Best of 2008 — The Year in Arts and movies


Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

Top 10 local stories

The Globe's Mark Shanahan and Paysha Rhone remember the newsmakers that kept the Hub abuzz in 2008. (Yes, that's you, Tom and Gisele.)
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; Britney Spears

Most captivating stories

From Brangelina to Britney, here's a look back at the news that captured our readers' attention this year.


Boston Globe movie critics Ty Burr and Wesley Morris each share their picks for the top 10 best films of the year. The videos below were shot as part of Burr and Morris's Take 2 weekly video review podcast.
'Slumdog Millionaire'

Ty Burr's top 10

The year's best films were full of unlikely heroes. "Slumdog Millionaire" makes this list.

Wesley Morris's top 10

The year's best shook our complacency. "Ballast" makes this list.

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Globe critics

Jeremy Eichler
Jeremy Eichler
Joan Anderman
Arts writer
Joan Anderman
Joanna WeissJoanna Weiss
TV writer
Heath Ledger and Tina Fey

From Heath Ledger to Tina Fey, we were one in 2008

If you felt uncommon hope and unprecedented despair this year, join the club. Pop culture helped pull us together through the highs and lows.


Stephen Colbert

Colbert, Stewart led the fray

The presidential campaign gave TV comedy an electric jolt in 2008 and Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert (left) and Jon Stewart were on fire.
Sarah Palin and Katie Couric

Fey drilled Palin, Couric got cred, and papers saw red

The long, fascinating presidential campaign defined the media landscape this year.


Kanye West

Teens acted their age, and some hope for hip-hop

The year in pop music was kind of like the economy: For every up there was an even more dramatic down.
Elliott Carter

A new-music party 100 years in the making

It was a big year for new music in Boston. At the center of it was a 100-year-old composer of bracing modern music named Elliott Carter.


'Another Evening: Serenade/The Proposition' by Bill T. Jones

Moving works stood out in a year of hard times

Local dance chronically lacks support and recognition, though some choreographers are still managing to put together note-worthy productions on shoestring budgets.
Visual Arts
Tara Donovan at the ICA

Bold strokes at Mass MoCA; inspiration at the ICA

This year saw the new Institute of Contemporary Art truly come into its own, and everyone in the art scene seems to agree: Boston needs the ICA to thrive.
'In the Continuum'

Small companies had big ambition

At best, solid admiration, not transporting thrill, is the prevailing mood about the theater scene in 2008.
Cristina Toro's 'In My Room' (detail)

A see change in 2008

It's been a seismic year for Boston art galleries. More than a dozen commercial galleries moved, closed, or changed hands this year.