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'Lost:' Yanks bludgeon Sox

Posted by Joanna Weiss  May 1, 2008 10:12 PM

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I love how the Red Sox are so often used to signify time in "Lost." When Jack looks at a headline that says, "Yankees bludgeon Red Sox in series sweep" -- and then mutters "A-Rod" under his breath -- we know we're in the midst of a flash-forward. And we know it's going to be some kind of nightmare.

To minimize spoilers, I'll save the rest of my giddy thoughts about this week's "Lost" for after the jump.

Here's what I really liked about this episode: While it didn't address any of the zillion questions raised last week (Ben, Sayid, the Smoke Monster, Charles Widmore) it did connect to some of the series' longtime themes, ensuring us that the writers do remember what they came up with a couple of seasons ago, as well as a couple of episodes ago. We got the visual flash on Jack's eye (it was Ben's eye last week, right?), a nod to the Juliet kiss, and a pretty chilling reminder -- in case anyone had forgotten -- that Claire and Jack have the same dad. We even got a reference to Jin's mafioso past, as he found a compelling way to threaten Charlotte. And we got some hint as to how Sun escapes the island without Jin.

(Edited to add: I had forgotten last night to mention the "Alice and Wonderland" read, a reference to last season's finale, "Through the Looking Glass." EW's Doc Jensen runs further with the Alice analysis, recalling a season 1 episode called "White Rabbit" that also featured Christian running amok. He also has an intriguing theory on the fate of Claire.)

And then there were the questions. By pointing out that Kate is not related to Aaron, is Jack saying that he knows he's Aaron's uncle? Are Christian and Jacob the same person? Is Claire finally gone for good? Was Kate talking to Sawyer on the phone? Or is he still on the island? Ir both? What sort of favor would she have to do for him -- and is it part of some long con? Is Hurley right in thinking they're all actually dead, or is he just the vessel the writers are always going to use to wink at fan conspiracy theories?

The one thing I know for sure is this: of all of the shows that were absent this spring, "Lost" is the one I missed the most. (And the absence wasn't even all that long.) Now that it's back, it doesn't disappoint.

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11 comments so far...
  1. The mutter of "A-Rod" didn't date the sequence as a flash-forward necessarily. A-Rod was with the Yankees in '04 as well, which means Jack could have been reading the paper the week before the flight and still uttered those same words.

    Posted by David May 1, 08 11:12 PM
  1. I don't think it was a flash forward (in a conventional way)....

    ...the red sox rallied back from 3-0 down to win the yanks series, and then the world series....

    ...but what if something the losties did somehow "changed" the future and the yankees swept instead?

    ...just imagine...if they can change something as ridiculously "unrelated" as that series, what else have they changed? or broken?

    ...time works in mysterious ways on lost, folding in on itself, time on the island vs. the rest of the world, I'm guessing it's still 2004 series we're talking about!

    Posted by jay mayer May 2, 08 12:14 AM
  1. Trying to figure it out the timeline though - August of 2006 sweep at Fenway? or August 2007 sweep at Yankee Stadium?

    Posted by Forbin May 2, 08 03:01 AM
  1. Another site showed the final score was "5-0", which was the score of the final game of the August 2007 sweep (series when Joba threw at Youk).

    Posted by Kris May 2, 08 10:55 AM
  1. Jay, I LOVE your theory on a changed timeline, so much that I wish it were true. So I've been trying to think of how it would work. The Oceanic 815 crash happened on Sept. 22, 2004. The fourth game of the 2004 ALCS took place on October 17. (Thank you, "Lost" writers, for making me spend a part of my day looking up dates.) Even if island time diverged from real time so much that the "rescue" took place within days, would there have been enough time for Kate to have her trial and Jack to have his change of heart and Hurley to go insane? Even by TV standards, that's tight. Logic would seem to dictate August 2007. But I love the idea of a world in which Jack's appendectomy is erased and the Sox (gasp) don't win the 2004 series, after all.

    Posted by Joanna May 2, 08 02:07 PM

    Posted by ROBERT May 3, 08 06:31 PM
  1. And then it occurred to me this morning that Aaron would also have to age two and a half years in the span of a month. Oh, well. August 2006 sounds about right.

    Posted by Joanna May 3, 08 09:40 PM
  1. The newspaper is reporting what happened August 18-21, 2006. This was a 5-game series in which the Yankees won by scores of 12-4, 14-11, 13-5, 8-5, and 2-1. This brings the date of “Something Nice Back Home” to Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    Posted by Ian May 4, 08 04:45 AM
  1. Nope...I thought it was the 2006 massacre at first too, but it is definitely the August 2007 sweep. Check out Eric Wilbur's blog ( If you click on the picture of the article, and then zoom in, you can clearly see that the article mentions the 2006 sweep as happening "last year".

    Posted by Matt May 4, 08 09:45 PM
  1. I paused the show when Jack was reading the paper and was able to read a bit of the article. It was the August 2007 sweep.

    Posted by Jim May 5, 08 11:44 AM
  1. The Sox/Yankees game is from August 30, 2007. And the box score below that story is from an Angels/Astros game from June 20, 2007. What's up with that?

    Posted by Joel May 5, 08 03:01 PM

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