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Scholastic Art Awards

Art is timeless. And talented artists are ageless. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the art exhibit currently on display as part of the Boston Globe's Scholastic Art Awards competition.

The program, currently in its 56th year, features students who work in animation, ceramics and glass, computer art, design, digital imagery, drawing, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and video and film.

The winning works of art are available for viewing at the State Transportation Building in Park Plaza. Students from 391 public, private, parochial, and home schools across the state vied for a coveted position on the exhibit's walls. This year, 3,451 students entered the contest, which is open to students in grades 7 through 12. Gold Keys, the competition's highest honor, went to 150 students; 471 Silver Keys and 720 Honorable Mentions were awarded as well.

The exhibit features the pieces that were awarded the Gold and Silver Keys. Gold Key works will be on display through Feb. 19. Silver Key winners will remain on display until Feb. 24. The exhibits are free to the public and are open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on weekends from noon until 5 p.m.

Five of the Gold Key winners were chosen as nominees for the American Vision Award. Those students and their work will participate in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, a national competition, in New York. One of those five candidates will be named the Massachusetts winner.

The American Vision Award nominees are Anna Webster of Marblehead High School; Emily White of Brockton High School; Winston Chmielinski of the Roxbury Latin School; Danny Quirk of Springfield Central High School; and Kristin Bersani of Weston High School.

Joining the nominees in New York will be the artwork of all 150 Gold Key winners, along with the art and photography portfolio nominees and those who were chosen as The Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards Scholarship Winners. Seniors were able to submit their art or photography portfolios for consideration, and four of them were separately chosen for Boston Globe scholarships.

The scholarship winners this year are Ruth Moskell of Newburyport High School, Tin Nguyen of Attleboro High School, Chmielinski, and Seung Yeon Kim from Miss Hall's School. Each was awarded $1,000.

Webster, a senior, is an American Vision Award nominee for her charcoal drawing, ''Vertigo: A Self Portrait on State Street." Webster said she spent her entire Christmas break putting the finishing touches on her piece. As with many of the other students who competed, Webster was prompted to enter the piece by her art teacher, who recommended she add a background to the one-dimensional self-portrait before submitting it.

That is when Webster decided to take a trip to State Street and ended up choosing a random building 40 floors up to give some depth and perspective to her striking piece. ''The idea to do a self portrait made it really personal for me," Webster said. ''It has shock value and draws the eye, and me being up that high really gave the feeling of falling over the edge."

Bersani's winning photo, titled ''These Days," was taken during a class trip to Boston last year. After a frustrating day of picture-taking, she was headed back to the bus when she caught a group of students hanging outside on their lunch break.

''For my first couple of shots of girls, they were standing further away from me, but as they became more comfortable with me shooting they began to get closer," Bersani said. ''My very last shot was the one I ended up submitting, the one I took right before I got back on the bus."

The Globe has been a sponsor of the Scholastic Art Awards since 1950, the longest-running sponsorship in the program's history.

The awards ceremony will be held today at the John Hancock Hall, 180 Berkeley Street. At noon, Silver Key winners and honorable mentions will be honored. The Gold Key winners, American Vision Award nominees, portfolio nominees, and Globe scholarship winners will be honored at 2 p.m.


Abington High School - James Hall (GK)(SK)(N), Emily Parsons (GK)(N)(HM), Kaileen Powers (SK)(N), Alex Temple (GK)(SK)

Frolio Junior High School - Nicole D'Attilio (SK), Melissa Dole (SK), Kristen Lee (HM)


Acton-Boxborough Reg High School - Alexander Brockway (N), Lauren Corke (SK), Michelle Frazee (SK), Kate Hanselman (SK), Joshua Harris (SK)(N), Yaejin Hong (N), Diane Hwang (SK), Alisa Javits (N), Maryn Jones (GK), Min Kim (HM), Sara Krol (HM), Evan Lenox (SK), Jennifer Mak (SK), Amy Margolius (HM), Samantha Pappin (HM), Svetlana Romanova (HM), Daniel Shirley (HM), Rebecca Willis (SK), Celeste Wilson (GK), Daphne Xiao (SK), Dianne Xiao (SK)

R. J. Grey JR High School - Maddy Benjamin (SK), Wendy Chen (HM), Estelle Kim (SK), Stephanie Wu (HM)


Amesbury High School - Kevin Calderwood (HM)

Amesbury Middle School - Sarah Croteau (SK)


Amherst Regional High School - Liana Boisclair (SK), Margaret Broad (HM), Phoebe Cape (SK), Leslie Nazar (SK), Hanna Negusie (HM), Lesley Plimpton (HM), Daniel Silberberg (GK), Halie Theoharides (HM)

Amherst Regional Middle School - Marisa Ho (HM)


Andover High School - Nathan Aldrich (SK), Gabi Barmettler (HM), Emily Evans (HM), Nathan Hass (HM), Molly Hudkins (HM), Risa Kent (HM), Alexander McCargar (N), Laura Radlinski (N), Andrew Sanders (SK), Huei-Hsuan Sun (SK), Laura Wang (SK), Joo Hee Yoon (GK)


Arlington Catholic High School - Marlena Flannery (HM)

Arlington High School - Elizabeth Irwin (SK), Joanna Winkler (SK)


Oakmont Regional High School - Caitlin Allard (HM), Sara Corteau (N), Emily Fan (HM), Christina Halfkenny (N), Lauren Lenart (HM), Tricia Richardson (N), Suzy Trei (HM)

Overlook Middle School - Laurel Durkan (SK), Noelle Landry (HM), Kellie Powelski (HM)


Ashland High School - Michael Hirshon (N)


Attleboro High School - Tin Nguyen (Scholarship)(GK)(SK), Devon Pedro (SK), Lucas Ruano (HM)

Bishop Feehan High School - Christina Baldovin (N), Kaleigh Bergeron (SK)(N), Kristyn Donnelly (N), Chelsea Gibbons (HM), Samantha Hardenburgh (N), Katherine Hartwell (N), Matthew Hassan (GK)(N), Diana Lattari (N)(HM), Jennifer Merigold (HM), Chase Montecaivo (SK), Lindsay Slater (N)(HM), Griffin Udelson (SK), Peter Uth (N)

Home School / Rozek - Christina Rozek (SK)


Auburn High School - Bliss Clemmer (SK), Lukas Godaire (SK), Mary-Kate Kane (SK), Amy Koenig (SK), Erin Whitseon (HM)


Avon Middle-High School - Chanjuda Bun (SK), Amy MacDonald (HM), Brian Moller (HM), Thadeous Washington (SK)


Quabbin Reg. Middle/Sr. High - Meaghan Barry (N)(HM), Victoria Bollivar (HM), Lauren Butkiewicz (SK), Catherine Christakis (SK), Kayla Friberg (HM), Elizabeth Green (SK), Brett Jordan (HM), Julianne Kneeland (N), Ryan Norton (HM), Sam Peckman (HM), Meghan Peddle (SK), Allison Peluso (HM), Andre Spinney (SK), Betsy Turnbull (HM), Felipe Vasquez (SK), Allison Zurowski (N)


Bedford High School - David Ahern (HM), Jordyn Budden (HM), Laura Townsend (HM)


Belchertown High School - Kelly Gorman (HM)


Belmont High School - Maria Baryakhtar (N), Alex Deranian (N), Liz Harmon (SK), Sahar Koshi (SK), Grey Larsen (SK), Linda Liu (N), Michael Liu (N)(HM), Yuan Ma (SK), Sean Mahoney (HM), Sara Spielman (HM), Elizabeth Valentin (HM), Anna Winston (SK)

Belmont Hill School - Thomas Fenollosa (SK), Michael Nock (HM), Brandon Spellen (SK), Alexander Tarnoff (HM), Nicholas Vasquez (HM)

Chenery Middle School - Keven Dooley (HM), Nicole Foote (HM), Brianna Gallagher (HM), Clay Haun (HM), Mariel Strauch (HM)


Beverly High School - Joseph Clemenzi (HM), K. Daniel Ebersole (SK), Hannah Israelsohn (N), Jessica Miedzionoski (HM), Katherine Nelson (HM)

The Waring School - Eliza Calkins (GK), Charlotte Greenbaum (SK), Emma Siemasko (N), Will Toulan (N), Jack Zeetman (HM)


Billerica Memorial High School - Rebecca Esplin (SK), Rachel Foti (HM), Mathew Long (HM), Jill Meltzer (HM), Renee Mercurio (HM), Maximillian Scholl (HM)

BOLTONNashoba Regional High School - Peter Morse (HM), Joya Smith (SK)(N)

BOSTONBoston Arts Academy - Lee Beard (SK)(N)(HM), Luis Cheng (HM), Nicole Chiampa (HM), Adrian Guerra (SK), Hana Skirkey (HM)

Boston Latin Academy - Brian Abbott (HM), Michelle Gildea (HM), Nham Le (SK), Jenny Mui (HM), Thuy Pham (HM), Tracy Tam (HM), Thuy-Van Tran (GK)

Boston Latin High School - Norris Duncan (GK), Victor Munoz (HM), Flora Ng (HM), Phuong Nguyen (HM), Alberta Wright (HM), Anna Zeng (HM)

Commonwealth School - Rob Lewis (GK), Anna Moss (HM)

Orchard Gardens Pilot School - Bianca Alkins (HM), Imari Jeffreys (HM), Liana Ramos (HM), Ricardo Reid (HM), Geidy Romero (HM)

The Roxbury Latin School - Winston Chmielinski (Scholarship)(AVN)(GK)

Winsor School - Elizabeth Deutsch (HM), Rebecca Holohan (HM), Philippa Stoddard (SK)


Bourne High School - Michelle Cubellis (HM), Daniel Dobbins (SK), Kristina Hatch (HM), Lauren Jackson (HM), Colby O'Neil (SK)


Braintree High School - Dominique Barbosa (SK), Brady Benelli (GK), Jaclyn Bonzagni (GK), Victoria DeYoung (HM), Rachel Foley (HM), Samantha Gordon (SK), Isabella Lo (SK), Nicholas Santino (HM), John Vosikas (HM)

East Middle School - Sarah Hastings (SK), R. Garrett Mallory, Jr. (SK)

South Middle School - Felix Wong (HM)


Bridgewater-Raynham Reg High School - Jenny Hall (HM)


Brockton High School - Robert Baker (GK)(N), Jeffrey Beckman (SK), John Benner (HM), Timothy Brown (SK), Ashley Dackers (HM), Avelina Deandrade (HM), Maria Fernandes (GK)(SK), Jacquelyn Fossella (N)(HM), Laura Gebrayel (GK), Melanie Harris (HM), Ashley Jessome (GK), Sapphire Julian (HM), Vinh Lam (SK), Gabrielle Lawson (GK)(HM), Roosevelt Lewis (HM), Lindsay Nguyen (GK), Lindsey Nguyen (SK), Samantha Poli (HM), Justin Pomerleau (GK)(N)(HM), Carlos Rivera (HM), John Starosky (HM), Tracey Sylvester (HM), Ashley Tukis (HM), Emily White (AVN)(SK)(N)(HM)

Cardinal Spellman High School - Kylie Breadmore (SK), Heather Carroll (HM)

East Junior High School - Keylin Haye (SK), Joshua Joseph (SK), Shayne Phillips (SK)

North Junior High School - Jaime Anaya (HM), Jamie Anaya (HM), Derek Jesus (HM), Robert McGonage (SK), Julian Ortiz (SK)

South Junior High School - Deidre Alves (SK), Helder Dacruz (SK), Mary Visser (HM)

West Junior High School - Laura Jerome (HM), Michael McMurtry (SK)


Brookline High School - Katey Alexander (N), Kei Ishii (HM), Lily Kaufman-Frederick (HM), Adam Kaye (SK), Rachel Kaysman (HM), Susanna Koetter (HM), Alina Pride (SK), Fay Strongin (N), Ari Weinkle (GK), Elizabeth Whitcher (GK)(HM)

Devotion School - Rebecca Loechler (SK)


Burlington High School - Michael Comperchio (HM), Cody Creekmore (HM), Tiffany Huang (N)(HM), Shauna Leva (HM), Megan O'Brien (SK), Michael O'Neill (GK), Kristen Rubino (HM), Harilaos Skourtis (GK)(HM), Winnie Tsui (N)(HM)

Marshall Simonds Middle School - Marissa Capua (HM), Munish Ganedevia (SK), Samantha Goober (SK), Courtney Tolliday (GK)


Governor Dummer Academy - Hyunwoo Cho (N), Cory Fisher (N), Ian Henneberger (SK), Sean Murphy (N), Iipavee Sirivatanaaksom (SK), Anna Smith (GK), Tucker Walsh (HM)

Triton Regional High Sshool - Jason Bashaw (SK)(HM), Kaitlin Brewer (SK)(N)(HM), Brian DiMento (N), Meredith Gallivan (SK), Dean Lees (SK), Megan McCormick (GK)(HM), Michelle Twombly (N)

Triton Regional Middle School - Amanda Barroso (GK), Annie Barrows (HM), Benjamim Berton (HM), Sara Bouchard (HM), Amanda Killiam (SK), Colleen Loughlin (HM)


Buckingham, Brown & Nichols - Nora Bergman (GK), Hasan Daouk (SK), Liz Englander (HM), Abbey Rose Hillson (SK), Claire Smith (HM)

Cambridge Rindge and Latin - Christopher Ayabe (HM), Anna Bendroth (SK), Joe Blair (HM), Maria Buruca (HM), Anna Gedal (HM), Na-Uhn Lee (SK), Zachary Milligan-Pate (N)(HM), Paula Nistal (SK), Sofra Pierce-Slive (GK), Lidija Ristic (N), George Turner (N), Liana Woskie (N)(HM), Leila Youcef-Tourni (HM)


Canton High School - Hannah Goodbey (SK), Kevin Green (HM), Ashley Salah (HM)


Carlisle School - Raquel de Alderete (SK), Jessica Li (SK)


Carver High School - Erica Kierstead (HM), Katelyn Telless (HM)


The Academy at Charlemont - Clara James (N)


Chatham High School - Katelyn Eppier (HM)


Chelmsford High School - Edward Dudley (N)(HM), Caitlin Giunta (HM), Susan Hampton (SK), Kate Knowles (HM), Amy-Qing Lin (GK), Tiffany Liu (N), Justine Ortolf (GK)(HM), Lindsey Richards (SK), Jahna Vaughan (HM), Shalyn Webber (SK)

McCarthy Middle School - Taylor Donovan (HM), Rangeley Morton (SK), Christopher Salazar (HM)


Browne Middle School - Armir Bashllari (HM), Jocelyn Lopez (HM)

Chelsea High School - Amy Carrasquillo (HM), Brenda Contreras (HM)

Wright Middle School - Francisco Simon (HM)


Beaver Country Day School - Asap Beats (GK), Yikun Liang (HM), Josh Raab (HM), Daniel Woo (HM)

Brimmer and May School - Emma Becker (N), Kaitlin Clark (HM), Phoebe Cooper (HM), Max Kuzmin (SK)


Chicopee Comprehensive High School - Samantha Beck (HM)


Cohasset Middle-High School - Emily Bertovich (HM), Christine Coner (HM), Kathleen Dewaal (SK), Colin Quinlan (HM), John Rohrer (SK)(HM)


Concord-Carlisle High School - Carolyn Abend (SK), Aleisha Browne (HM), Lizzie Curran (N)(HM), Noel Eastman (HM), Melissa Judson (N), Becky Lee (N), Taylor Maslowski (HM), Natalie Mazur (HM), Anna Migausky (N), Toby Milgrim (N), Alex Pickett (HM), Jillian Rubman (N), Ron Sadan (HM), Anastasia Salvucci (N), Patrick Serr (N), Brian Thomsen (HM), Lauren Zwicker (SK)


Danvers High School - Andrew Foster (SK)(HM), Catherine Niland (HM), Nicole Petronio (GK), Julia Shuruyeva (SK), Riley Woods (SK)

St. John's Prepatory School - Timothy Oliver (HM), Robert Peirce (SK), Tom Renau (HM)


Dartmouth High School - Katelyn Baker-Smith (SK), Ruth Barry (SK), Kyle Bernier (SK), Samuel Bosworth (HM), Karrie Fana (HM), Joanna Kuzlik (GK), Carolyn Michael (SK), Courtney Nicolson (SK), Sarah Purgus (HM), Adam Sylvia (SK), Matt Williams (SK), Scott Xie (HM)


Dedham High School - Rebecca Benazzani (HM), Catherine Buckley (HM), Nicole Costello (HM), Meghan Dietzel (HM), John Murphy (HM), Carolyn Tannetta (SK)


Dighton Middle School - Amanda Sylvester (HM), Sarah Torgrimson (SK)


Dover-Sherborn Reg. High School - Tucker Carter (HM), Candice Jackson (HM), Sarah Wakeman (HM), Robert Welch (HM)


Dracut High School - Rachel Baxter (HM), Elyse Bogacz (SK)(HM), Brittany Burgess (HM), Leah Goddard (HM), Shelby O'Malley (HM)


Duxbury High School - Brian Lynch (SK), Caitigh MacDonald (SK), Abby Nolan (SK), Hannah Palfrey (HM), Ivan Sunguroff (HM), Nicholas Williams (GK)

Duxbury Middle School - Abigail Ellis (HM), Samuel Reinhart (HM), Andria Ronne (SK), Kerry Turok (HM)


Everett High School - Emily Abbate (HM), Omodola Beke (SK)(HM), Pierrette Cimea (HM), Benjamin Cioffi (SK), Ashley Cristiano (SK), Victor Da Silva (SK), Cassandra George (SK), Meaghan Moulton (GK)(SK)(N), Bruce Vu (HM)

Our Lady of Grace - Miguel Sanchez (SK)


Fairhaven High School - Kyle Larsen (HM), Nicole Moutinho (SK), Raja Siyab (HM)


B.M.C. Durfee High School - Amy Alix (HM), Katisha Almeida (HM), Alicia Araujo (SK), Angela Dispirito (HM), Emanuel Galante (HM), Katheine Poole (HM), Eliza Sabra (HM)


Falmouth Academy - Phillip Besse (SK), Bridget Miskell (SK)

Falmouth High School - Antonio Beltran (SK), Rebecca Dutra (SK), Manya Gerlibb-Barr (SK), Kelly Hageman (SK), Karly Kennedy (SK), Devin Schwartz (HM), Sarah Spencer (SK), Jenny Sullivan (SK)

Lawrence School - Kristine Bunker (SK)(HM), Abigail Morrison (HM), Brittany Woods (GK)


Tantasqua Regional High School - Kimberly Gallant (SK), Jamie Spidle (HM), Kayla Stearns (SK)


Fitchburg High School - Kat Andrews (HM), Ashley Wilson (SK)

Montachusett Reg Voc Tech High - Joey Berthiaume (GK), Brittney Bevilacqua (HM), Samuel Dickens (HM), Lillie Garrett (HM), Tim Lafortune (SK), Eric Murphy (HM), Mika Parviainen (GK), Grace Ramsey (SK), Alysa Romann (HM), Hannah Sides (HM)


Foxborough High School - Melanie Chambers (GK), Angela Farmer (HM), Mary Gallagher (GK), Renee Garcia (GK), Elizabeth Greeley (SK), Andrew Pillsbury (HM), Matthew Pillsbury (HM), Jessica Tibbets (HM)


Cameron Middle School - Elizabeth Fuller (HM), Sean White (HM)

Framingham High School - Melissa Cordella (HM), Caelli Craig (HM), Brenan Fay-Martin (SK)(N), Kyle Ganson (HM), Xayrined Gonzalez (HM), Kendal Kubitz (N), Gabriella Lentini (GK)(N), Cynthia Ma (HM), Jennifer Montillo (SK), Heather Podoloff (N), Mary Reid Savoca (SK), Leah Williamson (N)

Marian High School - Mary Hazen (HM)


Annie Sullivan Middle School - Sarah Paul (HM), Elizabeth Sweeney (HM)

Franklin High School - David Arsenault (HM), Ian Bertram (HM), Kaden Chaffee (GK), Patrick Groth (HM), Jahna Jabbour (HM), Amy Langenil (HM), Caitlin Lawrence (SK), Alec McManus (HM)

Horace Mann Middle School - Jason Butera (SK)


Georgetown Middle/High School - Patrick Bitchell (SK)


Gloucester High School - Kate Bresnahan (SK), Jesse Cremeans (SK), Juliann Flaherty (HM), Michael Fower (SK), Kyle Grimaldi (HM), Stefan Mallette (GK)(HM), Sarah Mark (N), Kelsey Marr (GK), Krystal Rosado (SK), Kathryn Spoon (N)(HM), July White (SK)

O'Maley Middle School - John Jermyn (HM)


Grafton High School - Ian Faden (SK)


Granby JR/SR High School - Steven Bucci (HM), Jared Scully (HM)


Monument Mt. Reg. High School - Russ Boxer (HM), Kaih Carman (SK), Max Fever (SK), Michael Leary (SK), Gabrielle Meyerowitz (SK)


Greenfield High School - Shannon Brady (SK)

Stoneleigh-Burnham School - Mary Bordewieck (HM), So Young Cho (SK), Kelly Morgan (SK), Emma Mullins (SK)


Groton-Dunstable Reg High School - Daniel Ludlow (N), Tiffany Nguyen (N)

HADLEYHopkins Academy - Peter Serio (GK)


Hamilton-Wenham Reg High School - Jonathan Brown (SK), Hailee Lowe (N), Sarah Stockwell (HM), Erin Watkins (SK)

Pingree School - Rachael Carlevale (HM), Dylan Comb (HM), Christopher Hutchinson (HM), Andrea McInnes (SK), Alessandra Spaulding (SK)


The Bromfield School - Alexa Denner (HM), Reesha Katcher (HM)


Harwich High School - Jacqueline Blute (HM), Molly McCafferty (HM)


Consentino Middle School - Katie Merrill (HM), Victoria Pham (SK)

Haverhill High School - Husam Al-Ziab (GK), Adrienne Bocuzzo (HM), Breanna Ferguson (HM), Liane Lantagne (HM), Bart McArthur (HM), John Orlando (SK)(N)(HM), Alexandra Rodriquez (HM), Jaimie Rosseau (SK), Sema Utkin (HM)


Hingham High School - Alison Collins (HM), Hilary Collins (HM), Conor Fitzgerald (HM), Meghan Starsiak (HM)

Notre Dame Academy - Nichole Katsikas (HM), Kimberly Knasas (SK), Courtney Lauria (SK), Amanda McKeever (SK)


Holbrook Jr/Sr High School - Kayleigh Savill (HM), Richie Vo (HM)


Wachusett Regional High School - Amber Bogden (HM), Amy Brendel (SK), Amber Goguen (N), Meghan Hennessey (SK), Steve Lane (HM), Jessica Luong (SK), Richard Marin (SK), Emily Olesin (GK)(N), Fioleda Prifti (HM), Kimberly Shooshan (GK)(SK)(N), Valerie Taggart (N), Jeffery Tod (SK), Emily Trulson (N)(HM), Michelle Weaver (HM)


Holliston High School - Melissa Burke (SK), Taylor Colantonio (GK)(SK), Elisa Finos (SK)(N)(HM), Jamie Harary (HM), Emily Mansfield (N), Sophie Price (SK)(HM)


Hopkinton High School - Melinda Bryant (HM), Dylan Campbell (HM), Matthew Carrai (SK), Chloe Crettien (HM), Sarah Garrett (SK), Bethany Goodrich (HM), Camille Kulig (HM), Elise Largesse (HM), Maureen Regan (HM), Luke Warren (SK)


Hudson High School - Kayla Cerulli (HM), Gregory Gorman (N), Jimmy Hill (HM), Sean O'Connell (SK), Amy Rouse (HM)


Gateway Regional High School - Therese Bouffard (HM)


Barnstable High School - Alyson Ainsworth (SK), Jessica Creaven (SK), Keri Florence (N), Danielle Iris (HM), Emily Marcotte (HM), Katelyn Morin (HM), Corey Oberlander (GK)(N)(HM), Kelly Ostrander (HM), Kathryn Reynolds (HM), Courtney Staples (N), Andrew Wood (SK)

Saint Francis Xavier Prepatory School - Jacqeline Jamiel (SK), Peter Markarian (GK)


Ipswich High School - Erin Boutchie (HM), Noelle Livas (N), Kristen Newell (GK), Jacoba Niepoort (SK)(N)

Ipswich Middle School - Maria Ichizawa (HM)


Sacred Heart High School - Melissa Cannata (SK), Arielle Eisenstein (HM), Mackenzie Milton (HM), Tim Wolfe (SK)


Apponequet Regional High School - Jena Abbanato (HM), Kevin Driscoll (HM), Salina Duggan (SK), Renee Marcos (SK), Jeff Scudder (SK)

Freetown/Lakeville Middle School - Laurence Adey (HM), Mersina Simanski (HM)


Lawrence High School - Ivette Espinal (GK), Brian Jaime (SK)(HM), Grisel Mendez (HM), Edward Moreta (HM)


Leominster High School - Alison Bochenko (SK)(N)(HM), Elizabeth Ng (HM), Michael Petitto (HM)


Clarke Middle School - Charlotte Ames (HM), Jillian Carlson (HM)

Diamond Middle School - Ian Childress (HM), Helen Rich (GK)

Lexington High School - Jessica Bonnell (SK)(HM), Michael Clarke (HM), Ben Collins (HM), Kim Douglas (SK), Wendy Epstein (GK), Natalie Gallardo (SK), Janice Lee (SK), Amanda Russo (HM), David Shin (SK)


Longmeadow High School - Laura Anthony (SK)(N), Angela Bertelli (HM), Emily Bourdeau (N), Michael Brock (N)(HM), Samuel Fortsch (N), Jennifer Greim (N), Marc Labb (SK), Jacqueline Lakritz (N), Thea Libbos (SK), Kylee Mante (HM), Cait McDonough (SK), Hannah Micley (N), Chelsea Miller (HM), Christina Nilsson (SK), Brittany Piccuirro (SK)(HM), Rachel Rancourt (HM), Jennifer Turcotte (N)


Greater Lowell Reg Voc-Tech School - Angela Cormier (HM), Kara Courtemanche (HM), Gary Hernandez (HM), Cote MacDonald (HM), Justin Regan (SK), Crystal Schaufus (SK), Scott Scibilia (SK)

Lowell High School - Sonlee Chum (SK), Jeffrey Furtado (HM), Andrew Leduc (HM), Adam Norton (HM), Derik Oslan (SK), Harry Roberge (HM)


Turkey Hill Middle School - Brittany Green (HM)

Lunenburg High School - Ashleigh Black (HM), Harrison Doyle (GK)


Lynn Classical High School - Maria Ronken (SK)


Lynnfield High School - Nicole Carbone (HM), Sara DeRoeck (SK), John Psiakis (HM)


Malden High School - Rassan Charles (GK)(N), Erica Femino (HM), Leonardo Fonseca (N), Lauren Hastings (GK)(N), Dominika Hudcova (HM), Rubia Iwano (SK), Loon Nguyen (SK), Sardi Pronja (N), Melissa Restrepo (HM), Sara Veliz (SK)


Manchester/Essex Reg High School - Justine Cassidy (HM), Samuel Denoncour (GK)(HM), Alison Nitkiewicz (HM), Anna Stroman (HM)


Mansfield High School - Pat Clare (HM), Alyssa Edwards (HM)

Qualters Middle School - Clint Broderick (HM), Duncan Fuller (HM), Jaime Mall (HM), Gregory Szczesuil (SK)


Marblehead High School - Rachel Brody (HM), Ryan Butterfield (N), Caroline Caliri (HM), Crystal Conners (N), Amanda Dunham (GK)(N), Lisa Keller (N), Rachel Marcorelle (HM), Sam Mewton (HM), Andrea Noble (GK), Amanda Rombach (SK)(N), Rachael Schaier (HM), Jane Schroeder (HM), Tyler Tucker (HM), Anna Webster (AVN)


Assabet Technical High School - Tim Tyler (HM)

Marlborough High School - Meghan Baldelli (SK)(HM), Jennifer Chignola (SK)(HM), Kathryn Chung (GK), Ana Flavia Costa (HM), Anh-Thu Huynh (SK), Sheldon Vigeant (HM)

Marlborough Middle School - Catelyn Griffin (SK), Tylor Silva (GK)


Marshfield High School - Amy Boyce (N), Ryan Faszcza (SK), Briana Robertori (GK), Patrick Shea (SK)(N), Megan Sullivan (GK), Jacqueline Tobin (HM), Elyse Vaillancourt (SK), Jennie Welch (SK)


Mashpee High School - Lauren Fulone (HM), Chelsea Souza (HM)


Old Rochester Reg High School - Kaylin Cruz (SK), Devon Johnson (HM)


Maynard High School - Kevin Carr (SK)(HM)


Blake Middle School - Natalie Dickinson (HM)

Medfield High School - Lisa Redden (HM), Douglas Richard (N), Hilary Wise (HM)


Medford High School - Gabrielle Aguillar-Hatcher (HM), Nishat Alam (SK), Coreen Feeley (HM), Caitlin Sullivan (SK), Christina Vargas (SK)


Medway High School - Danielle Baker (SK)(N), Samantha Bilotta (GK), Elise Burgett (HM), Erin Duffy (N)(HM), Carolyn Foley (N), Kristin Renault (SK)


Melrose High School - Juliana DiLuca (HM), Talia Lefton (GK), Sarah McGrath (HM)


Methuen High School - Venessa Alvarado (HM), Sarah Ciras (SK)(HM), Samuel Toabe (N)(HM)


Nichols Middle School - Patrick Gaughan (SK)


Middleborough High School - Aileen Bartlett (HM), Corinne Corey (HM), Nydia Jhennae (SK), Courtney Larrivey (SK), Jarrod Linehan (HM), Jenna McMahon (HM), Jillian Ralleo (GK)


Milford High School - Jonathan Harmon (HM), Ekaterina Komnatnaia (HM)


Millbury Memorial Jr/Sr High School - Thomas Ward (N)


Milton High School - Patrick Kelly (GK), Kelsey Lamere (HM), Alexandra O'Brien (HM), James Ryan (HM), Jamie Sigudel (SK)

Pierce Middle School - Brianne Fitzgerald (HM), Elizabeth Meyer (SK)


Granite Valley Middle School - Megan Lamontagne (HM), Stephanie Morin (HM)

Monson High School - Heather Hofstetter (HM), Elizabeth Mitchell (SK)


Natick High School - Sarah Friswell (HM), Alyssa Manning (HM)


Monsignor Haddad Middle School - Michael Gustin (HM)

Needham High School - Margaret Arbogast (HM), Stephanie Dennis (SK), Krisi Heller (HM), Amanda Knudsen (SK)(HM), Adriana Nannini (HM), Theresa Recicar (SK), Monica Rude (HM), Kimberly Sharpe (HM), Elina Starobinets (GK)(N), Anna Summergrad (SK), Suzanne Thompson (GK), Amelia Valberg (SK), Ruth Wiederecht (HM), Debra Wong (HM)

Pollard Middle School - Ariana Boyd (HM), Nicole Caughlin (SK), Emily Cohen (HM), Samantha Kublin (SK), Maureen Raubach (SK), Kristen Schott (GK), Charles Yi (SK)

St Sebastian's Country Day School - Daniel Aisenberg (GK), Uche Anidi (SK), Christopher O'Hurley (N)


Greater New Bedford Reg Voc-Tech - Courtney Manchester (HM), Nicholas Silveira (HM)


Newburyport High School - Taylor Adamik (HM), Emily Anderson (HM), Janella Beaudoin (GK), Matt Dupere (GK)(N), Elizabeth Flanders (HM), Ashley Griffin (SK), Ruth Moskell (Scholarship)(HM), Monika Rivard (N)


Bigelow Middle School - Adele Levine (HM), Dru McInerney (HM)

Brown Middle School - Natalie Basque (SK), Yong Won (HM)

Day Middle School - Elizabeth Altieri (SK), Julia Belamerich (HM), Jared Forman (GK), Emma Halwitz (HM), Madeline Johnson (SK), Maia Levoy (HM)

Mount Alvernia High School - Sara Crandall (HM)

Newton Country Day School - Lori Iraheta (HM), Anne Szabla (SK), Elizabeth White (SK)

Newton North High School - Jessica Alpert (SK), Jennifer Bakan (HM), Rachel Corey (SK), Allison Egdahl (SK), Elizabeth Gargas (SK), Rachel Kaufmann (HM), Lyuda Kovalchuke (HM), Rosa McElheny (N)(HM), Eleanor McSherry (GK), Marco Planine-Troiani (SK), Kathryn Roberts (N)(HM), Rebecca Schaffer (HM), Elizabeth Shreir (SK), Leah Weisman (GK), Sara Winik (HM), Ashley Young (HM)

Newton South High School - Rebecca Baumwoll (N), Vanessa Friedman (HM), Mark Giglio (HM), Anat Goldberg (HM), Elizabeth Herman (N)(HM), Elizabeth Herrman (GK), Michael Keselman (N), Benjamin Keyser (SK), Nicole Lewis (SK), Marie Otsuka (HM), Justin Pomerleau (HM), Ben Sieff (SK)(N), ChanHee Soh (N), Yuan Yao (GK)

Oak Hill Middle School - Rebecca Kantar (GK), Yoav Kaplan (SK), Julius Parker (SK), Cora Visnick (SK)


Brooks School - Catherine Roif (SK)(HM)

St. Michael's School - Priteesh Shahi (HM)


North Attleboro High School - Tara Kingsley (SK), Aimee MacDonald (HM), Ashley Morriseau (GK), Lawrence Velino (SK)

North Attleboro Middle School - Robin Armstrong (HM), Christopher Bernier (SK), Kenneth Chea (HM), Kyle Quigly (SK)


Dighton-Rehoboth High School - Kristine Costa (GK)(N)(HM), Christopher Frost (HM), Elizabeth Furze (SK), Ericka Oliveira (HM), Briana Paquin (HM), Stephen Paradis (GK), Kurt Snyder (HM), Zachary Stebbings (GK), Casey Tremper (HM)


Nauset Regional High School - Joseph Dansak (HM), Elizabeth Escher (HM), Evan Heidepriem (SK), Laurel Mangelinkx (SK), Alexandra Rozin (GK)


Northampton High School - Clara Kosior (HM), Samolewicz Theroux (N), Sophie Theroux (SK)(N)


Algonquin Regional High School - Michi Baubock (HM), Jennifer Kennedy (HM), Kyrie McClure (HM), Carolyn Mukal (HM), Abby Pisinski (HM), Marissa Saparnis (SK)


St Bernadettes Catholic School - Dana Reuter (HM)


Norwell High School - Amelia Childs (GK), Madeline Doyle (HM)

South Shore Charter Public School - Danielle Bailey (SK), Suzie Baldner (HM), Samantha Wholley (HM)


Coakley Middle School - Justin Capello (HM), Rebecca Gillis (HM), Heather Jones (HM), Sandra Mastinggal (SK), Brianna Palmateer (HM)

Norwood High School - Michelle Bounasaro (SK), Tiffany Chan (SK), Sara Kennedy (SK), Andrew McFarland (SK)(HM), Matthew McHugh (HM), Neela Paramkusham (HM), Samantha Sklar (HM)


Martha's Vineyard Reg High School - Lucia Dillion (HM), Niko Ewing (N), Ashley Meglio (GK), Luiza Mouzinho (HM), Marshall Pratt (N), Emily Regan (SK), Elysha Robets (HM), Gabrielle Sullo (HM), Elise Swartwood (GK), Ben Sweet (N), Nica Sylvia (HM), Andrew Valenti (N)


Palmer High School - Ashley Bilkam (N), Dyllon Charron (HM), Aaron Day (HM), Eric Ducomb (SK), Kevin Gibney (SK), Ryan Merceri (HM)


Paxton Center School - Marissa Martin (HM)


Bishop Fenwick High School - Natalie Cerrone (SK), Jessica Hilton (HM), Dennis O'Leary (HM), Erica Scoppettuolo (SK), Tara Sellios (SK)(N), Kathryn Tedesco (HM)

Peabody Veterans Memorial High - Cara Francis (SK), Richard Grillo (HM), Pimpipat Hongdulaya (HM), Amelia Piaker (SK), Jennifer Ricci (HM), Melissa Squibb (HM)


Pembroke High School - Danielle Ameen (SK), Chelsea Bracchi (GK), Kelly Higgins (HM), David Vu (GK)


Miss Hall's School - Hannah Bartini (HM), Seung Yeon Kim (Scholarship)

Pittsfield High School - Kimberly Heckman (HM), Shane Ruberto (SK)

Taconic High School - Matthew D'Avella (SK), Jillian Kent (HM), Weston Kessler (GK), Caitlin Livey (HM), Courtney Nason-Farrell (HM)


Plymouth North High School - Alex Boris (HM), Zachery Enos (SK), Alyssa Kelly (HM), Stacia Parks (GK), Emily Turner (HM)

Plymouth South High School - Leah Byam (HM), Chelsea Cumings (GK)(N), Candace Gustafson (HM), Krystal Kuhn (SK), Kellie O'Hara (SK), Adam Travers (SK), Jessica Underwood (N), Jason Wheelwright (HM)


North Quincy High School - Vicky Liang (SK)

Quincy High School - Tom Chenette (SK), Christina Nilovic (HM)

Woodward School - Emily LaPann (HM)


Parker Middle School - Olivia Robertson (SK), Isabel Spence (HM)

Reading Memorial High School - Heather Laufman (SK), Jelissa Mackey (HM), Kristina Ravanis (SK), Veronica Rogers (SK), Lucy Zhang (SK)


Beachmont School - Jacqueline Maltacea (SK), Heather Romancito (SK)

Immaculate Conception School - Christopher Hughes (HM)

James A. Garfield Magnet School - Franko Kosic-Matulic (HM), Panhary Morm (HM)

Revere High School - Monica Eller (HM), Sarah Pedicini (HM)


Rockland High School - Ben Gibson (GK), Katelin Medeiros (HM), Christine Patterson (SK), Genevieve Pratt (SK)(HM)


Rockport High School - Lisa Arsenian (HM), Zachary O'Brien (HM)


Salem High School - Maggie Armstrong (SK), Chandler Brun (HM), Margaret Delaney (HM), Jenna Farristall (HM), Emily Koen (HM), Ivan Rosa (HM), Kathleen Skerry (GK), Spenser Swaczyk (HM)


Sandwich High School - Augusta Cullity (HM), Kealyn Garner (HM), Randy Hitchins (HM), Kayla MacCormack (SK), Cory Thorpe (SK)


Gates Intermediate School - Lila Debas (HM), Krista Kasianowicz (GK), Bradley Newkick (HM), Kelly O'Keefe (HM), Sean Paradise (GK)

Scituate High School - Olivia Becker (HM), Michael Damico (N), Jennifer Dawson (GK), Alyssa Hoffman (SK), Trevor Lewis (HM), Katie McLaughlin (HM), Bethany Murray (N), Matthew Taber (HM), Erik Weikert (SK)


Sharon High School - Melissa Warstadt (HM)

Sharon Middle School - Ruby Elland (HM), Samantha Goldstein (HM), Alex Pandelides (GK), Abigail Reich (GK), Vivian Yang (HM)


Berkshire School - Kai Curry-Lindahl (GK), Celeste Hardcastle (HM), Mong-Shuen Lu (SK)


Oak Middle School - Ryan Godek (HM), Michael Le (HM), Jackson Maher (HM), Anna Moriondo (HM), Alec Rebh (SK)

Shrewsbury High School - Mariessa DeVincentis (N), Joseph Geary (SK), Kelly Kleister (GK), Sang Luu (SK), Maria Pougatcheva (SK)(N)


Somerset High School - Hannah Manuels (HM), Marcus Mello (SK), Christian Roberts (SK)(N)(HM), Stephanie Winters (HM)

Somerset Middle School - Kyle Coogan (HM)


East Somerville Community School - Pame Gros (HM)

John F. Kennedy School - Patrick Trant (SK)

Somerville High School - Lezette Azeredo (HM), Jovvann-Dominque Cafua (HM), Viviane De Assis (HM), Nicole Fiore (HM)


South Hadley High School - Robert Murphy (HM)


David Prouty High School - Matthew Dolan (HM), Edward Gustafson (SK)


High School of Science & Technology - Syeda Al Rafai (HM), Danice Chou (HM), Dorothy Hatcher (SK), Angelika Kopec (HM)

Springfield Central High School - Alexandrea Noonan (HM), Lismarie Olivieri (HM), Danny Quirk (AVN)(GK)(N), Gadiel Rodriguez (SK), Joel Torres (HM)


Stoneham High School - Dallim Cha (N), Alair Turcotte (SK)


Hale Middle School - Samantha Squires (SK)


Ephraim Curtis Middle School - Dana Hareli (GK)

Lincoln-Sudbury Reg High School - Shannon Casey (HM), Tai Hsuan Chen (GK), Tyler Cichowlas (HM), Patrick Feger (HM), Elizabeth Francis (N), Alexandra Hendelman (N), Annelis Kamen (N), Lindsay Majno (N), Emma Mushnick (HM), Mary Panetta (HM), Annie Swanson (HM), Hayley van Steenberg (N)(HM)


Swampscott High School - Rebecca Allen (SK), Rachael Paskievich (HM), Samantha Skalski (SK)

Swampscott Middle School - Adina Sweet-Vickery (HM), Joseph Valle (HM)


Joseph Case High School - Michael Szwaja (SK)


Coyle-Cassidy High School - Jessica Fogg (N)(HM), Steven Gardner (SK), Kevin Hindemith (HM), Briana Littlefield (SK), Michael Rose (SK), Emily Silva (SK)

Taunton High School - Carly Costello (SK)(HM), Brian Dunham (GK), Matthew Hebda (HM), Jessica Lamb (SK)(HM), Mark Marvel (HM), Kevin Sullivan (HM)


Masconomet Regional High School - Jacqueline Brauer (GK), Mary Cotter (N), Dana DiPlacido (N), Amy Dyer (GK)(N), Emmanuel Gunzel (N), Rachel Kincaid (N), Kristen Lavery (SK), Dorington Little (N), Andrea Lockie (N), Kylah Monroe (GK)(N), Melissa Parker (N), Tabitha Perry (GK)(SK)(N), Madeline Pickett (N), Meghan Pierce (SK), Katelyn Rezza (SK)(N), Meghan Rudder (GK), Benjamin Scannell (N), Eric Schermerhorn (N), Nancy Termini (N)(HM), Meghan Therrien (N), Joseph Wall (GK)(N)

Masconomet Regional Middle School - Miranda Guiffrida (HM), Lauren Hodges (GK), Alexa Moorman (SK), Mikayla Reid (GK), James Rosenthal (GK), Lacey Scrima (SK), Eric Whiting (HM), James Yonis (HM)


North Middlesex Reg High School - Amanda Mallette (HM)


Academy of Notre Dame - Sabrina Carvalho (HM), Meredith Norton (SK)


Tyngsborough High School - Lina Mann (HM), Annie Martin-McDonough (HM)


CufawardsECNipmuc Reg Middle/High School - Jessica Bal (SK), Caitlin Barnett (HM), Julie Bomba (HM), Mariah Coz (HM), Megan Fitzgerald (SK), Joseph Hourihan (N)(HM), Alexandra Jensen (N), William Lukas (GK), Jennifer McKeown (GK), Alison Sardonini (SK)


Galvin Middle School - Janelle Allen (HM), Kelsey Delaney (HM), Nicholas Lebo (SK), Amanda O'Malley (GK)

Wakefield Memorial High School - Richard Carrick (HM), Katherine Dodge (HM), Angela Pineros (HM), Michael Sidebutton (HM), Katie Sofia (HM), Kimberly Tolleson (SK), Araxie Yeretsian (HM)


Johnson Middle School - Emilie Metellus (HM)

Walpole High School - Clara Bohan (N), Alyse Daly (N)(HM), Albert DeNapoli (SK)(N), Meghan Grimes (HM), Geoff Herrmann (SK), Kyleen Hill (GK), Christina Izzo (HM), Lauren Rossi (HM), Emily Susen (HM), Denise Walter (GK)


McDevitt Middle School - Danna Ni Sai (HM)

Waltham High School - Paul Magaranie (HM), Patrick St. Pierre (HM)


Quaboag Reg Middle/High School - Melanie Gajewski (SK), Ariel Hansen (HM)


Watertown High School - Vivian Brown (SK), Maria Del Rose (SK), Hannah Epstein (GK)(HM), Julie Haddad (GK)(SK), Nga Tran (SK)

Watertown Middle School - Nare Gukasyan (HM), Ken Szubzda (HM)


Wayland High School - Caroline Jones (SK), Raymond Lordi (SK)(N)(HM), Yunxin Zheng (SK)

Wayland Middle School - Jennifer Adler (HM)


Dana Hall School - Elizabeth Baker (GK)(HM), Brenda Hsu (SK), M. Fernanda Perez-Salazar (HM), Joo Young Ro (SK), Bridget Roche (HM), Alana Schwartz (HM)

Wellesley High School - Lianne Becker (SK), Katie Brown (HM), Allegra De Angelo (SK), Allegra DeAngelo (HM), Ivelyna Gishin (GK), Caitlyn Groh (HM), Catherine Mayell (SK)(N), Julia Morgan (HM), Emmy Thelander (SK)(N)

Wellesley Middle School - Ada Bernstein (SK), Susannah Johnson (SK), Kathryn Kelley (GK), Cassandra Lloyd (SK), Thanh Pham (GK)


West Boylston Middle/High School - Matthew Roberts (HM)


Pentucket Reg High School - Megan Foster (GK), Laura Kelley (SK), Nicole Ryan-Wheeler (SK)


Gibbons Middle School - Melissa Ewing (SK)

Westborough High School - Jeremy Brault (GK), Erin Connolly (SK), Tyler Haynes (HM), Emily Hutchins (SK), Jacqueline Kajos (HM), Julie Sakalys (HM), Emily Underwood (HM)


Westfield High School - Katie McEwan (SK)

Westfield North Middle School - Mary Quinn (HM)


Westford Academy - Andrea Ales (HM), Elisabeth Avery (HM), Ashley Beebe (HM), Nicholas Cannata (HM), Derek Emanoull (SK), Aislinn Jefferies (N), Aslinn Joffenes (SK), Melissa Kaylor (HM), Kyla Lincoln (SK), Kurt McGrath (HM), Alexandra Newlon (SK), Christopher Ng (SK)


The Cambridge School of Weston - Sang Ah Ahn (N), Ella Brandon (N), Kai-Yun Huang (N), Aya Ikekame (HM), Jamie Kearney (SK), Jennifer Lipton (GK), Rebecca Loeb (GK), Amelia Meath (N), Sarah Merkle (N), Eliza Murphy (N), Peter Nichols (N), Mark Peck (HM), Holly Rhame (SK), Amanda Taylor (N), Thomas Witschonke (N), Maxine Wolfe (N)

The Rivers School - Nina Birger (SK), Alexandra Drew (HM), Dylan Lockman (HM), Thomas Casey Sunderland (HM), Rachel Tovin (HM)

Weston High School - Michael Alperin (HM), Kristin Bersani (AVN), Joshua Bookman (GK), Colby Harris (N), Harry Hu (HM), Eileen McGuire (SK), Jessica Young (HM)

Weston Middle School - Joseph Burchard (SK), Jaime Jimenez (SK), Jayme O'Laughlin (SK), Jon Silberberg (SK)


Thurston Middle School - Rebecca McClellan (HM)

Westwood High School - Alexandra Beuscher (SK), Mark Carey (HM), Jillian O'Brien (HM), Nicholas Ventola (SK)

Xaverian Brothers High School - Jared Carrasco (HM), Christopher Foley (SK), A. Joseph Pisso (HM)


South Shore Christian Academy - Ben Edwards (SK)


Whitman-Hanson Reg High School - Nicole Caravella (GK), Victoria Hunter (SK), Brenda Johnson (SK), Matthew Libby (HM), Gabrielle McHugh (SK), Wendy Read (HM), Chris Swenson (SK)(HM), Kate Wegielewski (HM), Samantha Wilhelm (HM)


Minnechaug Regional High School - Andrew Ross (SK)


Mt. Greylock Reg High School - Carl Kubler (GK), Isa St. Clair (HM)


Wilmington High School - Tanya Ciardi (HM), Katelyn Lynch (GK), Krystie Quintal (SK)


Murdock Middle/High School - Jonathan Lariviere (HM)


McCall Middle School - Carina Araujo-Lane (HM), Avery Bazamore (SK), Sam Holland (SK)

Winchester High School - Sam Bellacosa (SK), Kim Bergen (HM), Kathleen Burke (HM), Linnea Edstrom (N)(HM), Brett Henrikson (SK), Kristen Lee (HM), Spencer Lopez (HM), Clancy Meagher (N), Annie Phan (SK), Kristin Pielech (HM), Livia Veneziano (N)(HM), Tyler Wood (SK)(N)


Woburn Memorial High School - Caitlin Boag (SK), Matthew Faria (SK), Amy Moore (HM)


Bancroft School - Lucy Crowley (HM), Myles Donigan (HM), Solon Kellehen (SK)

Burncoat High School - Zachary Allen (SK), Chelsea Tran (SK)

Burncoat Middle School - Michael Marcasciano (GK), Travis Mard (SK), Kirsten Reddoch (HM), Joseph Stake (HM)

MA Academy of Math and Science - Brian Benson (HM), Polina Ginets (SK)

Notre Dame Academy - Julianne Martin (N)(HM)

St. Peter-Marian Jr/Sr High School - Deirdre Bailey (GK), Zachary Bissonnette (HM), Lindsey Cobb (SK)

Worcester Academy - Brittany Bobola (HM), Jody Borhani (GK), John Bunke (HM), Hvo Ju Kim (HM), Drew Sussman (SK), Simran Virk (HM)


King Philip High School - Katie Florence (SK), Erin Knowlton (HM), Kayleigh Moore (HM), Daniel Pegg (GK), Haley Uyrus (GK), Emery Wenger (HM)


DDennis-Yarmouth Reg High School - Alanna Sennott (HM), Chelsie Starace (HM), Josh West (HM), Jason Woolard (SK)

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