‘Get red, wild, and blue’ with Sarah Palin’s new show

ICYMI: Sarah Palin’s new Sportsman Channel show “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” is really happening.

Need proof?

Check out the trailer above where the former Governor of Alaska stands in front of a CGI-American flag pixelating in the wind and tells America to get ready to “get red, wild, and blue,” whatever that means. On the show, Palin, deemed the “first lady of the outdoors,” sets out to “highlight that freedom we get to experience in America” by shooting targets on tree stumps in the woods, visiting the “man cave of all man caves,” and ziplining over what appears to be a muddy river bank.

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The initial teaser trailer for the upcoming series dropped last month and featured random press clippings from Palin’s 2008 campaign for vice presidency (‘member that?). Like “Poised. Stirring. Charming. —Time,” which to be fair, they did say, but I’m unsure what that has to do with her being qualified to host a TV show about outdoor lifestyles. As you may remember, Palin’s short-lived pseudo-outdoorsy TLC show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” did not quite live up to its promises and was not renewed following its 2010 debut after dismal reviews and criticism for inauthenticity. Nick Jans’ op-ed in USA Todaywrote: “Most of the show’s escapades bear scant resemblance to the activities of most outdoors-oriented Alaskans. In fact, about half of the Palins’ ‘adventures’ are guided trips aimed at mass-market tourists.”

But how much “real” outdoors experience her newest show will bring to the small screen is up for debate. Other than what are sure-to-be the show’s punchy catchphrases, Palin has little to say during the trailer, which is probably all well and good since she reportedly cost Fox News $15 per word during her time as an on-air contributor.

The series debuts on The Sportsman Channelon April 3 at 8 p.m., but if you don’t plan to tune in, Buzzfeed Politics reporter Andrew Kaczynski sums it up pretty well in the Vine below.