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Will karma find Walt on ‘Breaking Bad?’

Bryan Cranston is Walter White of “Breaking Bad.’’ Bryan Cranston is Walter White of “Breaking Bad.’’ (Ben Leuner/AMC)
By Matthew Gilbert
Globe Staff / October 4, 2011

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Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers last Thursday on Here are excerpts.

Q. They can’t kill off Walt on “Breaking Bad,’’ right?

A. Not this season, but I don’t rule it out for the end of the series. He was dying to begin with, because of the cancer. He may finally die from the cancer or face some kind of retribution, from his enemies or from . . . karma? God? Etc.? Creator Vince Gilligan just might want to make Walt pay for his sins, unlike David Chase on “The Sopranos.’’

Q. Is “Whitney’’ the Ke$ha of sitcoms?

A. Nailed it!

Q. I agree with you that “The Office’’ is off its game, but it’s still better than “Two and a Half Men,’’ right?

A. Anything is better than “Two and a Half Men.’’ So one note. And Ashton is more irritating than Charlie. He doesn’t even know who his character is.

Q. What’s your take on the new season of “Dexter’’?

A. It’s good, solid “Dexter.’’ The show has never quite re-attained the heights of the first two seasons, but that said, it’s pretty good so far. It’s great that Lumen is out of the picture. She ruined last season for me. This season, big changes occur for Deb. Also, there are religious themes afoot - killers with religious motives, an ex-con preacher, and Harrison in a Catholic school.

Q. Full hearts, clear eyes, can’t lose! Way to go Kyle Chandler at the Emmys!

A. Full hearts, clear eyes, won.

Q. I like to defend “Glee’’ because of its uniqueness, its support for the performing arts, and a handful of interesting characters. But did the writers really learn nothing about plotting and plausibility over the summer?

A. That show may have gotten too big too quickly. It became a media phenomenon, more than a piece of storytelling, early on. Too bad. It looked like it was going to be “Freaks and Geeks’’ with music, but ended up a mess.

Q. Why doesn’t “Community’’ get any love? It’s astoundingly clever.

A. “Community’’ does get a lot of love from its fans and from critics. That’s essentially why it’s still on. It’s the culty show that people love to praise as undervalued. And “Community’’ is special, there’s no doubt. Hey, it’s on its third season. Not bad.

Q. I’m on the fence about “Suburgatory.’’ Stick with it?

A. I’ve only seen the pilot, so I can’t answer. But I’m sticking with it. I like the warmth between the father and daughter a lot - they’re both getting suburbed. Plus, Cheryl Hines. She is great on this. I didn’t know she had that character in her.

Q. On “Modern Family,’’ Claire is just another cranky wife. There have been too many of them in sitcoms.

A. For me, Julie Bowen is too tightly wound. I find her electric-wire-y. I was surprised that she won the Emmy, and then I realized that her performance is so showy and overblown the voters might have felt bullied into supporting her.

Read the full chat transcript at, and check out this Thursday’s chat at noon on Matthew Gilbert can be reached at gilbert Follow him on Twitter @MatthewGilbert.