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Two-time Olympian Heather McPhie on Montana, Red Bull, and moguls

Spring time means soft snow and moguls and Olympian Heather McPhie, says, "It brings a smile to my face just thinking about."

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McPhie is the first woman to do a D Spin (off axis 720) and back full (twisting back flip) in Olympic competition, and credits growing up in Montana as her competitive advantage. She is the only mogul skier, male or female, sponsored by Red Bull, a sponsorship which came about after she fired her agent and took matters into her own hands.

“Red Bull is about first and so I thought, Why not me, I’m all about first and it's been incredible. They take such good care of their athletes, its just been amazing,” McPhie said.

The spirit of the Olympics is fully alive in McPhie. “I look at the Olympics as a small part of doing something really positive and powerful in this world. It's one of the few times that the world comes together to celebrate human potential,” she says.

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The future looks bright for this Montana girl that places community and family as the cornerstones of her success. Her sponsorships range from local car dealers to Big Sky Resort, along with Red Bull.

Following the Olympics, she recently finished second in a FIS World Cup mogul competition in Japan just after the Olympics.

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