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Like a surgeon, touched by fame for the very first time

It's been an amazing 14 months for Ellen Pompeo, the lead actress in ''Grey's Anatomy." She has a fan website now,, as well as her own page on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. And in a clear sign of cultural significance, she's been ''punk'd" on MTV. We caught up with the Everett native -- who 11 years ago was tending bar in New York -- to talk about the whirlwind.

Q: How has your life changed since ''Grey's Anatomy" premiered?

A: I bought a house in Los Angeles, which is magnificent. It's an old Mediterranean house that needs to be restored. That's been the biggest splurge. I still have the same car, the same clothes. I work a lot more now. Six days a week, 15 hours a day. The schedule is absolutely grueling. I'm a lot more tired.

Q: Are you recognized a lot on the street now?

A: I get recognized quite a bit. But it's all uptown problems. People just want to say hi. One thing I don't like is people wanting to take my picture with their camera phones. It's always after I've just worked 16 hours and I look like death warmed over.

Q: You landed the role of Meredith Grey after auditioning for another ABC pilot?

A: I auditioned for a role where I was the head of the Secret Service. The character had to contend with men who were jealous of her. . . . The studio didn't go for it. But ABC said if you like, you can do this.

Q: Were you involved in the theater while a student at Everett High School?

A: Not at all. I was really self-conscious about telling people about my interest. The reactions I got were less than favorable. ''You want to be a movie star? Right. Why don't you go get a job at [Boston] Edison and call it a day?" Acting is not something that's nurtured in Everett. I couldn't wait to turn 18 and leave.

Q: How does working on the show compare to acting in a film like ''Catch Me If You Can"?

A: I've never been employed as an actor for 10 months straight. When you work in film, you go film to film to film, and then you have a couple of months off. I've had to learn to adjust to this medium. It's very difficult to play the same character for a long time. How many times can I be upset with Derek [Patrick Dempsey's character]? . . . It's harder to find inspiration and make it real for me. But I choose to look at it like an acting exercise. If I can do this, I can do anything.

Q: Does that mean you prefer film over TV?

A: Acting is acting. It's really about the individual role. . . . Quite frankly, the film roles that really take my breath away aren't pouring in. There are very few good films made in Hollywood. So I love the TV show because I get to act every day and I'm financially secure so I don't have to do bad movies anymore.

Q: Do you think your character is maturing?

A: Not at all. I think she keeps making ridiculous mistakes. I guess this is sort of the dichotomy between high book intelligence and low emotional intelligence. She has this surgery thing down pat. But why would she sleep with George [another hospital intern]? I guess a lot of women sleep with guys they should never have slept with. It's a little hard for me to relate to that. I have never slept with a guy who was like my brother.

Q: Is her crush on Derek unrealistic too? He's a married man.

A: That isn't so hard of a stretch. He is so cute. I can see how any young intern would be totally infatuated with a doctor like that. With regard to her not getting over him, it's hard when a relationship doesn't end mutually. There's always one who hangs on way too long.

Q: What can we expect from Meredith in the third season?

A: I'm really curious, but I don't ask a lot. They won't tell me, number one. But I also don't really want to know. I'll think about it too much and that will work against me. I'd rather take it as it comes and react to it spontaneously.

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