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WCRB, (Pirate) Radio Killed The Radio Star

Posted by Geoff Edgers  February 14, 2007 04:20 PM

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A reader sent along his exchange with WCRB's Programming Director Mark Edwards.

I don't know if you are the correct person to write about this, but, if not, I hope you will direct this to the appropriate person. I look forward to the BSO broadcasts on Saturday night, but since WCRB switched to 99.5 it has been virtually impossible to listen these broadcasts. I live in the Ashmont neighborhood of Dorchester and most of the time the WCRB signal is completely overwhelmed by a gospel/hiphop station which broadcasts on 99.7. I have not heard them actually announce call letters, but they do say they are located in Boston. I have tried different antennas and different receivers and nothing that I can do seems to make much difference. I know other people in the neighborhood who have similar difficulties receiving your station. I have wondered if the station at 99.7 is doing something incorrect in the way they transmit their signal which is causing it to bleed over onto 99.5 and I thought that you should be aware of the situation. They do not seem to be on the air all the time, but usually are on during the week-end. Your signal is not great at any time, but when this other station is broadcasting it becomes hopeless.

The Boston Symphony broadcasts are a wonderful public service and greatly appreciated. I'm sorry that, most of the time, I can no longer listen to them.

James Morris

And the reply...

Hi James,
Thanks so much for your note. You are not the first person to write us with this concern about 99.7. This is an unlicensed pirate station. We have contacted the FCC with an official complaint, and they are currently investigating this. It's our hope the interference caused by this pirate station will go away very soon.

Thanks once again for letting us know about your problem receiving WCRB in your neighborhood!

Mark Edwards
Director of Programming
WCRB Boston


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