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'Idol:' Support these cats, man.

Posted by Joanna Weiss  April 29, 2009 09:06 PM

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Do you want to talk about Taylor Hicks? Or Jamie Foxx? Or Natalie Cole? Or Paula Abdul? No. You want to talk about tonight's Bottom Two. So let's get to it, after the jump.

I was actually nervous in the final moments of this show. Butterflies in the tummy nervous, as I waited to hear Adam's fate. I said in today's chat that I wouldn't be totally stunned if Adam left in a Shocking Elimination, but I guess that wasn't true.

Intellectually, yes, I know that with five contestants left, anything is possible. And I know that Adam's falsetto and his tongue and his theatricality rub a significant portion of the country the wrong way. Tonight gave us our first true indication of how significant that portion is. If we thought Adam was sailing far ahead of everyone else, we were wrong.

I know Adam isn't everybody's cup of tea -- and, as a friend noted tonight, he should not have fallen for the choose-a-group trap -- but I'll come out and say that I'd consider it a minor travesty if he doesn't at least make it into the finals. (And his fans might well be energized now to put him there.) He's an electrifying performer and a bold strategic player, and, as I said yesterday, he's the bravest "Idol" contestant I've ever seen.

Hmph. Got a little emotional there. So I'll end with a bit of reason. I listened again to Matt's "My Funny Valentine" during his sing-off. His phrasing was quite nice. His pitch was off. His hat was still on. It was time for him to go.

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116 comments so far...
  1. I love that Adam was in the bottom 3 and then the bottom 2... Scared that smug smirk off his face... I'm definitely not a fan -- he's way over the top and belongs on Broadway singing Andrew Lloyd Webber in his own style...

    At least my fave Kris is safe for another week... Next up -- scare the smug look off of Gokey's face!

    Posted by KAM April 29, 09 09:52 PM
  1. You got it all right Joanna!

    Didn't Natalie Cole look good? Especially in contrast to the Disco Queens. For a minute I thought they were bringing out her dead father and my heart started beating like, No, please, NO!

    I also think that Adam in the bottom two shook Adam up a bit. It was good for him.

    I'm glad Matt went home. I used your method of listening with my eyes closed and he didn't sound any better in my opinion.

    Posted by Benjisgirl April 29, 09 10:01 PM
  1. Adam is AMAZING, PERIOD! The others are boring and dull except alison who is a touch better than that... Vote, all you Adam lovers!!!

    Posted by marc April 29, 09 10:10 PM
  1. I am convinced that this was a stunt engineered by Idol. I do not understand how the massive amount of attention and praise Adam is receiving could translate into a bottom two finish. Top downloaded on itunes by a mile? #16 on youtube searches? #1 searched on google last night? I just don't understand.
    I know Idol has to go for shock value, but this was just cruel and demeaning to Adam.

    Posted by whereitwillgo April 29, 09 10:15 PM
  1. Here's my theory, whereitwillgo - voter complacency. They see Adam not even in the bottom three for weeks, then get lazy and figure he'll be safe because all his many other fans are voting for him. It's also why I think Tamyra Grey and Chris Daughtry were eliminated when they were.

    Posted by Elly April 29, 09 10:37 PM
  1. This was absolutely a stunt to make the show more exciting. I have friends who say the Oscars are fixed and I've never believed it (if they were, "Crash" never would have won best picture). But, "American Idol" is reality television putting Adam in the bottom two is as much editing for impact as the order that Jeff Probst reads the votes on "Survivor". At least Kris Allen was safe! Whew!

    Posted by hepwa April 29, 09 10:52 PM
  1. Joanna,

    Just to be clear, you ascribe Adam being in the bottom two to the fact that a significant portion of the country probably really does not like his style, rather than to complacency on the part of his fans? Or do you think it might be both?

    Also, what do you mean by the "trap" of choosing a group?

    Posted by Claire April 29, 09 11:09 PM
  1. I agreed with the bottom 2 this evening. I don't think it is engineered by Idol. Adam in the bottom two was either because 1. People, like myself feel he is a little too dramatic and cabaret. I agree he is talented, but I don't think he is an "idol" in the true sense of the show's definition. When I do the JW close your eyes trick, a lot of time he is not hitting the falsetto, he's screaming it. He reminds me of Freddie Mercury (not as talented). I love Queen and Freddie Mercury, but I don't think he would've won AI either. or 2. he was in the bottom because the number of votes differentiating him from Kris and Alison and Danny may have been pretty minimal. It will be interesting to see who gets Matt's votes, I say either Danny or Kris, with Alison and last choice Adam. One more comment, I didn't like that Adam answered the "which group do you think you're in" question. Wasn't it last year someone sat down in the middle of the stage so they didn't have to answer the question?

    Posted by Jaye April 29, 09 11:12 PM
  1. in response to the itunes and google results, isn't it possible, and highly likely, that adam fans are just WAY more into him (beyond just voting) than are the supporters of any of the other contestants (see: this message board)? its painfully obvious after tonight, adam is polarizing, and idol voters have shown before, when a contestant is that hit or miss, the haters win out . david archuletta was the frontrunner for almost ten weeks last season. that is why kris reminds me so much of david cook (just on the show, not musically). he has been solid, done his own music and if he gets hot at the right time (the end) , he will be the lesser of two evils. people will choose him just because they don't want adam to win.

    Posted by mymom April 29, 09 11:23 PM
  1. I hope NOW Adam fans will finally wake up, quit being so complacent and quit split-voting. It was such a heartbreaking one hour for me, and i NEVER get emotional.
    I applaud Adam for picking a side and not pulling the sitting down crap. He isn't an innocent 17 year old, so why must he follow that act? And he very well deserves to think that he belonged in the "safe" group. He wants to win this thing (who wants a contestant that thinks he's in the loser group?), and last night's performance was BRILLIANT. He was brave and honest, and that's one of the many things i love about him.
    But seriously America, SERIOUSLY? Bottom 2? ADAM freaking LAMBERT? That's travesty

    Posted by michelle April 29, 09 11:25 PM
  1. Relatively new Idol fan here... Seacrest said there were 47 million votes. Is there any REAL proof that these numbers are accurate? Do the fans REALLY pick the winner?

    Last week was only the second time I've ever voted (1st time was for David Cook last year). Last week I voted for Adam- so much for that! Do they get to pick their own songs or do they have to choose from a pre-approved list? I remember Scott said something like he had to "settle" with the song that was available (or something to that effect).

    Posted by joeday443 April 29, 09 11:26 PM
  1. Joanna,

    Just to be clear, you ascribe Adam being in the bottom two to the fact that a significant portion of the country probably really does not like his style, rather than to complacency on the part of his fans? Or do you think it might be both?

    Also, what do you mean by the "trap" of choosing a group?

    Posted by Claire April 29, 09 11:47 PM
  1. So Gokey has ONE good week after giving predictable songs every week and Adam is in the bottom 2.

    The only persons who should be in the top 3 are Adam, Kris and Allison. Who are the best of this season.

    Posted by Joe April 29, 09 11:52 PM
  1. Elly, it's not necessarily just voter complacency. As Joanna noted, there is a significant part of the viewership who really doesn't like Adam at all, and for proof, all you need do is check these comments every week. As time passes and Adam has fewer competitors, all of those votes are coalescing behind one or two other people. I do think there is a good chance he will shoot up in the votes next week, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him leave before the final.

    Also, as I pointed out a couple of weeks ago in these comments, Melinda Doolittle was once in much the same position: praised for having a great deal of raw singing talent, called for many weeks a shoe-in to win the whole thing, yet in the end her style didn't catch on with enough people and she didn't make the final.

    I was just thrilled to see Allison in the top two, and yes, I won't lie and say I didn't gain some measure of satisfaction from seeing Adam hit the bottom two.

    Posted by Andy Anonymous April 29, 09 11:59 PM
  1. I don't agree, I think that mainly this happened as a result of vote splitting. I for one, am a hardcore Adam fan, and I also like Allison, so I split my votes w her b/c of Simon's remarks. A lot of people did this, either with Allison or Kris, this is by no means a sign that Adam's not reaching people, don't worry. Next week hopefully it will change, and people will no longer split votes. Btw, Ryan's stunt, NOT cool.

    Posted by Zoe April 30, 09 12:03 AM
  1. Too Broadway? Or 'belongs on "Broadway" I hear that from Adam "haters" a lot, like Broadway is a bad place for singers and performers to be. Do you know how GOOD of a singer you have to be just to audition for Broadway? Why Broadway attracts the biggest and the brightest talent again and again? So just say you don't like Adam's singing - fine. Just don't use "Broadway" as an insult. It diminishes your criticism. Personally I think Adam fans have been complacent thinking he was going to skate to the finals. THAT won't happen again. Everyone had a great night last night and Matt was, well, the weakest one. Anyone who really thinks Adam won't be in the final two, well, go ahead and be complacent - Adam fans will no longer be, for sure.

    Posted by adamreal April 30, 09 12:03 AM
  1. So glad Kris was safe!

    Posted by Allison April 30, 09 12:03 AM
  1. omfg this was not funny at all, adam is the best and will always be the best his voice is pure magic! how in the hell could he have been in the bottom 3 and then the bottom 2??? what is happening to the country? it must have been rigged, i was so overwelmd with anger and fear! i could hard ly contain myself, i am relived that he is safe but was almost brought to tears at the thought of him going home, im still mad about it, adam is the idol and he will win! go adam!

    Posted by lexielambert April 30, 09 01:06 AM
  1. adam can glide down a stairway and apply eyeliner better than anyone i know, and the only contestant ever to fall for the 'which group' arrogance question.

    Posted by midwest April 30, 09 01:07 AM
  1. I can feel the UNIVERSE flipping at the fact that Adam was in the bottom two! Such travesty! I'm sorry, but while i realize that the rest of the top 5 are decent singers, they can't hold a candle next to Adam!
    PLEASE, Adam fans, I beg of you NOT to split votes and to vote as MUCH as you can. He needs your votes now more than ever!

    Posted by michelle N. April 30, 09 02:33 AM
  1. This show has become such a parody of itself this year, even more blatant with the manipulation and how little the judges actually care about any of these contestants. So sad. That being said, my favorite word for tonight is travesty. Adam is an incredible talent and a fantastatic performer who has given us one hell of a show this year, he deserves to be standing there at the end and I for one will be voting to put him there. Adam has been unfailingly well mannered and listened and taken in critiques, he is a class act who is a confident performer, too bad some haters prefer to feel threatened by that and accuse him of a "smug smirk".

    Posted by krsy April 30, 09 02:38 AM
  1. I am shocked and angry at Adam Lambert being in the Bottom 2. This guy is a phenominal singer who is one of (if not THE) best singer they've ever had on American Idol. I do not understand how the contestant who is #1 in ITunes sales (by far), #1 in Google and You Tube searches (by far), has the most postings on all AI related forums (by far), is #1 in almost every on-line popularity poll (by far), has never given a bad or mediocre performance, gets great reviews from music critics across the country,. has received endorsements from numerous musicians and celebrities, gets the most fan mail (backstage pics showed he gets 2 overflowing boxes to everyone else's 1) and is praised by the voted by the public to be #4??????? This really is disappointing to me that it looks like the best contestant will not even be in the Finale.

    Posted by Stephanie April 30, 09 02:38 AM
  1. Ever since I saw Tamyra Grey beaten out by what-was-her-name? I know full well that America does not always get it right. Let's face it: this is a multimillion dollar contest at this point, and who knows what kinds of scams may be going on behind the scenes? I'm not talking about anything illegal. I don't believe that FOX is "fixing" anything. Some of you young'uns might not know this, but that would be illegal, and actual individuals would go to jail for it if caught. It's happened before in TVland, and frankly there would be no upside for FOX to rig this contest, not versus the devastating downside of getting caught. But just think of all the ways that any "election" can be scammed, and remember that this election is totally unregulated with respect to who votes and how often. Imagine how unpredictable the US Presidential election would be if people could vote anonymously, as many times as they wanted! The upside? Anyone organized enough to win on Idol will probably be able to manage a career quite nicely.

    Posted by emmy April 30, 09 05:00 AM
  1. I just loved loved loved the fact that Adam was right where he belonged!

    Posted by timothyjok April 30, 09 05:02 AM
  1. Danny needs to go!!! I cannot look at his smarky little face one more week. Does it bother anyone else that whenever they ask him a question he goes on an on like an expert singer and never takes anyone's advice???? He is so in love with himself, not humble at all and it bugs me.
    Alison or Kris, that's my vote!

    Posted by Idol Fan #7 April 30, 09 05:19 AM
  1. Ratings stunt. Nothing more. I hope some renegade lawyer demands to have an independent audit done of the idol voting and elimination show process.

    Posted by Jade April 30, 09 06:02 AM
  1. What are the chances that Adam could have been placed in the bottom three not by vote, but by Fox's decision to make this competition more competitive in the viewers eyes? After all it is just show biz.

    Posted by mhed58 April 30, 09 06:04 AM
  1. Bad season and bad show. Forced to market someone who doesn't deserve it just because America voted for them...we know best! People singing other people's songs and saying they are an "artist"...ok.

    Posted by Todd April 30, 09 06:06 AM
  1. Did anyone else think the "food fight" with Danny and Alison was creepy?

    Posted by jack April 30, 09 06:18 AM
  1. I was not at all surprised that Adam stood next to Matt as bottom two bookends. So does this unfamiliar place have Adam tone down his act or come back next week with a vengeance? We shall see.
    He is the most polarizing singer ever on Idol with nobody really saying what all the animosity toward him is about. It's his gay affect for many people and they will never like it or him no matter what he does. "Broadway" is a great code word, conjuring up visions of Liza Minelli and drag queens, Freddie Mercury intended, or not. Is it right for the show? Who knows? I guess we find out.
    Adam may be the best showman, but he is not the best pure singer the show has ever introduced. Personally I'd put Melinda Doolittle in that slot, and even Carrie Underwood was better in her genre. I will not be surprised to see Adam go in the coming weeks and he'll have a great career no matter what happens. I think it will change the show forever, probably for worse as lessor lights try to copy the Adam Lambert effect, (remember Nathan?) if he wins.
    Just hope America doesn't settle for the safe compromise, a watered-down, bland, limited singer and performer like Kris Allen.

    Posted by Glory Bee April 30, 09 06:27 AM
  1. I tried voting for Adam for the first hour and the lines were down, not busy but down. That has to hurt every contestant. I think Adam fans just thought he was safe. I love a screamer, so Admas my man.

    Posted by cuteasabutton April 30, 09 06:34 AM
  1. I'm not surprised. Adam is doing the same thing to every song. He sounds the same every week.

    It was unique at first, but now he needs to figure something else out or he's gonna get bounced before Kris Allen. LMAO!

    Posted by Phil April 30, 09 06:40 AM
  1. $6000 to clean up the kitchen? My cleaning lady would have done it for $100.

    No one has mentioned the DialIdol effect. Motivated voting groups can automatically place hundreds of votes each for their favorite and overwhelm the single votes. Adam supporters have been overconfidant and not hammering away with DialIdol. That will change now.

    Posted by Jan April 30, 09 06:58 AM
  1. I don't think Adam was in the "bottom two". Ryan never said it was the bottom two - and when he had Kris go with Danny and Allison he said join them in the top four. That part of it at least was a ratings stunt.

    Posted by idolquasifan April 30, 09 06:58 AM
  1. if adam went home last night this show is not a singing competition anymore - he has one of the best voices - people might not like the way he appears - he did do stuff on broadway that is just his nature. i could not believe that he was in the bottom 2 - i feel that the voters think that they don't have to vote because the best person will stay but as we have seen it does not always work. I think danny needs to go next - he has a good voice but he is not your all around singer - it will be interesting to see him do rock and roll next week - allison and adam are your better rock and roll singers - kris is more of a santana like singer so it will be interesting to see how he comes out next week.

    Posted by susanne April 30, 09 07:01 AM
  1. Love Natalie Cole! Was that Jamie Foxx or Kanye Foxx or Jamie West? He was so great in Ray and capable of doing more with his voice minus the electronics.
    Adam got a dose of a reality check last night. His Wednesday performance was way too over-the-top and yes, many of us have had enough of "the tongue." My only fear is that he will reassess and feel the need to kick it UP a notch and go all out rock glam, more tongue and maybe throw in a peek at his esophagus. Was happier that Simon's remark about Alison's lack of confidence did not put her in the bottom three. She looked very surprised and good for her, and Danny and Kris.

    Posted by A Dingo Ate My Baby April 30, 09 07:14 AM
  1. Since when does talent have anything to do with it? It's a popularity contest, with "cute" one's hanging on long after their talent should allow them to. I attribute it all to the Daughtry Syndrome, AKA complacency. Everyone assumes someone like Adam, who easily separates himself from the pack, is a shoe-in. Meanwhile, fans of the other performers know they have to vote like crazy in order to survive. For all we know there may be only 50 votes separating all of them. Bottom line: if you want someone to win, vote for them every week. Don't assume everyone else will.

    Posted by kbjr April 30, 09 07:16 AM
  1. Since when does talent have anything to do with it? It's a popularity contest, with "cute" one's hanging on long after their talent should allow them to. I attribute it all to the Daughtry Syndrome, AKA complacency. Everyone assumes someone like Adam, who easily separates himself from the pack, is a shoe-in. Meanwhile, fans of the other performers know they have to vote like crazy in order to survive. For all we know there may be only 50 votes separating all of them. Bottom line: if you want someone to win, vote for them every week. Don't assume everyone else will.

    Posted by kbjr April 30, 09 07:17 AM
  1. When I was calling the voting line for Adam the other night, I was getting through relatively easily at around 9:15. That made me nervous because normally the line for Adam is busy all the time. I had a feeling he might be in the bottom 3 not necessarily the bottom 2 though. I still think he is unique, has a great voice, takes chances, is very creative and should be in the final 2.

    Posted by Mike April 30, 09 07:20 AM
  1. I didn't watch the show until the end last night I missed Taylor Hicks, Jamie Foxx, Natalie Cole, Paula Abdul. Can somebody tell me if the singers were bad, or if Paula said something stupid again?

    Posted by jj April 30, 09 07:30 AM
  1. Love it...Adam in the bottom 2. That certainly took the wind out of his sails!
    I don't think its going to be as easy as he thinks to win this thing. Rock week next week- another screaming extravaganza. Go Kris!

    Posted by Wichita April 30, 09 07:33 AM
  1. I think that our "nasty" judge has been maneuvering the audience on Allison.

    To my way of thought, she, overall, is only second to Adam, but he has good reason to be concerned about her falling through the cracks.

    This week, in my opinion, Gokey was second, Allison third.

    #4 was good for Adam and the audience.

    Hopefully, people will not forget him and Allison.

    Posted by boblat April 30, 09 07:39 AM
  1. I admit it. I got complacent. My top three are Chris, Allison, and Adam. I didn't bother to vote for Adam, figuring he was safe. I voted fro Chris and Allison. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Posted by IdolJoy April 30, 09 07:43 AM
  1. I agree what idolquasifan said. I don't think Ryan ever said "bottom two" or "top three". (Did he?) If he didn't say it, I don't think it was an accidental ommision. Fox might play tricks to get the results they want, but they won't mess with the voting. I could easily imagine the show saving Adam to be sent to safety last, though, even if he wasn't second from the bottom, because it made for good TV. I bet Adam was third in the voting. The show implied that he was fourth, but they never actually said it.

    In any case, I'm happy with the results. Matt was pretty good, but it was his time to go.

    I guess Simon's reverse psychology worked, even if I'm not sure if that was his intention.

    Posted by two sheds April 30, 09 07:47 AM
  1. As you know, all the contestants were given two lines to call this week to vote. As it turns out, something was wrong with the first line offered to viewers for over and hour so if they did not happen to write down the second number to call during the show, they were unable to vote for Adam afterwards. It was not fixed that he was in the bottom 2, if was simply a telephone technical problem where people could not get through to vote. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions about why things happen.

    Posted by Michael Harrington April 30, 09 08:00 AM
  1. Luv the Idol analysis and comments but you guys seem to miss one very important point at this point in the competition. Your analysis should consider WHO IS GOING TO GET THE VOTES FROM THE PERSON(S) VOTED OFF THE WEEK BEFORE !!! For example, when Lil and Anoop were voted off last week who was the most likely contestant to gain votes from the fans who supported them along the way. My guess is Allison took Lils votes and Danny and Kris split Anoops. That left Adam vulnerable and cause him to slip into the bottom 3. So the big question now is who will get Matt's votes. My guess is Kris. If I'm right Adam will NOT be in the finals. It will either be Danny and Kris or Danny and Allison. Stay tuned !!

    Posted by Stuffed April 30, 09 08:06 AM
  1. For those who think Adam is "amazing", the falsetto shriek went out with the hair bands of the 80's. He is comfortable as a performer, but has a limited comfort zone and is overly theatrical ina very passe adn unoriginal way. Goodbye Adam, you are gone next week.

    Posted by AL5000 April 30, 09 08:07 AM
  1. That was a great review Joanna, I agree with you.... you nailed it right on. I was sorry to see Matt go he was my favorite but, I was quite happy to see Adam in the bottom two I think he needed a wake up call. He's someone I could never listen too for long, that screeching gets old quick! I'll be happy if any of these others go on to first.

    Posted by redsoxgal April 30, 09 08:08 AM
  1. You people calling "vote fraud" have got to be kidding me. Things don't go your way for one week and it has to be shenanigans at work? Not everyone agrees with you about Adam; get over it.

    Posted by Andy Anonymous April 30, 09 08:09 AM
  1. I'm beginning to wonder if Adam's "electrifying" performances aren't being accepted by the traditionalists out there who, for one thing, think that the Rat Pack is untouchable. And maybe there are more of them than we think there are.

    Posted by Sammy Davis April 30, 09 08:09 AM
  1. I only turn the results show on for the last five minutes, and I can't begin to express my excitement when I saw Adam in the bottom two. I knew Matt was going home, and I'm ok with it because I know I will download his songs when they come out. He is a better singer than Justin Timberlake will ever be (maybe not as a performer, but as a singer), and I wish him well. Adam, on the other hand, is good. However, everytime I hear him, I feel like I'm at a drag caberet show. He's not my type of music (definitely not a pop artist in the Idol sense of the word), and I hope him being in the bottom two wasn't a fluke or the result of voter complacency. Honestly, I like all five contestants to the point where I've almost lost interest in watching because I know they are all going to cut albums in the very near future.

    Posted by Jen April 30, 09 08:09 AM
  1. if anyone needs any proof that winning American Idol can be totally irrelevant, all they had to do was watch Taylor Hicks last night. He was awful!! I have no doubt Adam will have some type of career after this show, whether he wins or not. If nothing else, he can go on to star in that Broadway show based on Freddy Mercury's life I have heard is in the works ( or maybe already written?)! I think he is a polarizing type of contestant- I really like him. I did think Tuesday night was not his best- a little too dramatic, staged ( which is saying a lot of drama, if I felt that way "cause I love the theatrical) And yes, I did think The food fight between Danny and Alison was creepy!Danand Al

    Posted by M woman April 30, 09 08:09 AM
  1. Did anyone else think the "food fight" with Danny and Alison was creepy?

    yeah. hard to put into words. did not enjoy it.

    Posted by auntbeth April 30, 09 08:18 AM
  1. I watch Lost on Wednesday nights, but switched over during a commercial to see Adam stunned that he was in the Bottom 2. How perfect was that timing? Loved it. The smirk was most definitely wiped off that smug face now, wasn't it? Next week - let's have Danny and Adam in the Bottom 2, with either one going home!

    VERY glad to see that Simon's comments didn't put Alison there and very glad Kris was safe.

    Matt was most definitely the correct person to send home (although I most certainly would have been very pleased to see Adam leave the stage!)

    It'll be interesting to see where Matt's votes go - to Danny or Kris? I don't think they'll go to Adam.

    Posted by Linda April 30, 09 08:20 AM
  1. I think it's time for Adam to go. He may be a great "singer" but how great is someone who screams for 90% of their songs? and every song he does is the same. He deserved to be in the bottom two, maybe he won't look so smug all of the time. The way the show pimps him out is disgusting and it's about time it backfires on him. He should be on Broadway where he belongs. Broadway is an amazing outlet with incredible actors/singers etc...Adam shouldn't be making albums..unless he wants to cover screamo.

    Posted by adam hater for life April 30, 09 08:33 AM
  1. Although I think it's horrible that Adam was in the bottom 2 (it should have been Gokey!), I think this could be a good thing. People are going to vote even more for him now. Remember when Matt was saved? I think this caused a lot of his fans to vote and he was safe the following week. I'm really hoping for the final three to be Adam, Kris, and Allison.

    Posted by Kerri April 30, 09 08:34 AM
  1. I would pay good money to see Adam perform as Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar", as he has the perfect voice for that part.

    Posted by hibricc April 30, 09 08:36 AM
  1. Ryan NEVER SAID that Adam and Matt were the bottom two. I would guess that Adam was probably third and it was a producers ploy.
    I'm not a huge Adam fan, but I do appreciate that he is talented and has an amazing comand of the stage. I can't get all of the gushing, though.
    I think that the right person (and hat) went home last night. Had Matt chosen a different song, he might have been able to survive, but he really was pitchy.
    I'm liking Chris more and more . . .

    Posted by Wednesday AM QB April 30, 09 08:41 AM
  1. Adam is a totally different package than the other three contestants. This week, the other 3 gave much better performances than their usual while Adam was more of the same.....but not quite as good as previous performances. Perhaps, Adam peaked too early and can no longer WOW the audience whereas, the other 3 can and have impressed the voting audience.

    Danny, Allison, and Kris gave great performances and while Adam was good, it was less than expected because he has set the bar very high for himself.

    Posted by JC17 April 30, 09 08:42 AM
  1. Well now that Adam has landed in the bottom two you can bet that his fans (inlcuding me) will be voting like crazy to make sure he makes the finals. Wake up call! It isnt that the country backlashed, more that everyone was confident he was safe and didnt vote or voted to save Kris. Trust me, Adam will win this and Danny gokey and his dead wife will go quietly into the night... Its Alison thats terrifying... Shes Diana DeGarmo in Drag for sure... ICK. Where is Diana - um nowhere!

    Posted by pman1969 April 30, 09 08:53 AM
  1. From a musician's point of view, whether or not Matt was pitchy, Matt's performance was closest to true style to a Rat Packer's, more in the jazz feel with a swagger, than any other's. His phrasing was a more spot on, the way a good jazz player does -- Singing the melody true to start with, hitting the beginning of the phrase on the beat and not overly syncopated. Jazz players will forgive mistakes if the ideas presented are really good. Having attitude, however, is another story. Others certainly had attitude (Danny never lacks it, for example).

    The best singer to demonstrate jazz phrasing (and certainly fit into the Rat Pack mold) was Ella Fitzgerald. She ALWAYS sung the lyric straight the first time in order for the listener to have something to grab onto, a reference. THEN she would alter it. A bad singer will be all over the place with it right from the start.

    Posted by Jeff April 30, 09 08:55 AM
  1. Jamie Foxx - stick to acting my friend, you are no musician...though you did play
    one in a movie. You were the poorest choice of mentor since Quentin T.

    Who in the world taught these people how to sing jazz rhythms?? That 2 song medley was atrocious. If the tempo had been any faster it would have been a polka.

    Matt - right choice to go.

    Kris - no surprise, though I still think he swings like a dead monkey.

    Allison - Is right where she needs to be.

    Danny - unless you bring your A game next week you are in the bottom for sure.

    Adam - jury is still out, but he is the most entertaining by far.

    Am I the only one getting bored?

    Posted by Michael April 30, 09 08:58 AM
  1. This is too funny, Adam is in the bottom three and suddenly everyone's Oliver Stone. I don't remember Seacrest saying anything about them being the bottom two and in all that really matters is who is the bottom ONE! My question to the "legion" of Adam fans out there, why is it only a conspiracy only when Adam is in the bottom two, and if he is voted out, isn't that same fan base to blame? This may be billed as a singing contest, but in the end just like every year, it's a popularity contest. There is a laundry list of talented performers who have been voted out early for whatever reason. In the end, the most popular will win, no matter how talented.

    Posted by Not that T.O. April 30, 09 09:05 AM
  1. Adam is by far one of the best "Idol" has seen. Kris is "Mini Mayer" and I don't care for "Mayer" much either. Allison is good, for her age. Danny is great - but can't find his footing. I felt bad about Matt leaving, Kris isn't as good as Matt. Jamie Foxx gave Matt bad advice - I think it should have been Matt, Dann, Adam in the final 3. Let's just hope for Allison, Danny, Adam instead.

    Posted by Baghag78 April 30, 09 09:06 AM
  1. Adam is going down. Final Two: Allison and Danny. Adam is too much and Kris is two laid back, each sings the same way over and over.

    Posted by Big Jim April 30, 09 09:50 AM
  1. As previously mentioned, Ryan never said Adam and Matt were the bottom two. AI wanted to take advantage of the extradrama by saving Kris first.
    Last night's results will assure Allison's exit next week. No way are Kris and Adam fans going to be complacent voters again!
    What happened last night was a "wake-up call" to Adam to tone it down IF he truly wants to win the AI title. Will he rock it out without being too emo or glam? Tune in on Tuesday to see what this talented man choose to do.

    Posted by ivy April 30, 09 09:52 AM
  1. Too bad for Matt, I was always a fan and I hope he does really well in the future. Aside from all the "Adam in the bottom" discussion, does anyone else get irritated and think it shows disrespect that Simon can't even remember the contestants names? I love Simon but if he is such a hot shot, do your job and know these kids. They are putting their hearts out there and you are calling Adam, Danny? I believe that slip was Tuesday but he has done it a number of times before. If we did that in our jobs, we would not have a job for long.

    Posted by Jason is a Riot April 30, 09 10:01 AM
  1. Maybe Seacrest didn't say "bottom two," but he definitely did say "top 2."

    pman1969 "gokey and his dead wife ..." stay classy (if you can).

    Posted by shelly April 30, 09 10:01 AM
  1. " great is someone who screams for 90% of their songs?"

    Uhhhhhh, I dunno, maybe we could ask Robert Plant? Axl Rose? Steven Tyler? Or Kurt Cobain or Janis Joplin in the Great Beyond?

    Posted by Lily April 30, 09 10:03 AM
  1. I started watching this because of the Adam Lambert buzz and enjoy watching him but he stunk on Tuesday night. The white outfit made him look fat, and I think he should be more like your talented cute gay friend than sleazy, which he was in that "I feel good" song. I think it was just a bad performance for him. The Idol judges are useless. Plus, why does Simon Cowell wear an undershirt on TV?

    Posted by newuser April 30, 09 10:10 AM
  1. Gotta agree that this whole thing is a producers' stunt. I'm becoming more and more convinced that the only voting that might be legit is the person who lands at the bottom, and the producers can put whoever else they want in the "bottom 3" to get the effect they want. I think they may have seen Adam's votes slipping a bit and decided to shake things up to rouse his fans to vote for their obvious favorite.

    Oh, and as for the voting numbers, I love how every single week it's "the most votes ever." I wouldn't be surprised if they just announce a low number at the start of the year so that it can keep climbing throughout the season. After all, "at least 47 million votes" could mean 100 million--that's still technically at least 47 million.

    Posted by MikeG April 30, 09 10:20 AM
  1. Hopefully Adam will be the next to go! He is soo cabaret and that tongue grosses me out every week! I think Alison will be a great American Idol and the others will all make it in the business one way or another.

    Posted by Lus April 30, 09 10:25 AM
  1. while i'm not a fan of adams musical style or his hairmetal voice, i recognize him as a dynamic singer who understands the concept of a performance better than anyone in the competition. and because of that, i look at him like the yankees in '04. for anyone else to win, they should have to go through adam, otherwise it will seem cheapened.
    someone mentioned kris in comparison to john mayer. i hope that he can align himself with someone like john mayer, a talented musician who has serious range as a guitar player and songwriter who has written tasteful pop music with jazz and blues influence , rather than some of the fluff in that genre like a jason mraz or jack johnson. if he has a acareer ahead of him, it will be because he is original and less of a mindless ripoff (ie. blake lewis to justin timberlake). also, consider this while voting: who of the remaining four would have the most entertaining twitter? these are the kinds of things to consider, america. celebrities must be engaging at all times in today's technological world.

    Posted by Jason April 30, 09 10:34 AM
  1. I believe its all about song choice & presentation they all can sing at this stage. I believe they need to change the format and have the bottom ten have coaches assist them in song choice and delivery. I mean let them sing to their strength's stop making them all go with one category. Kinda like dancing with the stars they are paired up with coaches to bring their strengths to the surface. I know I could never perform, but I don't know how many times I have said what a voice, but why in the hell did they pick that song. With this format you are not seeing their very best plain and simple.

    Posted by Red April 30, 09 10:41 AM

    Posted by FFED April 30, 09 10:50 AM
  1. great is someone who screams for 90% of their songs?"
    "Uhhhhhh, I dunno, maybe we could ask Robert Plant? Axl Rose? Steven Tyler? Or Kurt Cobain or Janis Joplin in the Great Beyond?"

    The problem with Adam is he tosses those falsetto screams into every musical genre and it doesn't always belong. The people you named are undeniably great rock icons living or dead, yet sang songs that matched up to their voice and style. Adam could take Amazing Grace and in the middle of it we'd still get the Stone's "Sticky Fingers" tongue and a Zeppelin wail - like wearing brown shoes with a black tux.

    Posted by A Dingo Ate My Baby April 30, 09 10:56 AM
  1. Hey everyone - Ryan never said that Adam was in the bottom 2, just the bottom 3 (not that that wasn't shocking enough). I just KNEW that he was going to send Kris to safety simply because it would be more dramatic to have Adam standing there with Matt. But I would bet some serious cash that Adam was not the second-lowest vote-getter.

    Posted by Idol Fan April 30, 09 11:07 AM

    Posted by SKIPPY April 30, 09 11:10 AM
  1. The country does NOT need another Elvis Presley needs a new Frank Sinatra type. Therefore, Danny Gokey or Kris will win. I'm tired of the screaming, repulsed at the tongue action and sneer. The dramatic entrances are WAY OVER the top. I thought I was on a cruise ship at an after dinner production. You have to have someone who appeals to the young and old. American Idol has made its' mistakes and "let" people win that have made them zero money. They will be sure this season's winner will be a money maker for them.

    Posted by Duchess April 30, 09 11:12 AM
  1. so because Adam "belongs on broadway", that means he won't be successful at anything else? You remind me of the people that said Jackie Robinson belongs in the negro league...look how that worked out.

    Posted by the duke April 30, 09 11:18 AM
  1. There's no way that Idol rigs the vote- I mean, really- do you think they wanted Taylor Hicks to win??? Why would they want that?? Daughtry brought the viewers that year, just like Adam does. I think the vote is what it is. I personally would never buy an Adam record or see him in concert, so there.

    Posted by pico22 April 30, 09 11:41 AM
  1. Adam has everything it takes to be successful with or without the American Idol trophy. I'm glad he put himself out there to be noticed. If Adam was not on this season; how boring would it be!! Even the Adam haters watch the show to see what he'll do next (admit it). When this season is over and the contestants all go on there merry way, we'll see you actually becomes the American Idol.

    Posted by adelaide April 30, 09 11:45 AM
  1. I think the results were a little skewed because of Simon's baseless and mean spirited criticism of Allison. So I think she got a disproportionate number of calls to save here, pushing everyone else down a notch. Of course, Simon might have planned that to save her and give Adam a little dose of humility. Who knows what goes on under that bad haircut.

    That being said, Adam would have still been in the bottom three. However, when there is only five left that is not so much a sign of quality as popularity. Whether Adam wins or not, he should still have a very successful career. After all, losing hasn't hurt Chris Daughtry, Clay Aikens, or Jennifer Hudson. Even the most dubious of Idol contestants seem to get record contracts.

    Posted by Josh April 30, 09 12:02 PM

    close - but incorrect. He has done professional work on stage - never on Broadway. biiiiiiig difference.

    The professional line they draw is a recording contract. He's never had one, he wants one - believe me, he'll have one pretty soon.

    Posted by auntbeth April 30, 09 12:07 PM
  1. I can't wait fir Adam to get kicked out. He is horrible. And don't care for him. The sooner he is gone the better. Then we can move on to better talent. If you are reading this good, cause I won't be reading your replies to it.

    Adam is HORRIBLE!!!

    Posted by Josue April 30, 09 12:17 PM
  1. If anyone votes for the others, its a mistake. It took this long for the others to get it together. For anyone else to win would not be fair to Adam that is a gold medalist in this field. For Danny, its really too bad that he had to follow the leader to embarrass and humilate Adam, who did not deserve what happened. Kris is not a key lime pie, he needs work. Allison she has a good voice but she needed to wait until she graduated and finished school and get some training on showmanship. It is also amazing how Lambert fans or not can say cruel things like" Taking the Sail out of him!", Good for Him?, If it wasn't for his showmanship
    and his enthusiam and his brillance in music, the American Idol would of been boring. I watch the American Idol to be entertained and I had something to look forward too...Danny is a brat fry singer, he has no showmanship and has to copy
    Adam to get the idea on how to present himself on stage. Gorkey is dorkey, he has no rythm at all....he stomps his feet and looks stupid., He was actually smurking when Adam was sitting in the Hot Seat??? !!!!...How inconsiderate....I guess that's what Wisconsiner's do!
    Allison was inconsiderate.....When Adam saw others in the Hot Seat...he withdrew and his eyes showed compassion and he felt helpless....and scared not only for them ....but for himself...he showed humbleness...people that show their smarts don't make remarks... Shame on You Fans.....Adams does deserve the Trophy....the recognition for his hardwork all these years of training and sweating...and he has proven himself.....that's how it's done folks.....You don't get a job because of your first interview, it takes training and endurance and disappointment....You need to let him win he can help others that are struggling artist. He has the leadership to lend a hand to those that need to know Danny, Allison....Chris....Matt....etc... That is why they improved, because they followed his lead. I am ashamed of terrible comments ....those are uncalled shows a lack of respect......I wonder how you would feel.....if you were Adam...right now....???? Think About It? Vote for Adam others can succeed.....!


    Posted by So Let There Be Light! April 30, 09 12:30 PM
  1. I think this season has been on way too long. The talent just isn't that great this year. It will either be Alison or Adam.

    Posted by Barbie's Dream House No More April 30, 09 12:43 PM
  1. Hey Adelaide (poster #82)...I used to be curious about what Sanjaya would do next, too.

    He's way over the top. But, if that's what America wants, you can't fight it. I just think someone like Allison is a better representative of what Idol should be all about.

    Posted by mattal1958 April 30, 09 12:47 PM
  1. Just for the record, Ryan DID, in fact, refer to Adam and Matt as the "bottom two" when he asked the judges for their opinion on how America voted.

    Posted by Andy Anonymous April 30, 09 01:00 PM

    Posted by SKIPPY April 30, 09 01:04 PM
  1. Last night you witnessed the top four being reversed. That's right Adam was #1, Kris was #2 and then Allison and Danny had the bottom two spots with Matt having the fewest votes....why? Ratings and money...the driving force behind all television shows. Think about exciting would a predictable reality show be? It's the unpredictability that keeps it alive!! I don't ever think Ryan said here is your bottom three...did he? Anybody who TIvo'd go back and watch. I think he said something to the effect "one of these three is going home tonight." And, he never suggested that Allison and Danny were the top vote getters. Sorry to say, even American Idol manipulates viewers.

    Posted by Susan Loveless April 30, 09 01:07 PM
  1. Adam is brutal. Can't stand him. Don't like the way he looks. Don't like the way he carries himself. Don't like the way he snears, struts, winks, glares, and wags his tongue around his face when those horrible screaching sounds come out of him. Just because he can hit a high note doesn't make him appealing. Who really likes the falcetto sound anyway??? He sounds like Prince sometimes.....and I can't stand him either!! Why is Adam being in the bottom 2 a travesty??? They are all good singers......but they all have varying styles. I, and many others, just don't like Adam's style. It's painful to watch! Get him OUT!!! Go Kris, Danny, and Alison......I'll take any of them!!

    Posted by adamsuks April 30, 09 01:22 PM
  1. Remember that 2 were cut last week. I suspect that Lil fans redirected their votes to Allison, and Anoop fans redirected to Danny and Kris. Chances are that's why the surprise. Not some nefarious plot.

    Posted by neutral April 30, 09 01:36 PM
  1. Jeff in #61, you are right on. Chris started his piece all over the map and didn't bother to state the theme, while I thought Matt really came the closest to a true Rat Pack performance. Perhaps his best performance of the season. I actually scored Danny 1st and Matt 2nd that night, but it was Matt's time to go. He was not going to win this competition.

    I am a huge fan of Adam. I don't know how much of the credit for his arrangements goes to the people behind the scenes, but he has done some fantastic arrangements. He has a one-in-a-million voice and brings incredible energy to his performances.

    Posted by Steve April 30, 09 02:25 PM
  1. Hey mattal1958 No. 88...One has nothing whatsoever to do with the other. It is what it is and just because someone has was it takes to be a success does not mean that he should be put down for the very thing that makes him successful. As for Allison; she needs a little more time. As the saying goes may the best man win and I'm sure he will.

    Posted by adelaide April 30, 09 02:53 PM
  1. Adam Lambert simply has the best voice to ever cross the American Idol Stage, period. You'd have to be deaf to think otherwise. Not to say the Gokey doesnt have an amazing story and voice. And Allison is absolutely stunning and an AMAZING singer. This season has more talent than any before. I don't think fans vote for the bottom 2 or who goes home, I think it's all a trip to make America feel as if they really had some say in it. I think it's time America had a new kind of idol, ADAM LAMBERT ALL THE WAY!!!

    Posted by A.J. April 30, 09 03:01 PM
  1. I think Idol is trying to line up another ending like last season. Rocker dude and ballad boy. So last year was Cook vs Archie, this year will be Adam vs Kris. I still think that David Archuleta should have won.......

    Posted by frank April 30, 09 03:25 PM
  1. Just close your eyes and here the songs..... you will be suprise! If you watch the people act, you don't get the whole song.

    Posted by DallasB April 30, 09 03:27 PM
  1. I rarely vote, but this season I decided to call because I love Adam & his Mad World performance was amazing. Still, I voted for Allison this week, so I'm not so sure this was a stunt. Maybe after Simon told her she was in trouble, a lot of people came to her rescue, because they thought it was unfair. So let me tell you why I didn't vote for Adam this time. As gorgeous and talented as he is, I didn't feel that his signature shriek/w tongue was appropriate for this song. Maybe he didn't want to be compared to Michael Buble, but it seemed as if he was just showing off when he held that note for so long. Otherwise, I enjoyed all the performances. Matt was good, but he never should have been saved.

    Posted by Nancy April 30, 09 03:31 PM
  1. I rarely vote, but this season I decided to call because I love Adam & his Mad World performance was amazing. Still, I voted for Allison this week, so I'm not so sure this was a stunt. Maybe after Simon told her she was in trouble, a lot of people came to her rescue, because they thought it was unfair. So let me tell you why I didn't vote for Adam this time. As gorgeous and talented as he is, I didn't feel that his signature shriek/w tongue was appropriate for this song. Maybe he didn't want to be compared to Michael Buble, but it seemed as if he was just showing off when he held that note for so long. Otherwise, I enjoyed all the performances. Matt was good, but he never should have been saved.

    Posted by Nancy April 30, 09 03:36 PM
  1. Danny reminds me of a wedding singer who constantly gets the crowd to sing along; he's entertaining, but can he really sing? I think he takes advantage of the fact that he's playing to a willing audience every show, but I don't think he has nearly as much talent as the remining contestants, and probably should have gone home weeks ago. I see a LOT of Taylor Hicks in him, and I don't think he'll sell 10 records once the show's over.

    Adam, IMHO, may have the best pure voice and stage presence of any Idol contestant ever, but I find myself pulling more and more for Alison every week. For a kid her age, wow...

    I don't think Adam's being in the bottom was a conspiracy; I agree with the complacency angle. Reuben Studdard was in the bottom two one week early on in Season Two - if people think your safe, they don't vote. Tamyra Gray and Chris Daughtry fell victim to it - it's probably the best thing that could've happened to Adam in the long run. His voters won't let it happen again.

    Posted by NoGuarinis April 30, 09 03:40 PM
  1. Adam just plain creeps me out.
    I think he gets the ax next

    Posted by Matt April 30, 09 04:26 PM
  1. RYAN SEACREST...................
    If you had any Balls.... you would or should have told FOX.... NO CAN DO!!!! I will NOT do this,..... not only to Adam but the Fans that support this FOX CO!!!!! That was a low blow for FOX again!!!! So much for KEEP it REAL!!!! Adam has to be upset and I don't blame him at all....I'm sure Adam thought he was giving it his all and stying humble at the same time, but leave it to FOX to screw it up just for RATINGS!!!! Sure ......FOX screw with people minds ...... FOX your JURKS!!!

    Posted by DallasB April 30, 09 04:38 PM
  1. I only watch Idol to hear Adam sing, but even I was uneasy about Adam's chances as a finalist after Tuesday's round. The only thing he lacked was a feather boa. I think in his attempt to "top" himself every week, Adam is detracting from his voice with theatrical flare. I'm a New Yorker living in the Midwest and I can tell you that kind of performance won't win many votes here. Adam lovers have to stop being complacent and vote. Period. And go Sox.

    Posted by Carol April 30, 09 05:17 PM
  1. I wrote my first ever fan letter to Adam today, since I wrote to Paul McCartney in 1964, in response to the appalling display of contempt toward Adam made by Ryan, Randy and Kara last night. At first I was so disgusted that all the words I could think of only had four letters in them, so I held off on writing to the American Idol producers until I could access my inner thesaurus, to regain control over words like crass, unprofessional, mean-spirited, ill-considered, unkind, vulgar, uncivilized, cruel, ugly, rude, base, disgusting, ruthless, uncalled for, self-indulgent, rash and unrestrained. Adam is a sweet, modest, thoughtful and courteous young man, who in no way deserved to be subjected to such contemptible behaviou on the part of the moderator and two of the judges.

    Posted by BabbleOn April 30, 09 06:18 PM
  1. Adam is always AMAZING & BRILLIANT no matter what he sings and he is an entertainer too! He outsings and out performs everyone on the show each week. Adam has yet to disappoint me at all since the beginning going all the way back to his audition. He is the only one that I can say that about. He's not predictable and is always exciting. He's certainly not boring or dull.

    And if you don't like the "shrieking" or "screaming" or "screeching" or whatever people call it. Then you are NOT a rock fan. (Guns n Roses, anyone?) But it isn't screeching, screaming or shrieking, it is a NOTE that is in tune and Adam does it better than anyone I've heard in a long time.

    Adam has proved that he can go from pop to rock to whatever because he can sing anything. Research him on youtube and you won't be disappointed. Especially one of my favs: Adam Lambert covering Five for Fighting

    Adam has that "IT" factor. And I can't wait for next week to to see what he does next!!!!

    I don't believe for one second that Adam was in the bottom 2. This is what FOX & the AI producers wanted to create RATINGS, DRAMA, OUTRAGE, & PUBLICITY!!! I don't care what anybody says. Adam ROCKS and is already a SUPERSTAR in my book!!

    Posted by Jen April 30, 09 08:42 PM
  1. Like Adam or not, of the performances this week he and matt were the weakest. His odd rendition wasn't creative or interesting, it was messy, disrespectful and showed real limitation in his ability. He has shown us two things...rocky, show tune guy and single spotlight falsetto...that's it. What is brave about that? Kris is the brave one if you ask me...interesting, creative re-arrangements that work.
    Take the CAKED ON MAKEUP and balck nails off of this guy Adam and you have boring. Why is that we all have to feel like the insecure who cover themselves with
    makesup and nail polish are somehow brave? I see them as completely afraid of being themselves in what is a fairly harsh world.

    That's throwing a lot of folks in the same bucket, but as I have said, if he looked like Kevin Corvais, would you give a damn? If you wouldn't, then there isn't anything about his talent that matters.

    Posted by qdome May 1, 09 07:09 AM
  1. If anyone didn't notice, Ryan never said that Adam and Matt were the 'bottom two'. Adam may have been in the bottom three, but I think keeping Adam standing there with Matt was an engineered marketing ploy by Idol producers - keep the drama alive, keep the audience guessing, make America ask 'how could Adam be near the bottom in votes?'

    Posted by Dave May 1, 09 07:11 AM
  1. "Did anyone else think the "food fight" with Danny and Alison was creepy?"
    Yes, something felt "off" about it for me. It gave me the creeps.

    I think Adam is on a planet of his own. I find his performances the most memorable every week. The other finalists each have their own strengths, but for me, it's no contest. Adam is mesmerizing and I love his voice. It doesn't matter if he wins, he has already won in many ways.

    Posted by Susan May 1, 09 10:19 AM
  1. Adam was born to play Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. End of Story. That's where he should be. Not making albums. He's good, but I don't think I'd ever buy one of his CD's. Can you imagine listening to that screech for 8 songs?!?!?!

    Posted by sarah May 1, 09 10:47 AM
  1. The vast majority of these comments are about Adam. That really says something.

    I like Kris & Allison... but Adam is the one that REALLY entertains. I don't see the "arrogance" or "smugness" people complain about. To me, he appears very humble when the judges compliment him.

    I suspect that there's a hint of homophobia at play from some (not all) people who don't like Adam... code words like "too broadway", "cabaret"...

    Posted by michael May 1, 09 01:04 PM
  1. Hello...YES, Ryan DID say Adam was in the bottom 2! As Michael Slezak of Entertainment Weekly pointed out, Ryan told Jamie Foxx, "Did America get this right? Here is our bottom 2." WATCH it, people.
    Also, I get so annoyed by people that talk about Adam's amazing range. Yes, he can sing very high notes because he's trained himself to sing like a woman. Someone who has an amazing "range" needs to be able to sing low notes as well as high ones. Adam's lower register is sadly lacking...he has almost no baritone, and that showed when he was singing "Feeling Good," which normally has some great low ntes. Adam couldnt' deliver that.

    Posted by Suzan_Z May 1, 09 01:58 PM
  1. "he's trained himself to sing like a woman" ??

    What is that supposed to mean?

    Posted by david12 May 1, 09 03:53 PM
  1. Adam has never been in the bottom three - Allison has been in the bottom three many times - so the only explanation can be that Allison is getting votes from Lil's fans (the "girl" vote) and Kris or Danny are getting votes from Anoop's fans. I was afraid this might happen. Adam is by far the best & most entertaining contestant. BTW, Kris cut a CD before he even entered AI, so let's stop saying Adam is the "professional" because he's done plays.

    Posted by coffeecup60 May 2, 09 10:35 PM
  1. Adam is the only one out of the remaining four with any star quality at all. In fact, he has it in spades. He's the only reason to watch this season. He's got the whole package ... amazing vocals, charisma, charm, hotness ... the list goes on and on. He's the only one I can see having major success outside of AI. As far as the arrogance, smugness, blah, blah, blah, last season people accused David Cook of the same thing. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The same can be said for Adam. I think Adam is a very sweet, sincere guy. Adam will get all of my votes.

    Posted by JustMe May 4, 09 12:57 PM
  1. I found all other contestants other then adam quite boreing :p

    Posted by HanZolo May 5, 09 01:44 AM

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