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Farewell, Geek

Posted by Matthew Gilbert  January 15, 2009 06:54 AM

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How sad to see William Petersen leave "CSI" tonight. He has been an essential part of the the "CSI" DNA since day one. A sly, low-key actor, he has embodied the show's intense worship of science and reason. Yes, his Grissom has had love interests (Sara, Lady Heather) and mood swings, but nothing has ever seemed to captivate him quite like his work. While his counterparts on spinoffs "CSI: Miami" and "CSI: NY" seem to get swept up in their own emotional issues, Grissom has remained almost obsessively focused on the case at hand and the evidence.

At times, he seemed to be the last sane man in a town -- Las Vegas -- known for its compulsive and decadent behavior. I'll post a review of his final episode tomorrow morning.

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22 comments so far...
  1. I am very sad to see Grissom go. He's my favorite on it. I didn't like Jorja Fox and was glad to see her go, and not so glad shes been back 10 times since...but I have a feeling that wont be the same for Grissom.

    I really wish they could have found a better replacement than Laurence Fishburne.

    Posted by ilovegrissom January 15, 09 08:37 AM
  1. The will continue...naturally...but it won't be the same. +(

    Posted by Tdwag January 15, 09 08:41 AM
  1. there goes that show. without him they are doomed. he was great.

    Posted by Sneak January 15, 09 08:47 AM
  1. Bummer. I like Petersen. He has the most laid-back, relaxed delivery since Perry Como.

    Posted by Richard January 15, 09 09:31 AM
  1. At least we'll be able to see Petersen in a wider range of parts in the future. You can't blame him for thinking the Grissom character was getting a bit shelf worn after so many years. While I first thought this would be the death of CSI, the announcement that Lawrence Fishburne was joining the cast was a real upper. They couldn't have chosen a finer actor to succeed Petersen,

    Posted by Wayne Morris January 15, 09 09:50 AM
  1. "He has been an essential part of the the "CSI" "?

    He WAS CSI . I must agree with the posting by 'Sneak' , I know I probably won't be too interested in watching the show now. Have the tissues ready for his final episode tonight!

    Posted by Gene January 15, 09 09:54 AM
  1. Is that a shark I see under CSI?

    Posted by Al January 15, 09 10:11 AM
  1. Watch he never leaves and it's all a big ploy to get ratings up... or he dies. I would be really sad if he does indeed leave. I agree, he is "CSI".

    Posted by Sandra January 15, 09 10:13 AM
  1. Since there is no disconnect by so many Americans between fantasy and reality, some of you should just consider this a part of the great recession. I am far more concerned about our real safety with GWB leaving the show.

    Posted by FRS January 15, 09 10:22 AM
  1. "I am far more concerned about our real safety with GWB leaving the show."

    Yes, because with the Taliban back on the rise and bin Laden still out there in command, he has clearly done such a good job protecting us. Or do you actually buy all the Republican propaganda that only they can protect national security?

    Good riddance.

    As for the show, I'm sad to see Petersen leaving, but I'm really looking forward to what Fishburne will bring. All you doomsayers ought to give him a shot.

    Posted by Andy Anonymous January 15, 09 10:29 AM
  1. Who is GWB? What show is he on, Real World?

    Posted by BHO January 15, 09 10:30 AM
  1. HEY FRS....
    what fantasy world are you living in? Boy bush will be judged to one of the top five worse presidents EVER !!!!'

    Posted by Denis Ohainle January 15, 09 10:33 AM
  1. As accomplished as Fishburne is, CSI will founder without Petersen. He was the true creator of that show; CSI *is* Grissom. CSI will now become another bland police procedural, unless Fishburne leaves an indelible mark on it.

    Jorja Fox? Liked her better as the beset doctor on ER. Here she's fluff.

    Posted by reindeergirl January 15, 09 10:41 AM
  1. I haven't watched but a couple episodes since Jorja Fox left and now without Grissom I doubt I'll watch any at all, Nick, Catherine and Greg (without his interactions with Sara) just don't do it for me. My interests have moved on to NCIS anyway.

    Posted by fifty8th January 15, 09 11:07 AM
  1. I can't imagine the show without Gruesome Grissom. He has always been in my top three favorite tv characters, ever.

    I like Fishburne, and I am sure he will do a great job, but even if he is spectacular, he still isn't Petersen. CSI will be a different show from now on. It might be still be one I like and watch, but it is the end of an era.

    Posted by April January 15, 09 11:25 AM
  1. CSI (the original) has been my favorite show since it's first airing. I love William Peterson, an intense and dynamic actor. I will miss him terribly ... the show just won't be the same without him. One thing I do not understand ... CSI (Las Vegas) has been in the top 10 ratings for years but it never wins awards. Although I think the entertainment industry seriously overdoes it with their "self congratulation" and way too many award ceremonies, this is a terrible oversight not recognizing this wonderful show and it's great ensemble cast.

    Posted by Anne Maher Heller January 15, 09 11:48 AM
  1. Yes, it is sad to see Grissom go. I would have loved to see him with Lady Heather more. I thought they had better chemistry than him and Sara.

    Posted by sam January 15, 09 12:08 PM
  1. I'm really bummed to see William Petersen go, as he's a major element to what makes the show work. Laurence Fishburn as the new lead of CSI should be interesting - I think it was a great move to bring him in, as I've really enjoyed his career as an actor.
    Not a fan AT ALL of Jorja Fox.
    Between the death of Warrick Brown and now the departure of Grissom, I'm very interested to see where the show is going next. I truly hope (as someone said) it's not quite jumping the shark just yet...

    Posted by S. Annie January 15, 09 12:17 PM
  1. When do they start airing CSI: East Podunk, Iowa?

    Posted by dave January 15, 09 12:18 PM
  1. I don't like any of the other CSI shows except the original because William Petersen is so great in he role. He makes the show. Without him, I think they will lose many fans. It just won't be the same.

    Posted by MartyJo January 15, 09 12:50 PM
  1. Grissom/William Peterson at CSI... is the show, congrat's to Lawrence Fishborn another fine actor but let's face it ... no one could replace Newman and Redford as Butch and Sundance either. You think CSI... you think Grissom. Here's hoping writers and producers will be smart enough to have him back for special appearances. As for William Peterson getting spicer roles in his future, obviously you have not followed his career, he's already done that, and done it well.

    Posted by AlreadymissingGrissom :( January 15, 09 01:05 PM
  1. Greatest Actor of Our Generation? Of... All Times? Methinks... yes.

    RIP, Grissom. We'll never forget you... amigo. I love you.

    Posted by CSI 4 life January 15, 09 01:42 PM

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