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Chase Hasch: Professional Kiteboarder at 14 years old


At just 14 years old, Chase Hasch is hanging with the big boys. This young teenager hails from the notoriously heavy waves and strong winds of the Hawaiian Islands, and is one of the few athletes who has established his status as a “regular” among Maui’s kiteboarding scene.

Arguably one of the most technically-sound kite groms in the game, Hasch draws inspiration from today’s most promising athletes, as well as legends of the sport. Results include podium finishes in KB4K Events and participation at “Invite” only events such as Red Bull’s Sun Slider.

Mentored by Red Bull team rider Susi Mai, Hasch bounces between the Dominican Republic and the United States. He's sponsored by some of the top companies in the industry like Cabrinha and Hyperkite,and this teenager has his sights on any competitions that come his way – which may include the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Taking it all in stride, Hasch is a homeschooler is just looking and waiting for the next windy day so he can go out and play in the surf.

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