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Hope for ManRay

Posted by Emily Sweeney January 31, 2007 07:06 AM

I received this email from a Flipside reader: "Hi Emily, I was wondering if you plan on doing a follow-up on the story you wrote last year about Manray closing in Cambridge. Many people are awaiting its return and may doubt it will re-open. Any information you could provide the community would be much appreciated! Thanks! Marco."

Like Marco, a lot of people are wondering: what the hellís up with ManRay?

Iíve been asking around, and from what Iím (still) hearing, ManRay IS poised to make a comeback. The club's longtime resident DJ, Chris Ewen confirmed this for me again a couple days ago, and said "yes, it's supposed to be re-opening...soon."

Exactly when, and where....well, I have no idea. Iím not privy to that info...at least not yet. As soon as I hear anything at all, Iíll post it here. You can also sign up to receive e-mail updates on the olí ManRay website, which has been revamped completely and prominently displays this reassuring image:

The website continues to promote two classic ManRay nights Ė retro-electro/new wave "Heroes" Saturdays and the gothy/industrial "Crypt" Wednesdays Ė which have been alive and kickiní in exile at Toast Lounge in Somerville for a while now...

However, it appears that the goth night is getting the boot. Chris says that tonight will be the last Crypt @ Toast:

"It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that the management at Toast has decided to discontinue our weekly Goth/Industrial/Fetish extravaganza, "CRYPT". This Wednesday, January 31 will be the last one. Terri & I would like to express our undying gratitude to everyone who has attended our little soiree every Wednesday. Thank you for helping us keep the spirit of ManRay alive, until it's resurrection.

Terri and I are going to continue our Saturday night at Toast, "HEROES",so we both hope that you decide to continue visiting us. In the meantime we both hope you join us as MANRAY'S Goth/Industrial Wednesday Night lives on...for one more night...one last time.Ē

So that's the latest news from ManRay land, folks. I shall keep you posted. And for now, you can pay your respects to CRYPT tonight @ Toast Lounge starting at 9 p.m. Cover is $7 for 18+/ $5 for 21+.

-- Emily Sweeney

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