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Taylor is alive on 'B&B'

All My Children: Ethan threatened to ruin Chandler Enterprises after JR refused Ethan's offer to give him back control of the company contingent upon JR's leaving Kendall alone. Erica called off her wedding with Jack. Ryan made plans to have a vasectomy.

As the World Turns: Lucinda revealed that Keith has large gambling debts, but Keith told Lily he loves her and isn't trying to get her money. Katie admitted to Jennifer she still loves Mike but is trying to move on. Will told Celia he has feelings for Alison.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe were thrilled to see that their supposedly deceased mother, Taylor, is alive. With Taylor's return, Brooke worried about her future with Ridge. Nick was stunned when Bridget told him Taylor is alive.

Days of Our Lives: Kate couldn't stop thinking about John while she and Roman (who had supposedly died) made love on their long-delayed wedding night. When Jan lapsed into what may be an irreversible coma, Mimi worried that she would be arrested if Jan dies.

General Hospital: Helena was arrested after she took Emily hostage and demanded the return of her (Helena's) fortune. Alcazar was angry when Carly refused to take Michael and Morgan and go on the run with him. Sonny told Mac he killed AJ.

Guiding Light: Marina reacted with anger when Danny admitted he slept with Michelle after she had regained her memory. Tammy balked when Sandy wanted to make love. Dinah was behind Alonzo's demand that Cassie's son Will be turned over to him.

One Life to Live: Daniel panicked after he killed Jen -- then made her death look like a suicide. Rex is sure Jen was murdered. At the morgue, Lindsay said goodbye to Jen. To get David out of her house, Viki is desperate to get him to reconcile with Dorian.

Passions: Sheridan is determined to prove Alistair helped Beth kidnap Sheridan and steal baby Marty. Alistair paid Mrs. Wallace to keep her from revealing he's Beth's father. Gwen was thrilled that Ethan decided to take Jane away from Theresa.

The Young and the Restless: Daniel was released on bail after his arrest for drunken driving and the accident that nearly killed Cassie. Cassie, who is still hospitalized, suddenly remembered the car accident. Gloria's ex-husband Tom flirted with Ashley.


Green giant

SAN FRANCISCO -- Five decades after Gumby first captured the nation's imagination, the little green guy and his chums are starring in a new art exhibit -- the first in a series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of the television icon's creation and launch his comeback.

''Gumby and Friends: The First 50 Years" attracted fans of all ages at Saturday's opening at the Lynn House Gallery in Antioch, Calif., about 45 miles northeast of San Francisco. Creator Art Clokey, now 83, signed Gumby figurines at the exhibit, which featured photos, toys, and other memorabilia.

The Antioch exhibit is the first event planned this year to commemorate the 50 years since Clokey made a short art film called ''Gumbasia," featuring clay animation set to jazz music, that inspired the beloved television series that debuted a year later, in 1956.

In mid-June, the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City will open a six-month exhibit about Gumby and creator Clokey. Later that month, Clokey's family will celebrate Gumby's 50 years at a birthday extravaganza in San Francisco, said Clokey's son Joe.

The first Gumby video game and a DVD of Gumby shows from the 1980s are scheduled for release this summer.


Globe on NECN

Here's what's happening on ''Around the Globe" today on NECN:

9:30 a.m.: ''Talk of New England" -- Globe correspondent Matthew Viser on impact of military base closings in New England.

12:30 p.m.: ''Globe at Home" -- Business writer Sasha Talcott and David Melton of Liberty Mutual on driver safety.

5 p.m.: ''Around the Globe"

6:30 p.m.: ''New England Business Day"

8:30 p.m.: ''NewsNight"

Schedule is subject to change.

Talk of the dial

8 a.m. WBIX-AM (1060) -- ''Stu Taylor on Business." Guest: Stephen Dubner, author of ''Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything."

Other radio highlights

9 a.m. WCRB-FM (102.5) -- Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23; Rimsky-Korsakov's Piano Concerto; Haydn's Symphony No. 102.

9 p.m. WUMB-FM (91.9) -- ''American Routes." Featuring: Mary Gauthier, singer-songwriter.

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