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Crowd sourcing fitness: Tony Horton’s P90X reaches the masses

Posted by Dan Egan  March 19, 2013 09:16 PM

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Tony Horton has risen to heights rarely found by fitness trainers. This kid from Rhode Island, who describes himself as a “high school weakling,” has created a fitness empire that has produced the top fitness program of all time.

In almost any circle, if you mention Tony Horton, P90X, or the" fitness guy on TV," people will know the program, or, more than likely, have done it themselves.

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Tony guns.jpg

The P90X regimen appeals to people for many reasons. Tony explains, “Its fun, fast-moving, and you don’t need fancy equipment or a gym. But more importantly, it works.”

The results do speak for themselves. After doing the P90X program, I have to admit that as hard as it was, the hour work outs went by quickly. The mix of Horton’s simple slapstick humor and encouragement keeps your mind off of the task at hand, and before you know it, you have done some crazy move on one leg with your arms touching the ground and reaching for the sky.

Add to that the Beach Body website, where there are resources like coaches, an online directory of exercises, fitness products and a community of friends that are helping you stay true to eating right, working out and having fun. And this mass access to fitness has taken away the mystery of staying fit and looking good.

Tony says he works out 22 days a month and that most people can achieve 18-22 days a month and should not be discouraged by the amount of time of each work out. He preaches routine and has a gospel of remaining young and beating back the hands of time through a mix of yoga, nutrition, balance and core strength.

His products range from the “10 minute work out” to the new P90X2.

The fact that amazes me is I have known Horton from his humble beginnings when he first started coming to my ski camps out west and in South America. And to watch him build his fitness following has been inspiring. I have witnessed people driving over nine hours just to shake his hand and thank him for changing and transforming their lives. His programs have not only been inspirational, but his commitment to helping people change their paradigm about themselves and the world around them is the underlining power of his success.

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We caught up with Tony Horton just as he returned from a heli skiing trip in Canada for a special Edging the Xreme Radio BDC two-part series on fitness.

Listen to part one of our interview, as Tony talks about his early days, his books and more, and check out Tony's site.

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