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'Idol:' I'm a-going home

Posted by Joanna Weiss  February 18, 2009 08:14 PM

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Except to say that I'm officially bored of the Smithson-Johns slow duet arrangement of "The Letter," I'll leave my thoughts on tonight's coronations and eliminations for after the jump...

I understand that they've been building up to this moment for weeks, but you have to admit: What the producers did to Tatiana tonight was pretty cruel. Once it was down to her and Danny for the final Top 12 slot, every person in America save one knew what was going to happen next. But there she was, looking like she was about to have a major league flip-out, dangling in the breeze during a long commercial break, and finally, informed that her dreams were crushed. The only meaner move would be to bring her back for the Wild Card round, only to send her home again. Let's hope the judges have a little more compassion than that.

Other than that, I was impressed with the poise of the rest of the losing contestants, unsurprised about Danny and Alexis, and certainly not shocked about the success of Michael Sarver, who's a decent singer and a likable guy. Expect to see Anoop Dogg in the Wild Card round. If I had to predict who would join him, I think I'd pick Ricky Braddy and Stevie Wright. Anyone agree?

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66 comments so far...
  1. Hellooo. I liked Alexis and Anoop; I'm not a fan of either MIchael or Danny.

    BTW, when you say that Braddy & Stevie will go through w/ Anoop, are you thinking that three people from each week are chosen as wild cards? If so, I don't think that's the way it's going to work. It's three TOTAL wild cards; they may all be from the same week or one from each week, whatever the judges decide.

    I think Anoop from this week, for sure. Don't think, at this point, any of the other losers will join him in the final 12.

    Posted by John Keith February 18, 09 09:19 PM
  1. Yes, I do agree. I was shocked when Anoop was cast off. I also really liked Ricky Braddy's performance of "A Song for You"--this guy's got soul and a really smooth as silk voice. I was bummed because I had forgotten how the "wild card" round worked.

    Then I remembered that after America votes for it's next top 9, the judges will vote for the final 3. I agree that Anoop and Ricky Braddy will be voted back on by the judges. I just don't know who the third one will be. Of course that could change since we haven't seen the next batch of singers yet perform. Oh well... I'm hooked ... again.... as usual ....! haha

    Posted by Lee February 18, 09 10:16 PM
  1. Nope. Tatty anna will be there. She deserves it.

    Posted by Dave February 19, 09 12:02 AM
  1. Stevie Wright? Was that sarcasm? She was absolutely dreadful. I think I'd like to be subjected to a full hour of those cheesy group routines than another solo by Stevie. She was decent enough in the auditions, and must have shown the judges something during Hollywood Week to make it to the Top 36. What happened?!

    Michael was a bit of a shocker for me as I thought the 3rd position would have gone to either Anoop or the uber-talented Ricky Braddy.

    Posted by Kath February 19, 09 12:38 AM
  1. Braddy deserves to be there, his vocal was perhaps the best of the night, perhaps better than even Robery Downey's. Not his fault the producers never gave him any screen time.

    Posted by troop February 19, 09 12:54 AM
  1. You think they'd bring Stevie back? Seriously?

    I think Anoop will be coming back, and I think Tatiana has a shot as well. As many people as there are who dislike her personality, she still has been one of the better vocalists in the Top 36.

    Posted by Andy Anonymous February 19, 09 01:08 AM
  1. How does the Wildcard round work? And I vote for Jackie.

    Posted by Dave McMahan February 19, 09 03:39 AM
  1. Yes, Ricky Braddy and Anoop Dogg are too good not to have a chance. Stevie Wright was way too bad to make it back in.

    Posted by bill February 19, 09 04:04 AM
  1. I suspect that losing contestant composure was due at least in part to having a bit of hope of being called back as a wild card. Plus it's not like past Idols where the group had been together for weeks and bonded with each other...

    Posted by mynameisbob February 19, 09 04:50 AM
  1. The Tat treatment left me scratching my head and pissed off. They kept showing her crying like it was the final show and she came in second.

    Posted by timothyjok February 19, 09 04:59 AM
  1. Come on it is TV and TV is about ratings and if Tatiana didn't expect that treatment then she was a fool! Anyone that signs onto Idol should expect the same thing. Its a simple as this - if you are going to stick your finger in a light socket that is pluged into the outlet you are going to get a nasty surprise.

    Not to mention her DRAMA QUEEN actions following it! It was past time for her to go buh-byes! The other contestants that lost all showed grace and dignity - all but DQT!

    Stevie Wright in the wild card round - are you smoking something???? She butchered T.Swift's song on Tuesday. She is way out of her league!

    Posted by J Barton February 19, 09 05:22 AM
  1. I agree that what they HAVE been doing to Tatiana (even though I can put up with her personality for a nano-second) is cruel-even by American Idol standards. I finally saw her performance from Tuesday (dvr is awesome)...and she didn't do a bad job. I wish people would stop picking Whitney Houston though-very, VERY few can do it....but I think she did an OK job.
    I am VERY happy with the decisions-but I am NOT liking how it is set up this year. Talk about DRAGGING it out. I can't stand the commericals every two sentences and I am still not impressed with the new judge. Paula makes me want to poke my eyes out every time she opens her mouth (she tries to be nice even when nice is not in order)...
    I am sad because this used to be one of my favorite shows--Now I can't wait for "So you think you can dance" to get on with their auditions (don't watch that part) and rippin' up some rugs!

    Posted by triedbuttrue February 19, 09 05:45 AM
  1. Isn't it a little pre-mature to pick all 3 wildcards? Anoop from this group for sure, but won't there be 3 total wildcards? there are 2 more groups to go. I like Stevie Wright but don't think she's ready, unlike a 17 yr old Jordan. Braddy is a little boring like Simon says. Look forward to hearing more Alexis. Where is that voice coming from? Incredible. Her dad's gonna be doing a lot more crying.

    Posted by Glory Bee February 19, 09 06:15 AM
  1. I'm ready for the next group of 12 and more. Ms.Weiss, you do an excellent job of giving a synopsis and your opinion. Looking forward to more idol chat.
    P.S. I think Danny will make it to the final 2.

    Posted by MammaB February 19, 09 06:45 AM
  1. I agree with the top 3 so far.The judges have a lot of pull the way America votes.I like Michael Sarver and thinks he should be in the top 12.They are building him up to be a regular hard working guy with a family that can sing and very likable which is what idol needs - a few like that.I also like the blind guy who will sing in week#3 and the judges will also build him up because Idol needs someone like him to show america that it does not matter what your impairment is if you can sing we want you.I think whatever he sings he will make it by the vote or wild card.

    Posted by Scott February 19, 09 06:51 AM
  1. I think some people are misunderstanding how the wild card is going to work this year. My understanding is that the judges will pick a total of 12 people from the first three weeks amongst the people that were not voted by the fans into the final 12. Then those 12 people will perform again in a wild card show. And 3 more final 12 singers will be chosen from those 12. I'm not sure if they have to pick 3 from each week for the wild card or if they could pick 4 from one week and 2 from another, etc.

    I would guess Anoop and Tatiana at a minimum will be brought forward to the wildcard round.

    Posted by Sue February 19, 09 06:56 AM
  1. thank gawd Tatiana is gone. i know they think such 'characters' create drama, comedy, whatever...but for me, when she was on, it was grab the remote and surf for a few moments. life is too short to have to witness such specimens. as for the show itself, same as the last 2 minutes of it and you'll get all the info you need. does anyone really watch those group songs?! again, grab the remote...

    Braddy deserves another chance, maybe Anoop. I wouldn't pay to hear any of them sing, though.

    Posted by jake February 19, 09 07:10 AM
  1. Okay- we really are in need of some wild card clarification: is Sue right. Will there be 12 wild card contestants? And then three will be voted on from that show to join the final 12? Wow, talk about dragged out.

    Danny- yes. Alexis- yes. Michael- no. I know I'm the only one in Ameriac but I just don't get the appeal. Sure, he's a likeable guy with a nice "everyman" back story but he's just not that good. Haven't liked him since auditions and nothing has changed. He's an okay singer who will be exposed as soon as they make him sing Barry Manilow or even Bon Jovi instead of comfortable country.

    The composure of the people sent home last night might have something to do with how awful they were the night before. My guess is they kind of knew it was coming- except Anoop and Tatiana ('cause she's delusional).

    Posted by FinnFann February 19, 09 07:16 AM
  1. I think the wildcard round will be *any* 12 -- even people who didn't make the final 36. That's what they did when they last did the wildcard several years ago.

    Posted by vg February 19, 09 07:19 AM
  1. happy to see Danny and Alexis move forward...Michael, not so much. In my opinion, ANYBODY can do an "okay" reindition of ANY Gaven Degraw song. Let's see if this teddy bear can handle a winded ballad. Talk about out of his element! Either Eric or Anoop should have pushed through. Dang voters! =P

    Posted by TDAWG February 19, 09 07:21 AM
  1. J. Barton, AMEN! You summed it up perfectly. The country has enough drama in real life without having to watch Tatiana week after week. Everyone needs to remember also that this is the first time most of these people have sung Live. They tend to get better as time goes on and they get more experience working with Idol's trainers.

    By the way.. Go ARCHIE.. you should have won.

    Posted by IDOL fan February 19, 09 07:25 AM
  1. Does anyone really know how the wildcard is going to work?
    Do the judges pick another group of 12 for a sing-off and audience vote or do they pick the final 3 without an audience vote?
    And if a final group of 12 will it be 4 from each round or the 12 best in the judges minds from the entire 27 remaining or will it be based on audience vvote. Anoup for instance lost out on a spot by just 20,000 votes and would be sure bet for a wild card spot if based on audience vote.

    Posted by Otis February 19, 09 07:37 AM
  1. If Anoop doesn't come back, I won't watch anymore. I'm SOOO mad!! Anoop was clearly better than Michael Sarver. Gavin Degraw isn't hard to sing...I can sing that song better than Sarver!! UGH!! ANOOP BETTER BE BACK!!!

    Posted by angie February 19, 09 07:40 AM
  1. I am kind of enjoying the system to get everyone to the top 12 - it means we don't have to listen to so much dreck for weeks - BUT it also means that the performers don't have a chance to develop for a few weeks, and we have a lot less to go on in voting, as we head into the top 12. Oh well.

    There is something skeevy about Tatiania. She looks like a floozy from the 80s, with her hair, there's something unkempt about her. The lipstick she wears (that horrid pink!) doesn't flatter her either, she is just trashy looking, if not trashy in reality.

    Posted by metronomic February 19, 09 07:42 AM
  1. I think Tatiana has awesome vocals and I'm betting she makes it in.

    Posted by guess February 19, 09 08:05 AM
  1. I am so not happy about Michael Sarver getting through...BOOORRRRRIINNNNGGGG....not that I really liked anyone else a whole lot better, and definatly did not want Tatiana to go through but really...if they wanted boring they should have picked Rickey Braddy.

    Posted by idolisstinking February 19, 09 08:09 AM
  1. Braddy should have made it....he was the best vocal that so tired of these boohoo stories of these singers.....everybody has a story.......quit playing the "oh me" card, its really getting old

    Posted by michael February 19, 09 08:10 AM
  1. i think Danny s going to run away with this. he has serious pipes, he hs the huge likeability factor, and a backstory to make people cry. I mean he loses he wife, befriends another contestant, ( jamal) who in my opinion was at lest as good as danny if not better, who he also invites to the show, but i think the producers tossed him so it wouldnt be an all male sound a-like show. but thats me, i could see jamal and danny forming a group slash duo if danny doesnt win.
    and carly and that guy did anyone actually like their rendition of the letter? it sounded like a broadway musical gone flat. ill betthat album falls fast.

    Posted by steveh February 19, 09 08:11 AM
  1. Am I the only one in America who can't stand Tatianna and is happy she is finally out? She was sooooo f-ing annoying !!!

    Posted by tony moy February 19, 09 08:13 AM
  1. and how was Braddy boring? he had one shot to show his voice and what a fantastic vocal it was, just listen to it again.....if he doesn't make the wildcard show something is wrong.....almost everyone else was featured some how some way the last few weeks but one even knew who he was until Wednesday night and I think he deserves another shot to showcase himself, since FOX won' is time to for IDOL to make it a little more fair and even......i think they should show us stories of all the contestants or none at all......if no one in America had seen any of the contestants before the results would have been completely different.......

    Posted by Junior February 19, 09 08:23 AM
  1. Maybe the bring Tatiana back just for the reality tv psycho effect. More than a bit looney always leads to more discussion on blogs like this.

    Posted by jimlin February 19, 09 08:32 AM
  1. I hope Braddy gets in via the wild card route. He was at a disadvantage because he was given zero air time during the auditions. Since those audition shows were pre-recorded, all contestants who make it to the semifinals should be given air time just to be fair. Braddy had the best voice of the male singers in that batch. It would be terrible if he does not get a chance. When Simon says he lack personality, it was unfair. I don't think Danny Gokey has a better personality than he does. His personality was created for him by the show. Braddy should have been given the same chance.

    Posted by Paul February 19, 09 08:34 AM
  1. Anoop Dogg is the only slam dunk from this group to be on the Wild Card show...a little disapointed he didn't go through yesterday as he is far supperior vocally and more likeable than Sarver.

    Posted by Billy February 19, 09 08:34 AM
  1. I cannot believe the hype about Danny. I find him annoying and fake. I would NEVER listen to a record from him

    Posted by No Danny Fan February 19, 09 08:35 AM
  1. I was totally disappointed last night that Anoop didn't make it through - I do expect to see him in the wild card round though - I'd like to see Ricky Braddy in the wild card too, but we'll see what happens.

    Loved seeing MJ and Carly again though. :)

    Posted by SarahBeth February 19, 09 08:45 AM
  1. I'm totally with Junior. I thought Braddy had the best vocal. He simply had no chance singing early in the night against 3 male singers who had received a lot of face time.

    I'll agree he wasn't the most charismatic performer, but at least he didn't look uncomfortable. I'd much rather have the best singers than the best performers. People with good voices can improve their stage presence in few weeks with a little practice. However, mediocre singers are unlikely to improve their voices much in such a short time.

    I don't necessarily disagree with the three who got through, I just think this new/old system sticks. As I've said before, if we had this system last year, David Cook probably wouldn't have made it past the first week, either.

    I'm sure Anoop will get a wildcard spot; Braddy probably not.

    Posted by two_sheds February 19, 09 09:32 AM
  1. The whole thing just made me mad. Voters are easily influenced and American Idol knows it. They can manipulate who people vote for by how much exposure or lack of they decide to give each contestant. If America were to see all 12 of these past contestants for the VERY FIRST TIME walk in and sing. Ricky Braddy would have hands down been the leader. However, Tuesday rolls around and he walks in and I have no clue where he came from. He nailed it. Then Simon goes on saying he has no star quality and doesn't believe in himself. We don't know that, we only saw him walk out and sing. But dumb voters will then call him boring off of that and he had better presence then all of them. AI owes Ricky an apology.

    Posted by AIwatcher February 19, 09 09:38 AM
  1. 1. Stop complaining.
    2. The judges select the three remaining wild card contestants. Not 12, but 3. Perhaps you would wait to see who gets eliminated the next two weeks before declaring who the wild cards will be? Just a thought.

    Posted by AL5000 February 19, 09 09:58 AM
  1. am I only one that thinks the judges are making the picks and this whole voting thing is fake?

    Posted by guess February 19, 09 10:00 AM
  1. I love Anoop, and I was pleasantly surprised by Braddy....but if I had to pick one for Wild Card Week I'd have to go with Anoop. They're both clean cut and have a rich tone, but Anoop chose more varied songs to date -- "My Prerogative" rocked!

    But it's not quite past years, both Anoop and Rick would've hung around for WEEKS while the dregs were voted out two by two....they both kind of remind me of Bald Phil, the singing dad from 2 years ago, I think, who hung on for a surprisingly long time.

    I'm glad Alexis got through, but I'm really pulling for Jasmine and Lil!

    Posted by serafina February 19, 09 10:06 AM
  1. if America's vote is what gets the contestants thru then why do they need "judges" after the final 12?

    Posted by guess February 19, 09 10:15 AM
  1. AL5000,

    Are you sure that there will not be a Wild Card round where a larger group of singers will compete and the judges will select three to join the other nine? Where did you find this out?

    Posted by T. Idol February 19, 09 10:18 AM
  1. I like Danny and think he's talented. But, since his initial try out, he seems to be a little less humble and more presumptuous. Hopefully he won't go down that path, he will start losing votes and fans. BTW, Jamal was his friend from back home. He didn't meet him at the tryouts.

    Posted by jay February 19, 09 10:21 AM
  1. Braddy: BORING!!! Nice vocals, easy on the eyes, but is he the "American Idol" -- nah.
    Tatiana: FREAK SHOW. She might be able to sing but thank goodness she is gone.
    I don't love Michael S. but I thought Danny & Alexis were the best of the group.
    OMG the Carly-Michael thing was a snoozefest! I couldn't totally see why neither of them won: forgettable.

    Posted by susan February 19, 09 10:36 AM
  1. Danny, Alexis, R. Braddy (and possibly Anoop) were the best singers in that group. The rest of the lot sang off-key. Braddy and Anoop deserve a wild card slot.
    As for Group 2, Adam and Jasmine are lucky to be paired with some mediocre talent.

    Posted by singingcontest February 19, 09 10:46 AM
  1. Hi guys,
    I've checked in with Fox to clarify how the Wild Card round will work. A spokeswoman tells me that the judges will be able to choose anyone they want from the three semifinalist groups to perform during the wild card show. The judges will then make the final decision; no votes from the public. Checking on a few more details, and I'll let you know as soon as I do. - Joanna

    Posted by Joanna February 19, 09 11:08 AM
  1. the 4th vote getter from each week goes to wild card week and the judges pick the others that go.The judges pick the 3 that get in the final 12 from there.

    Posted by steve February 19, 09 11:33 AM
  1. The only drama was the Anoop/Michael face off. When Alexis was put through early in the evening, every woman not named Tatiana knew they were done, and so did we.

    They really do want a white male Carrie country/pop crossover star, and a bluesy white girl.

    Posted by NHMusiclover February 19, 09 11:42 AM
  1. I don't like the weeding out process this season. I liked the three people that were chosen last night but I liked Braddy and Anoop and Jacky too. I would prefer the judging be from all of 36 together rather than three groups of 12 or whatever it is. Tatiana's voice would be more appreciated if she didn't have to pose, fix her hair, and put on a performance every time she's asked a question. She may not be treated fairly but she's so irritating you don't care. Her voice isn't good enough to win and if she's added to the wild card round it's because she's there to add drama. Maybe they are waiting for another contestant to strangle her.

    Posted by D February 19, 09 12:22 PM
  1. Bring Tati back, tell her she's won, then tell her there was a mistake and she's out. That should be good for about 15 minutes of closeups.

    Posted by gary unger February 19, 09 01:29 PM
  1. I thought this was a singing competition. In my opinion, Braddy, Anoop and
    Tatiana have great voices,and with time, their stage appearance and everything
    else that goes along with being an idol will show. Braddy, he got no exposure what so ever, Tatiana, she came on to strong, very annoying , but she calmed down a lot. I think she realized that or maybe someone said something to her. But I believe she is workable. Anoop, nice kid, nice voice I believe he will get a second chance. You exploit only certain individuals, thats not right. It's almost
    a given who will have a better chance of going forward. Once again, I thought it
    was about their singing. You can work on someones appearance and stage
    presence. Look at Clay Aikens, the first time he walked out on to the stage.
    He looks totally different now. You could see the changes in him from show to show. It's all part of it. You like to see them grow from week to week.

    Posted by Debbie February 19, 09 01:34 PM
  1. I am also surprised and sadden by Anoop not making it. Personally I think he deserved it more than Michael to be honest. Michael has a good voice, but Anoop has a phenomenal of which I sure didn't expect from him when he audition. Thank god for the wild card because otherwise I would seriously be questioning the integrity of American Idol. I tried to vote for Anoop numerous times and couldn't get through..hmmmm. In any case, not in the least surprised by the other two. Alexis is by far and away the best singer amongst the girls in that group and Danny..well what can I say..he is AMAZING!!! His friend never should have been voted off and I almost stopped watching after that. I think Danny might be my soulmate :)

    Posted by caligirl February 19, 09 01:40 PM
  1. I'd have to replace Michael with Ricky. Ricky's performance far shadowed that of Michael. I hope they realize it and bring him back with the wild card.

    Posted by Timothy LaMont February 19, 09 02:14 PM
  1. i love anoop! i hope they choose him as a wildcard, but i'm not predicting any other wild-folks until we see the next two weeks' performances. sarver is fine and a good singer but not nearly as stylin' as anoop-dawg. my perogative, indeed!

    tatiana is talented but, oy vey. i'm not sorry she's gone.

    i could see danny winning but i don't love him. curious to see what happens to the widower when women in the audience fling themselves at him. what a bizarre situation.

    Posted by nibs February 19, 09 02:17 PM
  1. I hope they bring back R. Braddy! I was blown away by his voice and that he seemed to come out of nowhere. I didn't even remember him from the tryouts. Shows you how AI can skew the votes.

    Posted by AI-ght February 19, 09 02:36 PM
  1. Another thing that I think has flawed the system is that fact that they are putting through the guy with the highest votes and a girl with the highest votes and then the third highest. I understand that they are trying to give the show variety, but the best singers with the most votes should go through even if all three of them are guys or all girls. If they went by votes instead of gender, who knows how different it could have been. I don't think it is right for the show to trump the favorites' votes.

    Posted by AIwatcher February 19, 09 02:55 PM
  1. I'd like to see Stevie have a chance for redemption. She was very good during her audition. If she can pull it together, she might pull in the teen vote. I may be in the minority, but I thought that Tatiana was pretty good this week. She's a nut, but she can sing.

    Posted by Kevin February 19, 09 03:25 PM
  1. I agree....let them all sing for the first time in front of america.......Ricky Braddy BLEW everybody away!!! Flawless them all back...& you will see......Danny is good.....but not as good as Ricky!

    Posted by Steve February 19, 09 04:33 PM
  1. Don't like the format at all.
    Sorry, but I don't think they were any more cruel to Tatiana than they were to the rest and have been to others the past seven years. She has an okay voice, but her look of utter shock that she didn't make it really made me angry. She showed absolutely no class at all, never even acknowledged Danny. (Agree that the other cast-offs were all very gracious - I'm sure they all want to just crawl under the covers at that point.) Her superior attitude may be her downfall.

    Like Danny, Alexis, and Michael. Hope to see Anoop again. I liked Ricky, but he's a victim of the producers and not enough screen time to this point.

    Posted by Wednesday AM QB February 19, 09 05:29 PM
  1. I hate this new judging system. Last night's group had three standouts--Danny, Anoop, and Ricky, but there was no way three men would be picked. Who knows if anyone in the other groups will actually be better than some of the men sent home last night? I strongly disagree with the Michael Sarver choice--he's a nice guy with a good voice, but I suspect he's very limited in range. Poor Ricky didn't stand a chance--without any prior airtime the viewers had no investment in seeing him get ahead, although clearly he deserved to. As for Alexis, yes, she's a cute petite girl with a big voice, but seriously, I don't know a single person who really wants to hear that kind of singing. It's impressive, it's strong, it's unexpected, but it's not exactly the sort of thing you would pay to hear over and over again.

    Posted by Amy February 19, 09 05:50 PM
  1. I don't like this format at all. I don't understand how the public is willing to invest time in voting, knowing most likely the person they pick won't be on again. I do not understand how the wild card will work - next four from top votes in each group perform again? I don't think it is fair if the public does not continue with the selection of the top 12 - the bunch will be lopsided. Ricky was so much better than Michael. Anoop also good - I don't know if Danny was as great as the 3 out of 4 judges thought, but I don't mind him being in the top 12. This show may have "jumped the shark" finally... Shame...

    Posted by Cathy February 19, 09 07:49 PM
  1. "I love Anoop, and I was pleasantly surprised by Braddy....but if I had to pick one for Wild Card Week I'd have to go with Anoop. They're both clean cut and have a rich tone, but Anoop chose more varied songs to date -- "My Prerogative" rocked!"

    The only reason you can say that is because they showed Anoop singing. They never showed any of Ricky singing prior to Tuesday night.

    Posted by to:serafina February 19, 09 09:51 PM
  1. The ONLY one that deserves to go on is Ricky Braddy. He was the absolute best vocalist from the first round. Anoop??? Try ANope! And definitely Tatiana don't deserve to go...

    Posted by markdig February 20, 09 02:41 PM
  1. I know Ricky Braddy personally. No personality? Wrongo!! Just wait and see his stage presence when he comes back on a wild card!

    Posted by LeAnn February 20, 09 03:45 PM
  1. Did anyone else expect Tatiana to run up and grab the microphone from Danny and start singing her song and telling America that it was her dream and we took it all away? Because I did.

    Posted by MFJ February 21, 09 11:59 AM
  1. i thought ricky had the best vocals of the night. i could listen to him over and over again and certainly would buy his music.. america missed this one!

    Posted by kathy February 22, 09 10:23 AM

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