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'Runway:' United States of Gunn

Posted by Joanna Weiss  October 9, 2008 12:06 PM

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At first, I thought I wanted Tim Gunn to be president. But I don't think he'd like that job. So now I'm proposing that he head up a cabinet department -- a National Ministry of Making it Work. He'd be dedicated to helping us all reach our potential, by self-editing and thinking long and hard about our decisions. He'd talk us through crises. He'd cry a little bit, but we'd understand. And sometimes, if we really begged him, he'd go with us for darling tandem bike rides through urban parks.

And he'd certainly help us pick out wedding dresses, which, I know from experience, requires a team of advisers. (When I picked out mine, nine - gulp! - years ago, I first went with my mother, then with my friends. The opinions proffered were strikingly different.) I favor simplicity in bridal gowns, so I agree with the judges that Jerell's and Korto's were wayyyy too much. To paraphrase Michael Kors, you don't want too much stuff going on above, below, and around your boobs. And you definitely don't want anything growing out of your hair.

I'm having a hard time deciding whether I'd rather wear Kenley's or Leanne's. I think I might actually go with Kenley's, which looks like more fun to dance in. (Besides, it would probably give my relatives more shpilkes, which would be fun.) I love Leanne's structured dresses on an intellectual level, but I'm not sure I'd ever want to wear them. And as odious as Kenley is -- did you find it as striking as I did that she didn't introduce Tim Gunn to any of her friends? -- she seems to understand the spirit of a wedding. Or, at least, the spirit of a wedding I'd want to attend.

But does her dress look too much like the Alexander McQueen feather dress that Michael Kors was likely referring to? You be the judge. (Photo via


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24 comments so far...
  1. That isn't the McQueen dress in question. The one to which Kors was referring is a dead ringer for Kenley's dress. Well, not a dead ringer, McQueen does it with a drop waist-line and asymmetric hem and it was much more panache than the Kenley dress. But it sure looks like a knock-off to me.

    Posted by Leni October 9, 08 01:43 PM
  1. There is a different Alexander McQueen dress that was featured in the Sept. 2008 issue of Vogue that looks EXACTLY like Kenley's dress...exactly. Same color, same bodice and feathers. For reference, the dress is shown on page 320 of the Sept. issue..with Harry Potter in the right hand corner :) Either she saw this dress and was copying or it is a HUGE coincidence.

    Posted by Jennifer October 9, 08 01:48 PM
  1. Thanks- I think I found the one you're talking about, and replaced. The similarities sure are striking. (Though there is something a little jauntier and more youthful --if less classically elegant -- about the Kenley version.) Is it possible that Kenley didn't see it and came up with the idea on her own? Or am I being far too forgiving?

    Posted by Joanna October 9, 08 01:58 PM
  1. I am not a big fan of Kenley...I really think she was kept on for the drama factor even though some of her designs were atrocious....the Zodiac inspired outfit for instance. I agree that Kenley's design here is a bit more youthful but it sure is very, very similar in other ways...the color, the use of feathers. Maybe she saw the McQueen dress and then on a subconscious level she incorporated aspects into her own design!

    Posted by Jennifer October 9, 08 02:38 PM
  1. I just hope the judges take this into consideration. It's much TOO much of a coincidence. Come on.

    Posted by tricia October 9, 08 02:51 PM
  1. Really to simialar for me but does anyone else think swan lake?

    Posted by Meghan October 9, 08 03:06 PM
  1. I only started watching Project Runway back in February, but from the first time I watched it, I was hooked, and mostly becuase I LOVE Tim Gunn. He is so kind and genuine, and a bit corny, which just adds to his appeal. I actually believed him when he cried and told the designers how much he cared for them. I think that came from the heart.

    Posted by Elizabeth October 9, 08 03:10 PM
  1. Tim saw that dress at Kenley's in August, wouldn't it have been, and it was finished. It's certainly troubling, but only because it means her pov isn't as fresh as she (and we) would want it to be. I can't think she'd cheat. I mean, what would that do? Clearly the judges knew about the other dress.

    Posted by Ellen October 9, 08 03:20 PM
  1. I think Kenley's defensiveness reminded me very much of my old classmates in the design school.... those who tend to be very defensive and kept "arguing" with the critics... on and on and forever...just like what happened in the last episode. But she is much calmer this round... but who knows what will happen next?

    I don't really appreciate her design as a matter of fact and I wonder if the judges have kept her so the viewers will see more drama during the finale?

    Posted by fishball October 9, 08 03:44 PM
  1. Knock-off design or not ...did anyone notice how anorexic the model in the McQueen dress is? Her shoulders look like they are going to pop out of her frame. She makes the PM model look "normal" ...or somewhat normal.

    ~ ~ ~ GROSSNESS ~ ~ ~

    Posted by Dee October 9, 08 04:20 PM
  1. I don't think it's a coincidence either. and do you actually think that Kenley has friends to introduce to Tim?

    Posted by stu silverstein October 9, 08 07:17 PM
  1. thank you I dream to learn but have no mony. please search sponsor for my study.

    Posted by adane wochato October 10, 08 08:04 AM
  1. If Tim was visiting Kenly in August and the Mcqueen dress was in Vogue in August, don't you think Tim would have said something to Kenly in her apt when he saw the dress? I mean Tim is very upfront and honest about those things. How can you not LOVE this man ?

    Posted by bert goodell October 10, 08 01:50 PM
  1. You can't say that Michael Kors isn't on top of things. Good call on his part noticing how similar Kenley's dress was to the Alexander McQueen dress. I liked the tulle on Kenley's dress better than the McQueen dress though. And yes, it did look like something out of Swan Lake.
    Also, it is interesting to read post after post about how great Tim Gunn is.
    He is so sincere and kind. I can't believe that some of the contestants don't listen to his advice. He always knows what he's talking about. I love Tim!

    Posted by Pam October 11, 08 06:59 AM
  1. Kenley has the talent she is just a drama queen. She has a huge chip on her pin cushion. I for one loved Leanne's wedding dress and maid of honors dress. How gorgeous was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by kati October 11, 08 08:46 AM
  1. ok, i have been watching project runway for the past three seasons, and i am shocked that they would even let that rude,crying little brat kenley stay in the show, as for her swan lake dress, all she is missing is the dead swan hanging around her models neck, she is a copy cat, a lousy designer and i would never buy any of her old fashioned dresses, she needs to be in the corner for talking to Hidi like that .

    Posted by carolina October 11, 08 10:44 AM
  1. i love every thing she did , i will wait for her cloth to buy it

    Posted by Mervat Mousaad October 11, 08 11:21 AM
  1. Staged, staged, staged, staged. I bet the guy behind the wall on the “Grassy Knoll” who now works for Bravo slipped the K girl an early draft of the Vogue article including a photo(s) of the McQueen dress(es) so that the drama an controversy would entice Carl Rove and Howard Dean to don teddies and strut the runway in a winner take all showdown for the presidency. Who trusts anyone or anything anymore? What the heck I watch the show for entertainment not intellectual stimulation. Bravo Bravo and Project Runway – you entertain me.

    Posted by C. Fenton Trunt October 11, 08 11:33 AM
  1. Didn't anyone else think of the famous Bjork's 2001 Oscar night "dead swan" dress? (You can find it on YouTube or in "Hollywood's 12 Biggest Fashion Blunders.) Also, I find it interesting that Kenley says she doesn't "Follow Fashion" or other designers, and yet says (and I mis-quote) "there is no other silhouette out there like this." How can she know that without following fashion?

    Posted by Patrice October 11, 08 01:39 PM
  1. I litterally know nothing about design or how long it takes to make a wedding dress, but if Tim Gunn saw the dress in August and the issue of Vogue came out in August, isn't it impossible that she stole the idea? I am not a Kenley fan AT ALL, but I would much rather hate her for being the selfish bitch that she is and not for the cheat that she isn't...

    Posted by Amanda October 11, 08 11:36 PM
  1. I don't know about Vogue, depending on how they published it, I get a knitting magazine 2 months early. I really wonder what and how this happened.

    Posted by Q October 12, 08 03:45 PM
  1. Wait... I agree they are VERY, VERY, very simillar, with that said. The dress was seen by Tim in August (filming purposes) and it was quite a finished product. IF.. IF she was copying the McQueen dress, don't you think Tim would have said something at that time. Considering he is always fair, even to people who are not so nice.. he gives really good advice. Another thing, most designers keep such garments under wraps until the last moment. This dress is a Falln 2008, again yes, I agree it's a HUUUUUUUUUGE, little co-winky-dink, I can't explain it but I guess I do have to give Kenley the benefit. BUT... then again, when Michael made his comment she did know what he was talking about... (hmmm?) makes me wonder.... (insert... twilight zone music interlude) I'd have to make my decision on what the "real" time frame was... Will we ever know?

    Posted by Shoeshopping Goddess October 14, 08 06:21 PM
  1. I loved Kenley's dress!

    Posted by deede October 21, 08 07:17 PM
  1. I was very reminded of Björk's swan dress in a good way... I also definitely could see Kenley listening to some Björk while she's designing. I think the true question is whether or not Alexander Mcqueen and Kenley were both trying to refine the swan dress.

    Posted by Mythiasmorsus May 27, 09 01:02 PM

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