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Talk TV with Matthew Gilbert

Gearing up for season premieres? Can't stand new shows coming to prime time? Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert was online Thursday, Sept. 27, at noon to chat about all things TV.

The transcript follows.

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Matthew_Gilbert: Greetings on this warm afternoon.
kris__Guest_: I feel like Private Practice has a lot of Potential, but agree that the medical "issues" keep distracting us from these great actors who could have great characters. What gives w/ Shonda Rimes?
Matthew_Gilbert: I was so irritated by this show. What have they done to Addison? She was the best character on Grey's, not to mention an icon of children's medicine, and now she's just another pretty gal doing silly things around the office.
Matthew_Gilbert: It's not what Shonda's giving, it's what she's getting: Lots of money.
salemgirl__Guest_: Greetings. Loved Dirty Sexy Money.
Matthew_Gilbert: Greetings. Glad you loved. Me too. I have hopes it will be the breakout show of the season.
jason__Guest_: I liked but didn't love "Dirty Sexy Money" last night. It's going to be this year's "Studio 60" -- a decent show that misses its full potential, is it?
Matthew_Gilbert: I REALLY REALLY don't think so, jason. I mean, Aaron Sorkin is Aaron Sorkin, and he's either brilliant or awful. Dirty Sexy Money is just a fun soapy hour. I've also seen the third episode, and that was pretty good, too.....
Toeknee__Guest_: Any hope for Cane getting cancelled, or is it too early to tell? I want Nestor Carbonell freed up so he can go back to Lost
Matthew_Gilbert: Toe! So selfish. Poor Nestor. With fans like you out there, who
Matthew_Gilbert: But I suspect Cane will pass. It didn't do that well on Tuesday night, and when a serial doesn't get viewers right away, its chances of success lower significantly.
soxfan__Guest_: so far, i have loved having How I Met Your Mother and House back. what did you think of their premieres?
Matthew_Gilbert: I love How I Met, and really enjoyed the premiere. Of course, I miss seeing Robin and Ted as a couple, and still think they belong together, and wish that I didn't know she would not be the mother....But I still love the show.
Matthew_Gilbert: House was good, but not great. The dude needs people around him to torture. He's a sadist. Next week, though, he'll have a few dozen wannabes to insult.
kris__Guest_: How about Heroes? I think I've decided the problem is, I just don't care about the "mystery" they're trying to solve. Or maybe I just don't know what the mystery is.
Matthew_Gilbert: Kris, they are trying to SAVE THE WORLD FROM ETERNAL RUIN AND DAMNATION.
Matthew_Gilbert: It's kind of subtle, I know.
sarah__Guest_: Do you know what's goinon with "Friday Night Lights" this year? I love that show but I haven't seen any previews for it yet!!!
Matthew_Gilbert: Fear Not. It's back next week, just in time for the coach and Tami's new baby.
TVguy__Guest_: I agree with your assessment today OF BiG Shots. Even from the commercials you can tell it will be real weak.
Matthew_Gilbert: Thanks. It's not weak, though. It's very strong in the awful department.
salemgirl__Guest_: Is Ugly Betty going to fade away or what? Get crushed by its own weight? Can it sustain itself much longer?
Matthew_Gilbert: I think Ugly Betty will last for a while. It's got a light, campy style that makes it easy to watch, and it's up against the NBC sitcoms, which don't do well, and Survivor, which is a different kind of audience.
Matthew_Gilbert: Actually, Betty may be the gayest show on TV, too...
Matthew_Gilbert: But that's a whole nother subject.
LostFan789__Guest_: If Private Practice stays on Wed at 9, what does that mean for Lost's slot in Feb? 8PM?
Matthew_Gilbert: I don't think you are the only one who's asking that question, Lostfan. ABC has one or two shows that are probably doomed (Big Shots, for instance), so it will have space to play with.
gopanthers__Guest_: How many more Mad Men episodes can we expect for the season?
Matthew_Gilbert: A few more, gopanthers. Not sure exactly how many. But I can say that the show has been renewed for a second season already, so no need to worry about that.
TVguy__Guest_: Bionic Woman looks to be a munumental disaster. I can't really say I liked anyhting about the Pilot - other than a classic THAT GUY as the head of the organization.
Matthew_Gilbert: But what about THAT GAL-- ie., the blond bionic enemy? She was great, no? I'm in wait-and-see mode about BW.
gopanthers__Guest_: When will 30 Rock be back?
Matthew_Gilbert: Next week, go. With Jerry Seinfeld as a guest.
LostFan789__Guest_: Which did you like better, Chuck or Bionic Woman? My vote is for Chuck.
Matthew_Gilbert: I had this unexpected negative reaction to Chuck after I saw episode 2. I like the show, but I think it could become tedious. And the female lead is kinda hard to warm up to.
Matthew_Gilbert: I only saw one episode of Bionic Woman, so I'm still hoping it will gain momentum as it goes forward.
deb__Guest_: goodmorning
Matthew_Gilbert: Um, good morning deb. Just getting out of bed, are we?
TVguy__Guest_: How did you feel about Life. I thought it was well done, and really like the lead (I was a big fan of his from Band of Brothers). But did Brooke Langton really age that much???
Matthew_Gilbert: Yeah, I kinda liked it too. Damian Lewis is the name of the lead actor, and he is usually very good. I love the way he's playing all Zen but then OBSESSED with revenge.
Matthew_Gilbert: Re: Brooke. Glad you're eternally young, tv guy. Suck blood much?
kris__Guest_: Tony Almeida is alive! Will 24 be good again this season?
Matthew_Gilbert: I think your first sentence answers your second. I mean, when a show pulls a move like this, it's out of sheer desperation, and desperation is never very creative.
B-Fed__Guest_: Reaper was very funny - can they keep the pace and expections going for a full season?
Matthew_Gilbert: That's always the question, b-fed. The pilot was directed by Kevin Smith, who clearly had fun with it. Will the next director be able to generate the same energy? Fingers, as they say, crossed.
oldskool__Guest_: do you know if I can watch the new office season online..i am missing tonite episode and am tivoing grey's anatomy so I can't tivo both. I guess i could vcr the office do they even make videotapes anymore, yes, I am so not a techie and I am 29. please let me know and i will thank you!!
Matthew_Gilbert: I don't know for sure, oldskool, but I'd be surprised it you can't find the office season premiere online right now. And then it will show up tomorrow, for sure. Funny, how we don't much need to worry about timing so much anymore.
Matthew_Gilbert: ooo. You're 29? Such a big boy!
ja__Guest_: Matthew, what do you think of Curb Your Enthusiasm so far?
Matthew_Gilbert: Ya, ja. I've been liking it. Glad to see Susie Essman doing her thing in the second two episodes. I mean, I hope this is the last season, but I still think it's lots of fun, if no longer revelatory.
SardonicMike__Guest_: How was Bionic Woman? I refused to watch...
Matthew_Gilbert: An old-school loyalist? Or on after your bedtime?
slb__Guest_: Hi Matthew! Is Old Christine coming back??? When?? I haven't seen anything about it...
Matthew_Gilbert: Yes, for sure. But it won't be back til midseason. CBS tends to pop shows in and out of its Monday night comedy block.
salemgirl__Guest_: I think Don Draper is Jewish; his brother's name is Adam (the first man); a "drape" is a coverup; and Rachel knows, on some level, that he's Jewish and that's why she is drawn to him
Matthew_Gilbert: Ah, a Mad Men comment. I think I love you, salemgirl. Yes, I suspect he's Jewish, too. That would be interesting. Although in my theory, his half-bro isn't.... we shall see.
greys__Guest_: is greys anatomt starting?
Matthew_Gilbert: Greys Anatomt? Haven't seen that one.
Matthew_Gilbert: (snark snark)
Matthew_Gilbert: But yes, grey's, your show will be back tonight.
jmac__Guest_: Do you know if Sara lives or dies? Not asking for the answer but I just thougt you might know.
Matthew_Gilbert: No, jmac. I have no idea. The networks tend to be very secretive about big mysteries like the one you mention, on CSI. The spoiler industry is so out of control these days, they're afraid writers will ruin the suspense.
Toeknee__Guest_: I've heard Stephen Spielberg is working on another WWII miniseries, "The Pacific". Is this going to be on HBO? Any buzz yet on if it's as good as the great "Band of Brothers"? Or is it too early in the production process to tell?
Matthew_Gilbert: Yup, it's a 10-hour miniseries for HBO. But I have heard not a thing about its quality yet. Still filming, I believe.
chatty__Guest_: Hi Matthew! You liked Dirty Sexy Money. I have to say I am surprised.
Matthew_Gilbert: Why, you don't think I like funny soap operas?
mibsphil__Guest_: Boston Legal is one of my favorites, but: are they going to ruin it with the new John Larroquette character? Please tell me he's not going to be there for the entire season. I really think he ruined the chemistry.
Matthew_Gilbert: I don't know how long he'll be there. I'm not a loyal viewer of BL, but I do recall Larroquette playing a serial killer on Boston Public. Did they address that on BL? Or is he an entirely different character?
chatty__Guest_: I thought DSM was kinda lame-o...
Matthew_Gilbert: And I don't think you mean good lame-o, as opposed to bad lame-o (like Private Practices).
chatty__Guest_: And I wanted to like it.
Matthew_Gilbert: Maybe your expectations were too high? It's a funny bit of soap, made me think of Arrested Development only of course less wacky.
hudijoe__Guest_: do you think this will be the last season of er - it seems to be past its prime?
Matthew_Gilbert: No, I think ER will be around for a little while longer. It had a resurgence of viewers last season. Now that "Without a Trace" has been moved back to Thursday, that resurgence may die down a bit, but I still think ER is still very much alive to NBC.
TVguy__Guest_: I don't know what to think about DSM - I liked the Pilot, the cast and Peter Krause will be very good in this role - but is the family a little too over the top to the point that it will become annoying. I can't tell if the Pilot was a little carzy because they were trying to introduce all characters in the first episode, or if the entire show will be like that - one crazy predicament after another.
Matthew_Gilbert: I think the pace will slow a little bit on Dirty Sexy Money, but it will probably still jump from character to character.
Matthew_Gilbert: Maybe as favorite characters emerge, the writers will play more to them....Hard to know.
5464__Guest_: Hi Matt, what do you think of the Biggest Loser?
Matthew_Gilbert: Not much. I just don't get caught up in rooting for those people. The Reality contests tend to feel repetitive to me these days (except American Idol). I'm glad Biggest Loser and Fat March inspire obsese people to lose weight, but they can do that on their time, not mine.
IHeartMatthew__Guest_: Matthew your insights are nothing short of brilliant.
Matthew_Gilbert: I heart IHeartMatthew.
gopanthers__Guest_: Please tell me they didn't let Alec Baldwin out of his 30 Rock contract...please!!
Matthew_Gilbert: They didn't. That would have been a disaster for the show.
LostFan789__Guest_: Have you seen the Scrubs premiere?
Matthew_Gilbert: Nope. It doesn't come back until later in Oct. I'm worried about it, LostFan. When they started up with the JD-Elliott stuff again, I felt really annoyed. Scrubs is too good to resort to that kind of Ross and Rachel shtick.
oldskool__Guest_: how i met has pretty good writing and the characters are my age so i like that. i loved friends, but they were like much older than me
Matthew_Gilbert: Yeah, How I Met is just a warm, fun, and often clever sitcom. It's a little old-school, Oldskool, but who cares...
jason__Guest_: Seen any "FNL" yet? I miss it, and expectations are soooooo high.
Matthew_Gilbert: I just got a disc of the premiere, jason. Haven't watched it yet -- saving it for this weekend. But you know I believe it's currently available for all online right now. Check around for it, maybe at yahoo or aol or
soxfan__Guest_: have you gotten any advanced screening for the office? i'm so excited for the premiere!
Matthew_Gilbert: No, for some reason. NBC sent Earl and 30 Rock, but not Office. Boo hoo.
chatty__Guest_: no! not at all!! love you!! I just thought the show left something to be desired. It really did not have that original edge. Maybe I need to give it more time, but...
Matthew_Gilbert: I forgive you, chatty. I love you too.
owenpm__Guest_: Dirty Sexy money: Thoughts? Personally thought it was great. Sutherland and Krause were a nice combination.
Matthew_Gilbert: We've been there already, Owen. To summarize: I love it too. Chatty was disappointed with it and can't understand why I love it. I forgive him/her for his/her bad taste and everyone is happy again.
jendi__Guest_: Tony Almeida? Can you say "Jump the Shark" or what?
Matthew_Gilbert: I can't say it anymore, jendi.
Matthew_Gilbert: But I sure am thinking it.
Matthew_Gilbert: Friends, thank you so much for showing up today. See you in a couple of weeks, I hope. MG

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