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Aural fixation

"Brendan" sound designer Fitz Patton did his own detective work around Boston to get the right aural vibe for the production. Here are a few of the spots he visited.

T stop. Patton went to the intersection of Commonwealth and Harvard avenues in Allston and other stops on the B line to capture street sounds and the squeal of the trolley.

Bar interior. Patton visited several bars in Allston/Brighton before sampling sounds of people talking, music playing, and other hubbub. Two of his favorites: Porter Belly's Pub and the Green Briar, both on Washington Street

City Hall. For this location, where Brendan goes to a citizenship hearing, Patton sampled nervous murmurs and general noises from the entranceway and downstairs in the parking and licensing areas.

Faneuil Hall. Patton says he was fascinated by sounds outside Faneuil Hall, particularly the kid who drums on the upside-down buckets. Listen for him in the opening musical montage.

Traffic. To go with set designer Alexander Dodge's moody backdrop, Patton went to Kenmore Square in view of the Citgo sign to gather busy street sounds. - TERRY BYRNE

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