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'Idol:' Loose Diamonds

Posted by Joanna Weiss  April 29, 2008 09:18 PM

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A couple of admissions, as we launch into the "American Idol" final five: 1) I miss Carly, and 2) I'm officially bored. Except for when Paula talks. When Paula talks, I'm very entertained. Did you catch the reactions, mid-show, as she launched into her treatise on Jason's imaginary second song? Ryan looked offstage, as if begging for guidance. Simon looked like he was going to hug somebody. Even the audience started to chuckle. "This is hard!" Paula yelled. Yes, counting to five is tough. Just ask some of our politicians.

As for Neil Diamond, he's no Andrew Lloyd Webber, as far as mentors go. He was all sunshine and happy thoughts tonight; the only concrete advice we saw was his suggestion that Brooke change "New York" to "Arizona" in "I Am...I Said." I'm not sure that was necessarily wise. But I'll get back to it in a bit...

Jason Castro. I think it's pretty clear by now that this guy, stoner-cutie that he happens to be, is not capable of anything more than he's been doing: singing flat, mellow versions of whatever song he happens to find the sheet music for. I guess you could call that "making it his own," but it's really more like "running another ditty through the bland-o-meter." Are we ready to admit that his triumphant "Hallelujah" was really about the song, and not about Jason at all?

David Cook. My favorite, he remains. And I think he was brilliant to choose a couple of lesser-known Neil Diamond songs, which he could present as modern-ish rockers without having to borrow something else from Chris Cornell. I suppose I agree with the judges that his second song was better than his first, but I liked them both. And I find that he's the only remaining contestant who truly puts it on the line when he sings - pushes his voice, pushes his emotions. (David Archuleta can sound emotional, too, but it always feel robotic to me: calculated and a little bit too perfect.)

Brooke White. Argh. "I'm A Believer" is one of my favorite songs of all time, and while I wouldn't necessarily call her version of it "a nightmare," it certainly wasn't good. Really, it showed off all of her weaknesses as an artist: She doesn't have a very big vocal range, and she absolutely cannot project anything but melancholy. Her happy songs are always near-disasters. So yes, she did a much better job with her melancholy piano version of "I Am...I Said," but how believable was it, really? After all, she kept smiling about how weird it was to sing about Arizona having a shore.

David Archuleta. Ah, America's favorite beautifully-singing little robot. I did not care at all for his soft-rock version of the Red Sox Nation Theme Song, particularly since he wasted little time before launching into the cheesetastic "hands...touching hands" part. And yes, I agree with Simon that "America" was a brilliant choice, though he doesn't need saving like Kristy Lee Cook. Also, I give him extra-super bonus points for not singing "Turn On Your Heartlight."

Syesha Mercado. As soon as she started her barefoot version "Hello Again," my heart sank: So soon, we're back to the wannabe diva stuff? But she redeemed herself with her girl-band take on "Thank the Lord for the Night Time." And, unlike Brooke, she's able to sing an upbeat song and look like she's actually having fun. Yeah, I'll agree with Simon that it wasn't transcendent. But it made Jason Castro look like the cute little amateur he is. If she goes before he does this week, I'm going to make my cat wear a little black armband.

Let's talk about it all at Wednesday's chat, at 1 p.m. on Meantime, as always, I look forward to the comments...

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62 comments so far...
  1. Dare I say it again...Paula needs to go. Tonight's "in the can before they sing" white-russian sipping commentary had shark-jumping written all over it. Can they kill her off like non-reality TV so she doesn't come back? I say, Simon, Randy, and a weekly guest judge...keeps it fresh.

    Here's what is going to happen...teenybopper love-stuffs, Brooke and Jason, will skate through adding more fuel to the "Idol has lost it" fire. Syesha is packing as we speak because she seems fairly smart. Although, Simon may have played his insult card with her to work off the other two instead. David and David will act concerned, tense, etc...then be pushed through.

    Brooke is a nursery school singer. Cut the moppy hair, wear something sexy, sing something authentic or go home. "Believer" was horrible from the first bouncy note to the last "Woo!".

    Castro is silly. Dresses like he just got off his shift at Stop & Shop and couldn't make Neil Diamond work better for him than Andrew Lloyd Weber. Huh?

    Cook...getting predictable. Great song choices, but if you listen to the studio version of "Music of the Night" you realize that this cat can sing, so stop adding the breathy emo/rock vibe EVERYTIME. Chris Daughtry's "I'm rocking out another song the way I did last week" approach got old in the end, too.

    David A. - I'm just not sure there will be another "Imagine" moment for this kid.

    Posted by Fandam April 29, 08 10:57 PM
  1. chris daughtry's approach may have gotten old, but i doubt he's wishing he was in taylor hicks' place right about now.

    d. cook is the one to beat.

    Posted by etothez April 29, 08 11:23 PM
  1. David Archuleta could sing to me every night, all night. His voice is pure and he evokes emotion. I never did understand why people act all negative because he actually cares about the message he sends....isn't that a novel idea...? He is pure talent and the producers, the labels and true musicians see he is a true prodigy. And no, I am not a tween but yes, I'd buy his albums and would want him to marry into the family. Decent, kind, sincere, thoughtful and with a voice of an angel. He'll get my vote every time. We need more people like him in the world.

    Cook sounds the same every night to me. It's interesting that nobody points out how much he does sound the same. Instead they talk about how "original" and "risky" he does sound a bit scripted to me at times. I like his sound but he sounds like half of the lead singers in bands on the radio magic. Talented? Sure. A prodigy? No.

    Brooke has her own niche and will do very well. She has a unique and warm voice with a genuinely good vibe. I like her and I'd buy her albums.

    Posted by crysslon April 29, 08 11:27 PM
  1. I thought Jason was horrible. He gets the "pretty votes". That is about it.

    Brooke's version of I'm a Believer wasn't good until the very end. She picked up the beat a little and it worked in the end. And I'm use to men singing the song so it was a big adjustment, As for "Arizona" being put into the song, it was Neil Diamonds idea, not hers. And it may not work with the "shore" but she made it her own with that personal touch.

    Syesha would be a better actor than a singer on the radio. She needs to do Broadway.

    David A, he was just ok. He holds his breath when he sings.

    David C...awesome!!!!

    Posted by Harley April 29, 08 11:32 PM
  1. I keep reading from people that don't like David Cook, that it's because "he sounds like half the lead singers in bands on the radio today." Really? That makes me laugh. Yes, he does sound modern. He does not sound like a preprogrammed animatronic doll that is so scared of notes he can't hit, that he changes the lyrics to avoid them.
    David Cook is the only one with any originality and the only one who sounds like the singers people are forking over cash for. I promise you this, when it all comes out, he will outsell David A ten fold- win or second place. Archie is boring, predictable and cheesy-and is not that great of a singer, despite what the judges keep telling us.

    Posted by Peg April 29, 08 11:55 PM
  1. I just read your comment about David Cook posted on a fan site and I couldn't agree more. He's my favorite and I'll be curious to see if America gets it right this time. Either way I'm sure DC will sell tons of records and be a huge star. I have heard some of his pre-Idol stuff and am blown away by his ability to write music. I think he is a wonderful musician and am shocked to find him on a reality show like Idol.
    Thanks for writing a decent review of the night. Rock on Boston Globe and Rock on DAVID COOK!

    Posted by Hannah April 30, 08 12:36 AM
  1. Umm Peg, do you mean the preprogrammed animatrnic dolls like David Cook who sounds like most of the lead singers in bands today (because let's face it, despite liking him "original" is not the word for him) or, did you mean the preprogrammed animatronic doll that still uses the word "Archie" to describe a 17 yr old kid whose trying his best at music he has never heard?

    I agree that David A. isn't as good as the judges say, and Cook will be big, but a black and red waistcoat with half of the AC/DC logo and the emo comb over tastes more like cheese to me, deary.

    oh, and to the person earlier who said Brooke will do very well - she will not. she is over. one record...forgotten...back to Noggin for the pre-show warmups.

    Posted by qdome April 30, 08 12:58 AM
  1. Two things I've learned:

    - How to spell DAVID A R C H U L E T A
    - How to purchase David Archuleta music at iTunes .

    I'm 55 years old can't remember when I was so enamored by ANY vocalist as I am with David Archuleta! Thank you, American Idol, for bringing me a someone worthy of the title, idol.

    Posted by Dee April 30, 08 12:59 AM
  1. At the very start of the show when the five of them were standing on stage, the camera cut away and Jason was looking down. I knew right then and there - and this was before anyone had even sung a note - that he would be going home. I believe in The Secret, and I could see in his demeanor that the message he was sending to the Universe was that he was going to be leaving. We shall see.

    Posted by Arvin Rasdahl April 30, 08 01:04 AM
  1. Crysslon: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After "Music Of The Night" last week and "Little Sparrow" on Dolly night you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that. Last week's performance silenced all his detractors. He's the only one of the remaining contestants who had showed range and versatility.

    -Syesha: Belting the heart out of every song (except for "Yesterday")
    -Jason: I love the kid, he's hilarious and he can be amazing ("Over The Rainbow", "Daydream", "Hallellujah", "I Don't Want To Cry"), but he clearly doesn't have a big voice and he NEEDS to be almost flawless every single week.
    -Brooke: I like her, but she hasn't being good in the past couple of weeks.
    -Archuleta: I feel like I hear the same song every week. But his voice is beautiful. And the judges pimping him (specially Randy) just harms him. He has had a handfulk of good performances, though (""Shop Around","Imagine" -though I have never liked the song in general, everybody went nuts over it-, "Smokey Mountain Memories", "Angels").

    Tonight he rocked "I'm Alive" (although I thought it was a bit too growly) and he showed an extremely wide range with "All I Really Need Is You", the high notes, the falsetto, the connection with the audience and the lyrics.

    Posted by EAP April 30, 08 04:13 AM
  1. Battle of the Davids, but I'm a DC fan while my wife favors DA.

    Syesha was OK, but is no better than any back-up singer heard on the radio. Jason was awful and Brooke was so bad I laughed then walked out of the room. Where is Carly and Michael?!!

    If I heard Brooke or Jason on the car radio, I would find another station.

    Posted by Otis April 30, 08 04:19 AM
  1. I think they pretty much all stink this year. David Cook's the only decent performer in the bunch and he annoys he heck out of me.

    Posted by Bob April 30, 08 04:28 AM
  1. BTW is Syesha Mercado not Mercato

    Posted by Sully April 30, 08 06:21 AM
  1. David Cook is the only reason left to watch this show. I hope he makes it to the final and wins. That is if the tweens don't take over the phone lines and vote for Dave A. David Cook literaly has me from the Hello. The song Hello that he did on the 80's night. He was wonderful all his songs are great choices and he does sing them his way ( ok we will forget the white jacket night everyone one has an off night)

    Brooke White looks like she should be skipping though a field of wildflowers and singing. Sayisha is good at broadway kind of singing Great voice lots of animation when she sings. She will go far on the Great white way

    David A is adorable but will that really sell after the tweens get to old to like him. I know he will get older to but So did N'Sync, the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the block and look what happened to them

    Jason I don't even have words to discribe him. I will just quote my 14 year old neice and say he is "distrubling looking"

    Posted by Marina April 30, 08 06:23 AM
  1. Wait- is it me or does this guy Jason have no voice and really no talent , as well as really no passion- and why is he on Idol to begin with ? Maybe the problem overall is that Weber/Diamond songs are so identified by them , and those singers who actually sing their songs , like Betty Buckley , Michael Crawford , and Diamond himself , and Red Sox Nation for Sweet Caroline in particular.My partner Tom agrees with this , but I say a good singer and performer should be able to portay his/her own version and syle for any song ! I say Syesha / Brooke will go tonite , but Jason should have gone 3 weeks ago. Bottom line - this is really great entertainment for all TV watchers !

    Posted by Diane Pandolfo April 30, 08 06:27 AM
  1. Frankly, I stopped watching after Michael Johns got voted out. I still like David Cook though (I sample the tunes on iTunes, much more time-effective than watching the whole show)

    Posted by Sue23 April 30, 08 06:33 AM
  1. David Cook is far and away the most talanted of this bunch. His future will largely depend on whether or not he can write. For his own good, he should get himself voted off before AI producers dictate what his first album will sound like. I guarentee there are a lot of people chomping at the bit to work with this guy. He's the real deal.

    The rest...I needed a shot of insulin when Archuleta tore into "America." At least it wasn't another ballad. Someone said "he cares about the message he sends." I'm not sure it's David who cares about the message he sends. That seems to fall more with his father. In Archie, I see a kid in a straightjacket who may or may not want to bust out of it. He needs to if he's really going to have a future.

    Brook was a train wreck. She should slap Diamond for the "Arizona" suggestion. Actually "I Am" was just a poor song selection. Jason needs a Jack Johnson night...not gonna happen.

    When Cook is gone, so am I. I hope it's sooner rather than later. Don't vote for him. He's too good for that.

    Posted by Bob April 30, 08 06:37 AM
  1. I was a big David A fan at the beginning but now I'm not a fan of anyone in particular. At this point all of them have the opportunity for recording contracts or Broadway based on what we have seen with past top 5 Idols. While David A and Brooke seem to be getting more and more tense, Syesha most of all seems to have relaxed considerably and is enjoying herself. Perhaps she realizes that she is on her way no matter how she places now. I'm looking forward to when the judges pick the songs - I hope they do that sooner rather than later. David A is a very talented young man and will do well in his genre. I think the boring themes are not doing him any favors and he is sounding so similar week after week. I'd like to see him do something bluesy like he did when he was younger on star search.

    Posted by Cordelia Potter April 30, 08 06:49 AM
  1. I run hot and cold on Archuleta. I like his singing, the same way I like Josh Groban's singing, but he lacks charisma, which is a key ingredient. I really do not like his performance skills and he has GOT to work on being able to speak intelligently. I used to like Brooke enough to tolerate the no range phenomenon, but I just can't stand to listen to her anymore. Jason? Meh. He should go because there is no spark there whatsoever. Used to hate Syesha but you know, over the past few weeks the girl has proven that she has a great set of pipes. I completely agree that she would be terrific on Broadway, though. I don't think she is meant to find fame in pop music. So that leaves us with David Cook, who is hands down my favorite. He can sing, he commands the stage, he can speak intelligently and he is reasonably attractive. Of all the remaining contestants, I think he's the only one truly deserving of the win.

    Posted by AlicePalace April 30, 08 07:02 AM
  1. It really was a bore-fest. Except of course for Paula. When she said "This is hard!" even I wanted to give her a hug.

    Syesha can really sing. Not that she's my favorite or anything, but I really don't get all the hating on her. If you look at vocals alone she can sing circles around all of them. So what if it looks like she's more of a "Broadway gal"? Carrie Underwood broke the Pop-barrier with her country style, made a country album that crossed over with tremendous mainstream appeal, and won tons of acclaim. Why is it so absurd to think Syesha could make a song stylist type record ala Michael Buble?

    I didn't even feel like voting but I had to make sure she stayed around another week. And to make sure David C didn't fall over people's complacency.

    Posted by Gina April 30, 08 07:14 AM
  1. Too funny..David A has the voice of an angel?...or the voice of someone who should be doing musical theater in some park in Disney World. He has got to be the most annoying contestant in American Idol history...and to top it off
    hes flat, a HORRIBLE performer (zero stage presence) and god the..oh thank you..I cant beleive you really like shucks act is so tired.

    I have to say for a season that was supposed to have the best group of singers ever has boiled down to probably one of the weakest if not weakest top 5's ever.

    David Cook has got to be the one to beat..Hes a decent guy without the overly modest garbage and even if he does the same kind of thing every week he does it well...
    by the way..they all do the same kind of thing every week so people should stop trying to paint him with that brush

    Posted by sherri April 30, 08 07:14 AM
  1. Can I just say Paula Abduhhhh! I heard on news that Idol ratings are down and they might be looking to replace Seacrest and not even considering Miss Psychobabble?
    First half was dull and although David Cook was best of the 5 and it is nice to hear a lesser known Neil Diamond song, I was really hoping he would get grooving to Cherry Cherry; he could have smashed it.
    Jason showed he is way out of his league and think Hallelujah was his one rare moment and more of a fluke. I'll say this much about him; he never changes his style or tries to dress more funky or hip. He remains unchanged in that respect and I like it unlike Sanjaya with his ridiculous do's since he knew he was limited talent wise.
    When I heard them say David A was singing Sweet Caroline, my thoughts were "nooooooo, don't do it" and he didn't fail me. It was like watching a local talent show. America was a smarter choice and he did a good job as usual yet that little habit he has of smiling with his lips closed, then parts his lips, then lips in closed smile again is very puppet-like and imagine his father overhead manipulating the strings - a bit creepy.
    I'm surprised Simon told Syesha she could be in trouble and not Jason since he scolded Jason for both performances.. What does Simon see that we viewers don't?
    Brooke singing I'm A Believer was wrong on all counts and although a bit better on I Am I Said, still feel she rushes through when she is not comfortable with the song.
    Who will go tonight? It has to be Jason but Syesha's diva-ness might get her voted off since it is becoming obnoxious.

    Posted by S. Coleman April 30, 08 07:28 AM
  1. Bring back David Johns and Carley and dump munchkins Jason and David A. At least they could sing.

    Posted by big jim April 30, 08 07:31 AM
  1. Strange but I thought Syesha was the best of the 5 last night. I also liked Brookes second song and Cooks second. Nothing else . Jason should go

    Posted by estreet April 30, 08 07:34 AM
  1. The show was pretty horrible last night. The only redeeming factor was David Cooke. He is the only one who is not an amateur and has far surpassed the "American Idol" mentality. I don't care who goes tonight as long as it is not David Cook because the rest of them are terrible. If Cook gets voted off the show and doesn't become the next American Idol, I vow to NEVER watch AI again.

    They already voted off Carly and Michael Johns so there is really not much of a competition left...

    Posted by daizy April 30, 08 07:38 AM
  1. Brooke looked just like Jan Brady last night, with her long hair swinging and mindless grinning and her guitar strumming to "I'm a Believer." I couldn't help but laugh watching that, poor thing.

    I'm bored too, let's just crown David Cook and get this over with. I'm just hoping he doesn't have the same fate as Daughtry, who was eliminated in his season right about... now?

    Posted by Jenna April 30, 08 07:50 AM
  1. Yes, Peg, YES! Thank you. That's exactly how I feel.

    I don't get the David Archuleta love at all. He's so boring and cheesy and uninspiring. He sounds the same to me every week, and I inevitably hate the songs he chooses. Sweet Caroline? Even my 12 year-old said, "BAD choice, man."

    Posted by Emma April 30, 08 07:53 AM
  1. I think Idol nearly JUMPED THE SHARK last night. This group of FInal Five is the weakest in memory, and to combine that with the awful music of Neil Diamond, me, the pool was shark infested, the ramp was up, and the Idol Cycle was ready to go...

    I think only the fact that Paula was fumbling with the keys and dropped them in the shark tank prevented the show from actually JUMPING THE SHARK.

    Close call, Idol.

    Brooke or Jason SHOULD go, but watch it be Syesha (who was terrific last night, despite being limited by Diamond's gooey catalogue).

    Posted by Matt Talvi April 30, 08 07:57 AM
  1. I am totally boycotting "Idol". When I don't get sick to my stomach I'm totally bored! Did not watch last night and I may not watch next year...

    Posted by Andy's Mom April 30, 08 08:01 AM
  1. The AC on David Cook's jacket isn't half of the AC/DC logo, it's a tribute to his brother, Adam, who has brain cancer, and you know, I have to respect a guy who doesn't mention his brother's illness or the stress he has to be under because of it even when given the opportunity to do so. He's not going to sell his brother's illness out for sympathy votes, and I think that's admirable.

    Posted by Emma April 30, 08 08:51 AM
  1. I read an article in "another" paper that quoted Carly Simon as saying that she thinks Brooke should win. While I don't agree with her on that I found the final paragraph of the article to be interesting:

    "With her legendary stage fright, Simon admits she couldn’t have gone far on "Idol" if she had to perform live before a TV audience in the tens of millions. And she doubts that the other noted singer-songwriters of her generation — Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell and ex-husband James Taylor — could have gone far because they all had distinctive but untrained voices."

    She was probably thinking about Brooke when saying this, but I think it also applies to Jason Castro, too. They may not have perfect voices, but they are distinctive and bring something different to the audience. I agree that Jason needs to pick it up to really deserve to be there at this point, but if you listen to the studio versions of his songs they are so great. He is not a trained singer like some of the others, yet he can still pull it off and manages to capture an audience. Whether it's the teenage audience or some other, it doesn't matter, he has appeal or he wouldn't be there this long.

    Posted by Robyn April 30, 08 09:12 AM
  1. First, to Sherri...we should stop painting David Cooke with the same brush? Which Brush is that, the one you use to paint everyone else?

    As for worst season, I direct your attention to season 6...Sanjaya? Chris Richardson? Haley Scarnato? Dopey Beat-Box guy? THAT was the worst....or Season 5 with kevin Covais, Bucky Covington (who deserves reprive now, but not then), Becky O'Donohue, Heather Cox?

    Fact is, take your revenge out on the producers. These kids made the biggest TV show in history and we dump on them like we wouldn't be there if they had picked us. You can't say David A can't sing...he clearly can. May not be your bag, but he can sing. Same with Syesha.

    The producers see 10's of thousands of people and they give us what they think will bring ratings. blame them...not the singers, not Paula, not Seacrest. To me, Seacrest is the glue. Lose him and the thing would fall apart.

    Comes down to recorded voice: Cook, Syesha, and even Brooke all sound great in the studio. Jason simply does not. Archuletta oddly does not.

    Posted by Fandam April 30, 08 09:23 AM
  1. David A. sounded and looked so much like a little boy last night - he is so out of his league. When your first thought is "oh - give him a hug ..." after he sings, that's not good. That's just your grandson in a talent show.

    Posted by Little Ethel April 30, 08 09:28 AM
  1. BROOKE IS GOING HOME TONIGHT!! About 5 weeks late, but... just get her out of there!!!!!

    CASTRO IS NUMBER ONE!!! Watch his gorgeous face smile as he wins the finale!

    Posted by Jess April 30, 08 09:34 AM
  1. I have to laugh, because the beginning of the season was all hype about "The BEST season EVER" and "the MOST TALENTED contentants EVER." I don't THINK SO!

    I was bored last night. David A. has got to go. I just don't get the love that people have for this kid. Yes, he has a nice voice, but I just find him really annoying. Jason, I liked early on, but anyone that can make a peppy song like "Forever in Blue Jeans" that dull doesn't belong in the top five. Brook, same thing. Syesia is talented, just has to make better choices. She really does well in the fun, perfomance songs. David Cook is, in my opinion the most talented one of the bunch. Maybe he would be better off going the Daughtry route, and getting the boot before the "Idol Machine" gets a hold on his career.

    Posted by Wednesday Morning QB April 30, 08 09:49 AM
  1. No fan of Abdul, but in her defense of critiquing Castro's "second song" -- all of that seemed to be a last minute decision and rushed. My guess, and it's only a guess, is that they rushed the first half of the show along so much that they found they had time to spare at mid-break. So during the commercial break, it was decided to bring all five contestants (they all looked disorganized at this point) on stage and have the judges give them a critique. At best, she only had a few minutes to compose her thoughts -- and we all know how difficult that can be for her when she has even more time. When she started reading her notes on Castro's "second song" she was actually critiquing David Cook, which she admitted. All this proves is that she is not a good fit for live television.

    My two cents on who's left:
    CASTRO -- he knows he's not going to win and has accepted that he's about as far as he is going to get. Both performances were weak and he's given up. Although he might have enought of a cult following to move on.

    ARCHIE -- nobody can deny he has a great, natural voice. He's criticized about managing his emotions on stage. I've said it before, he's only 17!! How many 17 year olds can manage their emotions on a day to day basis never mind in front of millions? He appears petrified to screw up, though, and that can turn into a larger problem for him down the road.

    MERCADO -- not a big fan, but she will end up singing professionally, probably on the theatrical stage.

    WHITE -- terrible, strained performances. She is vulnerable this week.

    COOK -- He's the one to beat, no doubt about it.

    Posted by CyberFreud April 30, 08 09:49 AM
  1. Ok, good to know about his brother. I agree he has had opp to mention it and has not. I agree that it is a fitting tribute. So, I'll take my whacks for that.

    BUT, it IS half of the AC/DC logo (perhaps altered for defendable reasons) and the jakcet IS cheesy. If you have to TRY so hard to do the "rocker" look it stops working. It becomes a costume and not the truth.

    Cook is a great talent and will sell a lot of music. The show use to be about diversity and risk taking, not fan bases and musical genre tastes. I'd like to see him do something outside of his comfort zone in a manner outside his comfort zone rather than regurgitate the rocker sound ever single week.

    Finally, they all need to put down the instruments. I play instruments...I understand the desire. None of them are that great at it. Cook is the best player, the others are downright horrible. Everytime Brooke plays the guitar I think of John Belushi smashing it against the wall in "Animal House"

    Posted by qdome April 30, 08 10:11 AM
  1. I happen to be a big fan of Neil Diamond and was so looking forward to last nights show. The best part of the night was Paula. I enjoy turning on the TV just to see what she will say next.

    I didn’t think Jason was actually that bad. He could livened it up a bit, but it is still Jason. Maybe if they let him sing a song he actually has herd of before we could see what he is truly capable of.

    David Cook, as usual, was the best of the night. I hope he doesn’t make it all the way only so he doesn’t have to be stuck in an Idol contract for the next year. If he gets out now it’s that much sooner he can start his own career.

    David A, like you said, was a robot. Typical of him. Not bad, but not great! We need great now.

    Brook ruined the first song. She looks like she was going to drop her guitar. She should have tried to sing without it. I’ll have to admit that her second song wasn’t that bad, but again, not great.

    Syesha, as usual sounds good. She doesn’t belong on Idol, she belongs on Broadway. I think that’s where we will soon see her.

    Posted by Monica April 30, 08 10:31 AM
  1. Syesha is the only one who sounded and acted like a professional last night. Over the past several weeks I have seen her grow to a professional level and yet people, at least those posting on this site, still do not connect with her. I voted for her last night hoping it would help her stay. I would like to see her and Archuleta as the last two standing. She can really belt out a song. Cook is an egoist. He thinks he is better than everyone else and has right from the start. People like that make me sick.

    Tonite I would like to see Brooke or Jason go. BTW leave poor Paula alone.


    Posted by KGSalem April 30, 08 10:35 AM
  1. How many of you can point to Iraq on a map?

    Posted by Bill April 30, 08 10:42 AM
  1. Hey qdome get your facts straight. AC is not half of AC|DC [personal insult redacted]. The AC on his coat and guitar is for his half brother who is dying of
    cancer. His name happens to be Adam Cook

    Posted by jacko April 30, 08 10:45 AM
  1. Folks, I just redacted a personal insult from one of the comments. Come on. Correcting factual errors is fine - when the mistake comes from me or anyone else - but let's please keep things civil.

    Posted by Joanna April 30, 08 10:48 AM
  1. Wow. I just have to say, point well taken Bill. Way to hush the insults and mud-slinging. I love AI, I've never missed a season. Suddenly picking these poor kids apart doesn't seem quite as important though.

    Posted by Em April 30, 08 11:01 AM
  1. I'm starting to think that no one should be eliminated this week. I've been reading up on the whole Paula fiasco and it has left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Seriously. I think it shows disrespect to Jason Castro if he were to be eliminated this week after showing that the judges are either given their comments beforehand or are basing their judgments on rehearsals, which are completely different than live performances.

    Posted by idolfan April 30, 08 11:16 AM
  1. Syesha has really gotten much better and I think Simon was trying to help her when he said that she may get voted off. Clearly it is time for Jason or Brooke to go.

    Posted by fred flintstone April 30, 08 11:22 AM
  1. "and Cook will be big, but a black and red waistcoat with half of the AC/DC logo "

    To qdome in Post #7 - that "half AC/DC logo" is nothing of the sort. He's wearing the initials of his brother, who is fighting CANCER. It's a tribute to his brother to let him know he's always thinking of him.

    Posted by LWhitt April 30, 08 11:26 AM
  1. What a weirded out show that was!! WOW!
    True story- Jason seems to be boring himself! What would he sing if given totally free choice? I'd like to see that.
    Brooke is helpless and fairly hapless. Arizona is not on the coast. Dumb idea.
    Syesha looked happy last night. That girl can sing! I hope she has a wonderful career wherever she goes.
    David A is perfect for radio. As a SOX fan I hated his version of Sweet Caroline. Horrible.
    David C - I guess, by virtue of the fact that there is NO competition.... Hate his hair though. Trying so hard to be a "rock" star. He does do original renditions.
    IDOL is not a good show this year.
    I wish BIGGEST LOSER was still on.

    Posted by Rosemary April 30, 08 11:45 AM
  1. Yes, I am sure Archuleta is a very nice boy - and he has talent, that can't be disputed. But as far as being able to market him successfully, it will never happen. Again, nice kid who I loved in the beginning but who now sounds cheesey and by his song choices sounds like he should be performing on a float in a parade at an amusement park. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you really want him to sing you to sleep every night, well great...but he will never be successful until he matures and gets a personality (smiling all the time isn't "personality" folks). I am not saying that he needs to "go Hollywood" and become obnoxious - he just needs to learn how to say something interesting and learn how to deal with fans - when that finally happens in 5 to 10 years than he may have a successful singing career. Until then the most you can hope for is seeing him at Disney - there really isn't a genre or style that he fits into right now. He will be popular for a while with all of the females but after the hype dies down and the public loses interest, he will need to do a lot of work to get people to notice him again.

    Posted by SMH Lane April 30, 08 11:56 AM
  1. Bye Bye Brooke - PLEASE!

    Although it's probably the end of the line for Jason.

    Syesha belongs on TV, clearly she wants to be an actress or Broadway, I guess.

    The 2 Davids are the tops.

    Yup, most talented season ever. HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wait to next year.

    Posted by Marcus Ben Karkis April 30, 08 12:13 PM
  1. I fell that the only ones trying are Syesha (specially), and David Cook.

    Posted by EAP April 30, 08 12:15 PM
  1. When is everyone going to realize that Paula is a crack head? It's been well known in the industry for years that she has a problem yet AI has continued to ignore it.

    Posted by Meta Whitney April 30, 08 12:24 PM
  1. David A. Is the cutest most talented guy I ever heard. He is a sure win.

    Posted by Ted April 30, 08 12:27 PM
  1. No doubt, Lakesha is going to win it all. Did you hear her rendition of "And I'm Telling You?" Amazing. Please, America, get it right this time!

    Posted by Bill C April 30, 08 12:38 PM
  1. The reason Simon said that Syesha was in trouble is not because he thinks she should go. He said it so that voters would rally and make sure she *doesn't* go home.

    Posted by jamalie April 30, 08 12:42 PM
  1. JoJo - I can't remember being more disappointed in a final group. Jason is awful, flat and without rhythm. His dreadful guitar makes me weep. Dreads and innocence do not go hand in hand. Cookie has flair, but reeks of sameness in all his endeavors. The hair tweaks me like an offensive tattoo. Is Brooke legally blond? She's got nothing going on and in any other year would have been out of the competition long ago. Her piano is putrid. Archie, Archie, Archie...There's a little something in his voice for sure, but he's awkward in his delivery. He's good enough, he's smart enough and doggonnit...people like him. This isn't his last coming out party btw. And Syesha. I think she may have the best pure voice of the remaining five...certainly the only one with any soul. Bottom line...All instruments are getting in the way of a singing contest. They are a hindrance and detriment to this show. As a result we have absolute mediocrity. I mean Jason looks like Tiny Tim without Miss Vicki...Tiptoe! Save us Ms Weiss!

    Posted by jkstraw April 30, 08 12:55 PM
  1. "Who can point to Iraq on a map?"

    I can. I can also point out Croatia, Uzbekistan, and Angola. I listen to NPR in the car. I take my kids to the BSO and the MFA. I also drink beer at Sox games and watch American Idol. Sometimes you do things just because it's NOT serious and academic. Because really, what's the point of living if you don't do the things that are nothing more than fun sometimes?

    I'm a music fan, and I like American Idol because there is talent there and I can watch with my kids. What's your point?

    Posted by Emma April 30, 08 01:22 PM
  1. It's official.....Paula has to go. She's a total embarrassment.

    I love her but she needs rehab more than A.I.

    Posted by cosmogirl April 30, 08 01:35 PM
  1. Paula needs to go. Enough said on that. The night was a let down with great emotional songs not getting great or emotional treatments. Jason could have sung Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon with his guitar and would have brought down the house. Instead he chose the wrong songs and will suffer badly for it. Who could blame him for waltzing through September Morn after hearing Paula's (rare) bad review before he'd sung it. Syesha destroyed Hello Again by singing it totally out of its context as a happy ballad. David A. did a good job with Sweet Caroline and had a good choice of America but didn't do the song justice. Brooke had no business singing I'm A Believer, many other great Neil songs would have been much better for her especially, The Story Of My Life. I Am I Said was better as it at least had emotion. Arizona was ok since it is in fact between the two shores of America but it just didn't sound right. Bad suggestion Neil. Cook won the night. He should have sung Holly Holy or Love On The Rocks but what he did he did a great job with. The real loser of the night was Neil Diamond as his material deserved better treatment over all. Exit tonight...Syesha as her good pipes aren't enough. Her style is boring and unchanging.

    Posted by Steve April 30, 08 01:59 PM
  1. Everyone is just way too critical. I was not sitting there watching it last night thinking OMG what is he/she wearing!?! There is just no reason to judge anyone for what they are wearing where as im sure no one else here would like to be judged that way either. I really think David Cook is going to win. He has the charisma and the voice which is what a winner of AI should have. I don't think it's best for Cook to not win because he will be stuck in a AI contract...i mean if im not mistaken Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or Jordin Sparks are doing just fine if not better than most of the contestants throughout the years.I really want Brooke to go tonite. As for Jason, he's still my favorite and I really hope he makes it big at some point. As for the Paula Abdul was hilarious and we all know that it
    pretty much makes the show when funny stuff like that happens.

    Posted by Jessica Lynn April 30, 08 02:03 PM
  1. why do people like jason castro??? y do you guys like like jason he sounds like a peice nothing he should not be on here thats mai opinion.... you guys may have a big opinion but no one that i no likes him except for some boys in mai class he wrote on a white t-shirt that "jason castro is da bomb" well unfoutunetly he is not..... thank you

    Posted by darnee April 30, 08 08:06 PM
  1. We don't want Cook to win because he's a rocker and AI has no idea what to do with rockers. Someone here said Cook could write music. I'd definitely like to hear that. He may seem arrogant but he IS the best one out there, by far. Vote for the worst. They'll benefit from the AI mentality the most.

    Jason Castro needs to play something he likes. He has a very distinctive voice and I'd love to listen to him sing something he believed in. I don't think that will happen on AI.

    Archuleta should come back in 10 years. Lose Dad and become a man. Those who say he doesn't have a voice are nuts. He'll never do anything I'll want to listen to, but the kid has a good instrument and should use it. I don't like Michael Jackson, either, but I won't deny he has talent.

    Posted by Bob May 1, 08 08:01 AM
  1. Little late but if you wish to know the real Jason google "So Fast" by Jason Castro. Listen to the words (google them). It is hauntingly beautiful. One thing people don't realize is that Jason just started singing 3 years ago. He is truly an undiscovered talent.

    Posted by Bob Marley May 27, 08 03:34 PM

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