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Local artist Jake Brennan tells the stories featured on through his eyes in Pop-Ed. Read his blog to discover what he sang about - and why.


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May 11: Until next week ...

By Jake Brennan
04:00 PM

Our thoughts on PopEd ... Itís been a good week. Some ups, some downs, and most importantly, some great news stories. Weíre all a little fried, but we had a blast doing this.

Thanks to and everyone all over the world for tuning in. We figured we'd do a little end of the week spring cleaning, give thanks, bid you adieu until next week, and address some of the more pressing questions on the message boards. Particularly all of the Mike Wallace-esque hard hitting questions pertaining to mine and Evanís hair.

Additionally it makes sense to tie into the fact that itís been a week of farewells. From Roger Clemens pretty much guaranteeing that heíll never be back with #21 on his back to Tony Blair, a man on the out and a man with his own set of detractors.

Thanks to Fast Phil for today's location, everyone who helped out this week both in front and behind the camera (Yo Chuck Young!), Adam and Paul at Camp St., and to everyone at WBOS and the rest of radio land for getting the word out. Oh, and a thanks to my mom - the best publicist a son could ask for. Happy Mom's Day.

See you next week!
Jake and everyone at Folk Hero Industries

PS - Get out this weekend and come see me live. I'm at St. Mary's in Clinton, Ma., tonight and at the Lizard Lounge tomorrow night with the Teenage Prayers and Eli Paperboy Reid.

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