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Palin Will Give Cable Interview

Posted by Matthew Gilbert  September 12, 2008 10:10 AM

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Guess where Sarah Palin is going to do her first cable interview, after last night's ABC Charlie Gibson visit? It will be a two-parter, next Tuesday and Wednesday, on the Fox News Channel. The interview, just announced by FNC, will be conducted by Sean Hannity and will be presented on the show "Hannity & Colmes."

How do you think Palin will fare there? Maybe the mood won't be as stiff?

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4 comments so far...
  1. No news here..nothin' but a "Gimme". Sean Hannity will not press her to answer any question that he does not think she already has the answers to. She should go on MSNBC or CNN for the REAL DEAL. They would ask the difficult questions and she would be stumped! I can't wait for the VP Debate - Biden is going to wipe the floor with her!

    Posted by Betsy Justice September 12, 08 03:38 PM
  1. I don't think Biden can wipe her off the floor. She's faced things as tough as him and more. All Biden and all the liberals want is more and more "gimme, gimme, gimme." They are the grabbingest bunch of folks I've ever seen. They don't even understand the independent, care for self attitude, let alone be able to deal with it. Sarah is great! I am praying for her every day. Her strenght comes from above and nothing can touch that!

    Posted by Lavonne McNabb September 13, 08 12:53 PM
  1. Go Sarah!!! She will be the first female President and I'm pumped!!!

    Obama's campaign is done, they should save the money they have now for his Senate re-election, he'll need it!

    Posted by Cee September 14, 08 05:17 PM
  1. Gov. Palin is the real deal here. What a great choice. It is a shame(sham) that NBC, CNN, etc., can not be fair and balanced. I do not watch those networks now.

    McCain/Palin will be great for America. No self interest, no "behind the scenes" agenda(Africa,etc), and no "give everyone a free ride agenda"(nationalized health care,etc.), just to name a few. How are the democrats going to pay for their "wish list"? Answer...........the WORKING AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    McCain/Palin symbolize "THE AMERICAN DREAM" and desire peace and national security. My children are depending on them!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vote Republican!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Neil Hobson September 15, 08 07:56 AM

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