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Army of Me 2003, Amy Cutler
Visual Arts
“Global Feminisms”: In Catherine Opie’s photograph “Self Portrait/ Nursing,” she’s a naked, plus-size, short-haired woman with tattoos on her arms, cradling a big, healthy looking baby who suckles from one breast. Opie’s a lesbian, wild woman, Madonna, well-known photographer, and middle-aged mother who loves and cares for her child. Her work, and Amy Cutler's "Army of Me" (pictured), are just two of many challenging pieces in “Global Feminisms,” an exhibition coming to the Davis Museum and Cultural Center at Wellesley College that promises to get people talking. Organized at the Brooklyn Museum, where it was on view last year, the exhibition presents works created since 1990 by more than 60 women, most under the age of 40, representing about 40 different countries. Sept. 19-Dec. 9. 781-283-2051,

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(Courtesy of Leslie Tokonow Artworks + Projects, New York)
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