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Amber plots revenge on 'B&B'

All My Children: Maggie pulled away when Bianca kissed her. An abusive Jonathan told Maggie he is going to get professional help. Maria told Zach she is very happy being back with Edmund. Kevin ("One Life to Live") told JR to stay away from Ace (James).

As the World Turns: Keith showed up in Oakdale after Lily and Carly learned he is Julia's ex-husband. James told Rosanna that Cabot is alive but she would never see him again if she doesn't get Barbara cleared of the charges that she drugged Emily.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Eric agreed to buy Thorne's stock in Forrester Creations after Spectra, led by Thorne, won the fashion showdown between the two companies. Thomas and Caitlin shared a kiss. Amber is plotting revenge against the Forrester clan.

Days of Our Lives: Belle was torn when Shawn wanted her to tell Philip, who was sent off to war, that she is still in love with Shawn. Kate and Eugenia drugged Sami and Brandon's champagne, and after Sami and Brandon passed out, it looked like they had slept together.

General Hospital: It took Emily a long time to admit to Elizabeth that Connor raped her before she shot him in self-defense. After Kristina was kidnapped (by the mystery woman), Sonny and Alexis suspected Sam. Lucky's condition worsened.

Guiding Light: Holly thought she saw a supposedly dead Sebastian, but the man turned out to be a look-alike. Rick refused to help Michelle get custody of Robbie. Michelle, who has amnesia, remembered once telling Rick about how much she loved Danny.

One Life to Live: Nora had a feeling that Daniel might want to marry her for political reasons instead of love. Antonio denied Jessica's accusation that he killed Tico (El Tiburon), but John later arrested Antonio for murder. Rex and Riley fought over Jen.

Passions: Gwen, who escaped from the hospital after cutting her wrists, kidnapped Theresa and Ethan's baby, Jane, and vowed never to return to Harmony. Paloma, who was terrified, testified against a man who assaulted her after a fight broke out in a bar.

The Young and the Restless: Sharon debated when Nick wanted her to quit Jabot (he has been secretly paying her salary) and work at Newman Enterprises. Nikki made the funeral arrangements for Bobby's brother, Joshua, but let Brittany take the credit.


'Dreams' over?

It's nightmare time for "American Dreams."

NBC last week cut back its season order of the family drama from 19 episodes to 17. Moreover, the network shelved "Dreams" for the February sweeps. It won't return until March.

"It's very clear we're on the bubble," says Tom Verica, who plays patriarch Jack Pryor on "Dreams," set in the turbulent '60s against the backdrop of Dick Clark's "American Bandstand."

"It's really demoralizing. The gypsy life we lead as actors, things happen quickly. Unfortunately, they're usually out of our control. I'm very proud of this show. There's got to be room for a quality family drama."

The critics -- and NBC czar Jeff Zucker -- love "Dreams," but it's getting clobbered at 8 p.m. Sundays by CBS's "Cold Case" and ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

In its third season, "Dreams" averages 7.5 million viewers, down from almost 10 million in 2002-03 and 8.8 million last season.

To offset the hefty price tag of "Dreams" (estimated at more than $1.7 million per episode), executive producer Jonathan Prince has peppered the show with product placements.

Last week was brutal on the cast, Verica says, because the end of production was suddenly moved up more than two weeks, to Friday. NBC won't decide until May whether the 17th episode was the season finale or series swan song.

That episode "was originally designed to be a cliffhanger," says Verica. "It would be a tremendous disappointment if this is how the show ends."


Globe on NECN

Here's what's happening on "Around the Globe" today on NECN:

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11 p.m. WUMB-FM (91.9) -- "Afropop Worldwide." Guest: Elijah Wald, author.

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