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6 Questions with Alex Brown Church from Sea Wolf

Posted by Alex Pearlman  June 11, 2013 05:06 PM

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Lead singer and long-time indie rocker Alex Brown Church of Sea Wolf brought his band through the Globe Media Lab while on tour in Boston.

They're a pretty chilled out group from Los Angeles, and over sandwiches, we talked briefly about a handful of weird things.

Check out the video of their Live in the Lab performance here.

What is the story of your first-ever concert?

I donít rememberÖ I have no idea. My mom starting at a very young age, so I have no idea what my first concert was. The one I remember is LL Cool J and Houdini and Roxanne Chante when I was10 years old, at the Oakland Coliseum. LL Cool J came out and, like, had sex with a couch.

Who is your favorite emerging artist?

Hmmm. Emerging artistsÖ There are contemporary bands I like, but nobody that hasnít been around for a while. I donít know. Iíve kind of been not-that-excited about new music or new bands, to tell you the truth. But, The National is probably my favorite contemporary band.

What is the oddest thing in your bag right now?

There are probably 400 things in my bag right now, I reach in there, and I have no idea what Iím going to pull out. Fingernail clippers, maybe? But thatís not that strange if you play guitar.


Describe the worst picture ever taken of you.

Itís probably something from college or high school, you know those awkward yearsÖ

Whatís the first word that comes to mind when you think of Boston?

Baked beans. I donít know, sorry Boston! Maybe clam chowder. Actually, both of those are two words. Red Sox. Fenway! Fenway is a park Iíve always wanted to go to. Iíve never been but I would love to go.

Whatís one thing your mother doesnít know about you?

I definitely would never say, because I donít want my mom to know. But really, weíre pretty close, and she knows a lot about me, I think. I donít think thereís anything I wouldnít tell my mom that I would want to tell anyone else.

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