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In praise of 'Dirty Sexy Money'

Posted by Joanna Weiss  October 23, 2008 09:57 AM

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It's time to give another shout-out to "Dirty Sexy Money," the ABC series that wins the current prize as the most satisfying soapy pleasure on TV. This is adult soapiness, as opposed to skinny-alcoholic-kids-in-designer-clothes soapiness. And that's what I love about it: its characters are old enough to be past those initial self-discovery issues. At this point, the various members of New York's rich Darling family are grappling with themselves, often hilariously. I've always particularly admired Glenn Fitzgerald's turn as Brian Darling, a self-centered former Episcopal priest who's discovering, almost against his will, that he has a heart. Seth Gabel, as playboy Jeremy Darling, carries himself with a Johnny-Depp-style androgyny that's utterly believable. As patriarch Tripp Darling, Donald Sutherland perfectly walks the line between creepiness and camp. And Peter Krause, to me, is getting better and better as audience stand-in Nick George, the lawyer-slash-family-friend who gets enmeshed in Darling affairs. He's appalled but fascinated, he can be as manipulative as they are, and he finds their world increasingly hard to resist.

Complaints? I don't see much that Lucy Liu is adding, so far, as a careerist prosecutor who dresses a bit to well for someone on the public payroll. I'm tired of Zoe McLellan, as Nick's suffering wife, who does nothing but complain about how much time he gives to the Darlings. She needs something different to do, and I'm guessing McLellan agrees. And I want more Carmelita!

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2 comments so far...
  1. I adore Karen and have from the start, but her affair with Simon Elder has become irritating. Since last season, plot lines have taken their sweet time to develop, with some big jaw dropper revelations to keep us interested, but the "Karen using Simon but falling in love, Simon using Karen but making it seem like he's love" just isn't going anywhere. I probably wouldn't like her character as much if they gave her any depth, but it just seems like they could do so much more with her. She's not really contributing, and Simon Elder really isn't involved this season like he was last season. Move it along already!

    Posted by Megan October 23, 08 01:17 PM
  1. I live for Wednesday night!!!!! Can't wait till season 1 is out on DVD so I can wallow in DSM!!

    Posted by baileyislandgirl October 23, 08 07:07 PM

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