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'SYTYCD:' The things we do for art

Posted by Joanna Weiss  July 30, 2008 11:38 PM

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Forgive me for sounding goopy -- it doesn't happen often -- but more than nearly anything else on TV these days, this show makes me happy. And not embarrassed-for-myself-a-little happy, as I am when watching "Mamma Mia!" or as much as I can tolerate of "Dancing With the Stars." Unequivocally happy. For such reasons as...

1) Cat putting on Twitch's glasses and fake gold teeth. Don't try to tell me we'd ever see Ryan Seacrest doing that.

2) Hearing David Cook's "American Idol" coronation song as the backdrop to a lovely dance. I usually despise "Idol" coronation songs, but the growly Cook delivery makes this one a wee bit more tolerable.

3) Watching Joshua dance his way to the top of the heap. With Will out, I think I now give him the best odds to win. Did the Katee factor help him, as per my theory from last week? Probably. She makes him look strong. But his solo was his own. (And a corollary question: Why are the guys' solos always so much more interesting than the girls', which always seem to be a muddled heap of the same kicks and turns, and in Chelsie's case, rapid hip shakes?)

4) A shout-out to a blessedly silent Paula Abdul. It's nice to recall that she had a decent career before she get so famous for being supportive and incoherent.

5) The fact that none of the judges had anything really negative to say, yet still came across as completely sincere. Loud, in Mary's case, but sincere.

As for tomorrow night's eliminations - I don't even want to hazard a guess. I imagine Katee and Joshua will be safe. Everything else seems up for grabs.

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8 comments so far...
  1. I totally agree on the "happy" factor of this program. I have yet watched last night's episode. This show far outshines the other competition, IMHO. I always walk away completely entertained and the show zips right through. I don't even mind the commercials when I'm watching live.

    I really wish they would put this show on in the fall to gain more followers, as it's PURE entertainment. I would never watch a full season of DWTS, but this season of SYTYCD is can't miss and it is my first season of watching this program.

    From the host to the judges and to the format of which they handle eliminations, hands down is now one of my favorite reality shows, second only to Amazing Race and one of only four that I watch.

    Posted by dianne July 31, 08 05:45 AM
  1. I loved the fact that there wasn't a terrible dance last night. There wasn't even a mediocre dance--they were all fantastic. It just boils down to which ones were MORE fantastic. It really made it honest (and not just pointless consolation) when Nigel said that any of those six could be in the Top 4 just as easily as the next.

    I am rooting (as I have been since the very beginning) for Joshua. I am hoping that Mark and Chelsie go tonight, but I have a feeling it will be Twitch and Courtney. I still think Will should be there instead of Mark, but I am still pleased that Mark did well with his dances. I love that whoever leaves doesn't have to leave on a sour note, since there was very little to criticize last night.

    Posted by Anne July 31, 08 07:57 AM
  1. I agree with Joanna and the other posters that all the dancers are just fabulous and it will just come down to who was the most fabulous. I am also routing for Joshua who each week just impresses more and more. He is just fantastic at his own genre and picking up the dances thrown at him. While Courtney is my favorite for the girls, I think that she will go home tonight. Katee is really the best - but just not warm - and I think Chelsea has a following. Chelsea has been really good at adapting as well but I feel like her solos are always the same thing. She really lucked out last night with the samba (?), man, that girl can shake it. I also think that Mark has a following and so he will stay - leaving Twitch to go. I was a huge Twitch fan but something turned for me the week he started to try to create a brand for himself. Also, he does not need the props (teeth, glasses) as he is a great dancer on his own. Though, that was hysterical with Cat. Finally, the only thing that might save Court is that I did not think that Katee or Chelsea's solos were very good. Seems to me that whenever the girls choose a pop song instead of something funky for their solo it doesn't come across as well. Good fun and they are all great.

    Posted by Jason is a Riot July 31, 08 09:11 AM
  1. I look forward to this show every season!! It's unbelievable how the amazing talent found on this program has taken us to a new found level of dance excellence!

    Katee and Josh are my top two...going home tonight should be Mark and Chelsea but it will most likely be Twitch and Courtney. =(

    I have to admit...Cat, on some occasions gets a little under my skin...but it could just be me. The only question I have is...where the heck was this show when I lived and breathed dance for over 20 years!


    Posted by Tara July 31, 08 10:18 AM
  1. Completely agree. SYTYCD is heads above the talent reality shows with amazing choreographers, the best of the best in talent and judges who don't think it is cool or good for ratings to trash the contestants.

    And try as I might; even though Cat D is beautiful, leggy, blond and has yet to have a really bad hair day (I hate that in women!) she is genuine and likable and I too gave her a lot of credit for popping Twitch's grillz in her mouth. I don't think I'd do that with my own family!
    Twitch has been my favorite but I must say, the cream rose to the top last night. I do see Joshua and Katee in the finals and can't for the life of me figure how they can narrow it down to one. There should be co-winners; male and female.
    I feel Twitch and maybe Chelsie are heading out tonight. Not necessarily my choice but based on voting projections.

    Posted by A Dingo Ate My Baby July 31, 08 03:25 PM
  1. Twitch is still my favorite male dancer, but last night every dancer was absolutely incredible.

    I was feeling that Mark was my least favorite (and he still might be) but that Jazz routine he and Courtney did blew me away! And I really enjoyed his solo as well.

    I just can't choose between the 3 female dancers. I love Courtney's personality and expressive face, Chelsie...damn the way she can move her legs, whew! and Katie, her dancing has always been great, I've gotten less of an impression of her personality over the course of the show, but I do like what I've gotten to see.

    Also, I have to say I agree with the 1st poster (dianne) about the quality of the show overall, and what makes it so appealing to me.

    I don't like reality shows in general and don't watch them. I started watching SYTYCD when I recorded a rerun of an early episode which was on during a different show I record. I fast forwarded over all the auditions of really bad dancers, watching that just wasn't interesting.

    Anyway yes, the host, the judges (maybe loud, but constructive) and how the eliminations are handled totally make this a show to watch.

    Posted by Mike July 31, 08 05:02 PM
  1. "Blessedly silent Paula Abdul"? Have you actually watched this show? Paula Abdul and anything that comes out of her mouth is always a blessing compared to Mary Murphy and her demented screaming.

    Posted by jo August 1, 08 04:14 AM
  1. this show is so orchestrated and is becoming so boring. As Nigel promotes his show, constantly using tired adjectives to try and convince the viewers that these dancers are actually good. The better dancers have long since gone home. The final 4 are just the most popular. The girls are actually well trained and fun to watch, Joshua even though He is not well trained is exciting to watch. Twitch, I dont get and should have gone home long ago. How come it seems like Twitch gets a Hip-Hop routine every week? As the judges try to promote their favorites and criticize those who are not, this my friends is becoming old. The dance routines are excellent ,but not all. America got it right last year with Sabre. This year they did not as the two most consistent dancers Will and Chelsea are gone.

    Posted by Michael August 7, 08 02:20 AM

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