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Hillary, Sarah, and SNL

Posted by Joanna Weiss  September 15, 2008 01:29 PM

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So Tina Fey did a spot-on impression of Sarah Palin to open this week's "Saturday Night Live." And a show that has, on some level, been sympathetic to Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign continued on that track; this was clearly a sketch told from Clinton's perspective. I'm wondering how much of a hand Fey had in writing it, since last winter, she made her loyalties clear:

I'm not saying "SNL" is guilty of political bias here, though I'm sure some would see it that way. It seems more likely to me that the writers -- at their best -- understand that, in classic dramatic terms, Hillary remains the tragic figure in this campaign. She did the work, she prepared, she fought, she followed the path that seemed to be right, only to be usurped -- twice! -- by someone with less resume but more natural charisma. Her story is great drama, which means it has the potential to be great comedy.

(One other note: I was actually struck, watching this clip, by how much Fey doesn't look like Palin, glasses notwithstanding. For what it's worth, Fey's face is more angular. But she makes up for it all with that accent. And her comic timing is priceless.)

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110 comments so far...
  1. Wow, lady, you have wayyyyyyyyy too much free time on your hands. Is this your actual job?

    Posted by Richard September 15, 08 02:42 PM
  1. Tina Fey has a turkey neck.

    Posted by Robert September 15, 08 03:01 PM
  1. You really think SNL is soft on Clinton? Really? And the ending of this skit where "Clinton" offers her balls to the media? Yeah, that's oh so supportive of her. Your's is such a backwards observation.

    Posted by bob September 15, 08 03:08 PM
  1. Do they actually pay you to state the obvious??????

    Posted by Ed September 15, 08 03:09 PM
  1. The Hillary character would not have been the main focus had Obama actually showed up. So I am not sure that it is as much about SNL bias as it is about Obama not being able to poke fun at himself.

    Posted by RJ September 15, 08 03:11 PM
  1. Well, Fey looks like Palin moreso than most actor/comedians look like the people they imitate or parody, don't you think, Joanna?

    Anyone who's watched Fey over the years knows she is obviously left of center. Which I would expect of someone as bright and funny as she is.

    Keep skewering this deer-in-the-headlights hick from Alaska, TIna!

    Posted by Matt Talvi September 15, 08 03:13 PM
  1. Must have been a fun morning of watching Hulu clips down on Morrissey Blvd. News flash at the Boston Globe: Tina Fey's Face is Angular!

    Posted by James September 15, 08 03:16 PM
  1. Another actress resembles Sarah Palin more closely: Mariska Hargitay.

    Posted by sue September 15, 08 03:26 PM
  1. Actually, I suspect that Tina Fey is more qualified be vice president than Sarah Palin is. But them, so is a moose.

    Posted by Leo September 15, 08 03:30 PM
  1. SNL was biased against Palin? Are you kidding? Considering the accumulating evidence of Palin's personal vindictive streak as governor and her frightening lunatic-fringe political leanings i thought they treated her with kid gloves. Were you just counting the number of jokes made a the expense of each as though senator Clinton an 'Bridge to nowhere' Palin were at all equals?

    Posted by Michael September 15, 08 03:31 PM
  1. Lorraine Bracco looks like Sarah Palin!!!!!!!!

    Posted by CD September 15, 08 03:32 PM
  1. Another jab at Palin by the tolerant people.

    Do they dislike her because she is a hard working conservative woman or because she is everything they wish they were? She's strong, determined, intelligent, independent, athletic, attractive, family oriented, and a PROUD AMERICAN.

    Posted by David September 15, 08 03:33 PM
  1. David, get a life!

    People dislike Palin because she has the religious tolerance of an Ayatollah, the ethics of a two-bit dictator, and the knowledge of world affairs of a gerbil.

    Posted by Leo September 15, 08 03:38 PM
  1. Face it, Palin has more experience than Obama or Hillary Clinton.

    I love the commentator that said that Palin isn't qualified because she hasn't been on t.v. as much as Obama.

    What is Obama's silver bullet? His no experience position begs, begs the question "What will or can you do? His argument is an "I told you so" argument regarding the War, and then he picks a VP that supported the War and he votes to confirm Condi Rice to Secretary of State, so he doesn't follow through with this whole judgment thing.

    Just as critics of Palin say she doesn't have experience, do we say Joe Biden doesn't have the right JUDGEMENT to be President because he supported the War? Even though this is Obama's argument to qualify himself, if used to measure Biden, you liberal loons will think it is an attack ,right?

    Posted by Hoped into Submission by Obama September 15, 08 03:46 PM
  1. Ah yes...another PROUD AMERICAN. I'm quite sure that America has had enough of people on the right who continue to use patriotism as a bludgeon while at the same time bringing the USA to the brink of disaster; some traits you left out David that might have been useful for conservatives to exhibit might be honesty, integrity, and competence among others. What we've learned is saying you're a proud American is one thing, demonstrating it is another.

    And yes, Fey absolutely nailed it.

    Posted by Rob Garneau September 15, 08 03:54 PM
  1. Leo, are you one of the tolerant people I mentioned in my last comment?

    I'd put money on it that you get most of your information from the liberal media and / or liberal organizations like MoveOn.

    Also, control your anger. Put on your Berkinstocks and your baagy shorts and take your chicken legs over to Starbucks and get yourself a latte and talk to your other friends about how bad our country is.

    You should be thankful for people like Palin because she'll be the one to save your sorry ass if you needed it saved.

    Posted by David September 15, 08 03:55 PM
  1. "She did the work, she prepared, she fought, she followed the path that seemed to be right, only to be usurped -- twice! -- by someone with less resume but more natural charisma."

    Apples to Oranges! Palin isn't running for president. She's not on the democratic ticket. How is Hillary being usurped, exactly? That's like saying in the last election Howard Dean was usurped by Dick Cheney. Oh, just because she's a woman, I suppose.


    Posted by dan September 15, 08 03:58 PM
  1. Am I the only one here seeing the irony that MRS. BILL FREAKIN' CLINTON is the one who is purported to be screwed despite making it on her own merits? So having your head screwed on straighter than Roger Clinton or Hugh Rodham makes one Presidential material? Wow.

    Posted by aging cynic September 15, 08 04:09 PM
  1. i

    Posted by jubblies September 15, 08 04:11 PM
  1. She looks more like Palin that than annoying Frank guy looks like anyone he impersonates.

    Posted by Sean September 15, 08 04:12 PM
  1. David - I'm guessing you get your "information" from impartial sources like Fox News, The Boston Herald, and talk radio? Yes, I'm sure Sarah Palin will be the one to "save my sorry ass" when I need it saved. If I'm caught in a forest fire, she might dispatch the Alaska National Guard. She can hotwire my snowmobile if I drop the keys in the lake while ice fishing. She can expertly escort me to hockey practice if my ride doesn't show up.

    The funny thing is, the people with the most to lose economically (and in terms of their kids being sent to die in a senseless war-->poor folks = cannon fodder in the USA) by re-electing the republicans are the ones who stand to push them into office on their GOD, GUNS, GLORY platform!

    So, put your NASCAR hat and your wifebeater on, and take your morbidly obese ass over to Cumberland farms and get yourself a carton of Checkers and talk to your ignorant friends about how America is the greatest country on earth...and how you know you would have taken state if coach had put you in back in '82.

    Posted by Paul September 15, 08 04:13 PM
  1. David you ignorant slut

    For starters I subscribe to the notoriously right wing NH Union Leader as well as to the Globe. I also watch Fox News at 10 for the sheer entertainment value. So on point number one you are wrong.

    Point number two: I have never owned Birkinstocks (although unlike you I can spell it); I only wish my shorts were baggy; and I never drink lattes at Starbucks or anywhere else--and I'm not angry, just disgusted with the religious morons running this country into the ground.

    And on point three: I actually am thankful for Sarah Palin because she so clearly highlights the moral and political bankruptcy of the Republican party. With he on the ticket no thinking person could have any doubts that Obama is the better choice.

    Posted by Leo September 15, 08 04:14 PM
  1. For anyone who thinks that SNL or any comedy show for that matter is bashing Palin or any politician, please do understand that this is what they do. It is a bit of flattery to be made fun of on one of these're important enough to make it onto their radar.

    I'd love to have Tina Fey play me on TV! how cool would that be!

    Posted by TC September 15, 08 04:23 PM
  1. TC,

    You're right, of course, but we're having way too much fun to admit it!

    Posted by Leo September 15, 08 04:29 PM
  1. Ah, more comments from the tolerant people.

    Leo, I knew you would catch the mispelling of your shoe collection.

    I know your voting for Obama because of "change" and "hope". Is there any other reason? You don't care about his past associations with corrupt politicians, anti-American activists, or his church. Don't forget about the church he belonged to for twenty years that preached hatred toward whites.

    A vote for Obama is a vote for anarchy. Maybe that's what liberals want, but I love this country and I'm not willing to give it away to people like you.

    PAUL, did I describe you in my last comment because you are taking this way to seriously. Slow down bro. You definitely need a latte. FYI- I am one of the sorry asses you are referring to. You know, the type that will serve his country and put his butt on the line so people like you can act like idiots.
    Also, not even close with your description of me. Although, I won't take it personally like you.

    You need to see a proffesional to discuss why you are so insecure and angry.

    Posted by David September 15, 08 04:43 PM
  1. This is the best skit that "Saturday Night Live" has ever done, and that saying a lot. I'm a McCain/Palin supporter. However, I totally enjoy the joke.

    Posted by Peter September 15, 08 04:52 PM
  1. It's "Birkenstocks."

    Posted by Teddydmz September 15, 08 05:04 PM
  1. Fabulous clips -- thanks for posting!

    Posted by rider September 15, 08 05:11 PM
  1. I suppose that I can understand Tina Fey's admiration for Hillary. Maybe Tina wishes that she, too, had flunked the D.C. bar exam.

    Posted by MarkB September 15, 08 05:14 PM
  1. David is right, and if you disagree with me, then you are worse than Hitler.

    Posted by Greg G. in New York September 15, 08 05:26 PM
  1. I agree that Tina Fey is probably more qualified to be vice-president than Sarah Palin. She has a journalism degree from the University of Idaho that took her six years and five different colleges (the Univ. of Idaho being the only one I ever had heard of) to obtain. Senator Clinton graduated from Wellesley with honors and a B.A degree in political science. She continued her education gaining a law degree from Yale. Senator Clinton's background and experience is outstanding-----don't ever try to compare Sarah Palin with her or Senator Obama or Senator Biden. They all have great educational backgrounds. IT IS SCARY TO ME THAT ANYONE COULD THINK SHE IS CAPABLE OF RUNNING THE U.S.!!!

    Posted by Tom September 15, 08 05:30 PM
  1. My!! The big caliber of some folks gunning for McCains Veep pick! Did any of you folks stop to think who would be the Democrat Veep if Obama is elected and Joe Biden dies (God forbid) in office? You've got 2 rubes running the country then, neither of whom knows their butt from a hole in the ground. Obama is the wrong man for the wrong job. Lots of people are going to vote for him soley because of his skin color. He claims the mantle of change for himself over the past 19 months he's been running for President. Gee whiz- you know how long McCain has actually been doing something about really changing Washington, not just talking about it? And now we are treated to the hypocritical spectacle (and thats what it is) of 3 former campaign adversaries out campaigning for him, who just 2 months ago correctly pegged him as not experienced enough, not ready, and the wrong man for the job. Now, in the space of 2 short months, suddenly we have Presidential timber!! Does the man have no sense of shame or decency in him? He would actually have us believe that just because he talks good, it makes up for his actual shortcomings to lead this country. If he can grow into a real President, why can't Palin grow into a real Veep, likewise? You folks don't operate on double standards, do you? Had me worried for a minute. You better stick with a man who has real life experience, and not foggy hype. We can't afford to have a novice running the country for 4 years.

    Posted by Jim W September 15, 08 05:38 PM
  1. Pot this is kettle. Your black! Common! The globe is so totally pro Obama it rediculous. Get a life and let people say what they want. It sure isn't stopping the globe editorials an you are suppose to show favoritism. Last time I watched, SNL was entertainment, correct?

    Posted by indiboy September 15, 08 05:42 PM
  1. Musta fallen asleep afer "celebrating" the Pats win.....

    Posted by NotJim September 15, 08 05:54 PM
  1. Palin is a woman who has never traveled outside of the US except for a vacation to Mexico and to visit the National Guard in Kuwait which is essentially the America of Kuwait. If she becomes VP (and maybe Prez) she will be clueless as to the implications of her decisions on the world. Since she is middle aged, I highly doubt the narrow confines of her mind will be able to expand to understand the compassion the world needs right now. If she becomes VP she will never have had exposure to the world and her travels will be in the political bubble that is the executive branch. This is very, very frightening to me.

    Palin is being sheltered from the media. The media needs to start doing its job.

    ps- interesting that she was mayor of the crystal meth capital of Alaska. Doesn't suprise me. Usually when drugs are rampant in a particular city/society that means the population has given up hope.

    Posted by Rick September 15, 08 06:26 PM
  1. Leo thanks for showing us the hypocrisy that you represent.

    Posted by Dave September 15, 08 06:35 PM
  1. David and all you other neo-cons... go back to the Herald and cheer on Howie Carr

    Posted by Gina September 15, 08 06:37 PM
  1. To Leo, David, and Paul

    What's it like knowing there are more intelligent and founded debates about the candidates on sites like facebook right now between people that are half your age. I used to think young people would ruin this country, now I think it already is.

    Posted by "Mark Zuckerberg" September 15, 08 07:06 PM
  1. David, Sarah Palin is never going to be your girlfriend. She doesn't know you exist and she doesn't care about you.

    Posted by M. September 15, 08 07:07 PM
  1. I cannot believe how trashy all of you sound. I am committed to voting for the party that speaks for most Americans and that is now the Democratic party. Actually ,the Repubican party is guilty of being the party of liberals. Think about it. They feel every man (or woman, or child) for themselves is a good thing. Don't have or can't get health insurance? Too bad, don't bother a Republican. They deregulate or vote against regulations because that might interfere with thier lives. Lately though it has ,with the market in shambles because of the lack of regulations. They Union- bust whenever they can which deprives hard working people of benefits and a decent way of life and a secure future. They think that AIDS is something to be ignored because after all, "it's their own fault for having it." The Republican Party motto is I.G.M. ( I Got Mine) Let big business alone, and don't have them provide Pensions or Healthcare . Liberal...doing it all yourselves for yourselves. That doesn't sound like conservatism. Wake up, be part of a United country and vote to help others less fortunate, (you may be one of them someday) , take away the power of greed, agree to move forward for the sake of tomorrow, our children. Let's show them that we're grownups and not a bunch of critical, cynical, wining, self centered idots! Gee if we could do that, maybe we can find a way to work together instead of tearing each other apart. United we can be the best in this world. Right now our world is falling apart, let's put it back together before it is too late.

    Posted by Older & Wiser September 15, 08 07:19 PM
  1. They went way too easy on Palin.

    Fey should come back every week, give the same spiel (as Palin does day in and day out on the trail) with some new facts in there each time. You know, about banning books, or abstinence-only sex ed [does any cast member resemble her daughter?], or shooting wolves from planes, or pretending that polar bears aren't endangered, or claiming she's an "energy expert" because she knows about oil drilling, or....darn it, too many to count.

    Posted by db September 15, 08 07:21 PM
  1. While politicians are not know for their veracity, does anyone else think that Palin might be a pathological liar? Bragging that she sold a plane on ebay ? (she didn't although she tried to). Saying that she did not support the "Bridge to Nowhere" when she did? (until the end when it was no longer a viable project). Said that she visited Iraq? (when it was actually Kuwait although there is some evidence she stepped on Iraqi soil just over the border so I guess technically this isn't a lie). These are easily checked facts and yet she lies about them??

    Posted by romie September 15, 08 07:22 PM
  1. Can the liberals/ tolerant people comment without the name calling?

    GINA, do you think only liberals are entitled to an opinion? I'm not a neo-con, are you a neo-liberal? I know when liberals feel like they're fighting a losing battle they resort to name calling. I know you're better than that.

    Rick, I'm a little confused. Your argument is identical to the Republicans argument against Obama. I don't understand the middle aged comment because correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Obama middle aged. Also, you stated that all we need is a little more compassion in the world. Are you serious? I know liberals live in a fantasy world, but you can fly over to Pakistan and give Osama a hug. Good luck!

    Posted by David September 15, 08 07:29 PM
  1. Yeah but Palin's a REAL AMERICAN....she like has kids and buys groceries and goes to church and stuff. I'd rather have a REAL bible carrying, gun toting American as my Vice President than some uppity Harvard educated guy named Barack. I mean that guy gets on my nerves. He uses big words and metaphors that I can't understand. What use is that? I mean everyone knows that evolution stuff is just some weird science story with no basis in fact. I mean don't you people read the bible? Ya know that book? Its all in there...some cool guy named Noah put a guy and girl animal in this big boat and they all like pro-created and stuff. It was so rad. Thats how it all started people. Palin knows all that stuff. Obama believes in all this science crap that they teach at college. I think college sucks.

    Posted by RobRepublican September 15, 08 08:00 PM
  1. for the record...BIRKENSTOCKS!

    Posted by conscious September 15, 08 08:09 PM
  1. After seeing SNL and reading these comments, I have an observation and a question. The observation is that Tina and Amy nailed it. I particularly liked when Tina said, "And I can see Russia from my house," and when Amy started ripping up the podium.

    The question I have after reading these comments, well, many of them anyway, is how has this country lasted as long as it has with people like this voting? Enquiring minds want to know.

    Posted by Slack September 15, 08 08:27 PM
  1. Isn't any one laughing? On a day when Wall Street is tanking.....Texas is drowning...and two wars still raging.....thankfully SNL still has humor. Although personally, I was laughing just as hard when McCain made his announcement for VP!!!! And she is backed by Jane Not-So-Swift that should say it all to you folks in MA!!! Been there.

    Posted by Been There September 15, 08 08:28 PM
  1. Sarah Palin a patriotic American? Her husband wanted Alaska to secede from the the union. How patriotic is that?

    Posted by Ruby September 15, 08 08:33 PM
  1. So this is what we have come to. A posting about a comedy sketch on TV, and suddenly everyone is insulting everyone else for their beliefs. Honestly, I hope NONE of you people vote in the election at all, and let the decision be made by those of us who don't constantly stereotype each other and criticize those we haven't even met. Grow up, people.

    Posted by Peter L September 15, 08 08:39 PM
  1. This is journalism? Yes it's a blog, but dear writer, is this your beef of the day?

    We are indeed a pathetic society.

    Posted by heloo September 15, 08 08:41 PM
  1. WOW!!! It's called comedy.... It was really , really funny! nothing more, nothing less.

    Posted by Tom September 15, 08 09:00 PM
  1. grow up everybody.

    Posted by isaac September 15, 08 09:07 PM
  1. Excuse me, but I'm Sarah Palin's girlfriend, and she's already spoken for. Back off buster!

    Posted by Liberal Media Elite September 15, 08 09:24 PM
  1. Are we all bonding yet? You guys would be great fun at a party! Let's face it....if the white women of America want a gun toting, moose hunting, god fearing, abortion opposing, mother of five to be in the white house.....who's to stop them? Aren't they the ones who will "sway" this thing? And what will you do about it? I can't stand Hillary b/c she comes across as such an .....unhappy, angry, zealot that is just plain NASTY! I would accuse her of seeking power for power's sake. I'm a mother of five! I believe in the sanctity of human life. I believe in the Second Amendment. Yes, I want change. But Obama's change is not the kind that I would support. Hmmmm. To me, Palin is different in that she is not on a power trip. She is motivated by a sense of purpose. The SNL skit is really a compliment of the highest order!~ Honestly, I relate better to Palin than any other powerful woman in politics. I am absolutely thrilled with Palin. Go Baberaham Lincoln!

    Posted by Cherie September 15, 08 09:24 PM
  1. No one has yet to mention that Sarah Palin wanted a book or books banned from a public library. Nothing came of it but to even start down that road is not American.

    In fact, it's more like a Nazi.

    Anyone who ever tries to ban books in America, is NOT a patriotic person and definitely should not be elected to public office.

    And she's not smart or worldly. She is not someone I want to present to the rest of the world as a leader of the United States. Embarrasing!

    Posted by SarahGoHome! September 15, 08 09:24 PM
  1. It seems like the left still doesn't get it. Sarah Palin didn't bring McCain back in play for the Presidency. The smug, condescending, hypocritical reaction from the left brought it back in play. They could have just shown some respect, made some noise about admiring her balance of work and family, and then let her novelty fade and McCain go back to foundering.
    Instead, they reminded America that the left doesn't even try to understand how anyone like them thinks or what makes anyone else tick. They have declared themselves enlightened and anyone else ignorant. I think anyone who pays attention will find that Mrs Palin has lived by her social conservative views but not tried to inflict them on the state through her office. If you cared to look, that is.

    Posted by Mike S September 15, 08 09:32 PM
  1. I love you Leo.

    Posted by Karen Feys September 15, 08 09:41 PM
  1. It's been obvious from the start that Sarah Palin and Tina Fey look alike. So what? They are both beautiful, smart women. Anyone can see that--

    Posted by Lolly September 15, 08 09:41 PM
  1. Hey RobRepublican! You actually want Sarah Palin to be the vice-president? Will you wake up! SARAH PALIN DOES NOT HAVE THE EDUCATION TO RUN THIS COUNTRY! In the 21st century, we cannot have someone who "will grow into the job." I will give you credit, she does dress nice and looks good and maybe would win "Miss Congeniality" but this the the United States and we're talking about the possibility of one heart beat away from the presidency, not a beauty contest. SARAH PALIN IS NOT READY FOR THE JOB OF VICE PRESIDENT!

    Posted by Tom September 15, 08 10:23 PM
  1. Mark Zuckenberg,

    Thanks for blaming the younger generation for the complete and total failures of our government over the last 30 years. YOUR generation has left us with a whopping 10 TRILLION dollars in debt. Before my generation even had a chance to get to power, we find that you have left our country in shambles. Certainly much worse than your parents gave to you.

    So sit there all smugly collecting the social security we provide with our hard earned work. Knowing that we're not going to get that benefit - your generation made sure of that.

    Tell you what, why don't you start paying back some of that debt your Republican party stacked up for your benefits over the last 20 years. YOU have destroyed this country, and to blame the younger generation that hasn't even had a chance to get to power is insulting.

    Posted by Felix September 15, 08 10:52 PM
  1. to Rob Republican: you just go ahead and vote for your McCain ticket. All us other intelligent, thinking people will vote for the real ticket that has a better chance of turning this country around and solving all our difficult problems. I can't wait!

    Posted by MARYH. September 15, 08 10:58 PM
  1. how about the allegation that Palin called Obama "sambo" in a restaurant (according to her server) and other claims by those who know her that she uses derogatory language to describe eskimos? discuss.

    Posted by cambridgeportguy September 15, 08 11:54 PM
  1. Wow! Reading these post by unintelligent, babbling liberal buffoons is pretty scary. I thought the worst of this country was yet to come....but I think it is already here. Are liberals really this stupid?

    Posted by Shane September 16, 08 12:01 AM
  1. I agree with Tom, it's just comedy. Stop fighting with each other. This tear between American cultures is as wide open as it's ever been. Not to bring it up here but after 9/11 this ideological rift between Americans began to absolutely explode. I can't remember so many heated arguments between people about being a democrat or republican before this (I wasn't around during Vietnam).

    The republicans had 8 years. we are still at war. the country is losing money. unemployment is going higher. wall street is getting ravaged. home prices on main street are down the toilet. the rich are getting poorer the poor are getting poorer and while we keep fighting amongst each other the Chinese and Osama are laughing at us.

    It's really is time for a change, the country is going in the wrong direction and OBAMA will do his best to turn it around.

    Bush Failed. He didn't find Bin Laden and he is destroying this country.

    Posted by Derek September 16, 08 12:32 AM
  1. Does anyone else get that the "liberal media" has been unfair to Republican conservatives through not one but two elections won by Bush, and an increase in the polls for McCain and whats her name? They must be very biased but not very effective.

    Posted by CJ from CA September 16, 08 12:58 AM
  1. I disagree that Palin usurped Clinton. Clinton was seeking the Democratic presidential nomination which is completely different from the Republican VP nomination. Palin did not take anything from Clinton, but rather she gave to Clinton. Palin broke a sexist glass ceiling because a woman had never been nominated for a Republican ticket.

    Every time a woman breaks a glass ceiling she helps all women. Thus, Palin's feminist achievement indirectly helped Clinton because Palin closing the political gender gap. Since Palin has reduced sexism that will make it easier for Clinton to run for president again.

    Also, Palin is more than qualified to be VP. She has achieved a high executive political position and she has a strong record of achievement in ethics reform and energy policy. Though I admit HRC has a stronger record of political achievements.

    Posted by Nancy Kallitechnis September 16, 08 01:38 AM
  1. "While politicians are not know for their veracity, does anyone else think that Palin might be a pathological liar?"

    Republican or Democrat, that is a key to electoral success.

    Posted by Robert September 16, 08 02:52 AM
  1. Tina Fey looks more like Sarah Palin than any other impersonator in the long history of SNL. Ms. Weiss, what is your problem? Get a life, pleeeze.

    Posted by Shtarka September 16, 08 03:15 AM
  1. David, you think Sarah Palin is family oriented? Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant out of wedlock. How is that family oriented? She is anti-abortion, which is way too conservative. If she had her way, she would abolish the separation of church and state, which is why this country was founded in the first place. Don't even get me started on McCain(McSame) - Bush's 3rd term.

    Posted by James September 16, 08 05:37 AM
  1. These are just some general comments and contain some generalization.


    Social/Personal Issues: Anti-choice, anti-gay, wants to teach creationism in school. All of these stances are attempts to limit choice in regards to personal beliefs and about issues that have little impact on others except those that are making the decisions (e.g., a neighbor getting married to someone of the same sex has little to no impact on my life).

    Economic/National Issues: Little regulation of pollution/environment or the markets (we are all seeing the impact of de-regulation and seeing it in our retirement savings and mortgages) and anti-labor policies. Essentially, these policies allow people to make unchecked decisions in areas that have great impact on the masses.

    Social Issues: Interpretation of the Bill of Rights/Constitution so it protects people of all beliefs and allows greater freedom of personal choices (pro-choice, pro-gay rights, non-religious teachings in public school).

    Economic/National Issues: More regulation of the environment, markets, etc. Essentially, the Democrats look to implement more checks and balances in areas that have a huge impact on society. They look to put a check on greed.

    Posted by JT September 16, 08 06:25 AM
  1. Joanna, Tina Fey wasn't doing a stand in for the secret service to pass herself off as Sarah Palin for security purposes. She looked (and sounded) as much like SP as she needed to in order to do her job -- entertain people.

    BOTH SP and HC were mocked. SP for experiences during the campaign so far (including 2 references to her interview with Charlie Gibson a day or two earlier) and HC for her portrayal of being too aggressive and unembraced by the media. If you think one received a rawer deal than the other, you weren't watching SNL with your bipartisan hat on.

    SP is going to the butt of jokes for at least the next 6 weeks. So will McCain. So will Obama. So will Biden. If you need additional perspective, please review tapes from EVERY SINGLE LATE NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT program on the major networks for the last, i dunno, three decades.

    Posted by Kathy September 16, 08 06:37 AM
  1. Since when did "patriotic" come to mean "unquestioning support of the christian-driven, pro-life, anti-envionment, big-oil, corporate agenda" -- what is "patriotism"? Patriotism is simply loyalty and devotion to one's country (Chambers Dictionary). There is nothing unpatriotic about believing that this country is being dragged down the toilet by the current administration's missteps, misunderestimations, and mistakes. Believing that more of the same is a good thing isn't unpatriotic either -- it's foolish, but not unpatriotic.

    SNL is comedy, not unbiased news reporting. It was hilarious -- BECAUSE -- it touched on truths that can sometimes only be seen through the veil of humor. Sarah Palin was the mayor of a small town that has fewer residents than my office building has occupants, and then short-time governor of a state with fewer residents than the City of Boston.

    She is clueless about foreign policy, she is clueless about education (if she was taught basic sex-ed, perhaps young Bristol wouldn't be preggo and Mama Moosehunter wouldn't thinking marrying her off would solve that little inconvenient truth, though it worked for Mama herself who was 24 when she was preggo and eloped). Palin is short-sighted enough to think that drilling in the ANWR will fix our dependence on foreign oil and that global warming isn't a problem.

    In short, the SNL skit WORKED, because people recognized the humor, the truth and the reality that is this year's election.

    Posted by Msmith September 16, 08 07:28 AM
  1. If we could get back to the subject of the clips and leave the playground fights for the grammar school kids...
    I can't believe that someone looks at Amy (doing Hillary) and Tina (doing Sarah) and feels the need to comment that Tina doesn't really look like Sarah... Does anyone even see any Hillary in Amy P? In a world where Chevy Chase did Gerald Ford, I don't think they are going for looks as much as mannerisms.
    I wonder how actors really think. On the one hand, Tiny Fey probably hates Sarah Palin's politics, but on the other hand, if she gets elected, Fey will have a steady job on the side for the next 4-to-8-to-16 years... So does she want her elected, or does she NOT want her elected?

    Posted by Gibba September 16, 08 07:42 AM
  1. Hey RobRepublican,

    Since when is being too intelligent a disqualifier for becoming President?

    Actaully, you know what? You're right. I don't want my President to be a well-educated, thoughtful leader who can use 'big' words.


    Posted by Riley September 16, 08 08:15 AM
  1. Chill out folks. It's a clip from a sketch comedy show...
    Get a drink.... or a life.
    You're like a bunch of pent-up dogs behind a chain link fence. You bark at anything that walks by... anything!

    Posted by Dr. Chillpill September 16, 08 08:17 AM
  1. Leo-
    You have got to be kidding me? You want to talk about the qualifications of the VP...hmmm can you give me a rundown of the "qualifications" of Obama? A man who has had doors opened to him that most people have to actually fight for? You are a joke!

    Posted by Kate September 16, 08 08:32 AM
  1. did that "correct path" include supporting the war in Iraq? If she had those balls and voted against it back then, she'd be the nominee today.

    Posted by Jamie V. September 16, 08 08:41 AM
  1. Hey Leo, where did you get the idea a women looked like a moose, your wife?

    Posted by JOHN September 16, 08 09:07 AM
  1. Was anyone in the entire country surprised that SNL opened the season with the great Tina Fey as Sarah Palin? I hope Tina returns for every SNL episode through November 1, and I am sure she will hit it out of the park every time as she did last week.

    And after November 4, she can do Palin one last time and then Hockey Mom can retreat to Alaska where she belongs.

    But politics aside, look at Tina and Sarah side by side and tell me who's better looking? Tina Fey angular? Check out the number of right angles on lantern-jawed Sarah's face and let me know when you lose count.

    Posted by Mike September 16, 08 09:21 AM
  1. Dear Joanna Weiss,
    I think this skit jabs at Hillary plenty. In the second clip you refer to, I don't think you can make the assumption that Tina Fey is a total Hillary supporter. She is writing for the comedy effect and also making fun of the cable/radio op-ed commentators in my opinion. Your really missed the point there. You may want to take off your Palin colored glasses and perhaps try a new career while your at it.

    Posted by donny September 16, 08 09:40 AM
  1. Hey Joanna,
    Nice impersonation of a writer. What do you do for an encore?

    Posted by Alan September 16, 08 09:48 AM
  1. Re. No. 12:

    "She's strong, determined, intelligent, independent, athletic, attractive, family oriented, and a PROUD AMERICAN"

    So is Barack Obama.

    Posted by bogshrink September 16, 08 10:10 AM
  1. "Palin a religious nut job"? Hmmmmm....well then explain this interview answer BHO gave to earlier this year....HE'S HEARING VOICES, you religion bashers!!!! But I'm sure all you liberal todies will give The Chosen One a pass. BTW, I'm a McCain/Palin supporter but I thought the SNL skit was a riot.

    Q: Is it difficult in the rough and tumble of campaign politics to stick to that, to live out your faith? And can you talk about whether you have a favorite prayer or what you pray about?

    Obama: The prayer that I tell myself every night is a fairly simple one: I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that my sins are forgiven, that my family is protected and that I am an instrument of God's will. I'm constantly trying to align myself to what I think he calls on me to do. And sometimes you hear it strongly and sometimes that voice is more muted.

    Posted by unenrolled September 16, 08 10:20 AM
  1. If Sarah Palin is so "family-oriented" why was her oldest son in trouble with drugs and joined the military to straighten his life out, and her oldest daughter is knocked up by a self-professed redneck party-boy? Just what does "family-oriented" mean? She's got 5, Obama's got 2? More is better?

    Both candidates are strong, determined, intelligent, etc. but Sarah Palin is like a lightning rod for all that the right holds dear (anti-abortion, guns, and oil) and the left abhors. She wasn't picked for any real reason other than her gender and her hard-right politics. It wasn't her record (which gets spottier and more questionable every day) and it wasn't for her experience (which is limited).

    She was tapped to rally a segment of voters that McCain desperately needs to win over.

    Posted by Msmith September 16, 08 10:35 AM
  1. Hillary looks like --er--uh--no one, THANK GOODNESS !! Love those goofy pant suits...yikes.

    Socialism is alive and well in CUBA, well maybe not.

    Posted by ZerObama September 16, 08 10:59 AM
  1. Tina Fey is hotter, brighter and more truthful than Sarah Palin.

    Posted by Steve September 16, 08 11:04 AM
  1. JoJo - I gotta give you credit...A trite piece on a satirical skit gets (to date) 85 impassioned responses. Angular faces, spectacles and North Midwest accents...Them's fightin' words! You're a marketing genius. Hillary reminds me of Mike Dukakis in that she seems imminently qualified next to her adversaries, but doesn't get the credit... or the votes. 10/88 - Duke (John Lovitz) to GHW Bush - SNL: “I can't believe I'm losing to this guy". What would Simon say?

    Posted by jkstraw September 16, 08 11:14 AM
  1. RobRepublican - bravo

    I don't know how some folks have no understanding of satire, but nice troll!

    Posted by AJ September 16, 08 11:23 AM
  1. As usual the comments from liberals are generally considered and civil while those from so-called conservatives are nearly all nasty and illiterate. Coincidence?

    Posted by Leo September 16, 08 11:37 AM
  1. I love to read all the hate from the Liberals. You people are amazing. And transparent. If Palin were a democrat, you would love her.

    Posted by ZerObama September 16, 08 11:37 AM
  1. yikes!

    so much anger and intolerance.

    you folks are scaring me more than either presidential candidate ever could.

    Posted by bb68 September 16, 08 11:37 AM
  1. This is the #6 most popular article on the Boston Globe, the day after capitalist America accelerated the meltdown predicted at the time Congress and Bill Clinton gutted financial regulations? This is news? What lunacy! Can you honestly look into your heart, if you have one, and not think that Americans, perpetually adolescent Americans, deserve what is overcoming them?

    Posted by J. Hopwood September 16, 08 11:38 AM
  1. Sorry that your beauty pageant contestant was ribbed by a comedy show.... If she didn't care to be in the public sphere and wanted to play it safe, she should have stuck to killing moose. Both actresses have been what now, we can't laugh or we're unAmerican?....

    Posted by Terry September 16, 08 11:39 AM
  1. Please tell me you don't get paid for this........

    Posted by bodandu September 16, 08 11:42 AM
  1. Geez, everyone lighten up,...the skit was a hoot and funny no matter your leanings...of course, now it's confirmed that Hillary is in fact a reincarnation of Stalin and thank God we will have Sarah just a heartbeat away from the Presidency - there is hope for putting an end to the abortion genocide in this country.

    Posted by Ted September 16, 08 11:46 AM
  1. Hey Leo, for the record - the only people running this country into the ground are the left wing non religious zealots who are hell bent on changing our culture to one of "everything goes" and the "ends justify the means!

    Most of the intolerance in our society is caused by the people like you who purport to be most tolerant! Isn't is funny how liberals and athiests lash out at those who believe simply because they believe? How is that tolerant?

    Lastly, the SNL skit was hilarious! People need to take it for what it is - a joke! Lighten up, Leo!

    Posted by Rich, Saugus, MA September 16, 08 12:07 PM
  1. um...didn't anyone get that Rob Republican was being sarcastic?

    Posted by dos September 16, 08 12:23 PM
  1. Rich,

    In light of the mess on Wall Street because of "everything goes" Republican deregulation and bombings committed by "the end justifies the means" Christian anti-abortion activists I would say that you have little ground for attacking anyone.

    Yes, I am liberal and proud of it because being a liberal means that I believe we all have a responsibility for one another. Used to be that was what Christians believed too.

    Yes, I am an atheist and proud of the fact that I don't need magic to make sense of the world. I don't believe the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus either.

    And finally, yes, the skit was funny. But Sarah Palin is still a scary, dishonest, unqualified choice for VP.

    Posted by Leo September 16, 08 12:25 PM
  1. Not to worry, folks: CHINA well and truly IS running things, and though yes the fat Wal Mart mess that pols call "The American People" will eagerly elect Sarah Palin and her running mate -- NOT TO WORRY -- China has been and will be running things.

    And just like Ms. Palin's deep and abiding love for killing animals (pull that trigger, baby!) the Chinese shall do (and get) exactly what they want.

    Meanwhile, you all (and apparently, I, too) have WAYYYYY too much time on your/our hands, Again, NOT TO WORRY: China will put you/me/us to hard labor, and sooner than we might want.

    Posted by Troubled Joe September 16, 08 12:28 PM
  1. A big Thanks to Jim W for the sharp remark: "Lots of people are going to vote for him solely because of his skin color"...
    This is an unfair election. On one side, 40 million brothers will surely vote for Obama (by the way, It is hardly heard of any criticizing come from those brothers, seems that Obama is enjoying the total Immune from that group) do you think they even care what best for America? It is unfair because all of the good judgment from the true American choosing what best for America is being terribly distorted by those votes.

    Posted by Wakeup Call September 16, 08 01:08 PM
  1. Once again I feel the "media" has done it's job... While this was/is supposed to be a race Obama v McCain, after reading through the comments, the majority of the comments are posted about Palin..

    Thrusting into the limelight this "new" canidate and forgetting all about the "dullness" that was this election...

    Posted by dw September 16, 08 01:17 PM
  1. Another blatant lie from the McCain camp: In as much as the total number of black Americans 18 years of age or older is less than 26 M or whom fewer than 15 M are registered (2006 Census Bureau data) it seems unlikely that 40 M "brothers will surely vote for Obama."

    But I suppose a lot of racists like "Wakeup Call" will automatically vote for McCain simply because he is white.

    Posted by Leo September 16, 08 01:20 PM
  1. So let me get this straight...

    It's wrong for black people to vote for Obama just because he is black but it's OK for women to vote for McCain because his running mate Palin is a woman.

    Questioning the credentials and perspective of a new addittion to the GOP ticket (who most people had even heard of before two weeks ago) is sexist but none of the questioning around Obama has been racist and any claims of sexism around Hilary Clinton was viewed as weak and her hiding behind the apron strings.

    The media is liberally biased, even though all major outlets are owned by large corporations who have far more to gain from a Republican administration in the White House. Since when does any corporations act in the interest of their own personal beliefs over the mighty dollar - or ratings - the media covers what they view to be the best story. It was Obama, now it's Palin. This is not about bias. It's business. And who can produce the best and the most coverage of what they think people want to see so they can charge more for advertising and increase profits. The best story for the media is a neck and neck race to the finish with the GOP ending on top. That is what is in their best interest and that is exactly what they will try to make happen with their coverage.

    Do us all a favor - get your news from PBS.

    Posted by Jammer377 September 16, 08 01:54 PM
  1. Hi People - I am RobRepublican and I did not approve of that message. That was pure satire and the fact that most of you thought it was a serious reasoned rant scares me...alot.

    AJ and give me a glimmer of hope.

    We should all lighten up a bit no?

    Posted by RobRepublican September 16, 08 08:02 PM
  1. Are you all kidding with her being intelligent she went to a freaking community college! She is a moron who did one year at the university of Idaho. She now knows where the potato comes from yippeeee let's put her in the white house!

    Posted by Michael D. September 17, 08 07:25 AM
  1. I think when the Palins were swingers in suburban Juneau; they could not have anticipated the level of scrutiny we are seeing in this campaign. Obviously, if they knew the microscope would be fixed on them so intently, they would have been more discreet. My problem isn't the participatory infidelity, but that birth control was most definitely employed for such activities. The killing of potential life is never an excuse for orgasmic pleasure. Keys in the bowl, Sarah...

    Posted by iceicebaby September 17, 08 01:32 PM
  1. As a former Bostonian, now living on my sailboat in Ft. Lauderdale, I have to say I am VERY embarrassed by the blind devotion to Obama in Massachusetts.

    He has ZERO experience, and yes, is only ahead in the polls because of his perceived skin color. If you deducted the African - american voters, Obama would be far behind McCain. They are only voting for him because they share a shade of skin color.

    DOES ANYONE REMEMBER voting in George W., who likewise had very little experience? We gave him the same blind "hope" that Obama is asking for, and where has that gotten us? George W. was primarily voted in because we knew his father, and hoped W. would continue the successful policies which ended the Soviet Union and brought down the Berlin Wall. But, that WAS a long time ago for you short memory people. So why make such a foolish mistake of voting with blind hope VS. EXPERIENCE?!

    We have the option of voting not just for a man whose only "credentials" are a speech he made in 2002 where he said, (like any Monday morning quarterback) that he would not have sent our troops to Iraq, and since then has done everything he has done for BARACK OBAMA; but we CAN vote for a man who HAS FOUGHT for America, and frequently done / voted for what he believed was best for America, i.e., the Surge, even knowing that could hurt himself in this election.

    I had believed Bostonians were smart enough to know these truths, but sadly I am being proved wrong.


    Posted by Douglas Sabbag September 17, 08 01:54 PM

  1. reply to #103:

    you're on the right track re PBS being the only real source of accurate news in this country. take it one step further and pay attention to BBC; the only source of unbiased news about OUR OWN COUNTRY, that we have left. pathetic, but to be expected.

    Posted by db September 17, 08 10:51 PM
  1. Thanks to #107, no one could have said it better:
    "He has ZERO experience, and yes, is only ahead in the polls because of his perceived skin color. If you deducted the African - american voters, Obama would be far behind McCain. They are only voting for him because they share a shade of skin color."
    By the way Leo, I am not even white and definitely not a racist (but I am not sure about you), I just love America for its fair game and hate to see its future is being driven by "racist"...

    Jammer377, your remark: "It's wrong for black people to vote for Obama just because he is black but it's OK for women to vote for McCain because his running mate Palin is a woman." somehow is not logically correct. First of all, it is NOT WRONG for any body to vote for Obama, it is just NOT RIGHT for a 100% (or close
    to) in that same "race" group vote for him, make you wonder if they are even consider anything else but skin color? In the other hand, not even half of all women group vote for Palin, can you see the diferences? May be you could learn a thing or two from our women...They do know how to think too...

    Posted by Wakeup Call September 18, 08 11:51 AM
  1. Fey doesn't look like Palin? Which hairs are you splitting (are you smoking them?). It's the Hillary that looks all wrong. I agree with your assessment on the perspective, more or less. Yet, Palin provided all the ammo, and the cloistered nature of her republican keepers only adds to her sense of detachment from reality. Bias? Geez, I would hope so. For almost eight years we've had a rich east coast Yalie with an advanced degree he earned with good grades, playing an idiot. Now, we've got the genuine article (an idiot) in Sarah Palin. Are we to be so objective as to pretend that a woman who thinks the world is 5,000 years old, and that seeing Russia from the Alaska shore constitutes some sort of policy advantage, is something we should be objective about?

    Posted by paul tominac September 23, 08 02:32 AM

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