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Posted by Matthew Gilbert  September 25, 2007 06:07 AM

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Despite the fact that we're in a TV moment where dramas are getting more attention than sitcoms, a few of the returning shows I've been most eager to see again are comedies -- "The Office," "30 Rock," and, of course, "How I Met Your Mother," which was back last night.

The "How I Met Your Mother" premiere was good, if not a classic, and it had lots of the sweet but laugh-out-loud stuff I've come to expect from this show. Marshall falling under the spell of Gael -- "Male Gail"... The gang refusing to get Gael's name right ... Ted's beards and the gang's interpretations of them ... Barney's desperate need to be Ted's wingman ... Barney's Cirque du Soleil joke, which I can't repeat here ... and the revelation of the slap countdown clock.

But I gotta say, I miss the Ted and Robin connection, and I still kinda sorta feel like they belong together. They look right together, they talk on the same level, and even though their relationship had shortcomings last season, they were pretty happy together, weren't they...?! When Ted showed up at Robin's door last night, I was rooting for them to reunite. Plus, the group dynamic was excellent when they were a couple last season. I want my gang back!

Oh well. Sigh. Last night, we were introduced to the yellow umbrella, which will lead to the "Mother." She better be pretty darn special to beat Cobie Smulders, that's all I can say. Maybe Robin has a twin sister???

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4 comments so far...
  1. I liked the Ted/Robin connection to the point where now I will not watch it any longer. They moved the relationship too fast last season. When you sit and invest your time with the characters and begin to like the characters, it becomes anti-climatic with anything that comes afterwards now that it's over. Tell me, why is it that TV relationships never last past a half season? The only contemporary show that was more invested was Mad About You. You went through their ups and downs and had some sense of believability.

    Posted by Gray Wolf September 25, 07 07:22 PM
  1. But they said from the start that Ted and Robin weren't going to be wasn't like that should have been a surprise.

    Posted by PAUL September 26, 07 02:23 AM
  1. Loved the first episode. Paul is right, it's no surprise that they didn't end up together, and I like it when TV shows don't do the cliche thing and put/leave main characters together (like they did with Ross and Rachel, or Niles and Daphne ). Even the hint of Eliot and JD getting back together was enough to leave a bad taste in my mouth after the season finale of Scrubs.

    And B the W, as Barney would say....

    Mandy Moore > Robin > Pretty much anybody who could be under that umbrella

    Posted by burnsy September 26, 07 10:07 PM
  1. The interpretations of Ted's beard recalls an episode of "Friends" where Ross wears a silly white suit and is compared to Col. Sanders, Eli Whitney, etc. I actually preferred HIMYM's take on it, because there can never be enough references to Chester A. Arthur on primetime television.

    Posted by Catya October 3, 07 11:54 AM

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