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Obama to Run Network Infomercial

Posted by Matthew Gilbert  October 10, 2008 06:14 AM

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Barack Obama has just signed a deal with CBS and NBC to run a half-hour ad on Wednesday, Oct. 29, less than a week before the election, and a night before the start of November sweeps. Obama will make his pitch to the entire country, rather than just to battleground states, with a chunk of prime time TV. The last time a presidential candidate bought a half-hour: Ross Perot in 1992.

"Obama's theme is not just change but unity, so he's appealing to the whole nation rather than a handful of tossup states," one political analyst told the Hollywood Reporter yesterday. "He wants to win the popular vote by a good margin, which will enable him to govern."

The Obama campaign has a few dollars to spend, which might not be the case if the senator had not opted out of the campaign financing system. The price of prime time has to be huge, but according to the New York Times, the networks and the campaign will not disclose the cost. If McCain decides to take the same path, by the way, the networks are obliged to offer him a similar time slot and the same price.

An Obamercial? Yes, and followed by laughs. CBS will move "The New Adventures of Old Christine" to 8:30 that night, and NBC will pull "Knight Rider" and fill in the 8:30 slot with a sitcom.

I'll definitely watch it, but I do hope the influence of reality TV -- so huge since the days of Ross Perot -- is not visible in the production. That would just be grotesque. Will you watch?

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41 comments so far...
  1. We are going to reward one of the two parties that have gotten us into this mess. The Repblicans take care of the "Somebodies", the Democrats take care of the "Nobodies", and NOBODY takes care of that tax generating engine, the Middle Class. The Dems when they win, and win big they will, will be forced to confront the Middle Class, and do something for it, but they won't and can't, as this is against their philosophy. All you will get out of them is what we have gotten out of both parties, "Tons of Smiles, Finger Pointing", and lots of BS! They both are beholden to their respective narrow minded, "Give me Money, I'M ENTITLED"!

    Posted by jim October 10, 08 07:38 AM
  1. How about Bailing me out?
    In this economy, what are these two idiots going to do when their pleged contributions fail to contribute?
    If these two are the best this country has to offer, we are surly in a sad state.

    Posted by Shaboom October 10, 08 08:34 AM
  1. Jim, you hit the nail on the head. Barack Obama will do nothing for the middle class. He is filling their heads with lie after lie. If people really want change then maybe it's time we put term limits on all politicians, including house and senate members.
    Obama is trying to steal and buy this election. Is that change? He has donated 800 thousand dollars to ACORN so they can help him steal the election and now because the media and Hollywood are supporting him he is taking over our airwaves.
    Socialism, here we come. He wants control of the media, the banks, our healthcare system, and the housing market, He wants to redistribute wealth and increase affirmative action programs, which are discriminatory. The middle class are going to suffer much more under Barack Obama.

    Posted by David October 10, 08 08:37 AM
  1. I'm middle class and I can't wait for Obama. I am sick to death of "spend and borrow" republicans who have driven the country so into debt we may never recover. Look at the facts. The 3 biggest spenders in history, the 3 largest deficits were under "W", Reagan, and "Daddy Bush." Cheney famously said "Deficits don't matter, Reagan showed us that." I think Dick's day of reckoning has just come...deficits do matter...thanks for taking the whole country down with your voodoo economics.

    Posted by Mark October 10, 08 09:44 AM
  1. Yes, but I would be voting for Obama anyway. The whole Republican team has to go: President, Vice President, Senators, ecomomic advisors, House Members, etc. They failed and their reign is over.

    Posted by David T. October 10, 08 09:47 AM
  1. I think its safe to say that the Republicans, their Conservative base and Wall Street has undoubtedly created this mess. The Republicans have controlled the US Congress from 1994 until 2006, and they have controlled the White House since 2000. These Conservatives have carried on the Reagan premise of less government regulation and oversight, and cutting taxes for the wealthy and incentivizing Big Corporate to destroy Middle Class jobs or send them overseas.
    i beleive that the Democrats will win the upcoming presidential election, and will inherit a mess that is as bad as what FDR inherited. The governement will end up having to Socialize/Nationalize/reregulate and watch over everything again, just like the 1930's.

    But I firmly beleive that the Democrats will change the tax structure, and the wealthy will pay a larger share of taxes, companies will lose the incentive to send jobs overseas, the middle class and small businesses, who are the economic engine of this country, will begin to be able to breathe again as they get tax relief.

    You can see that in the stock market and commodity markets right now. There is a huge sell-off going on as speculators exit the market, and the traditional investment houses, pension and other fund managers and banks all take their lumps and are resetting their portfolios given the anticipated change in the political climate.

    Posted by thela_hun_ginjeet October 10, 08 09:50 AM
  1. The above comments are full of fear and inaccuracies. I think the markets have jostled their brains. ACORN is a non-governmental organization (you would think reactionaries would like that) that attempts to give the poor some measure of political power by registering them to vote. When poor people vote, it clearly unnerves some people.

    Posted by mtk October 10, 08 09:51 AM
  1. Obama has skillfully eliminated the Clinton machine, who at one point was assured the democratic nomination. He has been given a free pass by the liberal media on just about every issue (just like they did for the Clintions). He keeps on professing 95% of the wage earners will get a tax cut under his plan (statistically impossible). Will he ever tell you how he defines middleclass... never. Now the only things keeping him from becoming el presidente are 1. The Clintons - you know they will be behind something that comes out, 2. Another attack on US soil, 3. HIs birth certificate showing that he was not born in the US, 4. Voter fraud tied back to him

    Posted by Hasnt bin sober October 10, 08 11:39 AM
  1. David, are you kidding?

    Socialism is here right now. We The People own an insurance company! The current president wants to take majority stakes in retail banks. Wake up man, the financial sector has been socializing risk and privatizing profit for many years.

    These policies were pushed by a conservative treasury secretary, a conservative Fed and a conservative president. And you're concerned that Obama is going to socialize us? Good grief.

    Posted by Bob October 10, 08 12:17 PM
  1. You poor racist neo cons are beyond sad, you are pathetic with your crying and moaning. Well keep it up, wah, wah, wah, there is nothing you can do to stop destiny. gramps will lose the Presidency and likely is on his last leg in the Senate as well. Piggy will go back to being a empty dress, no nothing Gov. in the middle of nowhere who will likely never win another election now that she has been exposed for the idiot she is.

    Posted by craig October 10, 08 12:28 PM
  1. The economy is in the tank and he is spending how much on tv time? Talk about out of touch with what is going on? Both campaigns are spending way to much money while the rest of us are scrapping under the couch for mortgage, food, gas, home heating oil money.

    Posted by Fred_Z October 10, 08 01:01 PM
  1. Wow, I can't believe how blind you liberals truly are. The blame lies solely on the Republicans? Are you for real. I know the media has led you to believe that, but do some research on your own. And you people think a one party system works. Take a look at Massachusetts where the Dems are the dominant party and the spending habits are out of control.
    Do you think raising the gas tax will help the poor and middle class? Well, Obama wants to increase the gas tax. Do you think married couples should be penalized (marriage tax penalty) just because they are married? Obama does. Do you want to save money for your children so that you can leave them something when you die. Well, Obama thinks that should also be taxed? If you sell your house and make even the slightest profit, Obama wants a piece of that too
    These are the evil Bush tax cuts Obama wants to abolish. Do they seem unfair to you?

    Posted by David October 10, 08 01:04 PM

    Posted by FFED October 10, 08 01:14 PM
  1. World Series Game 6 (if necessary) is scheduled for that night. The time of that game has not yet been set, but it will definitely be played in the eastern time zone (either Boston or Tampa Bay).

    Posted by Ron Newman October 10, 08 01:39 PM
  1. David, every State government is in the Red. How about California needing to borrow money to make's it state payroll, and that's with a Republican governor in office. You scare tactics are old and out of date. It is a well know FACT that our economy has always done better under the Democrats. And no, not everyone supporting Obama is a democrat, or liberal for that matter. I am an Independent and was a big fan of McCain in 2000. But something happened between now and then. McCain was bought, got old and lost his way.

    Posted by sophron October 10, 08 01:39 PM
  1. It seems sad that after almost 8 years ...some of you just don't get it...and no conversation is going to change your minds! How sad???

    Posted by Joe G October 10, 08 01:44 PM
  1. Should be Oct 31.

    Posted by Harold Reimann October 10, 08 03:54 PM
  1. Nothing is scarier than the thought of the Republicans getting in for a THIRD TERM...because that is what it will be... "W"'s 3rd term. So those who are going to be watching BASEBALL that night or praying to the devil McCain himself... good luck... and maybe you should think about taking the time out to CARE what happens to your country. I am not American... so some people think that makes me NOT entitled to an opinion down here... but I have been overseas during your BUSH elections... and I have heard the collective GASP sounded as the results came in. DON'T make the same mistake 3 times over. It's was BEYOND unbelievable the second time... don't do it again.

    Posted by Kim October 13, 08 02:41 PM
  1. No, I will not be watching and will not be voting for Obama. You liberal democrats want change, oh don't worry you will get change alright...just keep an eye on you wallet and you will see change big changes!!!!

    Posted by Sharon F October 16, 08 08:31 PM
  1. I see that ABC is not committed to running the infomercial.
    Good for them. I plan on watching ABC. Also, I plan on setting up my DVR to record the other channels and will boycott the product sponsors. Especially FOX who is planning on delaying the world series. My team is out of the series so I plan now on not watching FOX's broadcast for the entire world series.
    Yes, I would feel the same if Mccain was wasting the networks time and schedule.
    For the candidate, Obama, I guess we now have the confirmation we need that its about him and not us on Main Street.

    Posted by RichardA October 17, 08 03:27 PM
  1. Nice! And Obama wants you to think he "gets it" and understands the working class - while he spends millions on an infomercial to stroke his ego and win the "prize". Shame on the media on so many levels in the way they've handled this election....but for this particular issue - shame on them for participating in helping ANY candidate (even if it was McCain) BUY the publicity and election. It shouldn't be allowed! Candidates should go out and earn the trust of the country on their own merits and PLAN to fix and lead our country. Anyone can be a smooth talking, silver-tongued, promise-making snake in the grass. If Obama gets elected - welcome to socialism!

    Posted by Nikki October 23, 08 09:28 AM
  1. I can't agree more!!! This entire election has been blown out of proportion. It's a popularity contest at it's best. My mother was on welfare, we lived in the inner city so I get it but I made a decision not to be kept in poverty, I did not depend on anyone else to help me with my medical, taxes or debt!! When I made my first major purchase rates were at 16% but I worked hard, set goals and took responsibility. If we all gave back to the community maybe we would not need such a large Government? I am not a fan of socialism so I will NOT be voting for Obama even after his promises of not increasing middle class. I am upper middle class but with Obamas plan my taxes will increase. When he states $250,00 per household, that does not include a single person, keep that in mind.

    Posted by Kim October 23, 08 01:46 PM
  1. I love listening to the Liberal Losers. It's Bush, it's the Republicans, It's the WHITE PEOPLE. Has anyone looked up the 14th Amendment regarding SLAVERY and who in fact was the party that sought to abolish it and who fought hard to keep it alive. Quick answer, the democrats hated black people and now they are supporting one to get back into the Whitehouse. The democrats are always full of hotair, lies, denies and BS! Do not take my word for it. Go to and type in Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and watch what those Democrat MORONS told the press in 2005, 2006. Fannie Mae is not having "ANY" problems and certainly "Not" Freddie Mac. You are racist for insisting that we may have a problem here. Barney Frank, Franklin Raines and all of those HOES!!!! Anything we can do to help the lazy and stupid. Wake up SHEEPLE!!!!

    The democrats have absolutely nothing to offer. Wait, maybe the people already realize this and despite the enormous fraudulent monies that NoBama has collected and spent campaigning, he still can't pull away in the polls, even the left-sided ones.

    If you do decide to vote this year, do everyone a favor and do your research. Look at the fact that WOMEN have been treated worse than ANYONE in this country. They are still continuing to get less money for same or more work than the MALES and tell me you still want to support yet another set of males who are good speakers but bad voters (check their records).

    Also, consider the Sarah Palin you saw on Saturday Night Live and Fox News. This is the real Sarah. She is not like these bimbo newscasters who hate themselves and everyone else. This election has made me sick at my stomach due to all of the one-sided BS. How in the hell do people stand for this CRAP when you would bitch, moan and complain if this was going on in a Football game, Baseball game, in the OLYMPICS but you find it acceptable when we are deciding the most important position in our country. Take for instance if the United States was in the 400 meter relay and crossed the line in 1st place and the judge said the lanes were slanted and actually China won. You would be pissed. I am asking you to take this same vigilance in this election. Stop watching CBS, CNN, C-Span, ABC, NBC and all of the rest of these "C" lettered companies which have turned into Communist- Communist Span, American Blatant Communist, Communist Broadcasting Services, Communist Not News----Wake the F--K up and see what is really going on.

    Lastly, I appreciate our forefathers and I want to protect my 1st and 2nd Constitutional Rights. If they take these, what is next, that's right ALL OF THEM will soon be gone. You can't sit here and tell me you have been to renew your driver's license or done anything else where the government was in control and you expect this LARGE GOVERNMENT to properly handle your health care. That is a LAUGHABLE MATTER!!!!

    Join me in SAVING OUR COUNTRY by going to and voting for the only TRUE Americans left in America McCain/Palin 2008!!!!

    Posted by Jacob October 24, 08 11:35 PM
  1. Right on, Jacob.
    Hopefully there are more of you out there.
    Education and Work Ethic:
    You don’t necessarily need both of them, but one of them would lead you to vote for leadership. McCain/Palin 2008

    Posted by michael October 26, 08 02:07 PM
  1. Oh my sweet Jesus. This is what Americans "discussing" government has come to... No wonder everyone else in the world hates us and thinks we are incapable of thoughtful discussion and educated decision-making. Disagreement doesn't and shouldn't have to degrade into name-calling and character insults. You're better than that!

    God help this country. My country. I love it, but my, oh my, we have work to do.

    Posted by anna October 26, 08 09:02 PM

    Posted by Stella October 28, 08 01:12 PM
  1. I'm with Jacob 100%! Well said!

    Posted by lori October 28, 08 01:26 PM
  1. I agree with Stella. Obama talks about "spreading the wealth" but of course that is with other people's wealth. I mean how much money did he and Joe Biden give to charity??? Pitiful amounts-why? Because its their money! I think people are so desperate for change that they will run to the person who looks the least like the current man in the office. That is dangerous especially when it is out there that Obama has dangerously radical friends and associations that will have a direct line into the Oval Office if he is elected. I have to admit-I don't like hate mongers and friends of Obama- Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan too much.

    Obama's campaign, supporters and media friends have made Americans afraid to question, criticize and oppose Obama's views. Sounds like the way things are in my native country-China. America is a great country-don't let Obama-Reid-Pelosi destroy it. They are opportunists-they prey on the nation's moment of weakness.

    Lessons I learned from this elections? If I don't get what i want-I will scream "racism"! If I am not happy about my situation-I will cry "sexism"! I've been robbed. Boohoo.


    Posted by Kristine October 28, 08 03:27 PM
  1. If you have to watch, then watch with the realization that Senator Barack Hussein Obama is a master of hypnotic speech. His gestures and nuances are geared into influencing your subconscious. Haven't you suspected that? That's the "something about him" that sends "tingles". God help us.

    Posted by HardWorking October 28, 08 08:16 PM
  1. WOw...half of you guys have no idea about what Obama's plans actually are. He'll do nothing for the middle class? That's one of the biggests part of his freakin platform!!! That's one of his biggest goals!!!

    Plus...socialism? Why don't you eggheads go look at the currently existing countries in Europe who operate a socialist government? They're leading HIGHER, more sustainable standardsof living than we are!!! Socialism is NOT communism, nor is it the "next step" to getting there. And if you're thinking Nazi socialism...TOTALLY different.

    Posted by Tiffiny October 28, 08 11:14 PM
  1. Actually the TOP 50% of wage earners pay 96% of the Taxes, that being said the middle class do not pay the most in taxes. Obama however will take from you middle class and give to those less fortunate than you. it's like taking half of the candy your child is going to go out and get on halloween, and giving it to those children who did not make the effort to go out and get candy.

    Posted by Mike October 29, 08 02:51 AM
  1. For those of you who are buying the line (from Chris Dodd and company) that it was the Republicans who got us into this mess, here's an interesting fact. Guess who was the chairman of the Senate banking committee, who was supposed to be overseeing the banking industry - and who would NOT ALLOW Banking Regulations (proposed by Republican McCain and others) to get out of committee and to the floor to vote on? ....Chris Dodd himself.
    From a San Fransico Chronicle article: " The CEOs of Freddie and Fannie would hire lobbyists to slip money into the pockets of Senator Chris Dodd, (D-Conn.), chairman of the Senate banking committee, who was supposed to be overseeing the banking industry, to the tune of $133,900 since 1989. Barack Obama was number two at the trough with over $120,000 which was no small feat since he
    has only been in the Senate for three years. Dodd and Obama were closely followed by the last Democratic nominee, John Kerry, (D-Mass.) and then Senator Hillary Clinton, (D-N.Y.)"
    Stop beleiveing all those pretty mind-mumbing promises and false accusations, and look at their responsibilities and how they fulfilled (or did not fulfill) them.

    Posted by HKirk October 29, 08 06:34 AM
  1. Go Phillies~ Can't wait to watch the World Series tonight. As for Obama- shame on you for this reckless spending on your campaign after you PROMISED not to! Just another one of your lies.
    May God Bless America ( I can still write that can't I?)

    Posted by Colleen October 29, 08 09:13 AM
  1. 30 minute informercials always feature a slick salesman trying to sell you something you don't need, won't work as described, cost you way more than it is worth, and only 10% of what they say is the truth. Sounds like BO is in the correct venue

    Posted by Lee October 29, 08 09:14 AM
  1. Go Phillies~ Can't wait to watch the World Series tonight. As for Obama- shame on you for this reckless spending on your campaign after you PROMISED not to! Just another one of your lies.
    May God Bless America ( I can still write that can't I?)

    Posted by Colleen October 29, 08 09:14 AM
  1. Does the phrase "ObamaNation that causes desolation" ring a bell for anyone? (Think Bible)

    Posted by Barry October 29, 08 01:04 PM
  1. Sounds like David is earning more than a quarter million after all. Yet another joe the plumber (probably only plumber with no plulmbing license in US making quarter million or more). Mccain's policy doesn't close the tax loop holes which allow wealthy ones including the corps to evade taxes. In fact, even under Obama the taxes for wealthy are going to go up by only 3% which they can easily avoid by investing in 401K/IRAs/HSAs etc. US tax policies are very cryptic. I am amazed how many deductions one can claim provided you hire your own tax consultant or buy a super delux tax package. I dont think either candidate can change this system. But what Obama can do is limit the loss incurred by the middle class.

    With regards to foreign policy, Obama understands and acknowledges current standing of United States in the world has detoriarated. Go visit Pakistan or any mid-east country. They literally "hate" US. Why ? coz of the faulty tactics employed by Bush and supported by McCain. In Pakistan, especially, Bush supported a dictator by name "Musharaff" there by alienating people of pakistan and democracy. In the war against terror it is critical we have support and confidence of the mid-east people. Mccain's policies in terms of economy/foriegn policy are the same as what we have seen for last 8 years. 4 more years of the same stuff i am very confident US will no longer be super power in any thing.

    Posted by Rajan October 29, 08 04:40 PM
  1. Ramses the 11 reincarnated. Y'know, the Pharaoh (or was it Phara -Obama),
    who had HUGE statues of himself constructed to show everyone how g-r-e-a-t he was? Me see BIG EGO.....hmmmmmm...arrrrrrogance......hmmmmmmm

    Posted by Rose October 29, 08 05:07 PM

    Posted by TERESA October 30, 08 05:45 AM
  1. Watch out for imbued income taxes coming if Obama gets in. Bill Clinton tried it in the first 4 years and the republicans axed it. Also anyone who believes that if the rich are taxed and the middle class isn't, needs to wake up. Higher taxes on coorporations are passed down to the consumer. When Obama lets Bush's tax cut expire you will have an automatic tax increase. Within the next year I don't want to hear all you Obama supporters saying " don't blame me, I didn't vote for him". As for the rest of us, prepare to hear the excuses that it's not my fault it is George Bush's fault. Obama, take note; we will be watching you and your worldwide cronies and won't be afraid to look for an impeachment.

    Posted by Jonas October 30, 08 09:52 AM
  1. Senator Barrack Obama will be the next president of the US of A within the next 48 hours. Take it or leave it (wether I vote for him or not) . Ninety eight (98) percent of the media supports Barrack. In the polls he's solid as a rock. Very very.. I would rather say extremely smart politician. Well, the media own the polls senator McCain. Henceforth maybe after 4 or 8 years of rule he retires, he might share with me a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken from his pension, book deals and endorsements. Can't wait for him to spread the wealth over my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Go! Barrack Go!

    Posted by Joe (not the plumber) November 3, 08 01:26 AM

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