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There Is No 'Life on Mars'

Posted by Matthew Gilbert  March 3, 2009 06:05 AM

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ABC is on a roll of sorts. The network has just announced the cancellation of "Life on Mars," months after pulling a trio of other scripted series -- "Pushing Daisies," "Dirty Sexy Money," and "Eli Stone." The time-travel-themed "Life on Mars" is still in production, which means that the executive producers, including local boy Scott Rosenberg, will have an opportunity to put together a series finale.

"We felt it was the right thing to do for the producers and the fans and creatively," ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson told TVWeek about giving the "Life on Mars" story an ending. (Let's see if ABC actually airs the finale; the network has not been as kind to the fans of "DSM" and "Eli Stone," both of which still have unaired final episodes in the bank.) Creating closure for "Life on Mars" will also make a DVD release and a cable-network run more promotable.

Based on a British series, "Life on Mars" never caught on in the ratings, despite good time slots (after "Grey's Anatomy," and then after "Lost") and an impressive cast (including Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, and Jason O'Mara). The most recent episode brought in only 5.5 million viewers. I'm sorry to say goodbye to this police drama with a twist and a great sense of 1970s style.

Are you in mourning?

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160 comments so far...
  1. I am in shock! What in the world is ABC thinking?

    This is one of the VERY few shows on broadcast television that showed any originality or creativity. (Even if it was purloined from the Brits)

    One would suppose that LOM will be replace by yet another low budget, low brow "reality" program. Perhaps one where viewers are offered prizes to consume the garbage offered by network television.

    Posted by Newton Minnow March 3, 09 07:16 AM
  1. More than any other network, over the years, ABC has pulled the plug on several really good shows. Life on Mars is a DVR must for our house. I'm so bummed.

    Posted by Leisure March 3, 09 07:18 AM
  1. Yes, I am in mourning. This is sad news, indeed. This was one of the few shows I watched regularly. The premise was quirky, but somehow they managed to pull it off. I loved the whole 70s vibe. Great fun. Great show. Great cast.

    Posted by Sharon Johnson March 3, 09 07:23 AM
  1. This is really disappointing, LoM is one of the best new shows in a long time.

    Posted by Charley March 3, 09 07:24 AM
  1. Great show. They will probably replace it with a moronic reality show for the moronic masses.

    Posted by viridian March 3, 09 07:33 AM
  1. What is wrong with the networks today? Why can't they all just go to the same 13 week schedule (like HBO, Showtime and FX) with shows like this-show no repeats and build up an audience over time without having to layout money over 22 mediocre episodes? This was one of the best new shows on television this year with a great cast and intriguing storyline. Very disappointing to hear.

    Posted by Marsman March 3, 09 07:41 AM
  1. This absolutely sucks. Maybe the show could get picked up by another station (i.e. USA or TNT?)

    Posted by P. Nutbutter March 3, 09 07:44 AM
  1. I'm have to say, I'm not surprised. I _really_ wanted to like this show, and watched for the first several weeks, but it just seemed to go nowhere for me. Such a shame, when they had amazing talent and a really good look to the show.

    Posted by SugahPop March 3, 09 07:44 AM
  1. I really liked the show, but it was on too late for me. A 9PM time slot and I would have been hooked every week.

    Posted by Jodi March 3, 09 07:46 AM
  1. I liked it but how it would end seemed too obvious so it made it hard to keep watching. He'd wake up or somehow find a way back to save Mia and that would be that... ahhh well... great music though...

    Posted by Marjie March 3, 09 07:47 AM
  1. I kept intending to watch this show. Never got around to it. The cast alone is enough to make you curious. Sorry I missed it.

    Posted by Bob March 3, 09 07:50 AM
  1. Great show. ABC should give it a chance. Hopefully another network will pick it up.

    Posted by Jane March 3, 09 07:52 AM
  1. Shows like LOM and Eli Stone don't belong on the " big 3" . The audiences are generally too unsophisticated. The dribble that placates the masses has driven the normal people to cable.

    Posted by Mark In SoFla March 3, 09 07:54 AM
  1. At every turn, ABC is alienating myself and a lot of my friends! They write and produce some well acted scripts (DSM, Eli, Life on Mars), get us hooked and then pull the plug - why do they waste their time and money - if they want to chase us away to other networks, they can do it with a lot less effort!

    Posted by Michelle Scannell March 3, 09 07:58 AM
  1. I'm not surprised, I guess. Since the show came back from its hiatus and moved to Wednesdays, I DVR it. But when the weekend comes and I look over the shows I have to catch up on, I just never feel compelled to pick LOM. As a result, I have several hours of LOM to watch now. While I was intrigued with its time travel premise (or whatever it will turn out to be), that obviously took a back seat to the "normal" story lines set in '73. But those were just not that compelling to me. I thought the acting was generally cartoonish and the '73 setting seemed more like the late sixties. While I love Harvey, he basically gave us a variation on his "Bad Lieutenant", with a bit more humanity. Otherwise, the show felt a bit too budget-conscious.

    Posted by redglare2 March 3, 09 07:58 AM
  1. What are you thinking!! the last 3 shows that you cancelled were better than good ...They need to rethink this, there is nothing to watch now....

    Posted by kazo March 3, 09 07:58 AM
  1. I watch all of about three shows on TV these days and the only time I actually tune into "broadcast TV.". Life on Mars is one. How sad, but a statement of life these days. Everyone wants short-term gains and ignores quality. Goodbye ABC.

    Posted by Sam Arnold March 3, 09 08:01 AM
  1. ABC is crazy! What are they looking for - over 5 million viewers is a lot of viewers! Life of Mars is an intelligent, entertaining show - which shows that ABC is only looking for money and doesn't really care what they show. Wasn't it the Brady Bunch that wasn't a huge hit the first season and then went on for the history books? Tell ABC to give it a chance!

    Posted by Donna March 3, 09 08:07 AM
  1. Aw, man! This is the ONLY "Big 3" network show I watch. After the cancellation of LoM and the ending of BSG, I may as well sell my television.

    Posted by Dave in Cedar Rapids March 3, 09 08:08 AM
  1. Typical. of the 4 shows listed in the article, 3 were really interesting and different and ABC never gave any of them a chance. and the time slots for LoM were not great, most recently going up against a well established well made show on CBS. Well I gues I will once again be watching CBS instead of anything on ABC.

    Posted by nebooks March 3, 09 08:14 AM
  1. A sad state of affairs....

    Posted by SamuraiDave March 3, 09 08:19 AM
  1. ARGH! We just watched last week's episode on DVR last night. I'm really disappointed too - loved the vibe, loved the different characters, loved the little in-jokes (the "laptop of the 1970s" thing recently). I'm going to have to drop an email to ABC. And I guess I'll have to watch the British series now on DVD.

    Posted by metronomic March 3, 09 08:19 AM
  1. I can't believe it, this show is SO great. I love it, it is one of my favorites! In fact it's the only show I watch on ABC. I guess I wont be tuning into this station anymore. :(
    I hope another channel will be smart enough to scoop it up! Long live Sam Tyler, whatever year it is! :)

    Posted by Sherri March 3, 09 08:20 AM
  1. boo.

    Posted by James Mason March 3, 09 08:23 AM
  1. Another great show falls victim to ABC's stupid scheduling practices. After only a few episodes this show went "on hiatus" for a while, changed it's scheduled time slot and then returned with absolutely no warning on a different night. How are fans of any show supposed to follow it when the scheduling people do their best to keep you from seeing it? Good job, ABC. I guess I'll be watching NBC or CBS in that time slot from now on.

    Posted by TrueFaith March 3, 09 08:24 AM
  1. Yup, I'm in mourning that American TV producers continue to ruin great British shows. Glad to see it go. It was but a shadow of the original series.

    Posted by PinkBuddha March 3, 09 08:25 AM
  1. Great. No more Boston Legal. Now they're cancelling Life on Mars. There's hardly anything left on network TV for people who don't like reality shows or angsty dramas like "Grey's".

    Posted by Jeff Welch March 3, 09 08:25 AM
  1. If they folow NBC 's lead they will move Jimmy Kimmel in to compete with Jay.
    I really liked this show but the sadder thing is how new, scripted, fictional shows just have no appeal in network ratings.
    This didn't even fit with your great actors, bad roles theory. These folks had great parts.

    Posted by jo march March 3, 09 08:26 AM
  1. Disappointed is an understatement. I just started watching this show a few weeks ago. Great cast, good writing, and it was a joy to be in the 70s again (probably better than the first time).

    Posted by Harry2020 March 3, 09 08:29 AM
  1. It's getting to the point where I will have to think twice about getting invested in a new show if it's going to air on ABC. Their treatment of fledgling shows the past few seasons has been abysmal. Except for Lost, there isn't anything else I'm currently watching on there.

    Memo to ABC: Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives are already past their freshness dates, and eventually, people are going to get tired of the dancing and the nanny and the bachelors and bachelorettes. What will you do then?

    Posted by the_passenger March 3, 09 08:34 AM
  1. Didn't watch LoM. After they cancelled Dirty Sexy Money, Eil Stone and Pushing Daisies, three shows I really enjoyed, I decided I wasn't going to support any of the replacement shows.

    I no longer watch any prime time shows on ABC.

    Posted by Dave C. March 3, 09 08:37 AM
  1. YES! OMG, this was the BEST show -- great characters (who's better than Imperioli and Keitel???) and GREAT (the greatEST) music ... what a BUMMER MAN!!!!! Who do we talk to about this???!!!!!!! KEEP IT ON -- THE SHOW ROCKS!!!!

    Posted by Janis March 3, 09 08:40 AM
  1. I agree, I just started watching after it started airing after lost and am hooked- Big mistake by ABC...

    Posted by Chase March 3, 09 08:41 AM
  1. 2 of my favorite shows of late were this one and Journeyman - both had great heart, complexity, and intelligence. Journeyman's storyline was cut way too short, but this one seems ready to end sooner than later. I would draw a conclusion that this indicates the dumbing down of shows, but Lost has stayed on a very long time. Not the most sophisticated show, but a difficult one to follow.

    Posted by Jim March 3, 09 08:42 AM
  1. I wonder if anyone has ever brought up in an ABC exec meeting that it's possible that the ratings are low because everytime someone gets involved with a show, they yank it. So, why even bother watching?

    Posted by MFJ March 3, 09 08:44 AM
  1. What a shame! This was a bright spot in this year's TV schedule. Different premise, Great cast, terrific writing. It will be missed. Thank God though, it will free up space for another vapid reality show. The direction that the entertainment power brokers are sending us down is a dark and frightening place. Isn't there any way to fight moves like this?

    Posted by nbptirish March 3, 09 08:45 AM
  1. I don't watch many shows but this was a well done show. It's a shame they are canceling it. Apparently too thought provoking for the attention challenged people.

    Posted by chillout66 March 3, 09 08:46 AM
  1. Yes, this was an excellent show with an outstanding cast. Too bad it was on ABC. Had it been on CBS it would be around for several years.

    Posted by Don B March 3, 09 08:46 AM
  1. I see the problem. "Based on a British series" which is code speak for dumbed down and banal. Has there ever been a British series that was remade here that was better than the original? I can't think of one.

    How about Dancing with the Stars on Mars?

    Posted by nobody March 3, 09 08:48 AM
  1. What a shame! We'll definitely be in mourning at my house. We're addicted to this show. The cast is terrific. Watching Harvey Keitel each week has been fascinating. I was thinking during last week's episode that he deserves an Emmy. Journeyman, another time-travel show that was equally entertaining and gripping, suffered a similar fate.

    Posted by Jeanne Yocum March 3, 09 08:49 AM
  1. Well, I guess it was to be expected: Smart writing, talented cast, interesting premise, spot-on set design... How could it possibly succeed? Too bad it wasn't on cable. Maybe then the network would be content with "only" five and one-half million viewers.

    Posted by Janine March 3, 09 08:50 AM
  1. Wildly disappointing, but sadly, not shocking. Network TV now seems to equal reality TV. Too bad it couldn't find a home on cable. Any producers calling the SciFi Channel, TBS or TNT, perhaps?

    Posted by Hal Bowman March 3, 09 08:50 AM
  1. ABC is consistently killing some of my favorite ABC shows. I love(d) Eli Stone, and frankly think a more uplifting show than, say, "Wife Swap" is needed on TV, especially these days. I really enjoyed Pushing Daisies, too. Now Life on Mars? What's left on ABC that I even care about? Lost, and.... um. Well maybe that's it. As Grey's Anatomy devolved further and further into Soap (almost wrote "Sap", heh), I've found it much less "compelling". Life on Mars I had no real expectations of, but watching it once I was hooked. Love the level of 70s setting they pull off, the standard crime drama part is actually more interesting than I'd anticipated, and all the crazy hints keep me coming back. Thanks again ABC for making great shows you just can't be bothered to support.

    Posted by Stephen March 3, 09 08:50 AM
  1. Terrible news...ABC is a complete joke right now...they have killed 3 excellent shows...I have lost Eli DSM and now Life on Mars.....what do these networks expect? Damn Reality TV is killing all of us...stupid dancing with stars and American Idol puts up numbers any other series can't compete with.....why not just cancel Lost at this point too and leave us hanging...What a joke!!!!!

    Posted by David March 3, 09 08:58 AM
  1. ABC does it again. When will they learn? No wonder why CBS rules the roost when it comes to TV ratings. ABC and NBC will never learn...

    Posted by GretchenMolisHOT March 3, 09 08:59 AM
  1. Yes, I am. I liked everyone of the shows that were pulled. I guess I am relegated to watching DVD's of movies. I hate reality TV.

    Posted by March 3, 09 09:01 AM
  1. HEY, HEY, HEY...Let's be careful out there.

    Posted by jkstraw March 3, 09 09:03 AM
  1. They gave it every chance major promo good time slot - good show great cast outstanding costumes and soundtrack. Like Swingtown maybe the 70s just dont do it for mass audiences. (Thas 70s show doesnt count!) Then again a lot of this stuff was similar to the more contemporary Journeyman which also was one and done - mainstream sci-fi hasnt done well since x-files.

    Looking forward to see how they close it up - love to see Sam get home and then meet up with present day Annie.

    Posted by tiki March 3, 09 09:05 AM
  1. Definitely disappointing, this is one of the few shows I even considering watching every week. Life on Mars is one of the better shows on TV today. Like a previous poster indicated, get ready for another lame reality show to fill the gap.

    Posted by JAC March 3, 09 09:09 AM
  1. No not at all. Couldn't bare to watch it. Looks like I am in the minority here, oh well. Wished they hadn't pulled the plug on Pushing Daisies. Seems like all the good writers are on cable these days. The only watchable shows on network are HMYM, Mad Men, Saving Grace and Breaking Bad. I blame it on this absurd reality tv addiction this county has.

    Posted by Dexter Rules March 3, 09 09:10 AM
  1. How is this "the right thing to do ... for the fans ..." ? You have an outstanding cast - REAL actors, not pretty boys and glamour girls; excellent writing; target audiences spanning at least two or three generations (30s - 60s). If ABC puts a "reality" show in its place, I won't be watching.

    Posted by reindeergirl March 3, 09 09:11 AM
  1. I'm glad its off the air now because my pal Lenny Clarke was supposed to be in it when David E. Kelly was at the helm.... and then everything changed. They should have kept the original idea and maybe it would still be on!!!!!!!!

    Sorry Harvey

    Posted by Steve M March 3, 09 09:16 AM
  1. a pox on abc >:(

    Posted by jimmy james March 3, 09 09:29 AM
  1. What a bummer. I'm so disappointed. I rarely watch TV because I think most of it is junk. I was so excited to discover Life on Mars and watched it religiously. I wonder if there is any way to get ABC to change their mind.

    Posted by Lauren C March 3, 09 09:30 AM
  1. I really enjoyed the show. They walked the line between self-parody with the sound track (I'd forgotten how much I miss the wah wah pedal) and decent acting from Imperioli, Keitel, Moll, et. al.

    Also, seeng Harvey Keitel rocking white patent loafers and wayfarers was a real treat.

    Posted by Linda March 3, 09 09:34 AM
  1. Why mundane and idiotic reality show are they making room for now. Serioulsy, fans need to start writing in to all of the networks and ask when we can get great television back. Truthfully the 1 reality show I even try to watch is Dancing with the Stars but it is different from the others. The only way our fave dramas and comedies will stay is when the fans stop watching the reality ones. Until then we can expect more Bachelor, Wife Swap, Survivor & American Idol etc. Blech, no thanx.

    Posted by RayRay01 March 3, 09 09:38 AM
  1. Heart Broken!!! I would stay up late, even with a new baby, just to watch. This was the first show in a long time that was different from the same tv formula. It was also a great throw-back that made you think,"it's amazing more convicted felons from the '70s haven't appealed their convictions"!

    Posted by ashley March 3, 09 09:42 AM
  1. Great! Now we can anticipate plugs for the The Doggy Bachelor. One dog, 20 choices. Or maybe they'll bring back 'Wipeout'. That ought to boost ratings :-(

    Posted by LOMFan March 3, 09 09:42 AM
  1. Well I intially thought the whole premise was pretty weak. It just seemed like just another cop drama plopped in the 70's to give it a little twist. However, I do love Harvey Keitel's acting so that did lend it a little credilbility. Then I caught an episode after watching Lost and was pleasantly surprised. The sci fi mystery edge the show had was pretty compelling and meshes well with what makes Lost great. I've watched the last five weeks or so and was becoming a fan. I think it needed more time and more Lost fans like me and others would have come over to build a solid audience.

    Posted by Mike March 3, 09 09:47 AM
  1. Once again, a network pulls a show that is intelligent, stylish and very entertaining. I suppose they'll air another vapid reality show to take its place.

    Posted by Sheba March 3, 09 09:54 AM
  1. Awesome show, great music. I am really going to miss this show. The next thing you know the suits at ABC will cancel Lost before we get the whole story even though they already announced an end date.

    Posted by MacDudeInVA March 3, 09 09:59 AM
  1. This is really dissapointing. It was bad enough that they cancelled Eli Stone and Pushing Dasies, but now this!! I will admit the 10 PM time slot was tough, but I tried to make it every week to see what happened to Sam. It says something about the mentality of the general public if reality shows like "Wife Swap" survive, yet shows that have REAL and clever writing get cancelled. I for one hope that LoM gets shopped somewhere else and will live on. It is a great show. Eli Stone needs to be wrapped up too, or carried on at another network.

    Posted by Heather March 3, 09 10:00 AM
  1. This show would have been great on HBO. keitel and imperioli really could have stretched out and gone for it.

    Posted by andrew March 3, 09 10:02 AM
  1. That sucks! It's such a great show..Different, and very creative.

    Posted by mike March 3, 09 10:09 AM
  1. A really great show. I hope it lands on cable somewhere. It's "don't miss it" TV in my house.

    Posted by northshoredad March 3, 09 10:11 AM
  1. I am so disappointed. Maybe ABC should have tried to actually promote the series. I never press for it. No one from the cast making the talk show rounds, Etc...Unless the sho is about bacaelors or dancing celebrities ABC really doesn't care.

    Posted by Lauren March 3, 09 10:12 AM
  1. This is why I generally stick to cable now for original series (Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy to name a few). I was planning on checking this show out when I had some time, it looked really interesting, but now I guess I'll just netflix the DVDs when I'm short of something interesting.

    Network TV needs to get a clue.

    Posted by Andrew March 3, 09 10:22 AM
  1. Life on mars, Jericho, Pushing Daises, Journeyman, all great shows that have recently been canceled, and shows like according to Jim go on and on, clearly (with a few exceptions) the networks have become place for mindless zombies to watch tv, cable is the place to go,
    In the olden days a show would be given a chance with a consistent place on the schedule and some promos. LOM was in a hard time slot, there are plenty of places in the schedule where the networks, all three , have dreck on at the same time, before a cancellation LOM should have been put somewhere else on the schedule, it would have flourished,

    The way things are today shows like Frazier would have not lasted a year and Conan O'Brien would have had a very brief tv career.
    The thing is LOM is so good it will probably be making money for a long time on hulu and netflix, where folks will discover it over and over, ABC is the network that fired people behind lost because they took too much of a risk, and now it is a money maker for them, the Disney folks ruined that network,

    Posted by Warren March 3, 09 10:22 AM
  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by John March 3, 09 10:29 AM
  1. They shouldn't have axed it. However, the show has not lived up to its promise. Needs or needed better writers and stories that played even more on connections and disconnections between the 70's and now. Rather than trying, as it did, to be a 70's cop show. But instead of better writers, they just kill it. that's stupid. It could have built a bigger base of viewers.

    Posted by Leon March 3, 09 10:29 AM
  1. Too bad, this was a good show. Guess it was too far fetched compared to Grey's or Housewives...

    Posted by AmericaBroadcastingCrap March 3, 09 10:32 AM
  1. This is one of my favorite shows!! I'm shocked that other people dont' like it as much as I do!

    Posted by connie March 3, 09 10:43 AM
  1. This is a perfect example of TV as it stands today. Reality shows are just as popular and they cost peanuts to make. If you have a show that costs $1 million an episode to produce and gets a 6 share, and a show that costs $100k an episode to produce and gets the same 6 share, which are you going to keep? As long as we keep most of these moronic reality shows at the top of the ratings, good TV shows like this one will keep getting canceled.

    Posted by Timmay March 3, 09 10:43 AM
  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

    This show is way too good. But, of course, the stupid Bachelor is in season 5,000 and Dancing with The D-list Stars will go on and on.

    Posted by TK March 3, 09 10:46 AM
  1. I watched the original Life on Mars when I lived in England. It was the best show I ever saw, hands down.

    The American version is good as well, but I think the pace is hurt by the commerical interuptions. It does not have the same tension as the original. Also, Liz White played Annie Cartwright, the female lead. She is pretty but slightly on the chunky side, so she never would have gotten cast here, though she is better.

    A better approach would have been to air the original somewhere like PBS or HBO.

    Posted by Sarah March 3, 09 10:55 AM
  1. shoot, there is no reason to invest in a show anymore, I loved a ll four of these shows. sorry, but i couldn't care less whether anyone can dance or sing or find a wife or nanny on a network game show.

    Posted by lauren March 3, 09 11:02 AM
  1. This is a real a shame. Definitely don't miss TV.
    Jason "just plain Brenda" O'Meara and Michael Imperioli's mustache. It's the only program I looked forward to every week.
    I don't understand why it never built a larger audience.

    Posted by oldbag54 March 3, 09 11:04 AM
  1. This is a really good show with great characters. As usual the networks have their heads pretty far up their a**. Just stop making new shows, I am tired of watching hours upon hours of shows just for some overpaid jackass say it isn't worth keeping. F**k you ABC.

    Posted by Rich March 3, 09 11:12 AM
  1. It's long overdue. The show was incredibly lame. It couldn't seem to decide what it wanted to be. Good actors suffering from terribly cartoonish writing. And it would appear that the 75 or so commenters on this page are the only ones who watched it, because the ratings were terrible. Especially following great lead-in shows.

    Posted by CityPointKid March 3, 09 11:13 AM
  1. I loved the original British version of Life on Mars--one of the best shows I have ever seen--but I never got into the American version. I just didn't think the remake was as good. That being said, I think ABC gives up on shows way too quickly.

    Posted by SLC March 3, 09 11:18 AM
  1. The British LOM was great, and so was the American. Loved the cast, Harvey was amazing. Jason DOES have Steve McQueen's aura, and Michael Imperioli, well what can you say? Such great actors. I was skeptical about Gretchen Mol, but ended up loving her. Will buy the DVD's of both British and American.

    If you haven't, go to the LOM web page and listen to LOM radio, it's fun.

    ABC is horrible, but all network tv is horrible. After Ugly Betty gets cancelled, and it's so good that it probably will, that will be it for me on network tv, all cable or on demand.

    LOM had 1973 nailed, and it was pretty great the first time, too, minus the cops beating people and the sexism, but we never paid attention to men anyway and didn't let them stop us. The music - such fun. TOO BAD for us. I have never watched a reality show until I was forced one night at a friend's house to endure Survivor - UGH! I excused myself and went up to bed!!! Moronic.

    Posted by catdancer March 3, 09 11:27 AM
  1. I'm not surprised that it has been axed. Why can't network TV give us a show with a straight-forward story line? What would be so bad about having an actual cop show based in the early 70's? I gave up after three episodes. I loved the 70's part, but the "man from the future in a coma" part was assinine.

    Posted by myboypat March 3, 09 11:28 AM
  1. i sure hope he gets to bag the blonde!

    Posted by bob roberts March 3, 09 11:34 AM
  1. Why are all the good shows cancelled?

    Maybe if the networks would stop moving shows around every couple of episodes to allow them to build a base? Maybe if they would allow shows to produce more episodes so that they are not in re-runs after 5 episodes and showing them for 2-3 months? I get so tired of waiting for new episodes of new shows that I loose all interest, as I'm sure many others are.

    I hope someone else picks up Mars-and dusts off New Amsterdam...I am soooo tired of watching Food Network to avoid the mindless reality shows...

    Posted by Michele March 3, 09 11:35 AM
  1. My favorite show since the first season of the Sopranos!
    Great tension between 70's sensibilities and PC-now...
    Never had a hope with the hiatus and move in time slots.
    Please say there's a chance this will get picked up somewhere else!!!

    Posted by Ara March 3, 09 11:36 AM
  1. No surprise at all-ABC stands for Always Being Cancelled. They dump shows as soon as they can so they can make room for another mindless "reality" show or lame sitcom. And I'm still waiting for the last 2-3 epsiodes of PD, DSM and ES.
    I love the original show but this one had it's moments too. It will be missed in our house.

    Posted by Anne March 3, 09 11:37 AM
  1. Yes it is a real shame .... yet another show with real production values, genuinely creatively written, well-acted .... & in the dumper it goes .... what is wrong with people ?!?!?!?!

    Posted by CDelaware March 3, 09 11:37 AM
  1. Of course they cancel another show I actually liked on their network. The snappy writing and acting always made it one of the first shows I cleared off the Tivo.

    I guess I shouldn't expect much less from the network who features the "Most dramatic rose ceremony yet!" every week on two different shows.

    Posted by Sulcus March 3, 09 11:41 AM
  1. NBC should do the same with The Office.

    Posted by David Brent March 3, 09 11:43 AM
  1. ABC's director of programming - Dr. Kevorkian?

    Posted by mac March 3, 09 11:44 AM
  1. I started watching when it came on after LOST and I really like it.

    Posted by WildMan March 3, 09 11:44 AM
  1. Add me to those that will miss LOM. And Eli, and Pushing Daises. As ABC learned not every show has to be a clone of every other show. Probably driven by advertising $$$. How long before Ugly Betty goes too?

    Regards the comment "...changed it's scheduled time slot and then returned with absolutely no warning on a different night": I agree! It amazes me how many times I come home and find a surprise recording on my DVR where it has recorded a show that I had set to record the series of, and then it was put on haitus and brought back without warning. If it weren't for my DVR I would have missed it.


    Posted by Marie March 3, 09 11:50 AM
  1. TV Execs have got to learn that #'s in the old days are not realistic in todays 300 channel cable systems.
    Shows that are pulling in LOM numbers are doing well.

    Posted by Grandizer March 3, 09 11:51 AM
  1. Putting LoM after Lost was a big mistake. I liked the show, but I had barely enough time to process the dizzying drama of this new season of Lost before LoM began, and I found it to be too much. I needed downtime after Lost to absorb it, and LoM was not the right solution.

    Posted by Jen March 3, 09 11:53 AM
  1. I never got into it- the sci-fi angles were downright tame compared to other running shows like Lost and BSD. We know from the beginning Tyler's in a coma, and the coma world/real world leaks were fun in the first episode, but they quickly grew tiresome. The 70's period piece stuff was kind of fun, but again- ground already covered by others. Great assembly of actors, but without substance of material, who cares? Perhaps this show felt more groundbreaking on BBC than on ABC?

    Posted by mynameisbob March 3, 09 11:56 AM
  1. Too bad. I watched a couple of times and really liked it but I really can't watch TV at 10:00pm since I need to get up so early the next day. Basically, there are few dramas on television anymore that aren't CSI/Law& Order types. Since reality TV sucks, and that is basically all they jam down our throats every evening, I guess I will just wait for the Red Sox season to start. Like last year.

    Posted by J Griffin March 3, 09 11:56 AM
  1. Of course they are cancelling Life On Mars - it's an interesting, well acted, well written show. I thought this one might have a chance only because it is a cop show, just with a twist. How many American Idol clones & fake dating shows can they put on?

    Posted by Peg March 3, 09 11:56 AM
  1. Only watched it a few times. I liked the 70's setting and the feeling to the show. The back in time part was a little too corny for me to really get into it. Was better than some of the alternatives. Can't stand the "reality' shows. So maybe it can be repackaged into a "normal" 70's show.

    Posted by HPuck March 3, 09 11:56 AM
  1. We love that show. That's probably why it was canceled. There was a touch of evidence to suggest that the whole show is a dream/coma sequence, and another touch to suggest that it's a deliberate scheme that's not necessarily malicious. Keitel and Imperioli gave the whole show a professional luster. Looking forward to lesser quality.

    Posted by Steven Orr March 3, 09 12:03 PM
  1. One of the best shows on the air ! ABC is crazy ! I can't believe that ,with all the other horrible shows on ABC, they would cancel one of the best. Incredible stupidity.

    Posted by mrcynical2 March 3, 09 12:05 PM
  1. It was that terrible facial hair on Imperioli...that's what did it.

    Posted by FJ March 3, 09 12:09 PM
  1. "Shows like LOM and Eli Stone don't belong on the " big 3" . The audiences are generally too unsophisticated. The dribble that placates the masses has driven the normal people to cable."

    What?? The show was enjoyable, but by no means was it "sophisticated". It was predictable and overly sentimental/cheesy at times. What was so ground-breaking or mind-bending about it? Time-travel? Anyway, I don't know what it says about me that I enjoyed the predictable over sentimentality, but... your comment just comes across as an arrogant misanthropic rant that has more to do with your social ineptness than the state of television programming.


    Posted by dc March 3, 09 12:27 PM
  1. they are soooooooo stupid! I love this show. I look forward to it each week. ABC never knows when they have a good show. Except for lost. I hope they change their minds on this.

    Posted by murphy March 3, 09 12:45 PM
  1. loved journeyman and new amsterdam,was excited about LOM until I found out it was the 70's and Harvey Keitel. TNT, USA and PBS have the best.

    Posted by sherry March 3, 09 01:28 PM
  1. Let me first echo the fact that network TV needs to stop axing scripted TV of any worth to make way for more pointless reality drivel.

    That said, I never thought the American LOM really worked. Not nearly as well as the modern classic that is the British original. And I'm not just being snooty, sometimes original is not always best, but in this case the very nature of the show was British. It wasn't just about the 70s in all their eccentric, hard-hitting glory, it was about waning, post-industrial England. A discussion of class and gender differences just meant more in that context. It was a British show with very British themes, and while still potentially interesting when set in the US, just not as nuanced.

    Posted by Eamon March 3, 09 01:53 PM
  1. Noooo!!!! This is one of the best shows on TV right now. Ugh, so we get more reality TV now or something?

    Posted by angryalien March 3, 09 01:53 PM
  1. HOW WILL IT END ....??????

    Posted by friskie March 3, 09 04:34 PM
  1. So disappointed. Any show that exhibits a spark of creativity and requires a modicum of intelligence to appreciate gets the ax. First Arrested Development, then Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, now Life of Mars. It's going to be all reality tv all the time. Mindless drivel. How sad.

    Posted by MRG March 3, 09 05:39 PM
  1. Man quite a booooooo. Life On Mars is one of my favorite tv shows ever. You see I would just want to say great job for the writers, directors and producers because you guys did a great job for telling a great story. I am just ten and i make short films and I made a short about a guy who travels back in time to the 70's just like Life On Mars. Other than that I don't no why people didn't watch it. SO SHAME ON YOU ABC I THINK LIFE ON MARS WAS A GREAT SHOW AND SO DO OTHER PEOPLE. So please put it back on the air. This tv show was THE BEST OF THE BEST FOR ME.

    Posted by Danny Higgins March 3, 09 06:14 PM
  1. This is rediculous!! I am so upset, this is one of the best shows on TV now! Abc is losing their minds....

    Posted by Heather March 3, 09 06:57 PM
  1. After 3 episodes I realized I'd never connect with it the way I did with the British original so I stopped watching. Also thought it wasted Ms. Mol's talents.

    Posted by maleborn1957 March 3, 09 07:15 PM
  1. I guess that means more time for reality shows... Hooray let's extend the 15 minutes of douche bags and dancing d'listers.

    Posted by aronoel March 3, 09 07:40 PM
  1. A quality show. Acting was excellent. One of my "can't miss." Typical network stupidity, move it around, make people chase, don't give it a chance, then cancel it
    And they pay these "executives" the big bucks!! No wonder nobody is watching anymore.

    Posted by Jay March 4, 09 07:17 AM
  1. Hopefully USA or TNT will pick it up. They seem to have foresight and realize dramas keep people coming. ABC is becoming worthless evening TV.

    Posted by Sandy March 4, 09 07:38 AM
  1. I am very disappointed to hear LoM is being canceled. I loved the cast, especially their chemistry. Keitel and Imperioli are brilliant in their roles. It always happens with these smart, original shows. The masses ignore them, even if there is a dedicated fanbase and critical praise. I can only hope someone will pick up the show, but being outnumbered 3:1 by idiot reality shows hurts its chances, especially in this economy. Cheap production will fill the TV grid, not originality.

    Posted by Dave March 4, 09 09:16 AM
  1. What is wrong with ABC? I don't watch ABC usually and the only reason why I decided to watch was because of this awesome show! This is ridiculous and so wrong. This is the one show I looked forward to watching every week, and I don't usually watch anything on network TV, except the news and it's only NBC or NY1! They screwed up, and I hope they feel it when the show is picked up by another network immediately, and ABC will realize what morons they were!

    Posted by TJ March 4, 09 09:45 AM
  1. The cast is Amazing! The writing, so insightful and intelligent, I couldn't wait to see the next episode! The Cinematography, just so completely beautiful to look at, it expressed mood and the story so perfectly. Technically all the camera moves and lighting, was so creative and exploratory, I enjoyed watching it so much. I really felt that the crew was a strong team of people working so perfectly together. I am so disappointed. What was ABC thinking!!??!!!!????

    Posted by CinemaScope March 4, 09 09:57 AM
  1. Taye Diggs in "Daybreak" in '06 - ABC, "The Black Donnelly's" in '07 - NBC, "Journ-eyman" in '08 - NBC, and now "Life on Mars" in '09 - ABC; all excellent shows cut short due to shortsighted network executives. Just do yourself a favor, watch the History Channel, Discovery, TCM or A&E. At least you get quality entertainment without the strings and angst. Thank God at least Jack Bauer is still around to save our country, even though no one in power trusts him (Why won't they ever learn?). What do you think Homer Simpson would have to say about these idiot network executives? Maybe something like "I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please save us Superman!"

    Posted by Scott B. March 4, 09 11:50 AM
  1. Who is rating these shows?. We get the reality crap season after season and the good stuff gets cancelled. They did the same thing with Journeyman last year. Every time I get into a show that looks like a keeper, they cancel it, so no wonder the ratings tank with new shows, we are all gunshy to buy into them in case they are pulled off the air. The North American audience is buying into the crap and they are missing the good stuff.

    Posted by Rachel Barton March 4, 09 05:05 PM
  1. I should have known. Let me see . . . it is INTELLIGENT, the story lines are fascinating, it has NOTHING to do with the dumbing down of American television, the actors' roles are smart characterizations, it's different from week to week. It's a MUST DVR for our house. I guess I'm going back to reading while you put Hefner's Skanks Galore, that freak with the six-inch wide headband . . . Brett something . . . ad infinitum on the air. That's right; you don't have Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, NCIS, Two and a half men . . . what does Ch. 7 have? Is that a clue???? Is your demographic really the 12 year old mind???

    Posted by Tom Netherton March 4, 09 07:35 PM
  1. The British Version was alot better, still a bit disgusted it was canceled though.

    I have no idea why they canceled Eli Stone however, what a stupid idiotic move. And not even airing the final episodes is just an insult to everyone of ABC's customers that did watch it.

    Posted by David March 4, 09 08:48 PM
  1. We love "Life on Mars". Please keep it.

    Posted by Orion LaPalm March 4, 09 10:03 PM
  1. I love this show and am very upset it is no longer going to be aired. Some of my friends just started watching it and are hooked too! this is so upsetting

    Posted by Jessica March 4, 09 10:04 PM
  1. LIFE ON MARS! Great cast - great music - hip dialogue - well thought out stories. Good Lord! We suffer for years with shows like KING OF QUEENS (Sorry about the insult to the actors on that show) and these low cost reality shows like SURVIVOR, BACHELOR, & DANCING WITH THE STARS that the networks force feed us. Then something intelligent comes along like LIFE ON MARS and ABC yanks it off faster than a speeding bullet! The networks will always continue to pickup shows that you can walk out of the room, get a sandwich, and come back two years later and never have missed a darned thing! The networks are afraid we might like something different (or have a brain in our heads to think with) and they'll have to pay the writers more money.

    Posted by Melani March 4, 09 10:26 PM
  1. Of course Life on Mars is cancelled. It actually has some substance to it while giving those of us who can remember the 70's era an hour of entertaining nostalgia. I am totally disgusted with the programs the TV industry feels are worthy of continuing on -- has the nation in general become that moronic??

    Posted by Debbie March 4, 09 10:43 PM
  1. I LOVE this show and I am DONE investing any more time in ABC shows- they don't give them 1/2 a chance!!!!!

    Posted by Nori March 4, 09 10:56 PM
  1. I am absolutely disappointed about the cancellation of this show. It was the highlight of my week. I admired it for the humor, heart and history. The script is clever and engaging and the casting director is a genius. I am surprised the critics did not do more to promote Life on Mars. Yes, I am talking to you Matthew Gilbert. You supported Friday Night Lights and rightfully so. Is there someway we can advocate for LOM? Could we possibly reverse the network's decision?

    Posted by Janice March 4, 09 11:20 PM
  1. NOOOOOO CURSE YOU ABC this series is too good to cut short!!!

    Posted by undisclosed March 5, 09 12:18 AM
  1. I am sick and tired of the garbage on network TV.. They don't give good shows a chance and with so many channels to choose from they cannot expect the same numbers they used to get.

    I loved LOM and Eli Stone and am very disappointed about their cancellations. the only thing I still watch on ABC is Desperate Housewives and sometimes Brothers and Sisters, and only for the cast on that show.

    Posted by Maryann March 5, 09 12:26 AM
  1. I am a viewer & I caught on to LOM from the very first show. It was one of the more enjoyable shows on television.


    Posted by Judy March 5, 09 03:55 AM
  1. ABC is quickly establishing itself as the master of non-cerebral television. The harsh treatment of well-written, clever and visually appealing programming by this network signifies its belief that what the viewing audience needs (but does not necessarily want) is more Bachelor- Bachelorette-type of shows that insult viewer intelligence and make thinking people wonder what kind of fools are making these programming decisions.

    Posted by Bart March 5, 09 06:38 AM
  1. I'm going to ban ABC (well, there is Lost). Either way. I cannot understand this. I loved Eli Stone and I loved LOM. Quality tv, well written and entertaining. Seriously, WTF????????? Who exactly is doing the axing over there? I want names, numbers, credentials and what they base it on. Give a show that has substance a freaking chance before axing it. I hope TNT or USA picks this up. I'm also still waiting for a station to pick up Eli Stone. Unbelievable.

    Posted by causewaychaos March 5, 09 07:15 AM
  1. Are they crazy????? Never picked up in the ratings? Everyone I know watches this show and loves it. Maybe it never picked up in the ratings because most people now a days TIVO everything. I never watch the show on Wednesday nights when it's aired, we watch in the weekends. This is just an outrage to me. Why can't some of these networks start axing all the God awful reality shows that we all know aren't real instead of quality TV. This is an outrage. Is it possible to track how many people TIVO/DVR a show? My thought is that if its not, the networks on making huge mistakes based on misrepresentations. I know very few people these days that ever watch anything when it is actually aired. Please ABC reconsider this.

    Posted by Terra March 5, 09 09:02 AM
  1. Stinks! I love this show!

    Posted by Lola March 5, 09 01:05 PM
  1. Oh, ABC what a bad idea to not renew. My girlfriend told me about this show and DVR'd the first one for me, because I hate TV and will not sit down to watch it. She reminded me it was on the DVR one night, so I gave it a show when I was bored one night and I was hooked.

    Life on Mars is for a different audience that isn't loyal to the Grey's Anatomies and Friends series kind of shows. I was loyal to a show for the first time ever. I made sure not to miss Life on Mars, but I guess it's back to not watching TV at all again. Thanks for taking away the only show I watch and giving me back my hour I spent watching your network. And you wonder why the networks will be looking for bailout money from the government soon too.

    Posted by Jason March 5, 09 01:56 PM
  1. I fervently hope another network will keep one of the few series I ever watch and became totally hooked on. I love the characters and the clever, amusing plots. Please, somebody give this show a new life!

    Posted by Rebecca O'Rorke March 5, 09 07:11 PM
  1. Yes, I am very upset over this. It has a great cast! I hope some other network will pick it up. Please.........................

    Posted by Carolyn Cooke March 6, 09 01:31 PM
  1. This is such a great show!!! I wish they would reconsider!

    Posted by Eric March 7, 09 06:20 PM
  1. I wish another network would take this show. I really liked it! I guess if it doesnt appeal to the younger crowd and doesnt look like a reality show it wont make it. Thanks a lot ABC I will remember you as the network that isnt for the over forty crowd!!!

    Posted by Hal Six March 7, 09 08:12 PM

    Posted by Marianne Reast March 8, 09 01:02 PM
  1. This is one of the great shows on television. It has humor, drama and a great cast, what is wrong with ABC-get rid of the reality shows and put something entertaining on and when something is entertaining leave it on and give it a chance-we need to keep this show on-what can we do? Don't get rid it ABC.
    I hope TNT or USA, FOX picks it up. They have picked up other shows that have been cancelled by networks and they have done wonders, so hopefully one of them will do it again-it will be a huge disappointment if it not picked up. :(

    Posted by Chris March 8, 09 01:42 PM
  1. That means that I will simply beginning reading my latest book and hour earlier.

    Posted by KML March 8, 09 05:14 PM
  1. I can not believe that the network is getting rid of the best show they have --even surpasses Lost. My husband and I think it is the best show we have seen in ages
    and we TIVO it and look forward to watching it the day after it airs. Whoever is
    making the decision to cancel it is obviously not a good judge of what is a "Top" show
    The cast is tremendous, and the stories are new and refreshing, unlike the reality
    shows of late. I don't watch that many ABC shows now I guess it will be less
    Hopefully someone with perspective and talent will see its worth and it will appear
    on another network

    Posted by JoAnne Siler March 8, 09 11:39 PM
  1. GREAT show ...GREAT music ...ABC (Another Bad Choice)

    Posted by Mick Yanacheck March 9, 09 09:18 AM
  1. ABC... WTF?

    Posted by Steve B March 9, 09 01:09 PM
  1. Gooood. ABC furthers the trend of pushing viewers looking for unique programming into the cable market... idiots

    Posted by Johnny March 9, 09 07:19 PM
  1. I am so upset about ABC cancelling this show. It is the best show on in my opinion and the scripts were getting better every week.

    Is there anyway another network can pick this show up? I absolutely love the characters, the writing, the music, etc. It's the only show I look forward to every week and I was so looking forward to them developing a relationship between Sam & Annie. ABC should be ashamed for not keeping on this show while they keep on ridiculous reality shows. TNT & FX have the best shows now.
    I will do my best to avoid ABC once this show ends.

    Posted by Mary Hickey March 10, 09 05:54 PM
  1. What??? This is the best show I've seen in ages. Maybe it's 'cause no one really knew what it was about. I remember seeing the promo and was interested, but I think it conflicted with something else I was watching. Then caught if after Lost and have been hooked ever since. Those are the only two series I will give any of my time to.

    Posted by plasticanimalz March 13, 09 04:07 PM
  1. You have got to be kidding, This is the best show I have seen in YEARS. It is a must watch in my home every week. Cant wait for each week to get here. What are they thinking. Cant they give a show a chance anymore. Everyone I know LOVES THIS SHOW.

    Posted by John March 14, 09 06:05 AM
  1. this is a fantatic of the only ones i look forward to watching other than really dropped the ball on this one...great acting..great cast...great plot lines...i hope another network will pick this up

    Posted by mike hribar March 18, 09 12:34 PM
  1. I'm totally bumming. The cast is uniformly excellent, the set design makes me feel as if I'm in the 70's (I should know - lived through them!) and the scripts are well-written. I hope ABC does the right thing and airs the finale!

    Posted by Robert Ames March 18, 09 09:43 PM
  1. Yes, I am in deep mourning!!! Why do they keep doing this?!!!! I rarely watch shows on ABC, because new ones are always dropped. Although I decided to give it another shot and look another one is canceled. Its really irratating when you invest in a show and the network does not even support or give it a chance. "Life on Mars" is a great show!!! I love the comparisons between then and now and history refresher. I think the network is shooting itself in the foot. I can only hope that another network would consider picking up such a show that offers so much entertainment and interesting characters.

    Posted by DMR March 18, 09 10:39 PM
  1. ABC should be cancelled! Who are the MORONS in charge that cancelled 'LIFE ON MARS'? We look forward to Wednesday when we watch and tape the show, and HONESTLY it is the ONLY show we watched on ABC! My son LOVES Harvey Keitel, and the whole cast was perfect! Finally thought they were breathing new life into their lowly lineup of programing, and then they cancel the BEST show they had! As far as this household is concerned, ABC no longer exists!

    Posted by Judith March 19, 09 07:29 PM
  1. Last chance to watch one of the truelly interesting show that has met its demise too soon do to short minded idiots!

    Posted by john matuszewski March 20, 09 04:59 PM
  1. Yes,I am in mourning!!!! ABC is really stupid for canceling one of the best shows
    on tv!!!! I looked forward to this show every Wed. night,the 70's music alone,keeps
    you coming back for more!!! The actors-Keitel,Imperioli,O'mara were great and
    so funny.ABC makes you "get hooked" on a good show,then takes it off!!! Shame
    on them-get your act together and reconsider.

    Posted by Jersey Girl March 26, 09 12:17 AM
  1. We are all in mourning. My family loved Life on Mars and Eli Stone. They were both innovative and imaginative, great actors, great writers, great music, refreshing. Hopefully, another network will pick them up. So long, ABC.....

    Posted by Florida Breeze March 27, 09 04:33 PM
  1. Excellent show, can't believe they are cancelling it while there is so much other crap on the ABC lineup. Unbelievable....very disappointed...

    Posted by Jeff March 27, 09 10:04 PM
  1. I LOVE the show, and I look forward to it every week. A month or two ago I found the online radio on the ABC site, and now I listen to Life on Mars 1973 Radio all day, every day at work. I would love to know who comes up with the music both on the radio and during the episodes. I imagine ABC will take down the radio station, too, once the show is over. I am very disappointed. Work, as well as Wednesday nights, will not be the same.

    Posted by Tisa March 31, 09 06:37 PM
  1. We love this show. We've saved them all on DVR but now we can't transfer them to a VHS tape to save. Our great cable providor doesn't allow that so they've blocked it from being copied. Anyone have any ideas how to transfer LOM from DVR to VHS tape?? ABC, we will never watch your goofy channel again....LOSERS!!! Heaven forbid the STUPED BACHELOR was ever cancelled!!! Our only hope is LOM will come out on DVD. ?

    Posted by Kate April 2, 09 12:05 PM
  1. This was a great show. The acting was superb: Keitel, O'Mara, Imperioli, Mol. The cinematography was exceptional; ir really gave you a good feel for 1973 and was realistic to the last detail. Writing was excellent. So, why couldn't it get ratings or the endorsement of ABC? Because the networks have so dumbed down the viewing public's expectations that viewers can't handle anything that challenges one's imagination.....or even engage your imagination. The average viewer wants mindless pablum, whether its is The Bachelor or Survivor or Ugly Betty. Shows like Life on Mars are too deep for network TV it appears. I wonder why the producers didn't go to HBO or FX or another cable network from the start.

    This show had at least another season in it. The ending was rushed, and not very consistent with where the show had been heading. It didn't need to compete idea for idea with the BBC version: it had enough merits on its own. But ABC couldn't commit to sticking with it in one time slot, then they put it on hiatus for 2 months. What were they thinking?

    Had ABC stuck with this show like HBO stuck with The Sopranos or NBC stuck with The West Wing, LOM would have survived. It's a shame: this was one of the best new shows to come along in years, probably the best since The Sopranos. I hope it gets a rebirth on HBO.

    Posted by Peter G. April 29, 09 12:52 PM

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