...), I am infuriated that the last 1 or 2 singers from each show are getting ripped off and not getting proper critiques because you can see that they know they are pressed for time and whip through the final 1 or 2 singers in about 1 minute total. But we can spend 5 minutes talking about how Lil can't find herself?? Come on, give me a break. Why don't the producers care about putting out a balanced, quality show anymore?

    Posted by did i mention i'm infuriated? April 8, 09 07:06 AM
  1. I want Adam to stay- right to the end because he is interesting - but I don't think he's that good. I thought his song last night was another self-indulgent effort. Certainly not worthy of a standing ovation from Simon.

    And I couldn't disagree with Mary (#5) more. I think Adam is about as full of himself as anyone on the planet, he's just pretending to be humble. At least with Cook his cockiness was worn of his sleeve.

    Kris took a step back last night, doing a song that is complete melody free in a singing competition is a bad idea.

    Lil? What became of Lil? That was such a dead-on imression of Tina that I'm surprised she didn't wear a wild-spiked up wig.

    But mostly- Scott has got to go. He's awful. Far beyond not being good- awful.

    Posted by FinnFann April 8, 09 07:10 AM
  1. I was THRILLED when I noticed the time left on the Tivo and realized that we'd get to miss Adam's performance. I'm hearing something different than some folks, because he's terrible. No matter how far he goes in the competition, in a couple years you'll only see him on Broadway or something.

    Posted by J April 8, 09 07:11 AM
  1. I am wondering...has Simon ever given anyone a standing ovation before?

    Posted by no middle name April 8, 09 07:12 AM
  1. I just don't get the hype with Adam. Honestly, he SCREAMS and does the same thing every week. With Simon's unwarranted standing "O," he is now sure to win and there is no reason to watch anymore. The judges sway the votes with their comments, as usual. Hopefully, America sees through Adam and his one-trick-poney ways. Be gone with him already. Annoying.

    Posted by realist April 8, 09 07:18 AM
  1. I watched from my dvr at 9 instead of 8 so I could FF through the commercials. When I realized the show had cut out - I started recording Fringe - even though it was already more than half way through - if my tv is set to Fox it will record the whole thing from the beginning - so i was able to see Adam. I am not a huge fan of his, but I did like his performance.

    The rest of the show was mostly boring except for Allison. I liked Anoop too.
    Scott, Lil and Matt will probably be int the bottom.

    Posted by Tracy April 8, 09 07:19 AM
  1. I have been a Danny Gokey fan from the start. I think his voice is amazing! His smile and attitude throughout the whole show makes you like him. He is very calm and relaxed on stage.

    I think Alison has an amazing voice for her age. And Adam I like him but I am so sick of people making him out to be this amazing singer. He clearly has a good voice but he also has had more training with Hollywood and singing than the rest. I don't think he is has good as every claims him to be every week. Yet lil rounds is getting chopped to pieces every week and her voice is amazing. She shines on stage. Either way they are all going some where after this is over but I think it is going to be a really close call this year. I still want Danny to take it all!

    Posted by Lori April 8, 09 07:23 AM
  1. Lil sucks the life out of the room and she bores me, always has. Allison is annoying, which is why people aren't voting for her, contrary to Simon thinking her personality is not showing through. It is, and it's annoying. Danny sounds like cheesier version of Michael MacDonald, if that is even possible. And is it just me, or does Adam go last every single time? The producers desperately want him to win.

    And Kara's baby picture confirms it. She ALWAYS looks like she smells poop. Watch her face when Randy is talking because she is usually in the camera shot. When is she getting voted off?

    Posted by magoo April 8, 09 07:25 AM
  1. I don't have a tivo, I know, I am so old school. So I actually watched the real version of Adam's performance!! You can watch it on You Tube now also. It made the others besides Alison's look amature. I am glad he is from what it appers learning to reign in the screaming. I think if he gets a total handle on that and only uses it when necessary, he will be perfect. Scott mentioned something about when I go home so he knows he is done. Anoop admitted his attitude was out of line from the last show. He must have gotten a lot of flack from his friends about how he acted. There is nothing worse than an inflated head for a star and he isn't even a star yet.

    Posted by Idol watcher April 8, 09 07:27 AM
  1. According to Dial Idol, Kris is at the bottom. I am going to be so bummed if he is voted off before Scott...

    Posted by Wichita April 8, 09 07:32 AM
  1. yah, hello, maybe you should set your dvr for an extra hour. learn from history. great job letting the dvr do your job

    Posted by tivogenius April 8, 09 07:38 AM
  1. Some angst ridden teenagers learned that somebody feels their pain. Thanks Adam for dusting it off for them. About the "ringer" comment. The entrance criteria for the show are pretty loose, be in the age range and don't already have a recording contract, and that's about it. Maybe after Adam, we'll get more great performers signing up. Simon has only stood up for one other performer that I know of, Leona Lewis, but I think he was crushing on her. Bought her a house in Miami.

    Posted by BabbleOn April 8, 09 07:42 AM
  1. Allison: What was she wearing? Great voice, but someone needs to take over her wardrobe. Man, can she sing. Adam was fantastic. Thought the judges were more direct last night. Even Kara.

    Posted by jkstraw April 8, 09 07:50 AM
  1. Awesome, amazing, wonderful! All superlatives for ADAM... I think we'll be hearing from him for years to come!!! I wish Lil had found her niche. She also has amazing talent, but poor guidance. Danny Gokey is fine - but no American Idol material!

    Posted by Andy's mom April 8, 09 08:00 AM
  1. Adam continuously gives me the chills. So, amazing. I'm a soon to be married 30 year old lady and loved it.

    Posted by mells April 8, 09 08:02 AM
  1. Adam and Allison stay.

    Everybody else is BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Ben Karkis April 8, 09 08:14 AM
  1. Don't understand your hate for Matt. I like his sound a lot.

    Scott, Anoop and Lil are in trouble. Scott needs to go.

    Adman is by far the most talented - but I can't stand looking at him. I really can't. He wears more make-up than a 10 dollar hooker. It's gross.

    Posted by Garbanza April 8, 09 08:17 AM
  1. I hate American Idol (and every reality show like it) and them going so far over screwed up me trying to DVR the return of Fringe. It went something like 7 minutes over there are other shows on TV and it is unfair to both fans of and fans of the shows after it to go over let alone that long.

    Posted by fifty8th April 8, 09 08:19 AM
  1. I was really pissed that Idol ran late last night - can't they seriously end things on time? But I also agree that the last 2 contestants get shafted because they can't seem to STFU about the earlier ones.

    That being said --- I'll be totally bummed out if Kris leaves before Scott or Lil (Who is still voting for Lil anyway? She's not that good). Scott's still getting the pity vote, and I still don't like Danny. He sure as hell wasn't worthy of the praise that the judges showered last night. Loved Adam. Liked Anoop and Allison. Liked Matt a lot too. I actually voted for everyone but Scott, Lil and Danny.

    Posted by SarahBeth April 8, 09 08:21 AM
  1. Oh and FTR, I have to strongly disagree about David Cook being conceited. He's probably one of the most humble people who I have ever had the privilege to watch on the stage - and even when I saw him on the Idol tour and watch the videos from his tour -- he's still so amazed that he's getting to do what he wants to do for a living. The man wears his heart on his sleeve and it shows.

    Posted by SarahBeth April 8, 09 08:23 AM
  1. I can't for the life of me figure out why everyone loves Adam - he's so over-the-top flamboyant and he spends half the time screaming as if someone is grabbing his testicles. He's clearly a polished performer and technically good, but I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard - and that's pretty much what his singing is. I was laughing hysterically at his performance being cut off by DVRs nationwide.
    Allison stole the show last night...
    And to tivogenius... maybe if the producers knew how to run a show, people wouldn't have to go to the trouble of manually fixing something that is supposed to be automatic. Why the heck did they only allot an hour, anyways?

    Posted by Mike April 8, 09 08:24 AM
  1. With the exception of Adam, Allison and (maybe) Matt - the singing was pretty bad last night.
    And why if the judges thought that Lil sounded karaoke doing Tina Turner, do they not think she will sound karaoke doing "May J., Keisha Coles, etc..."

    I don't get it.

    Posted by JoJo April 8, 09 08:25 AM
  1. Did anyone else notice that Adam dressed like Jake Gyllenhall in Donnie Darko-- the movie that included this version of Mad World on the soundtrack? Clever. . .

    Posted by jamie April 8, 09 08:43 AM
  1. The show is in what season now -9th? And there have been so many production mistakes ! We taped Fringe so that is the only reason we caught the Adam Lambert song. Blame Ryan Seacrest. Or 4 judges.....I like the Gary Jules version (from Donnie Darko) better but Adam was "all right Dawg." I was surprised by Simon's standing ovation. I think he and Allison are brilliant and hope they make it to the final 2. Both are born to perform and sing.......

    Posted by BBer April 8, 09 08:46 AM
  1. I think it will come down to Adam and Allison. I do not like Adam's high notes. He screeches and it is very disturbing to me. I actually liked his performance last night as he did not screech. I think once the number of contestants are reduced you will see a surge in popularity for Allison. I really like her raspy voice and the way she handles herself is so professional for someone her age. I agree Scott has to go this week. I just wish it was over with and he was gone as I feel bad about it.

    Posted by kevinjgsalem April 8, 09 09:06 AM
  1. I agree with one of the other comments, that everyone seemed to be missing notes last night. I didn't get the love the judges had for Danny, was surprised that there were no comments re: Allison's wardrobe choice this week, and was a little irked that they didn't call Adam on doing a "karaoke version" of Gary Jules version of "Mad World." If they call Lil karoake Tina Turner, then fairs fair.
    I think they need the time limit on the judges like they do with the Oscar speeches. There's no reason for the rushing through the comments for the final two performers.
    I think it is time for Scott to head home. He hasn't had a good night in weeks.

    Posted by Wednesday AM QB April 8, 09 09:19 AM
  1. I love how Adam gets all this credit for basically mimicking another cover of that song, the aforementioned Gary Jules version that was featured so well in "Donnie Darko." It reminds me of when Daughtry did "I Walk the Line" and the judges were falling over themselves to praise how he'd "made it his own," only to learn later on that he'd actually mimicked Live's version of the song and hadn't done anything remotely original. (Ryan actually made fun of Daughtry for being "obsessed" with Live.) I'm often amazed at how ignorant the judges are when it comes to music. Anybody remember when Michael Johns did "Don't You Forget About me" last year and Randy thought it was great because he loved Michael Hutchence? Hey, "dude," Simple Minds did that song, not INXS.

    Posted by tinisoli April 8, 09 09:22 AM
  1. I thought Adam was very, very good, however, I just can't warm to him. I love theater but I think he is theater and I think he is screechy. He is very talented, whole package and is way better than anyone else but just not too warmed to him. He is no David Cook because he isn't that likeable. Whew, glad that Matt had a good night, thought Danny was good and I am LOVING Allison (also LOVE that song) and really think that she will be the dark horse. Poor Lil, just can't seem to get it together. She hasn't had her moment. I knew the minute that I saw her take those little Tina Turner high heeled steps that she was not going to do well.
    Scott has got to go - not to be heartless - I thought he was better than the judges gave him credit for but he just isn't that good of a singer "if I am being honest." :)

    Posted by Jason is a Riot April 8, 09 09:23 AM
  1. Adam was, as always, the best. But last night he was so - outstandingly. Coming in behind, but not even close, also as always: Allison. And Scott's been begging to be shoved off for weeks - why is he still there????

    Posted by annief48 April 8, 09 09:31 AM
  1. It was cool that Adam did a Tears for Fears song, though I thought Simon might hate it since it was not a mainstream hit.

    Allison was great. The rest were so-so.

    Kris' use of the guitar is a prop. It adds nothing to the performance. At least Scott make his instrument a part of the song, especially when he has played piano. Though I give credit to Scott for trying something different last night, it didn't work well.

    And who is dressing Anoop? He looked foolish. And where does Danny get all those glasses? Does Fox buy them for him? I'm starting to think he really doesn't need glasses (like that guy in the McDonald's coffee commercial).

    Bottom 3: Scott, Anoop, and Kris. Scott is the most likely to go.

    Posted by EdA April 8, 09 09:38 AM
  1. If Adam is so good.....why hasn't he been "discovered" before now? Isn't he in his late 20s? I am glad the DVR cut him out this week. I was saved from hearing his screaming. Kris, Gokey and Matt are the best 3. Scott is so boring. I guess he is getting the sympathy vote.

    Posted by terri April 8, 09 10:03 AM
  1. I would venture a guess that anyone who doesn't concede that Adam is the best singer in this competition has a problem with his flamboyance and, um, less-than-macho way of carrying himself. This is my polite way of saying they assume he is gay, and that is enough to bring him a lot of haters. Sadly, those people are dead wrong. Except for Allison, who is also superb, he makes everyone else in the competition look like they're in a high school talent show. The past three weeks he's been otherworldly. Scott is AWFUL, and I dare say he is still in because of his blindness (though I certainly tip my hat to him for getting this far). Lil, Danny, etc. are all forgettable. Which is even worse than being terrible.

    Posted by idolwatcher April 8, 09 10:09 AM
  1. Will I will say that Adam has a nice voice, most of the time he doesn't use the "nice" side of his voice. In almost every performance he uses a screechy/girly voice that I HATE HATE HATE. Last night's perfomance was only the second time I actually heard him SOUND good to me during a whole performance. Good for him I say. Tracks Of My Tears was excellent a few weeks ago. I wanted to vote for him THAT week. This week, Allison and Anoop did better IMO.

    Posted by Jess April 8, 09 10:20 AM
  1. Tivo/DVR = viewers not watching commercials = Producers (through advertisers) not caring if it runs over and ruins your viewing later that night.

    Posted by advertiser April 8, 09 10:27 AM
  1. Idolwatcher (#54)- Some of us just don't like Adam that much. It's not because he' gay. I'm sure there are some people who can't get by his sexuality but for many it's just a matter of opinion on his SINGING. I don't love it- I didn't realize that by not liking Adam I was a homophobe.

    FTR- I'm a musical theater person and surrounded by gay men all the time.

    Posted by FinnFann April 8, 09 10:30 AM
  1. #54 (idolwatcher): Nice of you to speak on behalf of everyone as to what the only allowable opinion is. Adam is not the best singer in the competition - at times he is a good singer, but not when he is screeching like a banshee. I think Allison is a better singer, and I prefer Danny and Matt's singing style to that of someone who is so over-the-top dramatic, theatrical, and yes - flamboyant, as Adam.

    Posted by Mike April 8, 09 10:40 AM
  1. The final eight is this the best America could come up with, Alexis Grace could roll out of bed with a temperature of 103 and still outsing all these losers but the brain dead idiots vote for cute guys and the pity votes come in for Danny and Scott.
    Scott was like fingernails on a chalkboard last night ,painful. if he does not get the boot I will be shocked however Kris was dreadful as well ,Allison is the only one who looks like she could have some shelf life, but all the teen crowd will vote for Adam .I must say Adam will win unless he spirals down hill like Lil Rounds has done lately.

    Posted by Elvis Costello April 8, 09 10:45 AM
  1. Idolwatcher,
    Although you may be right about some people, I think many people simply dislike Adam's style of singing. I think Adam is the best performer (by far) of the bunch and I look forward to him the most. Even so, I find his high pitched singing can grate.

    My take on the night...
    Danny - first half awful, second half just like every other Danny performance
    Kris - That arrangement almost worked. Unfortunately, it was missing something. I think Kris needed to bring more energy. Also, that mini-pit area is stupid.
    Anoop - Except for My Prerogative, he can only sing boring songs well. He needs to look to Elliot's run to find examples of the types of songs that will fit him and not be so boring.
    Lil- A good karaoke or wedding singer, as usual. Talk about a person with an identity crisis.
    Scott - I have new respect for cheesy 80s power ballads. That song massacred him.
    Allison - a near perfect vocal, and I definitely heard the Kelly Clarkson comparison (even before Randy mentioned it). Simon's right that she hasn't connected to the audience, as evidenced by her repeated appearances in the bottom 3. It's partially the shows fault, though, since she didn't get the pre-performance exposure many of the others received.
    Matt - Similar arrangement to Kris's, but this one worked. I fear that Kris may be in trouble this week. I bet Matt and Kris have similar fan bases and will split the votes.
    Adam - In usual Adam form. He certainly knows what he's doing up there.

    Posted by two sheds April 8, 09 10:58 AM
  1. Dude,
    You are so spot on with your review! Love it!
    I just dont get Anoop, although he can seemingly sing. Love Allison too, along with Danny and Matt. Lil has a voice, although I wish she would stop screaming these songs. Scott needs to be voted off. Its not about being blind, its about singing. Its just a shame they had to be in this contest with the God of Idol, Adam Lambert. This guy is completely in his own league and so righteous with his song choices and performances!
    Yeah Ryan's banter and lame jokes and the stupid videos etc all make me nauseated.

    Posted by Moygirl April 8, 09 11:44 AM
  1. Simon loves to throw out the term "indulgent" to describe various performances. What's indulgent to me is four judges arguing over wardrobe choices and ensuring that they each get their say, even when it adds nothing of substance to what the other three judges say. That is the indulgence that has resulted in the repeated overruns that have people pissed off. I will be even more pissed off (and probably stop watching) if there is not an apology tonight.

    Posted by reluctantfan April 8, 09 03:52 PM
  1. I am a 58 year old woman, so this isn't a comment from a teeny bopper screaming over an Idol contestant. Adam is one reason I watch AI. I believe the judges know many of us feel this way and suspect they purposely cut him off at the end. If he sang at the beginning, all the others would pale in comparison and they knew it. If it were any other contestant who might get voted off, then I would protest out of fairness, since each singer needs to get the same amount of air time. I also don't think we need 4 judges. It would have been more fun if they invited a guest judge each week anyway. It doesn't matter if Adam wins or not. He has been discovered.

    Posted by nancy April 8, 09 04:13 PM
  1. Everyone knows a lot about Idol, but your grammar is terrible !! Did you skip English in school? It's "judges" not "judge's" when you're referring to more than 1 judge; and "scary" is frightening, but "scarry" is full of scars; and too many others to waste time correcting here....

    Posted by Valued Reader April 8, 09 09:53 PM
  1. Actually, and I hate to say this, I find Adam kind of creepy. He has no rough edges. He acts like he's a retro Elvis wannabe. He has almost a plastic look about him. Just don't see what everyone else sees, or hears for that matter. But then, to each his own. My daughter likes him, and because the two of us agreed in Season 6 and 7 of Idol, I thought I'd give it more time. But I watched his performances again on youtube, and tried to see what my daughter and others were seeing, but my opinion did not change.

    Posted by Pat W. April 9, 09 07:46 AM
  1. Adam has a voice. Adam is creepy. Adam is a throwback to the 80's. Adam would be perfect as the "Gay Bath House Idol".

    Posted by imxio April 9, 09 08:39 AM
  1. Adam has stage persona, but is very humble receiving feedback as was David Cook. David has charm, personality,CHARISMA: don't mistake that for conceit! He was so humble/grateful for the positive comments all season. He openly wept on several shows when he got praise as he was deeply touched by it. I met him at back-stage event recently; as we all cheered/clapped for him and the band, he blushed and motioned to us that it was not necessary. No conceit there! He's playing at Pearl Street Ballroom in Northampton, MA on May 23 (on sale 04/10) He'll show you why he won at every concert!!

    Saturday, May 23 at 07:00 PM On Sale 4/10/2009
    ype your comment here...

    Posted by CanadianReader April 9, 09 09:52 AM
  1. I can't say enough about Adam.......I LOVE, LOVE HIM. He is the BEST idol singer since Chris Daughtry. Adam's going FAR!

    Posted by Teresa April 10, 09 04:16 PM

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