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September 19, 2009

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Member Concert 6 a.m. WUMB-FM (91.9) The Mercy Brothers from January 2004.

Guest Mix 7 a.m. WUMB-FM (91.9) Robbie Schaefer from March 2005.

Kid’s Classical Hour 9 a.m. WCRB-FM (99.5) Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Benjamin Britten’s classic with Leonard Bernstein conducting.

Mountain Stage 2 p.m. WUMB-FM (91.9) Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women and Cyril Neville.

Dinner Classics 6 p.m. WCRB-FM (99.5) Mark Calder provides relaxing classical music for your Saturday evening.


Beowulf 6 p.m. (SHO2) Not-quite-epic take on the mythic saga of the Scandinavian warrior-hero (Ray Winstone). PG-13 (2007)

The Great White Hope 6 p.m. (TCM) James Earl Jones as a flamboyant boxing champ. PG-13 (1970)

Happy, Texas 6 p.m. (WAM) Escaped cons pose as beauty-pageant organizers. Jeremy Northam. PG-13 (1999)

Outbreak 6 p.m. (68) Scientists try to stamp out a deadly virus. Dustin Hoffman. R (1995)

Secret Lives of Second Wives 6 p.m. (LMN) A second wife copes with the manipulative ex-wife and her children. Andrea Roth, Brian McNamara. NR (2007)

Serendipity 6 p.m. (WE) A man and woman let fate determine their relationship. Charming but contrived. John Cusack. PG-13 (2001)

Shrek 6:15 p.m. (HBO) A delightful animated spoof about an ogre and a princess. Voices include Mike Myers. PG (2001)

Elmer Gantry 6:30 p.m. (44) Adaptation of Sinclair Lewis’s novel, with Burt Lancaster and Shirley Jones (both won Oscars). NR (1960)

Hot Shots! Part Deux 6:30 p.m. (FXM) Macho pilot Harley (Charlie Sheen) on a rescue mission. PG-13 (1993)

Paris je t’aime 6:40 p.m. (SUND) Eighteen stories from 21 directors reveal offbeat aspects of Paris. Juliette Binoche. R (2006)

Why Did I Get Married? 6:45 p.m. (TMC) Vacationing couples grapple over marital issues in this ensemble comedy-drama starring Tyler Perry. PG-13 (2007)

Casino 7 p.m. (MAX) A gambler runs a Vegas gambling palace for the mob. Robert De Niro. R (1995)

Leatherheads 7 p.m. (HBO2) Director-star George Clooney’s look at pro football in the 1920s. PG-13 (2008)

The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love 7 p.m. (HALMRK) Peyton (Genie Francis) considers a marriage proposal from her boyfriend (Ted McGinley). NR (2009)

Rumor Has It 7 p.m. (LIFE) Muddled tale of a journalist (Jennifer Aniston) who uncovers a family secret. PG-13 (2005)

Sky High 7 p.m. (DISN) Derivative Disney fantasy about a high school for superheroes. Michael Angarano. PG (2005)

Transporter 2 7 p.m. (FX) A chauffeur saves his employers’ kidnapped son. Jason Statham. PG-13 (2005)

WALL-E 7:20 p.m. (STARZ) Oscar-winning CGI-animated delight about the misadventures of the last robot on Earth. G (2008)

The Final Season 7:40 p.m. (WAM) Fact-based saga about an Iowa hamlet with a successful high-school baseball program. Powers Boothe. PG (2007)

Austin Powers in Goldmember 8 p.m. (TBS) Austin (Mike Myers) boogies back to 1975 to rescue his father in the raunchy third Powers romp. PG-13 (2002)

City Slickers 8 p.m., midnight (TRAV) Funny and touching comedy about three New Yorkers on a dude ranch. Billy Crystal. PG-13 (1991)

Dirty Dancing 8 p.m. (FAM) Pas de deux between a guest and a dance instructor at a ’60s resort. Patrick Swayze. PG-13 (1987)

Fast Times at Ridgemont High 8 p.m. (ENCR) Intertwining tales of adolescent obsessions. Sean Penn. R (1982)

The First Wives Club 8 p.m., 10 p.m. (OXY) Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton as wives plotting revenge on their unfaithful mates. PG (1996)

Lions for Lambs 8 p.m. (SHO) Robert Redford directed and stars in this talky treatise on the US war on terror. R (2007)

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 8 p.m. (HBO) Sequel has the citified critter castaways airlifted off the island only to crash in the jungle. PG (2008)

Mission: Impossible 8 p.m. (TNT) Adaptation of the ’60s TV series. Tom Cruise. PG-13 (1996)

Office Space 8 p.m. (IFC) Computer programmer (Ron Livingston) plots against his company with surprising results. Irreverent. R (1999)

One True Thing 8 p.m. (38) A journalist cares for her cancer-stricken mother. Strong cast, gut-wrenching script. Meryl Streep. R (1998)

Picture Perfect 8 p.m. (50) An ad exec (Jennifer Aniston) pretends to be engaged to get a promotion. Contrived. PG-13 (1997)

Sleepy Hollow 8 p.m. (FLIX) Washington Irving’s classic about a Headless Horseman. Johnny Depp. R (1999)

Sweet Home Alabama 8 p.m., 10 p.m. (BRAVO) Designer is torn between rich fiance and good-ol’-boy hubby. Fluffy romance with Reese Witherspoon. PG-13 (2002)

The Eye 8 p.m. (SHO2) A formerly blind violinist (Jessica Alba) sees dead people after receiving a cornea transplant. PG-13 (2008)

Vital Signs 8 p.m., 10 p.m., midnight (FXM) Third-year med students at work and play at an LA hospital. Adrian Pasdar. R (1990)

Wuthering Heights 8 p.m. (TCM) Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon as Emily Bronte’s tragic lovers. NR (1939)

Dead Poets Society 8:30 p.m. (OVAT) Robin Williams as an inspirational prep-school English teacher. PG (1989)

Underdog 8:45 p.m. (DISN) A canine superhero (voice of Jason Lee) protects the city. PG (2007)

Bedtime Stories 9 p.m. (STARZ) A handyman (Adam Sandler) tells his niece and nephew nighttime tales that begin to come true. PG (2008)

The Enforcer 9 p.m. (68) Clint Eastwood returns as “Dirty Harry’’ to battle crazed terrorists. R (1976)

Georgia O’Keeffe 9 p.m. (LIFE) A biopic about artist Georgia O’Keeffe (Joan Allen) and her relationship with Alfred Stieglitz. NR (2009)

Ghost Rider 9 p.m. (FX) Campy Marvel Comics romp about the fiery-skulled daredevil biker. Nicolas Cage. PG-13 (2007)

Hustle & Flow 9 p.m., 11:30 p.m. (BET) Gritty tale of a Memphis pimp (Terrence Howard) trying to redeem himself. R (2005)

A Kiss at Midnight 9 p.m. (HALMRK) A woman (Faith Ford) who runs a dating service registers with a rival Internet matchmaker. NR (2008)

One, Two, Three 9 p.m. (44) The problems of a Coca-Cola man in West Berlin. James Cagney. NR (1961)

Open Graves 9 p.m. (SYFY) A group of American students in Spain stumbles across a sinister board game. Eliza Dushku. NR (2009)

Still Waiting 9 p.m. (COM) The wait staff at Shenaniganz restaurant deals with some stiff competition. John Michael Higgins. R (2009)

The Incredible Hulk 9:30 p.m. (HBO) Edward Norton stars as an easy-going scientist who turns into an angry, uncontrollable monstrosity. Liv Tyler. PG-13 (2008)

Mistress 9:30 p.m. (IFC) A filmmaker (Robert Wuhl) deals with potential backers’ girlfriends. R (1992)

Point Break 9:35 p.m. (ENCR) An FBI agent (Keanu Reeves) poses as a surfer to stop a crime wave. Patrick Swayze. R (1991)

The Dark Knight 10 p.m. (MAX) Batman (Christian Bale) and DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) join forces to arrest Gotham City’s crime lords. Heath Ledger. PG-13 (2008)

Devotion 10 p.m. (TCM) Fictionalized biography of the Brontes. Olivia de Havilland. Ida Lupino. Arthur Kennedy. NR (1946)

Shanghai Knights 10 p.m. (TBS) A sheriff and his pal battle megalomaniacs. Fun mix of comedy and action. Jackie Chan. PG-13 (2003)

This Is England 10 p.m. (SUND) Taut portrait of an impressionable lad (Thomas Turgoose) who falls in with skinheads. NR (2006)

Minority Report 10:15 p.m. (TNT) A futuristic “pre-crime’’ unit IDs murderers before they kill. Long, but provocative. Tom Cruise. PG-13 (2002)

The Mask of Zorro 10:30 p.m. (FAM) A thief (Antonio Banderas) inherits Zorro’s mantle in this sly adventure. PG-13 (1998)

Daniel’s Daughter 10:40 p.m. (HALMRK) A woman (Laura Leighton) returns to her hometown to carry out the final wishes of her father. NR (2008)

High School Musical 3: Senior Year 10:50 p.m. (STARZ) Song-and-dance extravaganza in which the gang faces decisions about their futures. Zac Efron. G (2008)

Clerks II 11 p.m. (COM) A slacker has second thoughts about marriage in this sequel. Brian O’Halloran. R (2006)

Wild Reeds 11 p.m. (OVAT) Four teens experience first love in 1962 France. Elodie Bouchez. NR (1995)

American Drug War: The Last White Hope 11:10 p.m. (SHO2) Documentary examines the efficacy of the government’s war on drugs. NR (2007)

Kalifornia 11:15 p.m. (SHO) A couple pick up a psycho en route cross-country. Brad Pitt. R (1993)

Gacy 11:30 p.m. (FLIX) Biopic of serial killer John Wayne Gacy (Mark Holton). R (2003)

Scream 11:40 p.m. (ENCR) Wes Craven’s tale about a teen targeted by a killer. Neve Campbell. R (1996)

Backstage midnight (SUND) A teen develops a complex relationship with a pop star. Emmanuelle Seigner. NR (2005)

The Hound of the Baskervilles midnight (TCM) Sherlock Holmes probes a murder at an eerie estate. Peter Cushing. NR (1959)

Pale Rider midnight (AMC) A drifter defends miners against a greedy businessman. Clint Eastwood. R (1985)

Steel Magnolias midnight (OXY) Female friendships in a small-town beauty salon. Sally Field. PG (1989)

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