Critic’s Corner: Friday, Oct. 5

The Good Wife Sunday at 9:30 p.m., Channel 4

I do so love this show, but, well, it has gone a bit over the top, and I’m not talking about Diane’s sprayed-to-an-inch-of-its-life hair or Alicia’s mask face and her receding eyes. I’m talking about the odd introduction of Kalinda’s estranged husband and their gun play. Is this meant to be comic relief? It’s just a weird “Fifty Shades of Grey” riff that doesn’t fit the tone of the show. The good news: On Sunday, Maura Tierney begins a stint as a wealthy woman eager to be Alicia’s friend. Pictured: Archie Panjabi as Kalinda.

Dexter Sunday at 9 p.m., Showtime

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Last week’s season premiere was good, right? Now that Deb knows about Dexter, Dexter’s life is entirely different. Will he justify himself to her? Will her still unexpressed passion for him ease her response to his “lifestyle”? Now that he’s out of the closet with her, will the show lose a central tension after the initial thrill? I’m curious to find out, which is more interest in “Dexter” than I’ve felt for a long time. One thing, though: Notice how Harrison kind of disappears in the next two episodes. Come on, writers. Pictured: Jennifer Carpenter as Deb and Michael C. Hall as Dexter.

Made in Jersey 9 p.m., Channel 4

Half a pun better than none?

Fringe 9 p.m., Channel 25

Ugly is in the eyes of the Observers.

Monsters Inside Me 8 p.m., Animal Planet

A kid who’ll only eat cat food? Me: “Ow!”