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Mark Jurkowitz’s media picks
  • Under the shadow of scandal, Dan Rather unexpectedly announced he was vacating the CBS anchor post after almost a quarter-century.
  • Janet Jackson’s infamous ‘‘wardrobe malfunction’’ was a catalyst for an FCC crackdown on skin, sin, and dirty words.
  • Are Bill Moyers’s departure and Tucker Carlson’s arrival signs of a swing to the right at PBS?
  • Jack Kelley’s journalistic misdeeds led to a change of leadership in USA Today’s newsroom.
  • Jane Christo, WBUR’s powerful and controversial boss, was the major casualty in a management scandal at the FM station.
  • In his final hours, David Brudnoy discussed his impending death with listeners on WBZ-AM (1030).
  • A series of changes at CBS4 included the move to bring in Josh Binswanger as the lead male anchor.
  • Rhode Island television reporter Jim Taricani escaped a prison term but was confined to his home for failing to reveal a source.
  • Gruesome photos from Abu Ghraib prison had an impact on public opinion in America.
  • Early exit polls projecting a John Kerry victory provided Democrats with a false sense of optimism on Election Day.