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Posted by Emily Sweeney November 8, 2007 01:28 PM

Hey, I just opened this press release from Ol' Scratch, the guy who pimps the Boston Babydolls:

PRESS RELEASE Nov. 8, 2007

Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Boston Babydoll Eliminated from America's Next Top Model

BOSTON, MA - Nov.7, 2007 - Tyra Banks better watch her back. She's earned the wrath of The Boston Babydolls. In the episode of America's Next Top Model which aired on The CW on Wednesday, November 7, Boston Babydoll 'Vita Lightly' was knocked out of the running.

"Vita is one of the happiest, most positive people I know," said longtime Boston Babydoll member Betty Blaize. "Tyra Banks made her cry. Tyra better not come to Boston any time soon." At well over six feet tall - including her fashionable updo and her high heels - Betty is an imposing figure... even when she's not angry.

The Boston Babydolls aren't the only viewers of ANTM who are uphappy with the decision to eliminate Sarah (Vita's real name). As a native of Heath, MA and a former Boston University student, Sarah was a local favorite. Her popularity far exceeded just residents of the Bay State. She was a frequently praised on the various on-line forums and chat rooms dedicated to the reality show for being a "real-sized" woman and positive role model.

"Vita's sense of humor and positive attitude made her unique on the show" said friend and manager, Scratch. "In a house full of beautiful bodies, Vita stood out as a beautiful person". Vita did well on the show, winning a CoverGirl make-up challenge and finishing most competitions solidly in the middle.

"We're looking forward to performing with her again," said Boston Babydoll co-founder Miss Mina. "She adds a lot to the troupe. That's one of the upsides to her being eliminated."

"The other upside," added Scratch with a smile, "Is that I never have to watch America's Next Top Model again".


That's too bad, I wish Vita had made the cut.

If you want to catch the Boston Babydolls in action, they're hosting an evening of "Burlesque and Billiards" at Flat Top Johnny's on Nov. 11th. And Vita will be back on stage with them for the "Brrrrlesque" show at Coolidge Corner on Dec. 15.

-- Emily Sweeney

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