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Birchville Cat Motel: An evening of experiemental music
Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from New Zealand, for the first time in America, headlining an evening of experimental music -- Birchville Cat Motel. Headed by science teacher-cum-folk artist Campbell Kneale (below), Birchville Cat Motel plays electronic music that the program's organizer, Howard Stelzer, calls "a big, expansive, time-stopping drone." Born from the classic American minimalism of Eliane Radigue and La Monte Young, the music evokes the work of Philip Glass, but is less mathematical and more intuitive -- it's a gorgeous, detailed sound that can send listeners into a trance. Also on the bill is the folk and chamber music-influenced duo Black Forest/Black Sea, and the turntable noise of Boston-based artist Jay Sullivan.
Where and when: Hynes Convention Center, Room 312, 7:30-11 p.m.