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The dudes of "Twentyfourseven," MTV's latest invitation to watch dislikable people do unattractive things. (Zach Cordner)

MTV wastes viewers' time with 'Twentyfourseven'

Young LA Entrepreneur Dude is freaking out. His brother, LA Rock Star Dude, is set to perform at an important club opening in two days. But LA Rock Star Dude has decided to become Hunting In Arkansas Dude in the meantime, which could result in timing problems. What's Entrepreneur Dude to do?!

Life as a Hollywood mover has its stresses, as we learn in "Twentyfourseven," MTV's latest invitation to watch dislikable people do unattractive things.

The reality show, in the spirit of "Laguna Beach" and "My Super Sweet 16," gives us seven obnoxious young men living together and trying to become rich, powerful, and famous. Along with Entrepreneur Dude and Rock Star Dude, who, by the way, does not make it to the club gig on time, we meet Actor Dude, Filmmaker Dude, Record Producer Dude, One Love Reggae Singer Dude, and Club Promoter Dude, who is also known as I Want To Be Hugh Hefner Dude. They're all trying to swim with the sharks, and so we get to watch them school themselves in self-interest, ruthlessness, slipperiness, and macho.

"Twentyfourseven," which premieres tonight at 10:30, is meant to remind us of HBO's "Entourage," but the MTV guys have little to no charm or humor. They're just off-putting from group breakfast to falling-down-drunk late-night party. One Love Reggae Singer Dude has some potential to be endearing, as he blesses his glasses of water to improve the water. He is Affirmation Dude and Zen Calm Dude, and the fact that the other guys roll their eyes at him makes him Sympathetic Dude, too.

Also, Record Producer Dude could turn out to be worth rooting for. He says he's on a search for true love, and not interested in the models and porn stars at the parties he and the boys attend. We'll have to wait and see if he's really Sincere Dude or just Baloney Dude. I'm thinking there's a hot tub for two in his near future. And it won't help him to be living with I Want to Be Hugh Hefner Dude, who can apparently rustle up a party of gorgeous women with but a twinkle of his eye. In Hollywood, Record Producer Dude will be living with temptation twentyfourseven.

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