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Were you paying attention this year?

A lot has happened in the entertainment world in 2005. The Boston Globe put together this little quiz to test your knowledge. Give it your best shot.

1. The original French version of "March of the Penguins" differed from the U.S. version in what way?
The penguins smoked Gauloises and wore little berets.
The ending was a downer: the entire flock was devoured by seals
French actors provided pensive voice-overs to express the penguins' existential turmoil.
Neighboring flock of Chinstrap penguins rioted, set fire to ice floes.

2. A tour bus driver for the Dave Matthews Band was charged with reckless conduct for dumping what over the side of a bridge?
The previous night's groupies
Dave's entire Grateful Dead bootleg collection
40 empty Jack Daniels bottles
Human waste

3. Jack Donner, the actor who portrayed the judge in E!'s reenactments of the Michael Jackson trial, was known for previously playing:
Lance Ito in a Lifetime movie about the O.J. Simpson saga
A record executive in that "Jacksons" miniseries that always seems to be on VH1
A Vulcan in "Star Trek: Enteprise"
A vaguely-European villain on "24"

4. Martha Stewart dismissed contestants from her short-lived version of "The Apprentice" with which signoff line?
"There is no crying in business."
"I regret to inform you that you're fired."
"You just don't fit in."
"Kindly remove your elbows from the conference table."

5. Morgan Freeman won this year's best supporting actor Oscar for playing what role in the boxing drama "Million Dollar Baby"?

6. As one of the tasks on "Project Runway", designers had to create a Grammy Awards outfit for which entertainment reporter?
Joan Rivers
Melissa Rivers
Nancy O'Dell
Heidi Klum

7. Which band with local roots played with the Boston Pops this season?
Dresden Dolls
Mission of Burma

8. Elton John recently married his long-time boyfriend David Furnish in England. Which other gay pop star recent announced his intentions to wed his partner?
Rufus Wainwright
George Michael
Jon Bon Jovi
Robbie Williams

9. On the series finale of "Six Feet Under," Claire Fisher sees the entire future of her family flash before her eyes. How does Federico (Rico) Diaz die?
In a car crash while fighting with Vanessa.
He is shot by one of his sons who is resentful that his father once cheated on his mother.
He experiences a heart attack on a cruise ship.
Vanessa's sister hires a hit man.

10. What was the first network television show of the 2005-2006 season to be cancelled?
"Head Cases"
"Living With Fran"
"Night Stalker"
"You've Got Male"

11. Lynn Anderson, who sang the 1970's hit "Rose Garden," was arrested in New Mexico for shoplifting a DVD. Which DVD did she allegedly steal?
"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
"Ernest Goes to Jail"
"Steel Magnolias"
"Love Actually"

12. Which former boy band crooner ran an unsuccessful campaign to be mayor of Cincinnati?
Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys)
Justin Jeffre (98 Degrees)
Joey Fatone (‘N Sync)
Ashley Parker Angel (O-Town)

13. Which cast member of the NBC comedy "The Office" doesn’t hail from the Boston area?
Steve Carell
John Krasinski
B. J. Novak
Rainn Wilson

14. Young movie actor Marc John Jeffries grew up to become:
Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash in ‘‘Walk the Line’’
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote in ‘‘Capote’’
Russell Crowe as Jim Braddock in ‘‘Cinderella Man’’
50 Cent as himself in "Get Rich Quick or Die Tryin'"

15. At the premiere of the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," a pregnant Britney Spears, accompanied by husband Kevin Federline, wore a tank top emblazoned with what line?
"I'm with Augustus Gloop."
"I have the golden ticket."
"Cry me a river."
"We want prenup!"

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