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America's Cup: Wings, water, and drama in San Francisco

Posted by Dan Egan May 30, 2013 10:58 AM

In 1851 a radical-looking schooner named “America” won a prestigious race off the coast of England. The race represented the shift of maritime power from the “old world” to the “new world,” and the America’s race was born.

Now some 163 year later radical-looking boats are still competing for this great trophy and honor between nations. The boats racing today have revolutionized sailing in countless ways, they travel faster than the wind and have wings for sails.

Great Britain is the most successful nation in Olympic sailing history, with more gold medals won than any other nation. Team GB’s sailors have topped the medal table at the last three Olympic Games. In general, the Olympics are the breeding ground for sailors with the technique and fitness to handle these new catamarans. So it was a sad day when one of these Olympic Sailors, Andrew Simpson, died a few weeks ago when the boat he was training on broke apart.

Redbull youth.jpg

The America’s is pushing the limits in speed and design and also has a new Red Bull Youth Series.

Listen to the Dan Egan’s recent interview with Sailing World senior editor Stuart Steuli about the race, the recent tragedy and the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

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Gravity slave Alex Polli can fly

Posted by Dan Egan May 21, 2013 05:24 PM

What's crazy to some is controlled chaos to others. Alex Polli,a wingsuit flyer and base jumper, isn't afraid of the kinds of daredevil stunts most people would be terrified of.

According to Polli, the scariest thing is not jumping because that "would not be living."

He flies all over, including through a 2013 banner to ring in the new year with his friends, and he once jumped out of a helicopter and flew through an arc cave on the side of a mountain – at over 250 miles per hour.

In a recent interview on Edging the Xtreme, Alex Polli talks about his life, his need to fly, and the what it takes to b calm under extreme conditions.

alex polli.jpg

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X Games: Flying High with Mitchie Bursco and Alana Smith

Posted by Dan Egan May 20, 2013 01:02 PM

At just 12 years old, Alana Smith became the youngest X Games medalist in history. Smith won the silver medal in the women's skateboard park contest as the X Games kicked off in Barcelona over the past weekend.

Fellow american Mitchie Brusco, who first competed when he was just 14, landed the first 1080 in X Games history on the "MegaRamp." It was only the third time the trick had ever been landed, ever, in all of skateboarding history.

This weekend also belonged to veterans like as Garrett Reynolds, who won his sixth straight BMX Street title, and Bob Burnquist, who made it to four straight Skateboard Big Air victories. Pedro Barros won his third consecutive Skateboard Park gold and Zack Warden defended his BMX Big Air title from Brazil.

Check out all the video highlights at The next stop for the X Games is Munich, Germany June 27 to 30. Then the world tour wraps up in Los Angeles during the first week of August.

Stay tuned here, because we'll be bringing continued coverage of the summer's most extreme global competition.

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Vasu Sojitra: Incredible backcountry skier with one leg

Posted by Dan Egan May 14, 2013 04:31 PM

I met Vasu Sojitra last Friday while he was hiking up to ski Tuckerman Ravine. He was celebrating the end of his college career at UVM with a pack of friends, a typical thing to do on a beautiful spring day in May. Except Vasu only has one leg!

At nine months, Sojitra had his leg amputated, but he's never looked back. He climbs mountains, hikes and skies, and isn't deterred, although he does say he needs to eat more than your average person.

Listen to the most recent installment of Edging the Xtreme to hear more about the amazing backcountry accomplishments of this extraordinary young man.

Top of Right Gully in Tuckerman's.jpg

Shirtless bootpacking up Hillman's Highway.jpg

Steepest line I've ever hit.jpg

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Atlanta's Olympic Park: An example of post-bombing resolve

Posted by Dan Egan May 9, 2013 02:45 PM

Park enterence .JPG

This week, I spent a day observing and speaking with people at the site of the 1996 Olympic bombing in the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia. The day was inspired by thoughts of what happens years later after a tragic bombing event.

What touched me was that the park paid tribute to Barron Pierre de Coubertin, a man considered the founder of the modern day Olympic movement. He once said, "Holding an Olympic Games means evoking history." The 1996 Olympic bombing claimed one life and injured 111 people.

It was a pipe bomb with nails and screws and the event transformed an evening of celebration into a foreshadowing of modern life. You can see the imprint of a nail left in one of the monuments below.

olympic nail.jpg

Barron Pierre de Coubertin


"The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete." - Pierre de Coubertin

park fountain sun.jpg

"Sport is part of every man and woman's heritage and its absence can never be compensated for." - Pierre de Coubertin

Soldier jumping .jpg

Interview with cyclist Georgia Gould, Olympic bronze medalist

Posted by Dan Egan May 5, 2013 09:06 PM

In mountain biking it takes a rare breed to rise to the top. Last summer at the London Summer Olympics, USA's Georgia Gould had the worst start in her career. Yet when the day was done, she was standing on the podium with a Olympic Bronze Medal.

As a sponsored rider on LUNA Women's Mountain Bike Team, Gould has plenty of motivation to continue to compete on the world stage. As the 2013 World Cup Season kicks off in Germany later in the month, Gould hopes to build on her past success and capture the elusive World Cup Victory, as well as defend her National Title.

In the fall, she’ll turn her attention to racing cyclocross with the aim of defending her 2012 USGP series championship. Georgia lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband Dusty, their 28 bicycles, five chickens, a hive of bees and a garden full of vegetables.

Listen to the entire Georgia Gould interview with Dan Egan on Edging the Xtreme on RadioBDC, above.

Georgia Gould Medal.JPG

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