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Aye, matey! Today is officially "Talk Like a Pirate Day," so whether ye are a lubber or buccaneer, stroll up to a bucko and splice the mainbrace, perhaps. Or at least give a hearty yo-ho-ho!!!

But before you embarrass yourself, take our pirate lingo quiz to see how good ye actually are. Try and guess the correct meaning to the pirate terms listed below. Good luck!

1. He’s gone to Davy Jones’s locker
He went to the saloon
He is dead
He's a daydream believer
He's a homecoming queen

2. Shiver me timbers!
My legs are freezing
Light the fire
I am surprised
Make me a stiff drink

3. Hang the jib
To go fishing
To frown
A hand expression of peace
To visit the restroom

4. Splice the mainbrace!
To have a drink (or several)
Clean the fish
Walk the plank
Behead the pirate

5. Deadlights
A harbor town at night
A pirate's torch
Lights out

6. Hempen halter
To complain
Pipe tobacco
The hangman’s noose
To talk in one's sleep

7. Hornswaggle
To cheat
A dance
Eat like a slob
An idiot

8. Booty
If J-Lo were a pirate, she would have this
Goods seized by force
A lover
A slipper

9. Clap of thunder
An explosion
A storm is ahead
A strong drink
A loud scream

10. Avast!

Talk Like A Pirate Day
What is it?
"National Talk Like a Pirate Day" began in 1995 when a couple of guys, John Baur and Mark Summers, created a day dedicated to speaking the pirate lingo.

After celebrating the day on September 19 for seven years, renowned columnist Dave Barry wrote a piece about the slightly strange annual event last year.

What happened?
Barry's column was picked up in newspapers across the country. From there, the special day took on a life of its own. Baur and Summers found themselves the subjects of talk shows from Cleveland to Australia.

Thus..."National Talk Like a Pirate Day " turned international.

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