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House of Hope / City of Dreams
New Year's is a time of passage when we reflect on what we've been through, what we hope for the future, and, for some of us, how life has taken strange turns. Artists Nora Valdez (left) and Matthew Terry create a sculptural embodiment of that passage on Boston Common, in the form of four illuminated "Houses of Hope" that represent fate, luck, eternal forces, and will. Visitors are invited to scribble their own hopes on tags and hang them on a "Wall of Wishes," and to pass through a gate marking the transition from the old year to the new. Valdez, an Argentine, has worked on similar projects for First Night in years past and seen people embrace the idea. "We had a wishing tree once, and by the end of the night it had 300 wishes on it," she says.
Where and when: Boston Common parade ground, 9 a.m. to midnight.