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Killington's Natural Woods areas a breath of fresh air

The new Killington Natural Woods Areas are a breath of fresh air for barks-biting winter riders who want to dive into the trees. The resort just announced that 745 acres of Natural Woods Areas are available for skiers and snowboarders within Killington Resort’s outer boundary, which spans from Sunrise and Bear Mountain to Ramshead.

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These areas are not maintained or checked by ski area personnel and these areas are not opened or closed like gladed trails. In other words, ski at your own risk, which is a welcome sign to most backcountry and trees skiers and snowboarders.

And when it comes to new policies in skiing at resorts in the United States, this one sounds more like the big mountain policies you might find in Canada or Europe.

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It gets even better because Killington and Pico now have an earn your turns policy, which is officially called the Free “Uphill Travel Pass.” This allows skinner and snowshoe traffic on the trails 24/7. So now there is no excuse not to get first tracks on a powder day.

This is a sigh of relief for outdoor lovers who enjoy the mountaineering experience of a quiet uphill workout and mountain-peak solitude with the added bonus of skiing or riding alone or with a few select friends early morning or late evening. The uphill travel policy outlines where you can go and how to be safe during non-operating hours so not to bump into groomers or snowmaking.

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