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Crack is wack

Posted by Emily Sweeney May 2, 2007 01:28 PM

...so last night Iím waiting in line at the Store 24 in my neighborhood, and the woman ahead of me tells the cashier in a gruff voice, "Gimme a packa Newports and one of dem flowahs."

I looked past the cashier, to see what the lady was pointing at behind the counter. And lo and behold, tucked away with the smokeless tobacco, cigarettes, blunts and other typical behind-the-counter kinds of merchandise are these little, itsy-bitsy miniature fake flowers encased in a glass cylinders, with holes at both ends... uh, yeah Ė totally olde skool CRACK PIPES.

Theyíre selling them for 99 cents. I bought one to illustrate how ridiculous this is. Why is there such demand for these little roses encased in glass? Hmm. I wonder.

Of course crack pipes can be fashioned out of many items...but these little roses drive me crazy. Whenever I see them sold in convenience stores, itís like... címon, people. Do you really have to be so obvious? Make drug users bust out their mad MacGyver skills on their bad habits, donít just hand Ďem these things.

-- Emily Sweeney

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