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Only the writers know for sure...

March 18, 2012
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The folks behind “Mad Men’’ are notoriously stingy with details about upcoming episodes, but that hasn’t stopped an office-wide guess-fest from breaking out over next Sunday’s season premiere. Below, find our best attempts to predict what could happen to our favorite characters - as well as what ought to.


What just happened: Don got engaged to his secretary, Megan Calvet.

What could happen: Megan becomes the wife of his dreams and they live happily ever after.

What should happen: Don cheats on Megan with Faye Miller and drunkenly makes a pass at Betty Francis (née Hofstadt and formerly Draper), causing Megan to run away with the children to Quebec on a Von Trapp-style singing tour.


What just happened: Peggy and Ken Cosgrove landed the Topaz stockings account.

What could happen: Peggy wins a bra account, burns her own, and gives Don an ultimatum demanding to be made a partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

What should happen: Peggy experiments with Joyce, Joyce experiments with some Topaz (“the only pair of pantyhose you’ll ever need!’’).


What just happened: Joan decided to keep Roger Sterling’s baby and pretended it was her husband’s.

What could happen: Joan’s husband dies in Vietnam and she goes back to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as a single working mom.

What should happen: A model drops out of a TV commercial at the last minute, Joan steps in, and she gets swiftly discovered by movie execs and whisked away to Hollywood.


What just happened: Betty fired her longtime nanny/housekeeper, Carla, and prepared to move to Rye, N.Y., with her husband, Henry Francis.

What could happen: Betty gets hooked on Valium and booze and starts taking one cheap lover after another.

What should happen: Endless housework.


What just happened: Sally bonded with Don’s kind-hearted, calm secretary and new fiancee, Megan.

What could happen: After discovering Betty passed out on the floor, Sally asks to permanently live with Don and Megan.

What should happen: After Carla is fired, a galvanized Sally makes it a point to befriend a local black family, setting her on a course to become a civil rights crusader.


What just happened: Roger lost the Lucky Strike account and published a memoir.

What could happen: After Joan’s husband dies in Vietnam, Roger has the courage to divorce his trophy wife, he throws himself at Joan’s feet, and they raise their baby together.

What should happen: Roger’s memoir is packed into a time capsule, discovered decades later by Matthew Weiner, and turned into a TV series called “Mad Men.’’

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