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Get fit this Spring, ten minutes is all you need

Posted by Dan Egan March 25, 2013 03:27 PM

“The past is history and the future is a mystery” says Mr. Fitness, Tony Horton. “Feel good now, work out now and make it a habit.”

Tony horton saying.jpg

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Horton, the founder of fitness regimen P90X, takes no excuses for delaying fitness and preaches both nutrition and activity. One of his main themes is “clean up the diet and get off the sugar, the fats, salts and chemicals, processed foods that come from boxes and bags.” If you go to and check out his orginal program, titled Power 90,you can see Horton's recipe for weight loss and nutrition.

His new program, 10 Minute Trainer,sounds too good to be true, but as he explains in the second part of the Radio BDC interview, it's just to get people started in forming good habits – so 10 minutes turns into 20 minutes, and it grows from there.

After the success of his first two books, Bring It and Crush It, he is launching his third, out this summer. There seems no end in sight for his fitness empire expansion, which includes a video game, food line, clothing line and sunglasses.

Tony sit up.jpg

Tony Horton is a motivator and he has built his success on making getting fit both fun and effective. His approach is sometimes corny, and often over-the-top, but the bottom line is: his programs work.

So if you're looking to break free of the winter and looking towards a spring and summer of fun in the sun and feeling better about yourself, start any one of his programs and stick with it.

Just check out his web page You’ll be glad you did.

Listen to the part two of the Tony Horton interview on Edging the Xtreme only on RadioBDC:

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Crowd sourcing fitness: Tony Horton’s P90X reaches the masses

Posted by Dan Egan March 19, 2013 09:16 PM

Tony Horton has risen to heights rarely found by fitness trainers. This kid from Rhode Island, who describes himself as a “high school weakling,” has created a fitness empire that has produced the top fitness program of all time.

In almost any circle, if you mention Tony Horton, P90X, or the" fitness guy on TV," people will know the program, or, more than likely, have done it themselves.

More: Listen to Part Two of Dan Egan's interview with Tony Horton

Tony guns.jpg

The P90X regimen appeals to people for many reasons. Tony explains, “Its fun, fast-moving, and you don’t need fancy equipment or a gym. But more importantly, it works.”

The results do speak for themselves. After doing the P90X program, I have to admit that as hard as it was, the hour work outs went by quickly. The mix of Horton’s simple slapstick humor and encouragement keeps your mind off of the task at hand, and before you know it, you have done some crazy move on one leg with your arms touching the ground and reaching for the sky.

Add to that the Beach Body website, where there are resources like coaches, an online directory of exercises, fitness products and a community of friends that are helping you stay true to eating right, working out and having fun. And this mass access to fitness has taken away the mystery of staying fit and looking good.

Tony says he works out 22 days a month and that most people can achieve 18-22 days a month and should not be discouraged by the amount of time of each work out. He preaches routine and has a gospel of remaining young and beating back the hands of time through a mix of yoga, nutrition, balance and core strength.

His products range from the “10 minute work out” to the new P90X2.

The fact that amazes me is I have known Horton from his humble beginnings when he first started coming to my ski camps out west and in South America. And to watch him build his fitness following has been inspiring. I have witnessed people driving over nine hours just to shake his hand and thank him for changing and transforming their lives. His programs have not only been inspirational, but his commitment to helping people change their paradigm about themselves and the world around them is the underlining power of his success.

Tony Powder.jpg

We caught up with Tony Horton just as he returned from a heli skiing trip in Canada for a special Edging the Xreme Radio BDC two-part series on fitness.

Listen to part one of our interview, as Tony talks about his early days, his books and more, and check out Tony's site.

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Chris Davenport defines ski mountaineering from Mount Washington to the Eiger

Posted by Dan Egan March 13, 2013 11:04 PM

Chris Davenport 1.jpg

Chris Davenport, a New England native who ski raced his early years in the Mount Washington Valley, has gone on to be one of the most regonized skiers and mountaineers in recent times. His ambition and passion has led him to ski from the South Pole to the biggest peaks in Europe and beyond.

His exploits include skiing all 54 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet elevation in Colorado within one year, and skiing the biggest peaks in Europe including the Eger, Mount Blanc, the Matterhorn and the Monte Rosa.

He has skied in countless Warren Miller films, including a segment on Mount Washington, and is a two-time Big Mountain World Freeride Champion. Davenport's business exploits are equally as impressive, as he has his own clothing line with Spider Clothing Company, his own ski line with the Kastle Ski Company and he is a sponsored Red Bull athlete.

As an X Games bronze medalist and television announcer, Davenport spoke to Edging the Xtreme, sharing his insights on the future of the X Games in light of the recent death of an athlete this past winter. Davenport also spoke of pursuing his career as a professional mountaineer, knowing the full reality of lost friends and the pressure of having a family waiting for him back home.

Davenport attended Holderness Prep School in New Hampshire, to which he credits his focus for peak performance and setting and reaching personal goals.

Chris Dav 2.jpg

Every summer, Davenport runs a ski camp in Portillo Chile in mid-August. So if you are looking to escape the hot summer sun, you can book a trip with him and his film star friends to one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world.

Chris Dav 3.jpg

Listen to the entire Chris Davenport Interview with Dan Egan on Radio BDC.

East Coast Skiers dominate Swatch World Freeride Tour

Posted by Dan Egan March 5, 2013 12:35 PM

The Swatch World Freeride Tour (WFT) rolled into Kirkwood California recently and competitors found hard, fast and firm snow covering the rocks, cliffs and gullies that made up the event venue.

The conditions were so questionable the WFT organizers allowed the competitors up on the ridge for a pre-event terrain inspection. Usually the visual inspection happens from down below only.

Kirkwood podium.jpg

With the challenging terrain covered in old snow that ranged from blue ice to spring snow, it no wonder the East coast born-and-bread competitors found their way to the podium on this only stop for the tour in the United States.

Winning the men’s ski division was Lars Chickering-Ayers of Mad River Glen, Vermont, who is skiing on the tour with his brother Silas. Jaclyn Paaso, who attended Gould Academy in Maine and now lives in Squaw Valley Calif., won the women’s ski division. In third place was Ashley Maxfield of Jay Peak, Vermont.


Maxfield knows first hand about the dangers of skiing on the World Freeride Tour. She was friends with Vermont native Ryan Hawks, who died during a competition back in 2011 at Kirkwood – in the same zone as this year's competition is being held. Maxfield said, “I thought of him the entire time I was there, he was such a strong spirit and good friend.”

Ryan and PEter.jpg

Hawks’ memory lives on via the Flying Ryan Foundation, which supports and educates young athletes through the mantra, “Expose, Inspire, Teach.” The foundation was represented at the Swatch World Freeride Tour by Hawks’ father Peter, who spoke to competitors and encouraged them to live life to its fullest and “rather than conquering the mountain, try and cooperate with it.” Find out more at

Maxfield, who is currently ranked fourth on the tour, is heading to Europe for the final two competitions of the season. She seems to be have solid confidence in herself and a sense of her Vermont roots. As a girls' high school soccer coach, she is committed to sharing her knowledge with others.


The WFT selects the top women in the world to compete and only 12 women are selected, three of which are from North America.

Maxfield talked about her life on the road as a pro skier, her memories of Ryan Hawks and traveling on the Swatch World Freeride Tour in an interview on Radio BDC and Edging the Xtreme with Dan Egan.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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