‘Entourage’ out, ‘Wilfred’ in

By Matthew Gilbert
Globe Staff / August 13, 2011

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Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers last Thursday on Here are excerpts.

Q. Why do I continue to watch “Entourage,’’ even though it stinks? I mean, it’s really bad.

A. I agree. There’s still something pretty and fantasy-ish about their lifestyle, even with all the cliches and the bad acting and the story repetitions. Plus, it’s the last season, so I want to see how it goes out.

Q. Have you seen the BBC America miniseries “The Hour’’ yet?

A. I’ve seen the first three episodes, which are very entertaining. It’s a British “Broadcast News,’’ set in the 1950s. It has a great cast including Dominic West from “The Wire.’’ He plays the William Hurt-type character. It premieres Wednesday.

Q. Have you seen any sneak peeks of NBC’s “Smash’’?

A. I like a lot about “Smash,’’ which is a midseason show. If you like behind-the-scenes Broadway melodrama, you’ll enjoy it, and Debra Messing and Anjelica Huston are good. The problem is Katharine McPhee. She’s all wrong as a young actress who’s wowing people at Broadway auditions and who might be playing Marilyn Monroe in a new musical. Very miscast.

Q. I gave up on “Wilfred’’ halfway through the 3d episode.

A. You’re bad. I love that show, and the idea of a dog bringing out the crazier side of a repressed guy. Also, the dog jokes are amusing. Crude, too, but funny if you know dogs, like when Wilfred humps the stuffed bear. I think Jason Gann as Wilfred is hysterical.

Q. I’m loving the new season of “Breaking Bad.’’ If Skyler knew of Walt’s murders, she’d go straight to the police.

A. Look what she did to that car wash guy. She’s breaking bad, too, and she’s getting a taste for it. Like Walt, she’ll probably cause accidental physical harm to someone, and fall down the slippery slope.

Q. This seems to be the “Breaking Bad’’ season where Walt finally gets caught.

A. I’m thinking Hank and Walt will have an “I know you know’’ moment at the very end of this season. And then next season will be the endgame between them.

Q. Letterman is all done. He was great in ’82 though.

A. Yeah. I loved him early on. He ushered in irony at the right moment. People were getting cynical about entertainment, and he was there to lead the way.

Q. Why wasn’t Kyra Sedgwick nominated for an Emmy this year?

A. Maybe voters don’t like the fact that she’s ending “The Closer’’ before the ratings required it? Maybe that’s perceived as a betrayal in Hollywood, where all things are kept alive until after they’re dead.

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